1996-02-27: Homecoming


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Scene Title Homecoming
Synopsis Siobhan finally gets to come home.
Location Hogwarts - Snape's Quarters
Date February 27, 1996
Watch For Surprising revalations.
Logger Bright One

After Severus has finished his classes, he has been coming down to his room to sit for a few minutes in total silence and switch from 'Teacher Mode' to 'helpful lover'. He unbuttons the topmost button on his robes, grabs a drink, and sits down in his chair to stare at the fire and organize the thoughts and experiences of his day to keep them behind his shield. This practice isn't quite so necessary since he doesn't have to deal with Albus anymore, but it's still a very good idea. He sits, watching the flames, going class by class, rapidly processing anything that needs remembered, and throwing out the rest. A long, exhausted sigh escapes.

"You're early." The voice from the direction of the bedroom door should be familiar by now. Sure enough, Siobhan is leaning on the doorframe, arms folded over her chest and a soft smile on her face as she watches him. "I was gonna surprise you. Should have remembered your tendency to flee class like a bat out of hell." Tendrils of sunshine rush forward to meet him, a warm echo of the obvious affection in the blonde witch's voice and expression.

The voice startles Snape slightly, but not enough to completely rile him. Besides, between the tone and the magic, she belongs here, so he merely turns, gazing at the sight of her. "So grateful to you for confirming my likeness to that small nocturnal creature." He drawls his words, the tone light and teasing. "Are you here of your own volition, or with the consent and knowledge of the hospital staff?" Now that he doesn't have to leave the rooms for the evening, at least not that he knows of, he undoes another button on his robe, and pushes his sleeves up. "You appear to have improved considerably." That tone is slightly smug, since he knows he helped in that process.

"Vespertillian." Siobhan accentuates the various syllables in that word, proud of herself for remembering. Pushing off from the doorway, she steps gingerly into the light cast by the fire. Dressed in thin, tight black leggings and a baggy blue jumper - big enough to shift sideways and leave one smooth shoulder bare - she looks comfortable. A few more careful steps bring her around to where she can perch on the arm of his chair. "Can't it be both?" She's still sulking a bit from Poppy's lecture and threats of restraints. "I'm 100% approved to come home, promise." She reaches across to run the backs of her fingers down the side of his face. "It helps not being stared at," she admits. "The circumstances surrounding my disappearance are a complete secret. So, naturally the whole damn school knows." And apparently being mauled by werewolves is cool to some of the kids.

Severus closes his eyes, drinking in her touch and that of her magic. "It is the way of a small community." He exhales slowly, and widens his legs in a silent invitation for her to sit if she wishes. "Perhaps it is partially affected by the bond, but I believe this is my own sentiment. I am beyond pleased to have you near, and in my rooms again." A small smile graces his face, and he opens his eyes to simply gaze at her. "It is a feeling like one I have never experienced." Perhaps Eileen will tease him later, but he does not care, instead focusing on Siobhan and her presence. "If it would please you, I would appreciate you remaining with me." Since the Headmaster is gone, they may be able to relax a little, at least behind these wards. "Vespertillian, indeed." He's proud of her for remembering that. "I find my nights much improved with your presence."

Siobhan will accept that invitation, sliding off the arm of the chair and onto his lap. It's comfortable here as she curls against him, letting her ear rest against his chest where his heartbeat is strong and reassuring. "I am too," she murmurs quietly. "And I'm almost positive that's me. Not sure any magical anything has enough awareness to make me feel better just being in the room." Even before he got back. "Mmm, the nights are definitely improved." She grins at that, tilting her face up to kiss him softly, but her expression is a little bemused. "And I'd planned to keep spending them here." Along with the vast majority of her diurnal free time, as well. "But … you don't mean give up the ruse of separate rooms entirely, do you?" She sounds surprised, but not entirely opposed.

Severus curls his arms around her, still feeling a slight need to be just the littlest bit careful. He exhales slowly, relief and pleasure filling him. "It is a singular experience. You are correct, though. Your presence affects me regardless of any magical connection. It has for longer than I will readily admit." He leans into the kiss, closing his eyes, enjoying the intimacy without the strong need they've had before. "I do not think we can give up the ruse entirely, but I felt the need to be certain we understood each other on that one point." He didn't want her to feel unwelcome at all. Quite the opposite in fact. He leans forward to kiss her again, still keeping it light, but his hands rub her back, feeling her muscles through the baggy jumper.

Lazy intimacy is nice. There's nothing wrong with intensity, but sometimes - like right now - it's better to luxuriate in the sensations. "It's a trait very common in Noble women." There's a flash of a cheeky grin, there. "We tend to be right an aggravating majority of the time." But that second kiss wipes everything but sheer contentment off her face. "Mmm, well, if we're going to keep it even a little bit, I hear there are some children we need to track down and scare?" She phrases it as a question, because so far the only bit she remembers is something about her laying eggs in Australia, but that's suspicious enough in this school. "And yes, I would be delighted to remain with you." She breathes in deeply. "Definitely sleep better with you." A soft laugh parts her lips. "Not sleeping more, mind you. Just better."

"Noble lady you are." Never one to leave an opening so clear unused, Severus makes a pun that Siobhan's probably heard a million times. However, it is true. "Yes." He reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose with his free hand, trying to remember which children need talking to. "Misters Tyler and Legume, and Miss Salmalin. Miss Salmalin was instrumental in speaking with yon seraph." He snorts. "If you wish, you may invite your creature to stay here with us. Perhaps, then, she will not feel you have abandoned her to go bear other young." It was highly embarrassing then; now it's almost equally amusing. Also amusing is the comment about not sleeping more. "Hmmm. However, the time involved in the deficit of sleep is involved quite productively, wouldn't you agree?" He runs his hand over her leg, the other one curling her close again.

Rolling her eyes at the very old pun, Siobhan almost responds. She is, however, cut off by the recounting of the information she asked for. "Cianan and Bean won't be a problem. Kee I can put the fear of Circe into and Bean's covered bigger secrets than this." She likes the little snakelet. "But Daine I don't know very well. She's quiet, tends to keep to herself. Doesn't speak English very well." And suddenly the lightbulb goes off. "I'd forgotten she can talk to them. I'll just bet Q was far more informative than she should be." Because while the heirloom ring gives her the ability to have conversations with her familiar, not everyone is so endowed. It makes her Seraph far more trusting than she should be. "She'll like that. She thinks you smell nice." The hand over her leg makes her shiver, forgetting where she was at in conversation. "Very productively." As he pulls her closer, she shifts her hips - getting more comfortable and fighting fire with fire. "Did she really think I'd gone off to have a litter or something?" Because that mental image is just … odd.

Severus hums his agreement with most of what his mate has said. "Mister Tyler may have more information on myself, but I do not believe he will share it. I do not know what he Saw, but it was enough for him to deduce the truth of the situation." He feels a little sympathy for the young man; that is a difficult curse to bear, especially in his youth. "Mister Legume is intelligent enough to keep his mouth shut, though we may consider offering a boon. He had been staying with a family, but I do not know precisely what happened. If the plans for the orphan children do not bear fruit," he doesn't notice the pun, "perhaps finding an alternate situation for him may be a good exchange for his silence." It's that important that he stay mum. "Miss Salmalin… I believe she was uncomfortable exposing the information to me, so perhaps between that and the language barrier…" A thought occurs to him, and he pauses, "Mister Legume has a tentative connection to her. Perhaps he can help convince her. I do not think it will take much." The thought of him 'smelling nice' is a rather new one, and he smirks. "She is tolerable for a familiar." He, who has no familiar, uses school owls and keeps to himself in his rooms, will tolerate the seraph. That's a fairly big thing. "I believe that was her understanding. Salmalin phrased it that Q felt you should return home after the mating season. If I were not around while you were … laying eggs, there would be dire consequences. I believe Q considers you as a maternal figure." Her shifting hips and close proximity do light a fire. In retaliation, he slides a hand under her shirt, just content to slowly tease. Slowly, his hand strokes her back, touches kept light, but he is certainly aware of how it affects her.

"I dropped off the last signatures from the staff when I went to breakfast with Jake, about … two weeks before - " Before she was taken. "It should all go through fairly smoothly, from here." But speaking of staff signatures reminds her and she tenses, chewing her lower lip. "Minerva told me about the staff meeting, Sev. And the folder." She's nervous, that much is clear. "Albus shouldn't have had access to those files, but he wasn't wrong about the information in them. I assume you already know a good portion of it or I probably wouldn't be alive and sitting here." Since knowledge of the chemical interactions probably let him and Madame Pomfrey save her life. "But I figured you also probably had questions." And she feels like it's only fair to answer them, all things considered. "Q's the best Christmas present I ever stole from Jack. Thank you for taking care of her." She can feel that fire she lit, but with no t-shirt, tank top or anything under the jumper, his hand has access to an uninterrupted stretch of smooth, warm skin. It's comforting as much as it's exciting, soothing her nerves and helping her relax.

"Then, perhaps, Mister Legume will be taken care of." That is one worry off Severus' mind. There are so many children who come through here that need help, and he can't do much of anything, partially because of his place, and partially because of the old-fashioned ways of the insular society. "I did not read the folder. No one did." No one but Albus. "My time and effort were otherwise spent." That may ease her mind. "I deduced from what he said and something Doctor Brennan said that there were Muggle chemicals involved. However, the specifics were not mentioned. Nor do I need to know unless you feel it necessary, or if it will affect …." He pauses, hand still stroking her skin, the movements nearly as comforting to him as to her. "If it will come between us in some way, or if I need to know to keep you from harm, please enlighten me. Otherwise, like many of my own sins, it may remain safely in the past." He leans over to steal another kiss, then pulls away, his other hand still settled on her thigh. "I had decided that though your misdeeds may have caused you pain, my own have hurt many more than just myself." It didn't seem right for him to pick at her one small foolish moment when he'd done worse, at least in his opinion.

"Doctor Brennan?" Siobhan's head tilts. "What does she have to do with it?" It's a name that keeps coming up more and more often. It's starting to make Sio nervous. "No, I don't think there's anything left of it to do harm to anything but my reputation, now. Jimmy's dead and the others are in jail. All Muggles." Or were, last she'd heard anything of them. "I'll tell you the story sometime, I promise." It explains a few of her idiosyncrasies. "Or if you're feeling really brave, Liam might. He was the one that found me. But tonight…" Tonight, she doesn't want to think about it. She leans into that kiss, her own hand resting atop the one he has on her thigh - fingertips playing over the sensitive skin on the back of his hand. "Have you met the detail assigned to us, yet?"

"Merely something she mentioned in my inital conversation with her." Severus focuses on Sio now, wanting to leave that conversation and everything around it in the past and to enjoy an evening with her. "Whenever you feel it is appropriate, I will listen." He kisses her again, just a little more intensely, hand still moving in soothing circles on her back. His other hand, the one underneath Siobhan's on her leg, begins moving a little too, thumb making circles on her thigh at the same, slow speed. "I have not. I believe I have seen them, but I have not met them nor learned their names." There is a difference. "Have you?"

Siobhan slides her hand from his to rest on the side of his neck, thumb rubbing over his jawline as she savors and even lengthens that kiss. "Yeah," she answers without pulling her head back very far at all, the words and her breath against his mouth. "Jon O'Neill, Sara Carter, Danny Shanks and this really intense Masai warrior looking guy whose name started with a T." Using the hand against his neck to cup his jaw, Siobhan moves her mouth along the other side of his neck, pulling his earlobe gently between her teeth. "Were the bodyguards your idea or Morgan's?" Because with how protective he's been, it could go either way.

Severus slides the hand on her thigh up just a little, still keeping the touches light, though the circles get a little wider, and a little more erratic. The hand on her back strokes her side, starting to slide around to the front of her abdomen, though still remaining low. "It was Morgan's idea, though I had no issues with it." Morgan may have thought of it initially, but he'll go right along with that idea. He must keep her safe. "I shall attempt to remember their names." However, there is something more urgent happening now. He huffs a breath, her touch and breath on his skin affecting him intensely. "Would you be opposed to being carried from one place to another?" He returns the favor of a close whisper and a soft lick to her ear. "Or, perhaps we should merely ward the portrait." He could do that too.

Siobhan is having fun finding all the spots that make her lover squirm. "You had no issues with people following us around all day, every day, in close proximity? That's a bit out of character." Doing so while sprinkling in bits of casual conversation is even more fun, especially when the lick to her ear shocks a moan out of her. "Sex on a bed or sex in a chair? Hmm…" She pretends to consider it, sliding her hand slowly down his chest. "Do whatever it is you've got to do to keep her in the dark. This chair is at a perfect angle to indulge my oral fixation." The grin that splits her face at that thought is nothing short of sinfully wicked.

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