1994-09-06: Hungry Like The Wolf



Guest Starring: Isabel, Jurgen, Trevor and Addison

Scene Title Hungry Like The Wolf
Synopsis Lupin works to gather more intel from a pack of werewolves
Date September 6, 1994
Watch For n/a
Chronology Lupin continues fraternizing with the werewolves
Logger Shield's Up!

Distant Moor

It's a hard and lengthy process of trying to get anything /useful/ out of a pack of suspicious werewolves. Their lot is living outcasted from society still, unable to find a way to fit in. The one group that does accept them? It's open for debate on how much the werewolves are being used, not that they would see it that way. This particular group is wanting the promises bestowed years ago. Some just like being in it for the killing, Isabel, in particular. That aside, the pack of werewolves have been on the move and aren't in the same moor as a few months' prior. This particular evening, the pack is gathered around a campfire, energy levels are fairly high, being in the time of the new moon.

Some, however, are in it for something other than the killing and the promises. Some, unbeknownst to the others are there to gather any information that they can. Remus Lupin is one such person. He's been gone for a good couple hours under the guise of hunting. It is only now that he returns. He made sure to grab something to make sure they didn't get suspicious. So, on his way back, he found a deer in the forest and killed it. With it magically floating beside him, he walks into the camp.

Remus's return isn't greeted as warmly as it would have been, since he chose to flaunt his magic. Or so some seem to think, Trevor and Addison in particular. The usage of magic reminds them of families and peers that have cast them out upon their infection. Jurgen could care less, the same for Isabel. It's a means to an end for them, and the woman rises to greet Lupin as one would greet a returning acquaintance. "I didn't know this was a bring your own meal meeting."

Lupin doesn't seem to care what a certain pair would think about his usage of magic. The deer is plopped on the ground nearby. "I've brought it to share." He grunts. "We can split it into five well enough and share." He pulls out a cutting knife from his pocket. "Who'd care to do the honours?" He gazes about to look at each one of them.

"How.. thoughtful," Isabel states dryly, a lip curling slightly. The niceness is something she's a little suspicious of, while the offering is pleasing. She gestures for Remus to take a seat near the fire as Jurgen takes out a knife of his own. The German wordlessly begins dressing the deer for a filling meal. Trevor eyes Remus before scooting over to make room. "What news can you bring us?," asks Isabel as she settles upon a rock as if it were a fine chair.

Lupin shakes his head, pocketing the knife that he brought. Upon sitting, he looks towards Isabel. "What news? Well, I'll tell you what news I have. Death Eaters are gathering in small groups, meeting, more frequently now than they have in near thirteen years. But we all know the reason for that, I'm sure." He says with a loud snort. "The Triwzard cup is on at Hogwarts…supposedly, bringing together students from Beauxbatons Academy and Durmstrang. The current headmaster of Durmstrang is Igor Karkaroff, a known Death Eater from the first Wizarding War."

Isabel nods in a sagelike manner as Remus speaks, "That is what we know as well. More are gathering, speaking amongst themselves. We have been priviledged to have sat in on a few of these meetings. At least, I have as I speak for this pack." She sweeps her hair back over her shoulder as she eyes Lupin. The mention of the Triwizard cup doesn't seem to surprise her. "We had not heard of the protest of the schools and we know of Karkaroff. However, it is not surprising that he withdrew from the event. He will pay for his cowardice, the Dark Lord won't take kindly to his continued hiding in the hallowed halls of his school."

Lupin chuckles, almost in a sadistic manner. "It's people like Karkaroff that make me glad that we are better than they. We shall gain better favour of the Dark Lord than they ever shall. And they shall regret the day that they turned their back on him." He scoffs darkly. "There is a rumour, circulating amongst certain groups, that the Dark Lord's return is even more imminent than had originally been thought. There is only one snag in that…nobody ever knows how He is going to return."

Trevor and Addison remain skeptical over Remus, and Jurgen? He seems to not care one way or the other. Isabel? Cautious and guarded about the newcomer, while being welcoming. "Is that so? Sounds like someone is finally bitter about the treatment he's getting, right pup?" Her lips curve into a smile devoid of humor as Lupin asks his question. "Oh indeed, that is what's being said and it is no mere rumor. We haven't been given the details, just that his return shall be soon. The hows and when are a closely guarded secret. As they should be." A harsh cackle escapes, "How useful the infamy of Sirius Black is. Continuing to use him to scare the populace is giving us a needed distraction."

Lupin shakes his head firmly. "You don't think I've always been bitter about my treatment, huh? I've shown it more times than not, if you're eyes were not blinded by your own blatant suspicions of me!" He spits. "There is something else…I don't know how many people know of this. But a servant of the Dark Lord who was once thought dead is now, and has been since the beginning of the summer, been back in the service of the Dark Lord." He pauses. "Peter Pettigrew. Also known as 'Wormtail'. It is very likely that he is assisting in the Dark Lord's return somehow."

"Easy cub," Isabel says in a smoothly haughty manner. "Smooth the ruffled fur there. We have good reason to be suspicious of each other. Can you not say with all honesty that you haven't any reservations towards us?" A frown tugs at the corners of her mouth as Remus continues talking, "How do you know of this servant?" She doesn't say she knows of him, but she's not NOT saying it either.

Lupin snorts once more and shakes his head. "Just seems to me that you all trust each other lots more'n you trust me, isn't that right?" He says, looking straight at Isabel now. "How do I know of this servant? It's there for those who really care to know. He was a friend of Sirius Black's and the Potters. There are even whispers that he's actually the one who betrayed the Potters to the Dark Lord." He says with a raised eyebrow.

"Fair enough, on all counts, and yes. We did hear he had returned to service at the start of summer," Isabel says, choosing her words carefully. "Did Wormtail not go to school with you as well?," she asks slyly. "Not looking for personal vengeance here are we? Wanting to have had the glory of doing in the Potters yourself? Those who defied our lord and spat in his face?"

"Yes…Wormtail and I went to school together. If I were to take revenge on him, I would not do so by these means." Replies Lupin. "Wormtail may have alluded capture, but he's not that smart. If I were to take any sort of retribution with him, I could have done so already. He'd be bound to slip up at some point. That's how he is. Always let others do the most difficult work, because he'd mess it up somehow."

"Bide your time," Isabel says in a soothing manner. "If you do well, the Dark Lord may permit your revenge, if you still want it." She lounges back a little, eyes on Remus. "Patience, all in good time. We are still in the planning and meeting stage, no action yet. Although the fake Sirius Black may provide us another distraction. Keep the eyes of the Ministry and public on that, and we haven't a worry in the world for his return."

Lupin tilts his head to one side. "Planning? What exactly are 'we' planning? Or is it so secret that only you may know? Another attack like that at the World Cup, perhaps?" He asks curiously, but still with a hint of bitterness in his voice.

Isabel spreads her hands in a helpless gesture. "We have only been told there is a plan, no details. It is being a carefully guarded secret, despite the whispers spreading across the Death Eaters. Only a select few know of the plan. It is of course, still early in the game." Jurgen by now, has sliced off enough venison steaks for the group and is preparing them to be served. Trevor and Addison are still young enough to want them slightly cooked, while Jurgen has no issues with taking his steak raw. "My apologies, if you thought we had more information," Isabel says, turning a smile upon Remus.

Lupin shakes his head. "I've long given up the fact that we are only told information on a need to know basis." He says in affirmation. In regards to the meat, it seems that Lupin has no qualm in eating it raw. Though if he were with others, he'd most likely take it cooked…but this is not your regular, everyday meeting. Not for most, anyway.

Isabel appears pleased by Lupin's actions, and seems to have accepted him for the most part. More relaxed in his presence than the others, she seems to be speaking easier with Lupin. "When we have more information we will share it with you, provided you share with us. Fair enough?" The smile she offers over her own venison is almost feral in quality.

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "That seems fair. I suppose." He eats the meat, chewing it softly as he thinks. "I should probably get on my way. There are those who believe that…well, that I actually enjoy being in the presence of those who are not like us." He scoffs lightly. "But I'll find you again."

Isabel appears to buy this excuse and nods her head in a regal manner. "Perhaps we'll have more information to share next time. We are depending on the generousity of Death Eaters, you see. Farewell for now Lupin," she states as she settles in with her pack.

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