1995-10-16A: How Different In The Morning's Light


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Scene Title How Different in the Morning's Light
Synopsis Janet tattles and Jack floo-calls Spinner's End looking for 'Rosie'. He jumps to all the wrong conclusions and ends up roped into a day of shopping and moving. He doesn't seem to mind all that much.
Location Spinner's End
Date October 16, 1995
Watch For Jack's heart-attack

Icarus John Noble is excited. He gets to see his baby sister again.

He had been at Torchwood Manor just finishing breakfast with his parents when the thought sruck him. "Janet, have you seen Rosie, yet?" The house elf bobbed her head, answering swiftly and precisely, and Jack demanded to know where she'd seen her baby sister, and why she wasn't here Janet, being a literal creature — one used to specific questions and specific answers, gave him a direct answer. "Spinner's end, Master Icarus." He frowned, the name ringing a bell in his head.

So, here he is, having called out the name into the floo system, sticking his head through, and peering in to see if he can spot his Rosie. "Ro—osie", he bellows, gazing around the dingy room. "Janet said she saw you here. Are you here, then?" He doesn't step through in case his intelligence is wrong. Which, he kind of hopes is the case from appearances.

Just because she set a Silencing charm around the couch doesn't mean Siobhan is cut off from the outside world. Thankful indeed that she did - given the restless sleep and haunting dreams she ended up with - Sio is contorted on the couch in a position that couldn't possibly be at all comfortable (except that it is). The sound of an all-too-familiar voice bellowing out the name that only one person ever calls her wakes her up with enough of a start to roll completely off the couch. Grumbling a string of inventive curses and rubbing the elbow she's smacked against the table on the way down, Siobhan half-stumbles to sit in front of the fireplace, sleep-mussed and tugging her borrowed robe/blanket over the shoulder it slipped off of in her tumble. "Jack?" she questions, rubbing her eyes and blinking at the face in the fire. "What're you doin' here? Did Sev'rus tell you?" No, baby Noble is not awake yet. At All.

Jack stares agape. He pulls his head out of the fireplace, disappearing for a moment before the floo fires up again and he steps through. "Rosie?" He draws a possible conclusion based on how things appear. His baby sister is only dressed in her skivvies, wrapped up in a very familiar robe. She's been asleep, it's clear. On top of that, she uses his first name. Well then…

He's not a hypocrite, at least not most of the time, so he steps forward to help her stand or move wherever she wants to go, or that's his intent. However, what ends up happening is that he pulls her against him, if she'll go, holding her tight for a long moment before holding her in front of him to gaze at her closely. "You're okay? Not dead? Real?" He releases her completely, pinching his arm hard to make sure. His happiness at seeing her tempers his next comment. "I never would have figured, but …" He gestures around. "Whatever makes you happy, Rosie." He can't help the look of slight nervousness that crosses his face, though. Big brother is protective.

It's not skivvies, really. Just sleep shorts and a tank top! That's … totally appropriate clothing … right? When her brother disappears and then all of the sudden is Right There, Siobhan tumbles backwards, blinking up at him for a moment before accepting the hand up. She accepts the embrace, though she can't suppress a wince at the sheer magnitude of sensation. The tight hug feels too tight right now and though the scent and heat of her brother is one of the oldest sources of comfort she can recall, it's all just too much right now. So when he steps back to hold her out in front of him, she breathes a sigh of relief and offers him a sheepish smile. " 'm real, Jack. Promise." With her bed-head hair and sleep-flushed face, accented by the tousled sleep-wear and the wrinkled too-big robe, she looks … yeah, when she's in her right mind later, she'll admit that it looks bad. Right now, however, she doesn't know at all what she looks like and so it's with a slowly dawning indignation that she takes in her older brother's words, gesture and expression. "Don't be an idiot, Jack!" And she reaches out to smack his upper arm in rebuke before turning and pushing her hair back out of her face to find tea. "Why is it always about sex with you?" she grumbles. It's there on a tray, two full mugs under a heating charm with a neatly-penned list laying between them. The latter she seems to have been expecting, but the former… "Dammit! I should have known she'd tattle."

"Ouch!" Jack winces from the blow, adding a little more drama to it than normal to attempt to cheer her up. "I asked her directly, Rosie." His Rs are trilled, and his brogue is showing. Oh, my. He snickers at her words, taking in their meaning. "So you're not…" He finishes that sentence with a waved hand to indicate something specific, and sighs in relief. "Oh, good. Not that there would be anything wrong if you were, it just would be really awkward…" Shutting up now. At least for a moment. "Well… If ya really want me to tell ya, Rosie-luv…" He waggles his eyebrows. "So, you're alright?" He continues to take in her appearance, looking for anything out of the ordinary or glaringly wrong.

The brogue isn't new, necessarily, but it's a rare enough thing to hear it away from home that Siobhan is 'tricked' into a smile as she tucks her hair behind her ear and reaches for both mugs, handing Jack the darker, stronger one. Hers is still mostly hot water at this point - not the way she ever used to take it. Rather than answering him and letting him off the hook right away, she simply turns to sit in her place on the couch and sips her tea, watching Jack with a very familiar expression - one brow raised above the other, just waiting for him to hang himself. It's not as fun as it was with Ron, but it's amusing all the same. "Awkward, huh?" The sleepy rumble hasn't quite left her voice, but the tone is dry all the same. Wicked Rosie turns the tables back on her brother, nettling because she can and also because the more she wakes, the more she remembers. "Because you disapprove or because you're jealous?" She holds the serious expression long enough to take a sip of her tea, only to relent and grin up at him with her tongue poking out between her teeth. One hand gets held up and she makes a face. "No, thanks, Jack. I've had enough of your love life to last me a while, thanks." There's a heaviness to that statement that wasn't there before, but she lets it slide between them without further comment. "Things feel weird." But being three-dimensional again would probably do that, so saying so shouldn't raise too much alarm. She hopes. "But it's getting easier." Another sip of her tea and her eyes are drawn to the list again, her brow furrowing in thought. "What have you got planned for today?" Non-sequitor! Yay!

Jack sips at his strong tea, letting it warm him up. "Hahaha, Rosie." He mock-growls at her, but his eyes shine with a happy light. "Well, he is kinda …" He hears her declamation, and cuts off his comment, forebearing to explain further. "Not a lot actually. My focus was on gettin' you back. I'd like to thank that little kid who wrote me. Blinkin' smart little thing." He grins. "How'd your NEWTs go?" He takes another long sip of his tea. Janet's always known just how he liked it, even when he wasn't too sure himself. Even in these surroundings, there is something to be said for tea with family.

"Kinda…" Siobhan can't resist, her grin playful and teasing. "Tall, Dark and Brooding wouldn't happen to be the words you're looking for, would they?" Yep, subtle jabs all over the place. "Good," she announces, taking a few good gulps of tea and then standing. "You can come to Diagon and Hogsmeade with me, then. I've got things I'll need to pick up, plus." She sets her mug down and nods at the list. "Some others I've promised to grab. Let me change and we'll go." And with that, she's padding into the other room, too-long robe trailing the floor behind her. "Janet!"

Ten minutes later, she steps back into the living area dressed in jeans, chucks and a long slinky black sweater that clings to curves in ways that probably should be illegal. "My NEWTs? Yeah, they went alright. Scores're just there." She points to the crinkled up piece of parchment on the arm of Snape's chair and turns to grab the list of requested items left for her. Leaning around Jack, she grabs her mug to finish off the last of her cooling tea and then steps up to stand right in front of the portrait sitting over the fireplace. "Eileen?" Her smile softens and there's genuine affection in her voice for this vibrant woman who's come to mean so much. "I dunno when I'll get the chance to see you again, but thanks for everything." Her free hand lifts up to brush fingertips against the canvas almost wistfully before she remembers herself and drops the hand with a clearing of her throat. "Let Severus know that I've got the list and that I'll meet him at the school, please?" She turns and grabs Q from where the seraph had stolen Snape's seat, draping the young reptile over her shoulders. "Oh, and Janet's left one last bottle of the blue stuff in case he needs it when he gets back." No need between the two of them to clarify just who 'he' is. "He can make some of his own at the school later." Since hopefully him being there will mean it will be a while before the potion is needed again. Giving the room one final sweep with her eyes, she turns finally to her brother. "Ready, Jack?"

"Oh?" Jack reaches over to grab the paper, happy to examine the letters on the page. "Good on ya, Rosie! This is great!" He grins, and reaches over to pat her on the back softly. He groans at her memory of his words. "Yeah, that's the one." She mentions someone, and he frowns. "Eileen?" Jack glances around "Whossat?" He watches where her eyes track, and grins. "Ahhh. A painting. That where you came from, then?" He snorts. "You're an evil one, by the way. Trickin' me when I was drunk like that." He's joking. He shakes his head. "Glad you did, though. Glad you're out of that damn …" He reaches up to wipe his eyes. "I'm ready, Luv. Diagon, then?"

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