1996-01-24: Husband and Lover


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Scene Title Husband and Lover
Synopsis Jake and Severus have a little chat. Some concerns are addressed.
Location Potions Classroom
Date January 24, 1996
Watch For Snape squirming and the pair of them being funny
Logger The Wolf on the Wall

Wednesday evening rolls around, the middle of the work week. Severus is back to the rhythm of life in a school, with one big change. He's still extremely snarky, but the overlaying intent seems to be a lot lighter. Only those who know him really well will notice. He stands in his classroom gazing at the floor, just having finished administering a detention. The kid probably had to clean that patch the way the professor is examining it. With a terse nod, he swirls away to sit at his desk, to begin working on his marking.

It's been a couple of days since Jake and Siobhan had their 'talk' and set the ball rolling for their grand public show. So, he should probably be wary of approaching Snape. Yet, here he is. At the school and coming to see the Potions Master rather then Siobhan. He's at the door long enough to watch the man inspect the floor and swirl his robes, but he knocked on the door sharply to announce his presence. "Professor. Might I have a word with you?"

Snape looks up, his raised eyebrows his first response to the intrusion. "Mister Morgan." He sets the parchment down, and gestures him in, flicking the door closed behind him. "Have a seat." He falls silent, intense gaze focused on the man in front of him.

"You'll want to seal it." Jake says of the door, gesturing behind him in an indication that what he has to say should remain between the two of them. The genial expression he sports is missing this time when he ambles over to the seat offered him and sits down silently. And he waits there a moment, deciding how to phrase what he'd like to say. And once the golden glow is around said door, he starts. "Which asshat allowed Siobhan to suffer for six months inside the painting." Yes, he has decided on the direct approach. "I know it wasn't you." he adds, waving away that notion knowing that it's nonsense to even address.

"It is sealed." Severus replies. If he's going to have a conversation with Magical Marine Junior, he's not going to have it in a non-secured room. Severus opens his mouth to reply to something, then shuts it slowly again when Jake speaks. So not the conversation he was expecting. He pauses, muttering something about Gryffindors to himself as he considers how to respond. "I believe it was our esteemed Headmaster. We were unaware of any side effects until my mother's painting noticed something." His lips thin, anger at himself and Shadow and Albus, and everyone involved in the whole mess. "However, he decided it would be a useful thing for her to stride into various Death Eater's homes and the headquarters itself, discovering information I was not privy to." If Jake is expecting to be put at ease, oops.

"He decided this, did he?" Jake, unhappy. He doesn't bother responding to the undercurrent of hostility that's present - this is more important. "Is the Headmaster the one in charge of security here? Keeping the children safe?" he asks next, taking stock of things in a tactical manner. "She's told me the after-effects so far of being in this painting - I'd just like to make sure what whoever was responsible for it is made to pay for what happened. As I'm sure you do."

"The main person responsible for her being in the portrait in the first place is the Dark Lord's right hand man. His name, as far as anyone but the Dark Lord Himself knows, is 'Shadow.' He is a sadistic, mysogynistic, psycopathic malcontent, and one of my first priorities in this conflict is to see him disappear." Severus displays his temper and his vocablulary for Jake, however, it's not aimed at him. It's aimed at the man who hurt Siobhan in the first place. "The Headmaster may maintain the wards and protocols, but his Deputy Headmistress and the other Heads of House assist in the defense as well. Because of my unique role, I was unable to assist in such a manner that night." Unsure of what Morgan knows of the whole situation, he clarifies his role. "I was present, but because of the strictures placed upon me, I could do no more than stand idly by. I was however, able to hear the curse and find the counter because I was there."

"Oh good, the trifecta of sociopathy." Jake mutters, leaning forward in such a way that indicates his interest in the information being given. "Are the Deputy Headmistress and other other Heads of Houses less selfish and egomaniacal then your Headmaster?" Knowing nothing of Severus' unique role or the strictures upon him, the military man simply nods. "I am already invested in resolving this problem, obviously. But now, where you are unable to act… I can. I don't like the way your Headmaster has allowed this situation to unfold. She should never have been placed in that situation for so long. So if you think something like that is happening again, I offer my resources to assist in extracting her from it. The bumbling american screws up someone's plans… it doesn't matter, that's fine with me if it's what is needed."

"I would trust Minerva, Fillius and Pomona with my life …" He pauses. That's not always as strong a reassurance. "And Siobhan's." Something in the way he says Sio's name may be a little different than before. "The Headmaster is very good at chess. However, his pieces no longer will work for him, so he has decided he'd like to play with our lives instead. It has kept us alive…" But only just. The offer of help affects him, and it takes a moment for him to respond with his usual snark. "Though I had counted on that, it eases my way considerably." The man snorts at the 'bumbling American.' "Perhaps not as leonine as I imagined."

"Alright, good. Then I will trust they are able to look out for my newphew when the time comes." That's where the question of school defences came into play at least. He tries not to quirk a smile, but fails, at the different way Siobhan's name is said. "I see. He acts like a military general, but he doesn't exactly have a volunteer army." What? -What-?? It's what he knows best, dammit. "There are times when I intensely dislike the stereotype some of my countrymen has created of us. But, I am not above using it to my advantage when needed." he comments dryly, only adding one last thing. "There is no reason we cannot be allies in this, Professor. I will do my best to make this as easy for everyone as possible. And any help I can provide, I give it willingly. Right up until the moment it all becomes Siobhan's."

"I will do what I can in that situation as well." Severus realizes that this whole thing is for the child's welfare, at least partially, so it's important to Siobhan. Besides, he understands a small boy with people after him for family issues. He's got that covered. Done that before. "That is an apt metaphor, Morgan. He envisions himself Napoleon when he may be a far more sinister leader." He smirks at the idea of using a stereotype to get things accomplished. "I quite understand." In the matter of Siobhan's safety, he's definitely a trusted ally. "At the risk of sounding like I belong in an entirely different house, there may indeed be one obstacle between us. On the matter of her safety, we are agreed…" It's clear that Severus is taking his time to phrase his words. Even more so than usual. "When we had our previous meeting, I observed that you drew a conclusion. At that time, it was erroneous."

Jake never did like Napolean. Stupid Frenchman. Oh wait, where were they? That's right - about to discuss an uncomfortable truth. "At that time…" he encourages, obviously coming to a conclusion again. If he wasn't right before, he is now! He'll be smug with himself later for figuring it out before they did. While he has a drink or ten.

Apparently, Jake needs Severus to be even more clear. "The nature of my relationship with Siobhan changed roughly one week ago." This is not his area. Really not his area. "I would prefer to continue as we are, however…." Does he have to say it more clearly? This is already very difficult. "I will not endanger her, nor the plan."

Jake holds up both hands. "I am not interested in preventing the two of you from continuing your relationship, however it should be categorized." he says clearly, and emphatically. "What I need, is someone I can trust to treat Cole like a son. Someone who will see him as family. What I want for myself is a friend, and a companion, and someone who I trust to hand over my fortune to that will do good things with it. That's all. I have only a few years left, Professor. It would be selfish and cruel of me to actually try and build an affair or relationship with someone in that time, knowing that I will be dying slowly in front of them. And I am many things, but cruel is not one of them." he assures quietly. rubbing the back of his neck now and allowing Severus as well to see the weight that he rests on his own shoulders. "She's a special woman and you are a lucky man. I wn't even try to change that."

"Mister Morgan, you appear to be a far, far better man than I." Severus looks up, gazing at Jake, with a combination of relief and respect in his eyes. "I believe that between the Noble family and Hogwarts, we may find a suitable place for your ward that you can appreciate." If the Nobles can't or won't - which would be a laugh - Cole can join the 'lost boys' here. Severus already has one boy from another house under his protection. Cole, hopefully, will be less stress than Potter. He nods sharply, considering the matter closed. "We shall have to work together to keep verisimilitude - however, between the three of us I believe that may be managed." He thinks of another issue. Slytherins need things cleared up, and loopholes left clear, especially if they're being forthright. "I have one confidant. May I clarify things for her? The Deputy Headmistress may be able to assist in keeping the Headmaster's focus from our little subterfuge, but will do so at the price of knowing the truth."

"I recognize the difficult position I'm putting you both in, and I appreciate your wilingness to work withour rancor towards mutual goals, Professor. Please, call me Jake. We may as well be on a first name basis at this point." He appreciates the respect and relief that he sees there, vowing to himself not to disappoint the man. "Knowing that he will have a place here no matter what happens, is more of a relief then I can express." he admits, looking thoughtful then as the change in subject comes about. "As long as it is also alright with Siobhan - I think neither of us wishes to risk her considerable ire - I certainly have no problem with that. The truth must remain within a small circle of people, but if your Deputy Headmistress is trustworthy, then it is always good to have allies in useful places."

"I will certainly confer with Siobhan on the issue." Severus is fairly sure what her answer will be, but he can talk to Sio. He does talk to Sio. Jake was the challenge. "I shall attempt to do so, however, whether it is by tradition or habit, I often revert to one's surname. It is not intended as a slight." He stands, reaching over the desk, extending his hand toward the American. "Jake." It takes a little effort, but he does use his given name. "You may call me Severus."

"I won't take offense." Hey may on occasion needle Severus a bit, but he won't take offense. Jake clasps the offered hand in a firm handshake, giving Snape a brief but genuine smile of gratitude. "Thank you, Severus." More then that may wind up making them both awkward, so he stands up from his seat and gives a nod. "I look forward to hearing from you." He's almost tempted to salute, really, by the time he spins on his heel with precision to make his way out. Er, once the door is unsealed. Ahem.

When Jake moves toward the door, Severus flicks a hand and the door unseals, unlocks and opens. "You shall. And should you require it, you may contact me as well. Good day." There is marking left to do. He returns to it.

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