I Wish My Hair Was Blue


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Scene Title I Wish My Hair Was Blue
Synopsis Late Evening Gryffindor Chit Chat
Date September 2, 1994
Watch For Kneazle Reactions!
Chronology Danny and Dania decide to offer up their help for the support teams during the Tri-Wizard Tournament.
Logger Danny

Gryffindor Common Room, Hogwarts

The portrait hole behind the painting of the Fat Lady leads into a large round common room where the Gryffindors spend much of their time when not in class. It is decked out in beautifully-kept rugs of maroon and gold, with various wall hangings depicting the fact that, yes, indeed, this is the Gryffindor House. There are squashy armchairs everywhere, some of which are arranged around a fireplace which boasts the carvings of lions on either side.

It is that lazy time just before lights out, meaning that most people have trundled off to their dorm rooms to sleep leaving only one individual in the actual Common Room. It is Danny Willen, leaning over a scroll of parchment as he writes carefully in neat, thin letters - he's clearly written a great deal although he's just finishing up now. He glances over towards a lion-like cat sitting on the table, curled into a ball and asleep - a well-known fixture in the common rooms. Danny's pet Kneazle, Godric.

The Fat Lady's portrait swings open and in walks Dania, the metamorph has her hair a dark blonde color with a few pink streaks in it. Her eyes a stormy blue. She plays with the golden ring and chain around her neck and looks around the common room. Where had she been? Who knows, as she begins to walk towards the fireplace as the portrait closes behind her.

"Evening," Danny calls out across the room as Dania enters, finishing up the last paragraph of his homework assignment and rolling it up so it can be deposited in his book bag, "Late dinner?"

"Ello. Just out watching the night sky. Ya know, thinking about some stuff." She answers with a soft smile and she runs a hand through her hair, it becomes a short and spiky dark red with black tips on the end. Her eyes remain the same as she regards Danny with a look, "Why don't I know your name?" Dania tilts her head to look at the boy.

Danny shrugs good-naturedly, "No idea. It's Danny, though, in case you were wondering. Danny Willen." He watches her change her hair colour and style with a slightly envious little smile, "I've always wished I could do that … the metamorphmagus stuff, I mean. You always get to look cool."

"Name's Dania, Dania Dextris." She smiles at the good looking guy, "Thanks, I try to keep it all fresh and new." She says as she palms her spiky do and looks closer at Danny, "You look great the way you are." She offers with wink, taking a seat in a nearby armchair.

Danny laughs a little at the comment, not derisively but as though he may not entirely believe but is nevertheless grateful. He nods his head, running his fingers through his own hair thoughtfully, "Heh, thanks. I always thought it'd look good blue or something, though."

"Like this?" and she shakes her hair out, it becomes a long shaggy electric blue color. Her eyes transforming into a bright violet color. Dania laughs softly as she sees her reflection in the mirror. "Nah, I couldn't see blue on you." She says with a smile, hair and eyes changing back.

"You don't think so?" Danny asks with a quirked eyebrow, nodding his head for a moment to admire the change in Dania's colouring before it shifts back, "What do you think would look good on me then?"

"Well.." Dania taps her chin and squints up at the ceiling as she thinks. "If I /had/ to say.. but I don't think anything needs to be changed with you.. I would say your hair be just a little bit darker, so instead of giving off that I'm a.. handsome boy. You could be more like.." Dania searches for the word, "Sexy guy." She chuckles softly.

Danny quirks his eyebrow again at that, cheeks colouring just a little as he clears his throat and attempts to sound nonplussed, "Heh. Well, uh, well I'll definitely keep that in mind."

The girl grins impishly at Danny's blushing and stops playing with the golden chain, letting it rest against her skin. "Good you should, but your look right now is totally working for you." The girl opens her mouth to say something more and then closes it to smile widely. "I lied, I knew your name. A lot of the girls in our House.. make that the school talk about you." She chuckles softly. "I just didn't want to be another one of those girls that fawn all over you."

This might be the first Danny is hearing of that, because he looks genuinely confused and surprised at the revelation. He reaches out to scratch Godric the Kneazle between his ears, shrugging his shoulders a little and trying to laugh as though its no big thing, "Really? I didn't know that. What … do they say, exactly?"

"Just the usual, you know.." she rearranges herself in her chair so that her bare legs are facing up the back of the chair and her head is below the seat hanging and staring up at Danny. "Just the usual, he's so cute. Wonder what's it like to snog with him. No big deal, right?" she shrugs lightly and grins. "There are other things said, but they aren't appropriate for you to hear."

"Heh, prob'ly not," Danny says with a nod of his head, maybe a little uncomfortable to know that people talk about him like that behind his back - definitely strange.

"If it makes you feel better, /I/ don't drool all over you with the others." Her eyes twinkle in the light. "I just like to admire from afar." Dania admits and nods her head slowly. Turning right side up and folding her legs under her.

"Huh? No, no its okay. Guess I should've figured it out myself, huh?" Danny laughs a forced little laugh before attempting to change the subject, "So … Dania. You have a favorite subject?"

"Nah, not everyone knows they are nice looking." Dania says and nods her head at the guy. "I love Defense Against the Dark Arts. It's my best class." She admits with a slight blush, she doesn't really admit to be good at things. "Yours?"

"And you had Snape?" Dania makes a slight gagging noise. "Potions is okay, when he isn't trying to give me detention for my hair color." She frowns at the though of Potions class. "With DADA I excel, its just my thing I guess."

"Thats cool," Danny says with a smile, drumming his fingers on the table, "I like DADA too. I've got a friend who taught me a few cool shield charms above this year's syllabus. They're hard but they're really good."

"Ooh, sounds exciting." Dania leans forward in her chair, clearly excited. "You should show me sometime." Danni is always eager to learn new things about defense.

"Yeah," Danny says with an excitable nod, "I'll show you. Just catch me sometime out of class … I'd show you now but Godric isn't a big fan of magic at bedtime. He gets grumpy."

"Ok, wicked." Dania grins and looks at the cat. "Aw poor guy." She says and leans forward to scratch the cat behind the ears. "He's so cute." Dania loves cats.

Godric cracks an eye open, looking at Dania with an appraising stare before he seems satisfied and begins to purr - this causes Danny to breathe a sigh of relief himself, "He likes you."

"Good, cause I like him already." Dania smiles at the cat and then up at Danny. "How long you had him?" she continues to rub Godric until she leans back into her chair.

"I got him … the start of my third year," Danny recalls, nodding his head as he thinks over his facts, "Yeah. He just wandered up to me in Diagon Alley and decided he'd follow me everywhere. I had to get a proper license from the Ministry to keep him. He's a Kneazle."

"What's a Kneazle? I don't think I've ever heard of one." She leans in closer to study Godric closer. The cat looks like a normal cat. Dania's eyebrow raise.

Godric decides to get to his feet, lightly headbutting Dania's cheek once it is within range in an affectionate matter. Danny smiles a little, "A Kneazle is like a cat - except a lot smarter. They've got this really cool way of just knowing if someone can be trusted or not."

"Sweet, nice way of knowing who your real friends are." Dania says with a soft chuckle at Godric's chuckle, she pets his back and leans back again. "You're a Seventh year right? Are you planning on entering the tournament?"

"Nah, only fifth," Danny says quietly, shaking his head, "I wish I could enter, though. It looks cool … dangerous, though."

"It's too bad, we get to miss the chance of a life time. It's going to be dangerous, but probably loads of fun too." Dania looks off to the side. "At least we get to watch and say we saw the tournament."

"Yeah," Danny says with a nod, "And we can enter to be on the support teams … I figure I'll do that just so I can have the chance of maybe taking part."

"Yeah, I'm going out for a support team as well, who knows maybe we'll end up on the same team." Dania says as she rises to go to her dormitory. "I'm getting kind of tired." She yawns and looks at Danny with a soft smile. "Nice talking to you."

"Likewise," Danny says, offering her a wave, "Goodnight."

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