1994-10-18: I, Noble


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Scene Title I, Noble
Synopsis Jack fills out paperwork again, and meets a relative he didn't know.
Location Ministry of Magic, Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Date Oct 18, 1994
Watch For Sneaky Nobles
Logger Icarus

Ichabod is currently seated in his office in the Beings division of the Department behind a large, ancient-looking oaken desk. In fact, just about everything in the office looks ancient, down to the old chandelier that still hangs from the ceiling and the yellowed paintings on the walls. The door to the room is wedged open to look out on to the hallway outside, although the old man is not really paying attention at the moment, appearing instead to be engrossed in a thick report that he's rifling through page-by-page. A very large three-headed snake is also curled up on the desk next to him, all six of its eyes closed.

On the job again, Jack's run into a creature, and has to file a report. He's got the report scroll in hand, and attempts to find a place to sit to fill it out. The RCoMC is extremely busy these days with the new laws, and people are running hither and yon trying to implement them, as well as deal with the backlash. Jack sighs, and peeks around the corner as though looking for an empty office to borrow. He does a doubletake when he sees the three-headed snake. "Whoa. Haven't seen one of those in a while." He smiles, and starts to head further on.

The comment from the passerby in the hallway causes Ichabod to raise his head, a slight frown tugging at his thin lips as he's disturbed. However, as the young man begins to continue on his way, a flash of recognition passes over his pale features, and he leans forward to make certain he's heard. "Wait, young man - come back here a moment." One of the snake's three heads opens its eyes and glances toward the doorway, but Ichabod sets a gaunt hand on it and it closes them once again. "Are you Icarus Noble?"

Icarus. Nobody but his mother calls him that these days. Well, Liam does when he wants to get his goat, but that's not very often. He stops, intrigued, and backs up, scroll in hand momentarily forgotten. "Yes, sir, that would be me, though most folks call me Jack." He gazes for a long moment at the other man, and then tilts his head expressing his curiosity. "May I ask who you might be, sir?" He leans on the doorframe, a normal pose for him.

When Jack makes his way back into the doorway, Ichabod spends a moment studying him, and then nods to himself. "Mm. Icarus is a considerably more respectable name, though," He intones matter-of-factly, tapping a digit on the hard surface of the desk as he does. "As for who I am - well." Reaching over the prone body of the snake, the old man seizes a golden name placard that is currently laying face-down and turns it up. Embossed in large black letters is 'Ichabod P. Noble, Beings Division'.

There's a soft chuckle at the opinion Ichabod expresses about his name. Jack nods, and moves into the room, looking around. When he sees the nameplate, his eyes widen considerably, and he purses his lips in thought. "Do you mean to tell me…" He blinks, and strokes his chin. "I can't remember an Ichabod in the family tree, sir. At least not…" Not in the near generations. "There's an Icholan and an Icanor…" All good pureblooded children learn their genealogy at a young age. He gives Ichabod a long look, falling silent still trying to figure out who this man might be to him.

"No, you wouldn't. I'm a very.. distant relative, so to speak," Ichabod explains, being deliberately vague for the time being about exactly how distant a relative he is. "However, I was on cordial terms with your great-grandfather for a time." Standing, Ichabod moves out from behind the desk quite swiftly, standing at his full height to better look Jack over for a moment or two. Eventually he extends a hand to the other man and offers something like a smile, although his lips stay carefully sealed. "How are your brothers and sisters? All five of them, if I remember correctly?"

"Liam is a prat, as ever." Jack's response is immediate. "The rest of 'em are doing pretty well. Siobhan's in her last year of school…" He frowns, unsure how much information he wants to give this 'distant relative'. "My great-grandfather?" He lifts an eyebrow. "That's… that's been awhile, sir." For Ichabod, it's probably been like last week, but Jack is floored. He shifts a little nervously, and continues to look at the man. "How long have you been working here?" He has noted the age of the stuff aro und him.

Ichabod nods at that bit of news, although he doesn't appear to be very surprised by any of it, as if he'd expected to hear just such an answer. "Hm. I suppose it has been a while, yes." Then again, he is a very old looking man, and Wizards have long lifespans. He merely smiles at the last question, choosing to give a reply that doesn't necessarily answer Jack's question: "For the better part of my life, which has been quite long. What precisely is it that you do in the Ministry, Icarus?" Actually, he may well already know, but a change of subject is in order.

Jack grins. "In the ministry? I bother people and fill out stupid paperwork." He answers the question asked, not the one intended. Maybe he's been around his little sister too long. He nods, taking the non-answers Ichabod gives him in stride. "For example, today, I have to fill out this form." He holds up the piece of parchment. It's a typical 'magical creature sighting' form.

"Ahh.." Ichabod leans forward to inspect the form momentarily and nods. "Well, I can certainly understand your grievance with the amount of paperwork the Ministry requires, although most of it is actually necessary. I actually wrote the blueprint for that form, in fact." He chuckles wryly to himself, and then frowns - hopefully the young man doesn't know exactly how long ago that blueprint was made. Of course he won't be able to obfuscate the matter forever, but he sees no need to rush.

Jack does not know how long ago the form was written, though he does know it was quite a long time ago. He lifts his eyebrows. "Oh, I don't mind most of the time. Especially since I've gotten my new office and secretary. Stole her from this department, actually." He grins. "Or at least partially. I think she said someone else did the same…" He shrugs. "Anyway, it's really been helpful." For the short time she's been helping out. "I just have to figure out what the going rate for a part-time secretary is. I don't want to underpay her, and she doesn't want to overcharge me. " Cue massive awkwardness. Who knows why he's mentioning this now?

Lifting a very thin brow at the story, Ichabod cogitates over the situation for a few moments before coming up with an appropriate response. "Well - actually, as it so happens, I am in the process of hiring an assistant myself. Last time I had one was in 1934, so I imagine the going rates must have changed quite a bit.." Frowning, since this had apparently not occurred to him until just now, he clears his throat and shrugs. "Well, I may have to make an inquiry into the MLE, since I believe the secretary of the Council of Magical Law typically handles such matters. If you'd like, I could owl you the figure."

You learn something new every day. There's someone who keeps track of that sort of thing? "Thank you, sir. I appreciate it." Since he's doing it for himself as well. "Yes, I assume the rates have changed somewhat. The picture still the same on the Galleon?" He teases the older man, tentatively. "Would you mind, sir, if I borrowed this chair for a moment to fill out this paperwork?" He gestures to a spare chair. "It shouldn't take but a moment." He's fairly adept at this particular form, thanks Uncle Ichabod.

The jesting gets another arched brow, although Ichabod chuckles wryly at the same time. Well, his great-nephew is certainly no coward, at least. When Jack asks to use his seat - a high-backed old Victorian monstrousity - he motions toward it and nods. "Certainly. Oh, you'll need the desk. Triglav." He extends an arm toward the runespoor, and the three-headed serpent - all seven feet of it or so - crawl up to wrap around the old man's shoulders. He apparently barely even notices the additional weight, although common physics would dictate that his bones should probably be snapping. Perhaps he just wants the cursebreaker to figure out the puzzle on his own.

The actions give Jack pause, and he stops movement to gaze at the snake around Ichabod's shoulders. "Isn't he heavy?" He is close to figuring things out, or at least figuring out that the man isn't all he appears. "Thank you, sir…" He moves to the seat, and begins scribbling, not taking very long at all. "It was only a little Hippocampus. I just have to report that I saw the thing." He finishes the annoying paperwork with a flourish on his signature, and moves from the seat, still eying the man warily. There's only a few things that could account for the clues that Jack's seen. "You're not exactly…" He frowns, struggling to word his comments so that he won't get strung up. "Um, do you work in this office for a reason, sir?" There. Polite, yet inquisitive.

"Lighter than he looks," Ichabod responds, watching as the younger man sits down and begins to fill out the form. "Ah, a Hippocampus. Most interesting creature. I once had the pleasure of speaking to a Mermish ambassador about their migration patterns." He strides over to the desk, peering down at the completed form as if to make certain that it's being written out correctly, before Jack stands up. At this point he allows the runespoor to slither back down on to the desk, where it automatically curls up, peering inquisitively at the young Wizard. "Hm. Well, this is the office I began working in, actually. At one point I was head of the Department, though that was some time ago." Ichabod walks over to his vacated chair and sits down once again, folding one leg over the other and half-smiling again. "I'm sure there's a memorial to all the former Heads of Department in the building somewhere, if you can find it. It should list the dates."

And that's all the information Jack needs to start his search on this interesting relative. "Why thank you, sir." He had no idea a Noble had been a department head in this department. "Does it look all right to you?" It's partially a serious question, and partially a tease to the man looking over his shoulder like Snape on a bad day. "I should probably turn this information in, and get back to the office. My secretary is still a little nervous when she's by herself. Still rather new at the job. It was a pleasure meeting you, Ichabod Noble." He sticks his hand out to shake the man's.

The question gets a slight chuckle, and Ichabod nods in the affirmative. "I should say so. A pleasure to meet you, as well, Icarus. Perhaps I'll have the chance to meet the rest of your family in the future." He himself sounds slightly leery about the prospect, but he does extend his hand to give Jack's several firm shakes. "By the way, tell Miss Thorne that Mr. Noble looked over your form already and gave the go-ahead when you give it to her. It'll speed up processing quite a bit, I daresay." And with that, he turns his attention back to the sizeable stack of papers on his desk.

What will happen when Jack finds out the truth?

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