1994-11-12: I'm Sorry


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Scene Title I'm Sorry
Synopsis Suffering the effects of a bump on the head and a bout of Amortentia, Siobhan makes a fool of herself and makes herself sick.
Location Hospital Wing
Date Nov 11, 1994
Watch For Mention of Sio's Secret and Just why Ashley is so torn up over this turn of events
Logger The BAD WOLF herself

A few hours after the end of that eventful Potions class, Siobhan rolls over to her other side, in that pleased state between asleep and waking. Her head injuries have been taken care of, so there's no pain to marr her few moments of blissful drowsiness. A big yawn distorts her pretty face for a moment, her body curling in a languid stretch before she blinks mostly awake.

Ashley has been seated on a small stool by the side of Siobhan's bed, having come up here with her. Truth be told, he'd be here with anybody over feeling the guilt of hurting someone when he couldn't really control himself, but the fact that it's Siobhan makes it even worse. His brow is furrowed in a mixture of anger and distress, but his face lightens when he sees her begin to awaken.

Blinking as her eyes adjust to a brighter light than that present behind her lids, Siobhan's soft brown eyes take a moment to focus on Ashley's face. When they do, her mouth curves into a slow, soft, secret smile. The kind of smile one saves almost exclusively for a lover. "Mmm, 'morning," she grumbles sleepily, stretching again. "What the hell happened?"

Ashley isn't really well versed enough in such matters to discern the different subtleties in smiles, so he doesn't make anything of it. He is, however, quite kind - perhaps in this situation, too much for his own good. He places a hand on Siobhan's arm in comfort. "We were under the effects of Amortentia, and I made you fall off a desk. You hit your head and got knocked out."

Reaching with her other arm to lay a hand over top of Ashley's, Siobhan's smile widens just a fraction. "Any permanent damage?" She's teasing, if tiredly. "Hey, don't worry so much. You wouldn't have hurt me in your right mind." For a naturally suspicious Slytherin, she seems awfully sure of that fact.

Ashley doesn't really think much more of her statement. He does have a reputation, after all, and it isn't a bad one. So it isn't too hard to fathom that she'd believe he wouldn't. The hand on his, though, is drawn a look. His heart skips a beat - and that skipped beat apparently prevents the right amount of blood to flow to his brain, because he still hasn't realized anything might be wrong. "Maybe your reputation. The Slytherin champion, knocked out by a table."

"Nah, I'll just tell them that tough ol' Hufflepuff Champ took me out in a fit of un-badgerly rage." There's an almost syrupy affection in her tone that would be hard for a first-year to miss. Her thumb starts rubbing absent circles against his hand, fingernails lifting to scrape very lightly across the skin.

Ashley says, "It has been known to happen. Maybe, once." He remarks on his un-badgerly rage. And then the tone hits him in the stomach, so hard it knocks out the butterflies inside. And then the gears in his head begin to turn.. "You never took the amortentia antidote, Siobhan."

With a grin that's melted hearts much harder than Ashley's in its time, Siobhan shakes her head. "What's that got to do with your rage issues, Ash?" She gives his hand an affectionate squeeze and then stifles another yawn.

Ashley shakes his head, pulling his hand away - though he does give her arm one last squeeze, since it may be the last. If the situation were different, his heart would definitely melt. But now he knows the score, and he frowns. "I know you're not going to realize what I'm saying is important, but you don't love me. It's the potion you took."

Important? What he's saying is vital. Ashley doesn't think Sio loves him! This must quickly be corrected. "Ash… We're in a student-level Potions class. How d'you know that stuff even worked? Or that Madame Pomfrey didn't give me the antidote when she fixed up my head?" Oooh, Slytherin logic and persuasion powered by Amortentia obsession… This could get messy.

Ashley's tone is matter of fact. "Because I haven't left your side since we got up here, and I saw atleast four properly brewed potions. I was probably the first to drink the antidote, and I saw the class. Everyone who took it looked to have taken a successful potion, except Hermione.. I think that Weasley boy, Ron, must have brewed his so bad she thought he was invisible." But in the back of his head.. oh, how he would wish for her to have taken the antidote and for her words to be her own. He sighs. "Listen, I don't like to talk big. But I'm the best Potions student in our grade. You're under the effects of amortentia."

Sitting up as his hand is pulled away from her, Siobhan frowns, the first signs of fire beginning to spark in her brown eyes. "You are so not the best, Ashley." Her arms come to fold across her chest and she levels a rather intense glare in his direction. "And it's not very fair of you to try and tell me what I feel. Everybody always does that!" And for a moment, there's a flash of dark eyes, soulful and deep-shining with true affection, matched with a smile that does funny things to her insides, but she blinks and it's gone. "If I want to snog you, it's bloody well not because of some stupid potion!" So saying, she leans forward and grabs him by the front of his robes and hauls him closer, crashing her mouth onto his in a pretty heartfelt snog. A woman of her word, Sio is.

Ashley embraces the snog with full on energy, returning it in kind. It's a hell of a moment, until reality decides to come crashing back down around him. It's hard - much harder than brewing any potion, or casting any charm, or doing any sort of transfiguration - to pull away from her. And even after pulling away, he can't speak, as if she sucked all the words out of him. He just stares at the floor.

Fully enjoying a rather lovely snog, Siobhan actually growls at the loss of him. That is, at least, until she sees him staring at the floor. Reaching one hand out to cup the side of his face, she brushes the pad of her thumb along his cheekbone and tries to lighten the atmosphere just a little. "Am I really that bad at kissin'?" she asks quietly.

Ashley says, "No, no you're not. You were great." He looks away, even though he's only looking at the ground, but the touch of her hand on his face causes him to turn away. Eventually, though, he puts his hand back on hers and pries it from his face. He then stands up, smiling sheepishly. "Well, you're clearly alright. I should get back to the common room, I have a ton of studying to do..""

Hurt, Siobhan lets her hand fall to her lap, watching him with a kicked-puppy expression on her face. "Well I've obcviously done something wrong, if you're in that much of a hurry to leave." Oh Amortentia, thou art a cruel bitch. "Did I do something wrong? I was always told I was very good at snogs, but if you tell me where I went wrong, I can fix it for next time…." This…is a new side to Sio, one she doesn't often show anyone at all. There's always a part of her that's eager to please, but if it were well-known…it could put her into a bind.

Ashley smiles softly, no longer sheepish. "Really, you didn't do anything wrong. I just do have a lot of studying, I mean you'd know.. extra pressure with the tournament and all. Look, why don't I go see if Madame Pomfrey has anything for you to drink before I head out?" And then he moves across the room to Madame Pomfrey's smaller little room. He emerges a bit later with a glass filled with what looks like water, handing it to Sio. "Here. I'll even sit with you a bit longer, until you're tired. I've got some books up here, can do some of my studying now…"

Accepting the water gratefully, Siobhan chugs it down, finding herself quite thirsty. If she was in her right mind, she might take the time to note that Ashley would have made an excellent Slytherin. As it is, she swallows the last gulp and has only enough time to smile over at him before the antidote takes effect. He can tell the instant it kicks in, because that smile freezes on her face, the blood drains away to leave her pale and even a bit green-looking. Whirling to the opposite side of the bed, she retches over the side. Tapping her wrist weakly against the frame drops her wand into her hand and a quick Evanesco clears away the mess. She stays that way for a long moment, forehead against the cool metal of the railing. "Ashley…" she starts, sounding choked. "Ashley, I'm so sorry."

Ashley isn't exactly sure what he should do now that the amortentia is no longer in control, because now he can do wrong by her. So he just goes with his gut, and moves around to the side of the bed she's sort of hiding in, and drapes an arm across her shoulders. "It wasn't your fault. It wasn't you. You know that, and I know that." His voice is noticeably weaker than usual, so his hopefully comforting words come out a little worse for the wear. Perhaps noticing this, he gives the shoulder his hand now rests on a soft squeeze.

At first, Siobhan flinches away from his touch. It's unexpected and - to be honest - a little unwelcome. "But I remember that. All of it." And it could have been so much worse. "I forced a snog outta you…" And she seems to get paler yet. "Even with a potion, I didn't think I'd…" Be someone who did that? Surprise, Sio. Looks like you are!

Ashley isn't totally oblivious, so he doesn't hold on for long. He gives it a moment and then lets go, scooting a bit away. "Well, we could ask someone to perform a memory charm.. you don't have to remember it, if you don't want to. I'd understand. I'll even have the memory taken from me to, if that's what you want." Oh, Ashley. So kind, so willing to do whatever it takes to make sure people are alright.

Siobhan snorts derisively, wrapping her arms around her middle - already missing the warmth even his hesitantly nice touch offered. "Erasing the memory doesn't mean it didn't happen," she spits bitterly. "I dunno how you're this nice to me, Ashley. If someone I barely knew snogged the life outta me against my will, I'd be tossing hexes left and right."

Ashley says, "Why should I be mad at you? It wasn't something you'd do under normal circumstances, and besides.. it was really nice." He winces at the last part, but it just sort of slipped out. "It was just a suggestion.. whatever you think will make this better, or easier for you.. just let me know, alright?"

Caught off guard by the admission, Siobhan whirls to face the Hufflepuff prefect, eyes wide as understanding flickers across her gaze. "It was you…" she breathes, remembering the waft of her own scent she caught in the classroom. But rather than assauge her guilt, this makes it worse. Burying her face in her hands, she scrubs furiously at her skin. "It's not that I wouldn't, Ash." She unwittingly slips into the shorter form of his name. "You're probably the most decent guy in our whole year, and I do like you, but… I'm seein' somebo—oh Circe!" The fact that she came onto and snogged someone not her boyfriend finally seems to sink in. "What am I supposed to tell him about this?"

Ashley says, "Merlin's beard, you're dating someone? I didn't know that.. well, I guess you just tell him you were under the effects of amortentia. If he's a halfway decent bloke, I'm sure he'll understand.. wait, what was me?"

Realizing her double mistake, Siobhan snaps a little. "You wouldn't know because it isn't your business to know." Heaving a sigh, she reins in her temper and runs a hand through her hair. "Sorry, it's just…he's not in school anymore and his line of work is…not the safest. He wants to protect me, so we sort of…don't mention it much. You couldn't have known." The 'but I should have' hangs in the air unspoken between them. "What was you? That amortentia that smelled like me… That was you, wasn't it?"

Ashley's face does flips like an acrobat, from concerned to a sheepish little half-smile, to now shock and dread. "Th.. that was you? I.. didn't even put the two together, I mean.. you're really pretty, sure.. I don't know why.." He sort of stammers a sentence together, but then just closes his mouth to get his brain back in gear. "I'm sorry, Sio. I really am." He stands up from the bed, reaching across it to pick up his bag. "I'll just.. head out, alright?"

Nodding numbly, Siobhan waits until she hears the door to the outside hallway click open and shut again before she moves. Arms wrap around knees that are pulled close to her chest. Her chin rests in the 'V' between her knees and brown eyes stare blankly out the nearest window. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…" she whispers, but just who and what she is sorry to and for isn't made any clearer.

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