Portrayed By Jamie Bamber
House Hufflepuff
Year Graduated
Position Solicitor, Member of the Wizengamot
Sex Male
Race Muggleborn
Age 35
Place of Birth Hammersmith, London, UK
Date of Birth April 3rd, 1959

Character History:

Horatio Monkshood was the only wizard born to Tony (Anthony) and Elizabeth Monkshood. Surely they had nothing in which to base this off of. His father was a barrister and his mother stayed at home with him and his younger sister of two years. So when odd things would occur around the house-it was blamed on the house being old. However right as the boy hit eleven Professor Flitwick came with the letter to invite and explain.

Horatio's parents took it as well as they could. Screaming-before the quiet acceptance that there son would not be their version of normal. Ratio (as he would be later called by friends) was sorted into Hufflepuff- and from there excelled in his History, Charms and DADA classes, while doing alright enough in his potions and Arithmacy. He went through school easily enough and graduated

During this time he had off and on relationships, but nothing stuck. With him being single-he was a perfect candidate for the Auror department. Soon enough the young man went through the ringer, and back again coming out in the middle of his class, but never the less competent. And his skill would be put to the test for a soon as he was in the first war began. Having never been prepared for an all out war-the younger Aurors performed well with older and experienced Aurors such as Scrimgeour and Moody. Horatio is recorded having been in several battles and for having two kills under his count- as he strived more to capture than to kill. Given his blood status as was known-Monkshood was a rather large target in those days. All the same he managed to get out of it fairly unscathed.

After the end of it-he remained in the Auror department and took law classes at night. He was almost sacked during the administration under Umberidge. As it was-when Scrimgeour took over in means of progressive moves, Horatio was made a Solicitor and transferred to the Wizengamot. It was seen as a progressive mood as it would insure there would be one to prosecute the cases with a hard hand. As such he remains one of the younger members of the Wizengamot and often a figure of doubt with some of the elders.




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