1995 03-02: Hope and Chocolate


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Scene Title Hope and Chocolate
Synopsis Moody meets with Dumbledore over hot chocolate. The two discuss Pettigrew-suspicions, and other things.
Location The Headmaster's Office
Date March 02 1995
Watch For Sadness, Chocolate, Moody Awkwardness
Logger Mad Eye

Outside the sounds of locks and movement is heard before the door leaning into the vast office is finally opened. Apparently someone was snarking for a small bit outside with the door's guardian as it were, but that comes as usual for the man who lurches in with the tell tale clack of a walking stick and the heavy stump of his false leg. Blue eye swerves about for a moment-before he is clearing his throat slightly.

"Albus." comes that hoarse, an thick clattering of words. It was a long night for Alastor Moody-and for once he is not reaching for the sauce to make it easier on his own throat. "Sorry if I am interrupting your day-but" a lick of lips "I have new information-and " Well it is getting close to that time of the year of Moody-an annivesary of ill tidings.

The headmaster of Hogwarts is found behind his desk, peering into the Pensieve, his wand poking about at the glowing silvery threads within, stirring them like a demented potionsmaster. At the first sound of the ex-Auror's arrival, he looks up, his blue eyes look up, and he straightens in his chair. "News is always helpful, my friend, please have a seat," he invites, waving a hand toward one of the chairs in front of his desk. "What have you heard?"

A look back over his shoulder that is not needed before he is stumping his way to one of chairs in the room. One gnarled hand coming out to draw it back before he is sitting back down there with a grunt. The stick is sent to lean to the side-before finally Moody is sliding his hand in for his favoured flask-but he is taking the time in removing the cap. Slow twists as both eyes, Brown-and Blue come to light upon his old friend.

"Depends on th' source." Moody says with a rueful twist of his lips. Ahh a grin. At least that is what he would classify it as. A swig taken before he is rubbing his mouth with the back of his sleeve. "Found out-through a student and through Professor Moldavia-that Pettigrew was indeed here as another student's pet rat…"

Dumbledore doesn't bother offering Moody a drink, he knows better, although he prefers to be polite whenever possible. "It sounds like we'll need to have the faculty be extra-careful regarding any new rats that come into the school. Naturally, we'll need to come up with a reason for any students who inquire as to why rats are now on the banned pet list, although we can grandfather anyone who already has one." The mention of Peter being in the school again causes him to frown a bit. "And a series of posters featuring Pettigrew's markings and missing finger, in case anyone sees a rat wandering about."
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Moody would accept. After all there are only a few people left in this world that Alastor Moody really trusts. And one of them chiefly remains his old friend Albus Dumbledore. "Aye, I agree- I was wondering if there weren't some sort of detecting charm that we could place that would identify if an animal was an animagus or not-I don't think so-given how the Ministry has been unable to apprehend Sirius, during the time he was thought to be a convict.."

A rub of that poor damaged nose of his before he is looking back to Dumbledore "We do know where he got into Miss Torrington's luggage-though. Which means it narrows where we should look." Apparently Moody wants to find Pettigrew as much as Black and Lupin do. Perhaps it is because it was the death of a student on his watch that has him incensed. Hard to say.

"I'm unaware of any such charm or spell," Dumbledore replies with a nod of his ancient head. "And even if it existed, I'd worry about its misuse, as with any privacy-invading spell." He pours himself a mug of hot chocolate from the magical thermos sitting on his desk and then shrugs before pouring a mug for Moody anyway and slides the cup over the oak. The reminder of Perpetua makes the old man seem to wither slightly, his blue eyes getting a bit misty. He sits silently in his chair, stirring the hot chocolate absently as he reminisces about the lost girl. Finally, he shakes himself out of that reverie and queries, "Where was that, Alastor?"

"Privacy isn't so much private these days Albus." Moody, reminds, as if someone slipping into their midsts was not enough. But both older men do fall silent with the reminder of the lost girl. Moody awkwardly fidgets in his chair-deciding on another drink for himself, while Dumbledore sees to his hot chocolate-A look to the mug, and the flask is capped and returned to his robes. Opting for the mug with a nod. A sip and quiet wait in silence before he continues "Diagon Alley-so he could be hiding out with friends there-or in Knockturn.."

"Knockturn is more obviously likely," Dumbledore replies as he finally takes a sip from that still-steaming mug, unable to help his pleased reaction with the flavor of his favorite beverage. "The house elves continue to improve on their recipe," he remarks absently and fondly for Dobby and his compatriots. "As for Peter… perhaps an official arrest warrant is finally merited. If anything, it will curtail his free reign throughout the wizarding world and make it harder for him to hide. It would also help Sirius' public reputation to some extent, because people will naturally want the true culprit found… and those who won't believe that Sirius is innocent will wonder why we're not hunting for the true traitor if we believe he's innocent."

"I can see whom to get a hold of through my old contacts at the ministry-though these days My name's like a bloody bit of brimstone to the tongue." Which means to say even with Scrimgeour in, Moody is still on the out. All the same Moody wouldn't have it any other way as he does enjoy his post here-though it will never be admitted. "See if we can't press something along..Oh Speaking of Sirius-" words come easily now-as another sip of hot chocolate is taken. "He's suspicious of Snape fallin' back into his old ways." A silence that should convey that Moody doesn't necessarily disagree with Black.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkle briefly when Moody mentions his contacts at the Ministry. He knows the rumors and the way things smell in government. "Everyone is suspicious of Severus," he observes with a nod, the twinkle fading. "Sirius moreso than nearly everyone. But he's in error," the old wizard says firmly. "I trust Severus with my life as much as I trust you with it." Which is considerably so, in fact.

Moody nods. "Its that trust that keeps me from snooping on him-"though Moody knows for a fact if Snape wanted to escape him he could, though it would not be easy. However the reassurance from Dumbledore seem to ease the Auror's mind for a moment as he takes time to drink more from his steaming mug. "That is all I do know-though concerning the students…Met with miss Matthews, helped her through some things…Have some of the students wanting to do extra curricular training…"

"So I heard… and I fully approve such a notion… although I deeply regret the necessity." Dumbledore indeed does not favor armies, given the past. "Still, I won't have those students willing to learn to defend themselves, their friends, and their families to be willfully denied the tools with which to give them a fighting chance. Although it's my firmer hope that we can avoid conflict and win some of Voldemort's supporters back to our side. The hope of an old fool, I know, but without hope, what do we have, hmm?"

"I'd say we'd have a lot more bodies-an less words with hope. Bloody thing about it Albus? Hope actually keeps us from right killin each other I believe-because we hope for some goodness t' come amongst our own." A shrug "Perhaps its hope that keeps us shielding back th' darkness" Moody then looks back towards the ancient Headmaster all the same-and bows his head gently in agreement with his friend. "I'll be sure not t' break any of them. Don't need t' get sacked because I blew up some child."

"They're already scared enough of you as it is, Alastor," Dumbledore replies with a mild hint of amusement in his voice. "However, I trust you to do the right thing with them so they might actually survive, if what I suspect will happen does indeed happen. Still, perhaps there is hope even for Voldemort to change his ways. Not likely, but stranger things have happened. For now, I have a great deal of things to be done, if there's nothing else?"

"That's the point isn't it?" Moody responds with that same twist of lips that might indicate a grin-or even a smile. The mug is finally set back on the desk, as he slowly rises up. "I do as well-Albus..Though I thought you should know- I'll be off campus for a day this weekend-have t' go and visit Evelyn.." more or less he will be visiting her grave-but he knows he does not have to explain further. "I'll keep you informed of their progress.." A nod of his head as he turns for the door. Stick called with a flex of fingers, as he goes stumping on out again. A look over his shoulder. "Take care Albus-There seems to be few of us left-these days."

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