1995-05-27: Hufflepuff Smuggling


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Scene Title Hufflepuff Smuggling
Synopsis Clandestine transportation of a firstie to Hogsmeade.
Location Hogsmeade - Honeyduke's
Date May 27, 1995
Logger Jax

[HGM] - Honeyduke's

Aaah.. heaven on earth. What sheer bliss it is to walk into this place as your nose is assaulted with the aroma of fine chocolate and candies. Rows upon fabulous rows are filled to overflowing with enough sweets to make any dentist have a heart attack. A married couple whose residence is over the shop owns this business. Honeydukes boasts a wide variety of sweets such as Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, Chocolate Frogs, Licorice wands, Pepper Imps and the like. Also available here are nougats, coconut ice, and toffees. Aside from the standard wizarding sweets, Honeydukes also makes their own fudge and chocolates. Enormous blocks of specialty chocolate can be purchased here. When you want sweets, THIS is the place to come to.

It is a Hogsmeade weekend — the last before exams — and many of the school's older students are making the trip down to the village. Many of the school's older students, that is, and one very small Hufflepuff firstie, smuggled through a secret passage from Hogwarts. Jax looks a bit nervous as they approach the Hogsmeade exit to the passageway, trotting along in the wake of his escort. "How'd you find out about all this, anyway? I've explored the school tons, I never found this thing!"

Fred grins over towards JAx and past the younger kid on the back, "Wealsey touch mate." He winks and then chuckles lightly, "No really, you remember when Sirius was in the hospital wing with us and I was all wide eyed a worshippy?"

"How could I forget?" Jax laughs. "It was like you were meeting a rock star or something!" His eyes widen. "Well, the /Quibbler/ says he's Stubby Boardman so maybe he /is/ a rock star — is he?"

Fred rolls his eyes at this, "Don't believe everything the quibbler tells you Jax. No that's Padfoot, well more known at Sirius Black. Him and some friends made a secret map of Hogwarts me and George found our first year in school. Man is a genius." He grins to Jax, "So yeah, you tell anyone, I'll have to off ya mate." A wink is added for a less threatening effect.

"A secret map?" Jax looks utterly fascinated. "/Mister Black/ made one? An' you've got it? An' it gets us to Hogsmeade without anyone knowing?" His eyes widen, impressed. "So he's like — actually pretty cool, then, even /besides/ being a dog?"

Fred nods his head enthusiasticly, "Yeah Mr. Black is the coolest. Never believe for a second anyone telling you he is a murderer or some other rubbish." He scratches his head, "Well there is no map anymore though, I gave it to Harry Potter last year, me and George memorized it and he needed it to get to Hogsmeade himself. This passage brings us up the back room of honeydukes, so just to be safe don't leave honedukes kay?"

"I won't!" Jax lifts his forefinger to trace an X over his heart. "'sides," he adds with a grin, "who'd ever want to leave the sweet shop anyway? It's got everything you could ever need!" He rubs at the back of his head and then adds in a surreptitious whisper (though there's nobody else around who could hear), "I was scared of Mister Black before, you know. But then he turned into a dog and was sweet."

Fred nods his head to Jackson, "Yeah he can come off a touch on the scary side, spent quite a few years in Azkaban to blame for that." He shrugs and then grins to the boy, "Well if we can disguise you next year there is alot of cool stuff to see here."

"Really?" Jax's eyes light and he trots on ahead eagerly. "Cuz I want to see it all. I mean exploring the school's pretty awesome but eventually I'm gonna run out of school to see. What kinda disguises? — D'you know, I'm gonna dye my hair /blue/ over summer. I think. But that's not very disguisey at all, it kinda stands out."

Fred hums and starts to push at a trap door hoping the owners of the candy shop haven't put boxes on top of it this year. "Well I don't know, We could make you a polyjuice potion, though I'm not to great at potions. Or I cold just hex your face or something so it looks like you got bad pimples."

Jax's nose wrinkles. "Just so long as it doesn't hurt none! We saw Polyuice potion effects in class before, but Mister Black said we wasn't allowed to all Polyjuice ourselves to be him. I asked."

Fred chuckles and shrugs, "I don't think so. Never tried it, just told people I was George if I was suppose to be somewhere else." The trap door lifts and it's evident Fred has taken care of it since the hinges don't creak at all. "And here we are. Just be quiet and act normal." Fred offers Jax some help getting out of the crawl space before he attempts to get up himself.

"That's gotta be right useful. Unfortunately it's a bit too late for me to get myself a twin," Jax says, grinning. He falls quiet as they come up into the shop, just looking around with wide, excited eyes. He might need some help with the acting normal.

Fred chuckles as he watches Jax get his excitted expression and reminds the boy, "Act normal small fry." The shop is busy since it's the last weekend before people go home. Filled with kids Fred tries to keep a hand on Jax's shoulder as they slip into the crowd, "Gonna have a shop like this myself on day, but with all those prank candies and such."

"A shop of your very own?" Jax sounds duly impressed. "That sounds great! When are you gonna start that? I'll totally come buy stuff from you." His excitement spikes as they enter the shop proper, and for a brief moment he presses his knuckles to his lips to suppress any audible squeeing. After this he forces himself to stay calm and cool and collected. Or, well, calm, anyway. "This place is /so awesome/," he whispers to Fred, slipping a hand into his pocket to curl his fingers around the coins he brought with him. "I totally need some coconut ice. An' sugar quills. An' —" But he doesn't continue listing things, just looks around the store, fascinated.

Fred grins at he watches Jackson happy display and feel rather gratified by it, gotta keep the littlest gren void member happy, "Yeah gonna start doing some mail order business this summer, gotta talk to Luna about ads in the Quibbler, not much else we can afford. But tell your friends." He just looks about the shop himself, picking up a few sour candies for Angie and some ice mice for himself.

"Oh, I totally will! I bet loads of people'd love to have your stuff. I mean, who doesn't want to have more fun in their lives?" Jax grins and then pulls his money out of his pocket, counting it carefully before beginning to gauge just how many sweets he can buy. "I ain't even never /seen/ some of these candies before, I totally need to try everything!" He squints at the blood-flavoured lollipops. "Well, maybe not those."

Fred chuckles and points to the jellybeans, "Don't forget a bag of those, one of my favourite." He suggests to Jax and nods his head at the younger boy's words, "Exactly, Zonko's joke shop is alright here, but the old man needs to get more inventive. So I figure me and George ought to give him some competition."

"There's a joke shop here too?" Jax's eyes light again. "Man, I can't /wait/ till next year!" He picks up a bag of the jellybeans and some Pepper Imps and sugar quills before starting to look at the flavors of fudge. "What else is down here?"

Fred nods his head, "And a pub, a tea house, a broom shop, a repair place, um…lots of places Kid." He ruffles Jax's hair, "So found everything you wanted or wanna look around more?" Fred does eyes the rest of the students here, no one better rat out the huffie.

"Can you get butterbeer at the pub? That was /tasty/! I'd never had any 'fore Mister Black brought it for us." From the look in Jax's eyes, he really would like to get one of everything, but unfortunately — or perhaps fortunately, since he'll be spared a terrible stomachache trying to eat it all — his budget does not allow it. He counts up his money one more time, and then adds a few interesting-looking candies and some peanut butter fudge to his purchases. "Okay. /Now/ I'm ready!" He edges towards the counter to be checked out.

Fred nods his head to Jax, "Though I can get you some from the kitchen later kay." He agrees and grins to the kid, "Alright lets get in the bloody line up. You'd think they'd let me just bypass this part by now, 6 years of spending money in this place."

"If I ever open a store I'll let you skip the line," Jax promises with a grin. "Don't know what I'd sell, though. Cupcakes, maybe. I'm good at making cupcakes." He falls into line, fidgety with excitement as he waits, his coins rattling in his hand.

Fred isn't to worried about anyone freaking over JAx being here, he's just a really msall third year, yep that's right. He reaches out to try and ruffle the kid's hair again, "Calm down Jackson, you look like a first timer." He ohs at cupcakes, "Nothing wrong with cupcakes."

"M'granddad sells books. I like his store. It's all musty and old and full of /so/ many int'resting books, an' big comfy chairs an' he'll make you tea while you read." Jax stretches up onto his toes once he gets to the counter, though it doesn't do very much to make him taller. He sets his money down on the counter, but has apparently counted wrong — he's just a few knuts short. His brow creases as he examines his candy to decide what to not buy, settling on pushing aside some sour drops in the end.

Fred pushes the sour drop back and pulls out some knuts of his own telling the boy, "I got it kid, you're gonna tell people about my stuff anyways." He smiles trying to be nice instead of a trickster. IF Jax doesn't protests he sets his own candies done and pays for them. Grabbing his bag he inticates the back room again and puts a finger to his lips.

"Oh!" Jax blushes, looking down at the counter for a moment. "Thanks," he says a bit sheepishly. "I'm not the best with maths." He scrubs his hand against his cheek and thanks the shopkeeper politely before taking his bag and following quietly after Fred.

Fred shrugs to him then leads the way back towards the cellar door. No one notices them in the crowd again and Fred quickly finds the latch for the trap door, it's obviously well hidden, "So he owned a book store? Where was that?" Fred trying to make small talk.

"Still owns it!" Jax says, cheerfully energetic once more once they are safely back in the tunnel where the bouncy first-year won't attract any notice. "Out in Brighton, where we live. He an' my grandma live above the store an' me an' my ma live in the house nex' door, so I get to go over there and read a /lot/."

Fred ohs and nods his head, "Cools, they muggles or something then? I remember you were muggle born or something, right?" He asks as then make their way back into the castle, Fred pulls out his wand and lights it up again for safeties sake.

"Well, no, my grandparents are wizards. His store's got all kinds'a magicky books an' other magic folks who live 'round Brighton stop by so's they don't gotta go all the way to London or some such — but." Jax shrugs. "I'm half-blood but was pretty much muggle-raised — my da's a muggle an' my ma's a squib, so I didn't know nothin' bout magic till they found out I was gonna be a wizard."

Fred grins at this, "Surprised em all I guess." He chuckles lightly, "Well I'll have to try and come check out the store this summer. Gonna be able to apperate places finally and use magic this summer."

"Oh, yeah, you're totally an adult now! Except without being boring or nothing, which is the /best/ kind of adult." Jax bounces happily on his toes, stopping walking once they're out in the castle again, since the Hufflepuff dorms are in a different direction than the Gryffindor rooms. "So you should definitely come by, an' have cookies and tea and our place is right by the beach! It's great fun if you find places where there's not much people."

Fred grins at this, "I'll drag Angie along sometime. I know she'll be worried about ya if she doesn't see you all summer." He looks to Jax's bag of candy, "Now don't eat it all at once, totally bad for you." Yep he's an adult.

Jax laughs at this and sticks his tongue out at Fred in reply. Yep, totally not an adult.

Fred's ears go red as he relizes what he said, "Ah man, no fair. I'm getting old!" He whines and winks to Jax, "Or you just make me feel all old and stuff."

"Nah, you're not old till you get boring," Jax informs Fred earnestly, "an' you ain't in /no/ danger of /that/."

"Why thank you small fry." Fred reaches out to ruffle hair again, just like he would for Ginny, except it pisses her off more lately. "Well I better run off to the dorms, it's no good to get detention lately, Angie will threaten to kill me."

Jax doesn't seem to mind the hair-ruffling at all, just smiling wider at it. "Angie won't /really/ kill you! I mean, she might, but she'd regret it later from missing you." He grins teasingly at the older boy and then waves good-bye. "Thanks so much, this was /awesome/!"

Fred nods to Jax and winks at him, "I think I prefer the alive me, no matter how much anyone would regret it." He nods his head and waves to the Hufflepuff, "Yeah enjoy mate. Next year we figure out how to get you inot the rest of town without getting in big trouble."

Jax pretends to deliberate for a while before deciding, "I think I prefer the alive you, too! So we'd better get on back." His smile is bright and his steps bouncing as he turns to head back to his dorms, his bag of candy clutched happily to his chest.

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