1994-10-03: Hound Of Ill Omen


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Scene Title Hound of Ill Omen
Synopsis Aftermath of the Grim sighting!
Location Hogwarts - Entrance Hall
Date Oct 03, 1994
Watch For Peeves!
Logger Perpetua

Hogwarts, early morning. The house-elves are labouring below stairs, beginning their process of cooking breakfast for the masses of hungry students who will be awakening before long. But in the main school, all should be silent still. Certainly, the tranquility of the castle should not be disturbed by Draco Malfoy running in through the back gate, his face contorted and his feet hastened by sheer terror, screaming in wordless fear at the top of his voice. But that is exactly what happens.

Yawning sleepily, Perpetua is already in her uniform, more or less ready for the first class of the day. Rubbing at her face with one hand, the other is patting the rat she's carrying in her pocket. The black face and burgundy eyes peering out of the pocket as he's along for the ride to the Great Hall. Spot of breakfast, then to gather materials for the first class. Only, an early bit of breakfast seems to be put on hold as the fourth year comes running and screaming into the entrance hall.. "Great Hagrid's beard! What in the…" She's half expecting to see Peeves pursuing the blonde Slytherin.

Ella arrives from the dungeon, hearing the screaming all the way in the commons. Still in her night wear she looks over to Malfoy before running over to him, looking half-mad half-worried. "What is it?!" She blares out, hoping to be heard over his screaming. "Everyone is trying to sleep…"

Coming out of the hall, Mei looks a bit bedraggled. Her hair is down around her face and she's dressed in her uniform, though the tie is missing and the shirt is untucked. Cursing in annoyed Chinese, the girl looks around for the source of the trouble. Spotting Malfoy she just groans.

Draco is evidently in the grip of stark fear, quite a departure for the usually self-controlled Slytherin boy. He's making tracks for the dungeon where the Slytherin bedrooms are, with the sole idea of jumping back into bed and pulling the blankets over his head. Sadly for him, and sadly for Ella too, the first-year pops up from the same dungeon, right in his path. A less dextrous person might well have charged into her; Malfoy, reflexes honed by Quidditch, manages to swerve and avoid her, but in doing so slips, tumbles, and rolls over a couple of time. "It's after me! It's after me! I'm going to die!" he burbles.

Perpetua just stares down at the fourth year as if he's lost it. She's no Prefect, but seeing as she's the oldest of the bunch for now, she tries to inject a little authority. "What's going on? What's after you?" She looks at the younger faces, then back to the direction Draco just came running from. Still nothing.. "But nothing's chasing you. You aren't going to die, Silly." Brows furrowing a little she looks back at Draco. Then, she briefly wonders if someone should go get a professor.

Ella looks up after yawning softly just in time to see Malfoy heading right for her. Slipping to the side quickly, and aided by him also dodging not-so-gracefully she is not tackled by him, but she does slam against the side of the entrance, a small smack heard as clothed flesh hits stone. "Ow watch yourself sir…" is all she could get out before rubbing her arm gently.

When she realizes who it is, Mei sighs and walks over to Draco. "Calm down sport…just calm down…" she says trying to console the boy. Not seeming to care that one, he's lying on the floor, and two, that…well he's crazy acting.

Ambling down the steps, Siobhan bears witness to the tail end of this strange event from above. How handy that the rear courtyard comes into the grand staircase. Spying the group of younger students, she stifles a snort at Draco's hysterics and then increases her pace down the stairs. "What's all this, then?" she inquires as sternly as she can muster. "Are you all insane? It's not even breakfast, yet!" Being the oldest of the group, she immediately takes on the position of authority - whether it's warranted or not.

Draco sits upright, blinking. He stares all around him, and counts one, two, three, four students… but no huge, snarling black dogs. He gasps for breath a few times. "A… A Grim. I saw a Grim. Out behind the school. I /did/!" And then he realises that one of the students surrounding him is Siobhan. He points at her, shakily. "You saw it. You saw it too. Tell me you saw it too."

Perpetua is fine to defer authority to someone else. It's one of the many reasons she's in Hufflepuff house afterall. She just wants to do her part, maybe help others in the process, but no taking charge. She looks over at Siobhan and explains, "He just came running in, screaming, saying he's going to die and something's after him." Although, her words are moot as Draco speaks again. Frowning some and about to say something to Draco, she's distracted by the black rat in her pocket scrabbling frantically up, out and leaps to the floor, taking off down the hall. "Mr. Skitters! Bad rat! Get back here!"

Blinking, Mei sits cross legged on the floor, looking at the boy. "You're losing your mind love…" she mutters. "There isn't no…Grim around here. Come on, sure you didn't just see a big dog?"

Ella looks utterly confused, not knowing what this 'Grim' is in any sense of the word. Looking up to see who Malfoy was pointing at, she softly waved at Siobhan as she yelled at her and the rest of the students here for being up so early. "S'not my fault, he woke me up with all of his screaming about this grim thing. What is a grim even?"

Above, bouncing against the ceiling, Peeves appears. Blowing audible raspberries, he floats lower, looking all too interested in the goings on. "What's this? Chaos without Peevsies? Who's seen a Grimsie!?" He's none too quiet about voicing this gleeful pronouncement either and will likely be singing about it for all to hear once more students are awake. He cackles merrily, then lobs a few balloons filled with slime as opposed to water at the people below before he's pursuing Perpetua, "Off they run, whee!"

Spying Mei among the faces, Siobhan nods to her and then to Ella, referring the question to the younger girl as she drops to sit next to Draco. Have to deal with the crazies before we can answer silly questions, after all. "Hush now, hush. I did—Circe's knickers!" A balloon of slime comes crashing down nearby and Siobhan rolls to try and avoid being hit. Alas, however, she ends up drenched with a glop of - thankfully - lavender scented lime green goo. "Oh /lovely/," she grumbles before flopping down next to Draco with a 'squelch'. "You sure you weren't sleepwalking, mate? After all, you /did/ mutter something about a non-magical Snitch that you'd hit with a long metal thing…"

Draco scrambles to his feet and dodges onto the bottom flight of the stairs, trying to get out of range of Peeves' missiles. "I tell you I saw it," he growls. "And it couldn't have been just a dog. It came out of nowhere. First it wasn't there… then… it was." He swallows, hard. "And it growled at me." He doesn't seem inclined to expend time in telling Ella just what a Grim is or why the sight of one is so terrifying to him.

Perpetua lets out a SHRIEK somewhere down the hall as she's pelted with a balloon from Peeves. Shortly after she comes stalking back, worry plucking at her features. Her rat just /disappeared/ somewhere down the hall. Being in her sixth year, she's sure he'll turn back up. Pets can and do take off and hide in this place. Heck, students do too! The goo she got hit with isn't as pleasant as Siobhan's. Hmph. With resignation, she cleans herself up with a quick little spell from her wand. "Is he still on about a grim?" she asks pleasantly as she returns to the gathering group.

Mei doesn't move, reaching up to CATCH the balloon that's thrown at her and gently place it on the ground. Looking down at Draco she nods solemly. "Yes. I think he's had something of a fright. Might want to go grab the nurse. Addled his brains it seems.
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Ella is pelted with a balloon filled with a rather unpleasent smell that slaps her right on the face, coating it. She wipes off her eyes and mouth and growls, wondering if there was a way of knocking the ghost around for a round or two. After realizing she wasn't going to get her answer, and hearing about the grim dog thing, she sits down, wiping her sleeve on her face trying to get more of the goop off.

"It…/growled/ at you?" Siobhan repeats this slowly then nods once decisively to herself. "That's it, come on." Standing and spelling away the goop - but not the smell - Sio reaches out her hand to Draco. "Think you can walk, mate?" She turns towards Mei. "You want to run up and tell Madame Pomfrey I'll be bringing her up a patient?"

Mei nods solemly, picking up the slime balloon she'd set beside herslef and pulling out her wand. Pointing at Ella she mutters a scourgify spell to clean the girl and then offers the balloon to her. "You might have to stun him, to keep Master Malfoy from struggling."

"Of course I can walk!" Draco, now out of immediate peril, is finding his terror morphing into irascibility. "And what do you think old Pomfrey can do for me? I'm not /ill/. I just saw the hound of ill omen! She can't wave her wand and fix /that/!"

Pomfrey! Right! That's an excellent idea! Perpetua blinks and 'ohs' softly, as if it didn't dawn on her. She can be a bit flakey that way. The thought about Pomfrey didn't come to her, since Draco's not hurt! She looks down at Ella and says kindly, "Here, let me get that for you. Tergeo! Peeves is something to get used to." She natters a bit as she siphons up the goo. Even if she didn't wait for Ella's okay. "Oh right! Pomfrey! Sorry! Need me to go with her, or do you need my help with him?" Perpetua says as she looks between Mei and Siobhan.

Ella stands up, glad to be cleaner and smell better, at the very least look better then covered in the muck. Backing up slightly as Malfoy gains back his old charm, so as not to be hit by his ego re-deploying she lets off a tiny huff of annoyance. She then softly curtsey's and thanks the two for getting the nasty goo off of her, accepts the balloon as it is handed to her, and looks up at the pestly poltergeist.

Giggling softly Mei looks to Perpetua. "you're more dressed…" the girl notes, looking down at her own self a second. "You go please?"

"No, but she could most certainly fix you up a Calming Draught, Draco." Not to mention the mediwitch could determine his relative sanity. It's not usually the very sane who see the large, black Dog of Death. Siobhan's hand is still extended, her voice still pleasant. "Come on, mate. If you won't go see Pomfrey, at least let's get you back to the dungeons." And out of broad daylight, she doesn't add aloud.

"I am perfectly sane," Draco says coldly. But all the same, he begins to trudge up the stairs, his face looking very troubled indeed. His feet lead him towards Nurse Pomfrey's sick-bay.

"Whups," Perpetua says with a bit of an embarrassed grin towards Ella and Mei. Double cleaning action! Nodding to Mei, she takes off up the stairs to alert the witch, patient coming. Unfortunately in her enthusiasm, she might be a bit loud in announcing it.

Mei watches him go and then sighs. Looking at Sio, Mei makes the universal sign for crazy by swirling a finger near her ear. Sighing, the girl stretches. "Why does he have to pick the one day I have no morning classes and can sleep in to go nuts?"

Ella watches as Malfoy walks up the stairs, ranting about how he is sane, but seeing a giant dog growling at him, at least in her mind, seemed like an insane thing to see. She then grumbles and looks over to Mei. "It could be worst, you could have just gotten to sleep like me and be woken up like him."

And Siobhan will accompany him, both to make sure he gets there and to ward off those peskily curious classmates of theirs. Prankster and trickster she may be, but Sio's still a Slytherin and she's not…/cruel/. Well, unnecessarily so at any rate. Mei's handsign earns her a glance that looks pained. No one would guess that pain comes from biting her tongue to stop a snicker, now would they?

Takes place after Grim Amusement

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