1994-12-13: House Party


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Scene Title House Party
Synopsis Remus checks in and then checks out. Lucky sod.
Location Grimmauld Place
Date Dec 13, 1994
Watch For Nada
Logger Bad Dog

The anti-sitcom known as house party at Grimmauld Place is continuing and without a lot of good fun. Having to stay under the radar and within the walls here is enough to drive the sanest crazy. Sirius is doing his best to try and make the place livable, even with Kreacher's continued interference. Thus far two bedrooms have been thoroughly cleaned for Jack and Holly, the kitchen has been tackled and is suitable for using again. At the moment, that's where Sirius is, down in the kitchen and glowering fiercely at Kreacher who has again, tracked ash from the giant fireplace across the floor.

"Master is right to punish Kreacher. Kreacher is only doing as his mistress commands. Master is an ungrateful blood traitor to ask Kreacher to not do as his mistress asks…"

"Hush! Stop dirtying things after we've cleaned it. Mop this mess up, I'm done letting you track filth after us."

"With a low bow, Kreacher mutters, "Kreacher will do as Master says.. even if there is no difference between the filth."

For the second time in as many days, Remus Lupin makes a visit to Grimmauld Place. This time, however, he intends to get a visit in with Sirius. What are friends for, after all, if not to visit you when you're in hiding? Or so it would seem that's how Sirius and Remus' relationship has ended up. Lupin lets himself into the house and makes his way to find his friend, who he assumes is up with Buckbeak. But it's when he hears Sirius' voice coming from the kitchen that he makes a detour. Peeking his head in, he raises an eyebrow. Kreacher too. That never bodes well when Sirius is around.

"If you're referring to the blood status of my guests, stop it." Sirius says with a glare that is returned equally by the elf. "Be quiet and clean up this kitchen. Clean as if mother were having a dinner party." Which means gleaming. Get to it and no shortcuts. Needless to say, Kreacher is working in his head how to circumvent the orders as he shuffles to it. Exhaling and dragging a hand through his now short hair, Sirius looks away from Kreacher and towards the door. His expression immediately brightens. "Long time no see my friend," Sirius says as he crosses the room to greet Remus with a hug. "Being kept busy at work are you?"

Lupin snorts softly as he gives his friend a hug. "You know me…always engulfed in work somehow. Never get a free moment." He smiles. "Been thinking of trying to find ways to plant evidence that you're in Ireland or some such. It's not easy with the pink toad everywhere." He says with a small shrug, watching his friend closely. "How are you?" He can't imagine it's easy for Sirius to be back in this house.

"At least it's a paying job. In the lion's den, albeit a job." Sirius claps a hand to Remus's back before offering up a seat at the lengthy table. "I think we've got some butterbeer stashed somewhere in here. It's been an adventure going through the pantry and cupboard." He settles into a chair, after turning it around that is, leaning his front against the chair's back. "I'm sure Shacklebolt's doing a fine job misleading the search. Jack and I had a conversation a few blocks away with Alistaire Phoenix and Christian Faulkner. They're just as displeased with the Ministry as we are. So I think we've got two more we can count as allies." He shrugs and folds his arms across the chair's back, "I'm holding up well enough. So is Miss Maplewood. At least we know here that we won't be ambushed. Anyone /tries/, I'll set Kreacher on them."

Lupin shakes his head. "I can't deny that. And the man I work for is a good person. A vampire, grant it, but good none the less. Never thought I'd exactly be working in the Vampire Liaison office. I always thought I'd end up working with the werewolves." He says softly. He takes a seat and shakes his head. "Oh, I'm fine. Don't need anything to drink. Thanks though. Anyway, the way your mother went about, I wouldn't be surprised if she'd poisoned it just in case." He says with a sly grin. "Christian Faulkner, you say? I met him not too long ago at the Ministry. We practised duelling together. He's pretty good. He could give you or I a run for our money any day, I'm sure."

"Vampire, werewolf, what does /that/ status matter? If we abided by such prejudices, we would miss friendships with some of the greatest people." Sirius says as he gets comfortable on his chair. Every now and then Kreacher glares at the two with loathing from where he's cleaning. "Excellent.. He was one of the assigned guards at the not-so-safe house. Likable bloke, and was quite professional and courteous towards me."

Lupin smiles ever so slightly. "Well, if you had abided by such prejudices, you and I would certainly never have been friends." Which is probably what he was getting at. "And you would never have been able to turn into a dog like you can today." That last was said thoughtfully. "Well, at least he was professional and courteous. He seemed likeable enough when I spoke to him. Seemed to know who I was right away in relation to you. Didn't even need me to say anything other than my name. I hope we can trust him, though."

"Precisely, and lucky for you, I think my family's mindset is utter shite." At this statement from Sirius, Kreacher lets out a heartbroken sob. Ignoring this, Sirius continues, "And a right shame that would have been. It's a bit handy, turning into a dog." Kreacher sobs again and is thusly ignored by the wizard. "I hope so too. He's quite on the fence morality-wise, which isn't exactly a bad thing considering he's not pleased with the direction the Ministry is going."

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "Lucky for me, lucky for you, lucky for us Marauders, really, wouldn't you say? When we were off in school, and afterwards, we knew we could trust each other, despite it all." Or they thought they were all trustworthy, anyway. "It really is quite the skill to have. Here and I still have to wait until that one day a month before I get to transform. I'm jealous!" He says in jest. "Being morally on the fence isn't exactly a bad thing, no. But it's not exactly a good thing either, if he begins to think that what we're doing is wrong. If that happens, he could go back to the Ministry and give us away."

Sirius grins, looking a bit boyish for a moment there as he chuckles. "I think we would be in a world of trouble were you able to transform at will. Bad enough I can do it anytime I wish." Across the room, Kreacher mutters something about mudbloods, dirt and paw prints. A sharp look is thrown at the elf before Sirius is addressing Remus again, "I know. Which is why I'm not rushing to embrace his assistance. No offense to him, I'm sure he's a solid fellow, but we're in a dangerous situation here… Kreacher! You're just making a puddle! Clean /up/ the ash, and the dirty water as in getting it off the floor. I want it /clean/, don't pretend as if you don't understand what I'm telling you to do!" The elf's eyes bulge at the reprimand and he bonks himself a few times over the head with his broom handle.

Lupin laughs. "Can you imagine if that were the case? The whole of Britain would be on edge, I'm sure." He grins ever so slightly. "And you wouldn't have any stag to help you subdue me either." He snorts softly. "Boy, did you two do a number on me with your teeth and claws and his antlers." He shakes his head at that. "But hey, it helped." With an understanding nod in regard to Christian, he says, "Well, you can meet with him if you think it's safe. For now, if I see him again, I'm going to play that I've not seen you since you escaped the 'Safe House', just to be sure."

Sirius is fine with letting Kreacher reprimand himself in such a manner. Saves him from tossing the elf out the door or similar. "You had it coming mate. It was for the safety of everyone nearby," Sirius says with confidence. "We met once, he knows he can owl me if needed or get me a message by other means." While Remus said he wasn't thirsty, Sirius is. So out comes the wand and with a wave, a sealed and dusty bottle of butterbeer zooms into his hand. He inspects it briefly, even running a quick spell or two to make sure it's safe to drink before popping it open. "Excellent plan of action, that. Oh by the by, would you please say hello to Tonks. She kept asking after you."

Lupin chuckles. "Maybe so, maybe so. But did you two really have to be that hard? You could have been a bit lighter, I'm sure." He doesn't seem to care too much about it though, as he speaks lightly. "After those days, people still think the Shack is haunted though. It's quite amusing, actually. Some of the students don't even want to look at it for fear that they'll be caught by the ghost." He smiles softly. "Tonks? Oh, yes. I'll drop by and see here and tell her you said hello." He makes no mention of her asking of him, whether he just forgot or he's avoiding it is left to be seen.

"Mate, you haven't a clue as to your own strength when you've turned," Sirius says before taking a drink from the bottle. "It was a bit odd, her asking after you." He shrugs it off, "I'm sure she's just concerned seeing as we're all in this together really." Although he's not /that/ obtuse. "Any other new decrees passed about at the Ministry?" As much as he likes to reminisce, it does tend to make him depressed, and he'd quite like to try and look forward for the moment.

Lupin shrugs. "Well, maybe not." He concedes lightly. "She's a nice girl, Tonks. She doesn't seem to know, however, when to keep her opinion to herself, however. Or not as well as some, anyway. She's gotten herself in trouble with Umbridge once or twice. Or more for that matter." He says with a furrowed brow. "Well, besides the decrees passed about werewolves? Umbridge has legalized the use of the Cruciatus curse for certain circumstances."

Sirius barks out a laugh and smiles behind his bottle, "She's my cousin, isn't she? One of the few sharing blood with me who I embrace as an actual relative." Another drink and the bottle is set down, "I have cautioned her about trying to keep her temper and to not create further problems for herself. She's in a good position at the Ministry that can be used.. Hmm and I saw that one. Jack let me see the copy he had gotten from his father. Almost makes you wonder what the devil is next to come."

Lupin sighs and shakes his head. "I don't know what's going to happen with the ministry now. I fear for it though. It's going in a much quicker decline than it did the last time around." He sighs once more and stands up. "Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to get going. Need to get back to work, you know. Can't stay away for too long."

Sirius pushes up from his seat as Lupin stands up. "None of us know for the time being. Familiar feeling, not knowing what will happen next." He clasps Remus on the shoulder before seeing his friend off. "No, and just be careful to not be seen in this neighborhood. I'd like to keep this cover for a bit. The old spells do a grand job at hiding us, but all the same."

Lupin bows his head ever so slightly. "Of course, my friend. Do not worry." And with that, he makes his way to the entrance, sure not to disturb the old portrait of Sirius' wonderful mother.

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