1994-09-02: Hoppin Red


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Scene Title Hoppin Red
Synopsis Zarina accidentally releases a chocolate frog in the Great Hall, finding herself in an awkward situation.
Date September 2, 1994
Logger Zarina

Rated PG-13, for a brief suggestive situation

Hogwarts, Great Hall

Full of aureate light and gilded gleam, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is both strange and splendid. Thousands and thousands of white taper candles float in midair, their inextinguishable flames casting dancing light down over four long tables, laid with glittering golden plates and goblets. Were one to stand at the door looking in, members of Slytherin house would be seated at the far left, followed by Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and then Ravenclaw along the right wall. At the top of the hall is another long table for the teachers, perpendicular to the House tables. Set along the wall beside the head table, an unobtrusive doorway leads to a much smaller room. The appearance of the ceiling above varies with the weather and time of day, as it has been bewitched to look like the sky outside. Most would agree that the effect is startlingly realistic, making the Great Hall seem to simple open on to the heavens.

The gentle clicking of black mary jane heels barely echoes in the Great Hall, her dark robes brushing across the polished stone floor as Zarina navigates around the tables. In her slender hands is an open copy of Hogwarts: A History, her bright sapphire eyes reading over a page curiously as her feet automatically lead her to the Slytherin table. After so many years, she instinctively lowers herself on the bench seating of the table to the farthest left, though she sits on the bench on the inside, next to the Hufflepuff table. Balancing the book in one hand, she lowers herself onto the bench, habitually crossing her lean legs, the hem of her skirt resting just above her knees as the cloak gathers on the bench around her. Frowning slightly, she turns, placing the book on the table as she absently reaches up to brush a long lock of snow white hair behind her ear.

Braeden passes amongst the various people in the hall, dodging between the occasional first year that may have still been getting over the initial shock of their first day of Hogwarts. In his hand he carries a piece of parchment spread open as he glances down across it though soon enough his attention lies elsewhere upon the Gryffindor table. "Hm. Not as many people as I remember once having in the House." He mumbles to himself before shrugging and taking his usual seat along one of the long benches that line it. The scroll is set down afterward in lieu of a plate and a stack of pancakes that he snatches from the center.

Zarina remains thoughtful as she reads through her book, occasionally frowning at a reference or fact, though her bright sapphire eyes continue to glance over the page before turning it between her slender fingers. The quiet moments pass, in the great hall, few students still eating from lunch as they chat with each other at their tables, including some very excided first year students. With an exhale of a breath, she makes a face, confused as it would seem before she shakes her snow white head. Reaching down into her robes, she pulls something out of a pocket. The pentagon-shaped package of a Chocolate Frog. As she opens it up, the frog jumps from the package, its legs extended as it tries to flee. For the most part. Zarina only blinks at it with some surprise as it manages to land on the table. Standing up over the book, she cups her hands together, quick to cover the frog between the table and her fingers.

Braeden glances up for a moment from the parchment to take a look at the Slytherin table quietly only to catch a flicker of motion from the corner of his eye when the chocolate frog makes its grand escape. A slow chuckle could be heard from him after that though it would be muted under the chatter of the other students. It seemed that even though it was lunch, he was eating breakfast food. Who knew, maybe he missed out on the morning meal for some reason or another. A bite is taken of it that he soon savors before choosing to go back to the parchment in front of him with the light scratch of the quill and a few comments into conversation with the other students around him.

Forgetting her book for the moment, Zarina narrows her bright blue eyes at her cupped hands over the frog, leaning forward slightly as she tries to slide it into her hands, moving her pinkies along the smooth wooden tabletop as she tries to cup it in her hands. The chocolate frog jumps again, causing a few first year Slytherins and Hufflepuffs to scream in surprise as it hops its way quickly to the floor. Frowning, Zarina grumbles to herself, "Great, now its been on the floor…" The frog makes it escape underfoot, hopping under the tables as more students scream, erupting into giggles. The Slytherin girl stands up and tries to follow it the best she can, maneuvering around people as she tries to locate it again.

The sound of surprised screams and giggles brings Braeden's attention back to the fray, unknowing exactly what had happened. His gaze sweeps over the other common tables afterward and across the Hufflepuff table only to redirect a suspicious glance towards the Slytherin with the sound of their students reacting the same. "What in the world is going on?" He raises up in his seat just a bit after saying this, his palms brushing against the surface of the table as he looks towards the woman chasing after her chocolate frog. A hand drifts up to his mouth afterwards, almost as if trying to stifle the laugh that was beginning to build up if only for common courtesy.

Zarina grumbles as other people start standing up, laughing and cheering at the small amount of chaos the chocolate frog is creating, also creating more obstacles as she tries to move between students. The frog hops across the floor, between feet as it darts under the Ravenclaw table this time, only earning more screams and giggles. Huffing, Zarina pushes someone aside as she darts under the table after it, her slender fingers grasping at air as it ribbits and hops across the stone floor.

Braeden's hand clenches over his mouth as that happens, obvious mirth showing in his eyes. He just shakes his head after that as he leans over the table to slip his fingers along the parchment he'd been working on before rolling it up to bind it with a strip of cord. "Hmm, I think I’ll snatch a few things to smuggle up to the common room." The words are murmured before glancing about at the other students who were watching the spectacle unfold. A faint grin rests on his lips to that though he doesn't manage to spot the woman or the elusive frog that had escaped her grasp.

Students squeal and giggle, moving to try to find the chocolate frog escapee under their feet as they move against their tables. The frog hops quickly, scurrying under the Gryffindor table only to create more screams and giggles from some first year students. Grumbling, Zarina hurries under the table, grabbing for the said frog as it hops from anyone that tries to capture it. Pushing back her robes, she pushes up her sleeves slightly, determined as she dives for the frog again, catching the chocolate frog finally as it wiggles between her fingers. Grumbling again, she's careful to keep her fingers wrapped around it as she places her fingers on the bench next to her head, moving to crawl up from under the table. Though as she does, she bumps into someone's lap, wincing slightly as she leans back.

The jolt of something suddenly smacking into his lap sends Braeden stumbling back for a moment with the bump of the back of his legs into the bench. The motion would leave him falling back into his seated position again by the buckle of his legs, sending his slip of parchment to fall onto the table itself with a grunt. "Whoa, what's going.." The words cut off as he looks down to see the person who'd been chasing after the chocolate frog only moments before with wide eyes. "Manage to catch it?" The words are spoken with amusement though the young man seems embarrassed at the fact of his stumbling and otherwise from the matter at hand.

The top of her head hits the underside of the Gryffindor table, her fingers clenching tighter around the chocolate frog in her hand as she makes a face, her other hand reaching up and rubbing at the light bump on her head. Making a face, she pulls her hand from her long white hair, resting it on the bench and unknowingly between Braeden's legs as she looks up, trying to figure out what had happened and who she had bumped into. She blinks in some surprise at his eyes for a long moment. She glances down at his lap, blinking again as she pulls her hand away, "I…" she blinks her sapphire eyes again. "Yeah, I did."

Braeden erms and looks across the table at the other Gryffindor with a faint paler to his normally happy features, the flush evident there as he tries to retain his composure. That gaze drifts back down again to her for a moment followed by a "Good good" before standing up from his seat and moving over the bench to get away from her. The parchment he'd been reading only moments before would be forgotten in lieu of his possible getaway with a sudden turn to dodge away from the table itself followed by the snicker of a few of the other students that had been at the table to see the spectacle.

Cullen is taking a trip down though the Great Hall, the boy shuffling along in slow motions, heading slowly on his way somewhere. The boy carries one large book under a shoulder, holds what appears to be one long pencil tucked between his mouth. He has to stop along the way, making small detour toward Hufflepuff tables and taking a momentary seat there to plop his textbook down.

Zarina watches a moment longer before shifting her weight, bracing her feet underneath her as she maneuvers from the underneath the Gryffindor table, chocolate frog in hand. The curve of her body rises, curving around the edge of the table as her legs brush against the bench table. The few fourth and fifth year Gryffindors smirks, snickering as a few give her a mocking wave. She flushes lightly, rolling her sapphire eyes as she lifts her legs enough to step over the bench as her snow white hair drifts over her shoulders. Glancing to the doors, her bright blue eyes glance back to the pieces of parchments, sighing as she reaches over and gathers the boy's things together in her arm. Holding it to her as she ignores the snickering Gryffindors to walk back down at the Slytherin table once more.

Cullen isn't settled for long, just enough to flip thought several pages, mark them by ticking the top corner of his page down. The pencil doesn't last long, the thing spit out and onto the table, caught before it begins to roll too far. Attention is caught by the small noises from other tables, head rising to glance at the girl that gets so much attention, quizzical lift of brows made before he takes up his text again.

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