1995-09-15: Homesick


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Scene Title Homesick
Synopsis Ophelia is trying to catch up on some homework; Daine is trying to find someplace she can sleep.
Location Astronomy Tower Observatory
Date Sept 15, 1995
Watch For Birds; both kinds.
Logger Daine

It's… remarkably late. Most should be in their respective House areas, snuggled in bed, but some are out and about at this hour. Can't be helped, particularly if they've got some assignments that need access to things that only happen after the sun's gone down.
It's the predicament that the sixth year Ravenclaw finds herself in. There's a handful of charts set to the side, and the girl is just now stepping out from behind the large telescope in order to refer to them and make some notes. She seems to be well immersed in her assignment, whatever that may be, so she's a bit oblivious to anything that might happen.

Peeking through the doorway, a pair of pale blue-grey eyes dart back and forth through the darkness. When it seems that the coast is clear, the door is pushed open a bit further, allowing a skinny girl in the heaviest of her black school cloaks to pass through onto the stone parapet. There's a bundle of cloth clutched in her arms, though she tries her best to hide it under the folds of her cloak. Towards the edge of the stone she moves, not stopping until her toes hit that low-slung wall. There, she kneels down and starts to work some sort of organization on the bundle of fabric she'd brought.

It would seem that the coast doesn't stay clear for long. Realizing that something she missed is over there somewhere, Ophelia makes her way to the location where she figures she needs to stare upwards again and try to pick out something. What she finds isn't some constellation or star that needs to be written on paper, but something apparently drowning in it's own uniform.
"Oi, what're ye doin' here?" it's kind of perturbed, but at the same time, there's a lazy quality to the accented tone that suggest she's not exactly the kind to screaming at the first sign of something being out of place. She's got a reason to be here, so there's nothing saying that this bundle of cloak before her doesn't either.

When a larger, louder body very nearly stumbles over her, Daine shrinks back against the wall. Wide eyes take in the older girl and though there is fear in them, it isn't wild panic. It takes a moment for the accented words to make any semblance of sense, and so Daine's response is slow. "I am making ready for sleep," she answers slowly. Her English is heavily accented - it's an exotic lilt, but one the probably wouldn't be immediately recognized - and slow; despite this, and her less-than-perfect grammar, she manages at least to get the point across. To emphasize, she gestures towards what looks to be a folded up bedspread, blankets and … furs.

Well, at least they've got that much in common; weird accents. Ophelia had to work hard to make hers 'tame' enough to be easily understood. Don't get her going off on a tangent and talking fast, you likely won't understand her. But this girl's accent is not familiar. Nor is how she's phrasing things. The gesture leads the older girl to regard what is now apparently bedding. "Uh, we don't sleep in the observatory," she says, the incredulous tone very obvious. It's dark, so she can't get a good idea of what's underneath those robes to see what house she's in, and thus, can't point her in the right direction. "Are ye perhaps lost? If ye tell me where yer common room is, I can take ye there." You can almost hear the 'PLEASE don't be serious about sleeping in the observatory'.

"I am not lost." There's a stubbornness to those words that speaks to a girl who has been lost - several times - in the recent past, and is quite firm this time that she actually isn't. "You do not need to," she continues quietly. So saying, she returns to the task of making her 'nest' against the wall. After a few moments of silent work, she adds - in a voice only a little above a whisper. "My … dorm … It is like a cage." She looks up and holds out her arm just in time for a small black and grey raptor to settle there, eerily red eyes on Ophelia. "I needed air."

A very well maintained eyebrow arches here at the insisting of not being lost. Ad the mention of being a cage, she assumes, "Yer Slytherin? They're down in the dungeons… I'd not be surprised if'n they kept their beds in cages." Because, yeah, let's just feed stereotype here people! The bird is eyed back just as well. Bah, go back to the Aerie you creepy critter. Not that Phee's easily creeped out, being how she is. "Ah, well. Thing is, yer not supposed to be out and about unless ye've got a reason. Like an assignment, or class. After hours'n all." And last she checked 'sleeping' and 'needed air' didn't fall under that. Color her slightly weirded out.

"Not Sly - Sylth - " Daine makes a face at herself. "Not green and silver. Red and gold." Gryffindor, but the names are so incredibly hard to say. "Why do you live in boxes?" she asks, though it seems to be much more of a rhetorical question than anything else. Rooms are such odd things. "Sleeping is a reason." Of this, Daine seems fairly certain. "The Norris cat said so." The raptor merely hops off of Daine's arm and settles on the stone floor. Intrigued immensely by Ophelia's shoes, he hops closer and cocks his head to one side to get a better look. Several alien words are mumbled in the bird's direction, none of them truly distinguishable, but for the last word; 'Kari'.

"Griffyndor has a tower," not a cage, goofy little girl. That 'wth' expression continues to remain on Ophelia's pale face. And Norris ca—"Mrs. Norris isn't a teacher. If yer caught by a teacher, ye'll likely get points docked for yer house." The bird sniffing her shoe is more or less left alone. She's done enough Care classes to know you don't go spooking an animal you're not familiar with, and she likes her toes where they are, thank you very much.
Why do they live in boxes? The first muttered response is, "Because th' sun causes wrinkles." But it's a mutter, and to herself because honestly? She has no real reason! Well, "Protection from the elements and all that." There's a groan, "Look, why don't we start this way… I'm Ophelia." There's a prompt there, unspoken, for the girl's name.

"If I do not wish to be caught, the Norris cat would be only one to find me." Daine is quietly calm, still, and though her words are matter-of-fact, there is no hubris there. Glancing over her shoulder at the small bird, Daine shifts her glance up to Ophelia's face - carefully avoiding eye-contact - with a small smile. "Kari says your foot covers smell like food." Despite this, the bird has yet to take a peck at them, though he too is now looking up at Ophelia, with a raptor's version of a hopeful expression. "I am Daine." She finishes setting up her 'bed' and turns around to sit on it, her back up against the stone wall. "He is Kari." She nods to the bird. "You are Opheeel-yah."

"Does it?" She glances down, trying to see if there's anything caught on her shoes. Resisting the urge to wiggle her toes, she simply sighs. What is it with Gryffindors and thinking they can just ignore the rules, or pretend they don't apply to them. "Rules are rules, though, whether or not ye get caught. And Mrs. Norris can't sit there an' keep yer roommates from tellin' on ye either. They wake up in the middle o'the night, find yer bed empty, they could go runnin' to Ms. McGonagall right quick." Do people not /think/ of these things when they're off mischief making?
But the names come easily enough, and she's glancing back down, "Sorry, Kari, don't have anythin' worth munching with me." She then wiggles her nose at how the name sort of gets mangled and drawn out. "'Phee's probably a little easier t'say, Daine."

"Phee." Oh yes, much easier. "Pheeeeeeeeee." Drawn out like that, it sounds rather silly, but Daine seems pleased with herself. "Thanks to you." Yeah, the English needs some more work, but it's getting there. At the mention of her 'roommates' however, Daine's nose wrinkles. "They sleep like the dead. Pack of dingos could sit and sing in their cage and none of them would wake." Pulling a small bag of chopped sausage from her pocket - saved from dinner - Daine pops one chunk in her mouth and offers the rest to Ophelia. "If you keep your hand flat," she demonstrates this with her free hand, "He can take it from you." Kari hops back to where Daine is sitting and takes the one meat chunk from her outstretched palm. "He knows to be gentle."

A face is made and then she just sighs. "Be thankful I'm not a prefect," is all she says on the subject. She gave her warning, if the girl'll learn, she'll do it the hard way. "Where're ye from," she finally asks, setting down her chart and notes, and moving to settle down on her bottom. She's mindful of Kari, and she decides if a teacher suddenly shows up, she'll just say she's helping the girl out or … something. First years still have Astronomy right? The bag's offered and well, she doesn't mind. She'll reach out to take one of the pieces of sausage carefully, before turning it over in an upturned palm and offering it like she was instructed.

Taking a moment to really cement the word in her mind, Daine answers slowly and carefully. "Australia." When the new girl offers out a piece of meat, Kari changes direction and hops over. Ophelia is regarded carefully for half a moment before the meat is gently - but quickly - taken from her palm. "Very good," Daine praises the older girl softly. And though she looks too old to be an ickle firstie, even they have Astronomy. "Where are you from?" she finally asks in return. Foreign she may be, but even Daine can recognize that an accent does not sound like the majority of those she's heard since arriving here.

Australia?! Okay girl just gets weirder and weirder. She doesn't know anyone from Australia that talks like that. Well, okay, she doesn't know much from Australia but…she has an idea of what people from Australia /usually/ sound like. "Ah, where?" Maybe that'll help. She chuckles when the sausage is taken, but doesn't make a move to try to pet the bird or anything. Maybe she'll get herself a pet or something. There's a gentle hm? Before the question about her origins registers. "Ah, Ireland." She pokes a finger in the general direction the island would end up being from their position.

Having spent some time preparing herself for these sorts of questions after the last bout of awkward introductions, Daine is semi-prepared for this. "Outback," she answers succinctly. Hopefully that will mean something to Ophelia. And though the pointed finger in the general direction helps, Daine isn't exactly a scholar on world geography. "Tell me about it?" She reaches out to stroke the backs of two fingers along the downy feathers on Kari's back. "Your … Eyeirland?"

Okay THAT makes sense, and the 'ahhhh' of understanding and realization is very much visible and audible. Well, visible in that she adopts an expression to go with the sound. Of course, now she's got images of mostly naked bushmen tossing sticks around, but that's besides the point. She pulls her legs up to her chest, and blinks about the question. Tell her about it? "Ah, I didn't leave my village much. When I got my letter, t'was the first time, really. It's a very small village, actually. There's lots of grass, not so much trees dependin' on where ye go. A good chunk of people where I come from tend t'speak somethin' different." She frowns here. "Kind'a hard to describe." She furrows her nose.

When Ophelia's face shifts into a more understanding position, Daine begins to relax. When the other girl starts to tell her about her home, the young Gryffindor does her best to understand, but keeps getting lost by the musical lilt and rhythm in Ophelia's words. "Do you … " She stops, hunting for the right words. "Do you miss it?"

The question's easy to answer. "Yes. Mum moved over onto this island so we'd be closer t'the school. Didn't have to go jumpin channels just t'catch th' train and all. Easier t'shop for things," considering Diagon Alley is /the/ place to go for stuff like that. "But it's not… home." There's a pause and she queries, not really pausing to think of what kind of words'd be easy to understand or not, "Homesick?"

"Homesick." It's one word she's heard over and over and over since she arrived. Even though it makes no sense - and no one has bothered to explain it to her - for some reason the word makes her feel slightly queasy and more than a little like crying. Swallowing hard, she shakes her head. "You should go. Norris cat will catch you." She mutters it quietly, trying to keep the wetness from her voice. Kari leaps into the air and flutters to perch on the upper edge of the wall; keeping watch. Seeing him safely ensconced, Daine climbs into her 'nest', lies down facing the wall and determinedly closes her eyes.

Something in Irish gets uttered as she pushes herself to her feet, though the word 'Norris' could be pulled from that mess of words. Rough translation? Norris-cat can go kiss the squid. Ophelia has a reason to be up here, and if Filch doesn't like it he can bring it up to Flitwick. Anyway. She looks down at the girl and wants to warn again about not sleeping there, and instead, get used to the beds, but she looks bound and determined not to pay any mind to it, so with an uttered "G'night," the older girl heads down out of the observatory.

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