Holly Ivy Maplewood
Portrayed By Christa Miller
School Salem Academy of the Magical Arts
House Bear Claw
Position Wizarding Attorney
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood Werewolf
Age 33
Place of Birth Grand Rapids, MI
Date of Birth 15 August 1961
First Appearance Purple Haze

Character History:

Both of Holly's parents were magical, though her father was Muggleborn, from a family of attorneys that held a good amount of prestige outside the wizarding world. Her mother, an accomplished mediwitch, met him post-graduation, and they hit it off almost instantly.

It wasn't too many years later that Holly herself was born. She had the advantage of living in two worlds - both with the wizarding background of her mother, and the more mundane - if not more interesting - muggle life her father led. Even if both parents were magical themselves, it seemed as if George Maplewood preferred to leave his wand at home in favour of leading what most would call a 'normal' life.


Holly's stable personality made her perfect for her sorting into House Bear Claw when she was twelve years old. Even from a young age, her experiences made her level-headed and practical, slow to anger, albeit quick-witted and unafraid to use her intelligence to prove a point.

Her philosophy seems to centre around the idea that both good and bad happen, and that it's unwise to get overly excited about either. After all, the bad will always end, just as the good will always end. Always a realist, Holly sees things as they are, and is confused by those who believe that 'everything will work out.' In a way, that's true, but things won't always necessarily work out for the best. Things just are. Everything happens.

With this in mind, Holly is patient. She's willing to wait a long time for things to pan out, either for better or for worse. Picking up the pieces and trying things in a different way is relatively easy for her, and she's not often frustrated beyond her capacity. In the world in which she lives, she believes patience is important for enacting change, since methods are so well-set in the hearts of the wizards she interacts with. Britain has presented her with an entirely new challenge - people so stubborn that they aren't open to change have started to get on her nerves. The good news is, it's not her last nerve that's being slowly whittled away.

The way to Holly's heart is through strange and exotic plants that most people would find horrifying. She has a garden that grows even through the coldest months (thanks to some very well-placed charms and potions) and her house always looks warm and inviting. Therefore, her magical talent lies in herbology, though she's also fairly decent with charms, as well. While interested in potions, there are only a few that she can actually make with any talent, and more of those relate back to her love of plants. However, just about any flora anyone would want for a potion has been grown in her garden at some point or another.

As equally as she appreciates magic, she also loves the Muggle world, and the concentration on learning from books. She knows many laws by heart from each population, and seeks to make changes to existing laws in order to reform them to be more legally sound and fair. In the United States, she worked on regulation of werewolves and the laws that governed them for time, effecting resolutions that aided wizards in viewing them as people, and providing safe places where werewolves could change. As well, she aided those talented in the art of potion-making so they would have knowledge and access to the ingredients necessary for creating the Wolfsbane Potion. At one point, she grew a 'werewolf garden' so that people could become familiar with the floral portion of the potion.

She's also advocated prison reform and treatment of prisoners in the United States, creating an amalgamation of the standard board of review Wizengamot-style trials of old and a more fair setup of a jury trial with a judge for prisoners accused of felony-calibre crimes.

Holly doesn't particularly like to sit still, which means she's always trying to do SOMETHING. And while she may not overwhelm herself to the point where she can't think, she does have a habit of getting in over her head at time, or taking on too much work. She thrives in these conditions, though, and she will often say that she is never bored.

Memorable Quotes:


  • 1961 - Holly is born.
  • 1970 - Holly's father is murdered.
  • 1974 - Holly starts at Salem Academy, and is sorted into Bear Claw.
  • 1979 - Holly graduates from Salem after the required six years.
  • 1980 - Holly attends Muggle college, then law school.
  • 1986 - Holly becomes a lawyer.
  • 1987 - Holly becomes authorised to practise wizarding law.
  • 1990 - Holly becomes part of a commission for werewolf rights and prison reform.
  • 1994 - Holly attends the Quidditch All Star Cup in the UK and hears of Sirius Black.
Holly's Logs
Purple Haze 14 Sept 1994 In Which Holly moves into the neighborhood.
Cat Scratch Fever 17 Sept 1994 In which Mo attempts to end Sirius.
The Beetle and the Barrister 25 Sept 1994 In which Holly offers an interview to Rita Skeeter.
Among the Wolves 27 Sept 1994 In which Holly's home is egged and she nearly loses her temper.
Break in the Case 3 Oct 1994 In which Lupin becomes a key character witness.
Warm Plants And Cool Heads 7 Oct 1994 In which Holly sells troublesome weeds in an apothecary.
Raising Michigan 12 Oct 1994 In which there is a kidnapping and a meeting with Sirius.
Tour de Azkaban 21 Oct 1994 In which OH GOD DEMENTORS.
The Late Post 30 Oct 1994 In which Holly meets a vampire and learns Lupin's story.
It Just Takes One 31 Oct 1994 In which Holly is obliviated.
Honeydukes Fixes Everything 1 Nov 1994 In which Jack arrives to help.
Deposition 2 Nov 1994 In which Holly learns the identity of the black dog.
Welcome to Maycomb 4 Nov 1994 In which Holly confronts the monster.
Hallowed Halls of Hogwarts 6 Nov 1994 In which Holly encounters the elusive Hogwarts Students
in their natural habitat!
Trial and Error 9 Nov 1994 In which Holly attempts to hold a trial!
Testimonial 9 Nov 1994 In which Holly actually does lose her temper.
Elf Tales 13 Nov 1994 In which Sirius acquires some new clothes, and there are house elves.
Coram non Judice 13 Nov 1994 In which the Ministry sees the truth… Or so Holly hopes.
Tea, Cake or Death!? 3 Dec 1994 In which Holly returns from the United States and is
Instantly set upon by Dementors!
Safety and Chocolate 3 Dec 1994 In which the now-fugitives discuss their next course of action.
Kreachur Comforts 10 Dec 1994 In which Kreachur is an arse.
Absence of Light 16 Dec 1994 In which Holly and Lupin chat.
Welcome Back, Mo 24 Dec 1994 In which Mo makes her glorious reappearance!
Slamming Doors 3 Jan 1995 In which Holly finally loses her cool.
Moving Day 5 Jan 1995 In which there is peace and quiet to be had.
Sneak Attack 9 Jan 1995 In which Holly and Lupin are captured.
A Powerful Weapon 9 Jan 1995 In which a dastardly plot comes into focus.
Boxed In 10 Jan 1995 In which there is more pain.
Bad Moon 16 Jan 1995 In which something bad happens.
Waking up to Reality 17 Jan 1995 In which Holly realises what's happened to her.
Don't Pity Me 22 Jan 1995 In which :(
Someone Really Stinks! 24 Jan 1995 In which Ichabod stinks.
Genesis 25 Jan 1995 In which there is a great victory for Umbridge-Haters!
Romulus 25 Jan 1995 In which two werewolves chat!
Meeting of Minds 1 Feb 1995 In which Chase gets a new home.
Beautiful World 5 Feb 1995 In which Holly leaves her house.
The Line Between Guilty and Innocent 6 Feb 1995 In which Lupin draws out Holly's anger.
A Lesson Learned 8 Feb 1995 In which Siobhan learns not to mock werewolves.
Can It Be Kiss Tiem Nao Pls? 10 Feb 1995 In which Jack is smoooooth.
Pride and Prejudice 12 Feb 1995 In which Holly has a personal victory.
Initiation 15 Feb 1995 In which Holly meets the Full Moon
Coming to Terms 16 Feb 1995 In which Mo doesn't like werewolf smell.
Wounds Laid Bare 17 Feb 1995 In which Holly and Siobhan mend fences. Somewhat.
Chase Loses Her Marbles 18 Feb 1995 In which Chase … Loses her marbles!
Octopus Ink 19 Feb 1995 In which Holly ponders getting a tattoo. And sushi.
Reinvention 20 Feb 1995 In which Holly reinvents.
Back to Normal 26 Feb 1995 In which family and Potters are spoken of.
Charms and Confessions 26 Feb 1995 In which Holly tells a secret.
Apollo and Daphne 27 Feb 1995 In which there is a happy date in Diagon Alley.
Threshhold 3 Mar 1995 In which Holly leaves.
Wilderness 5 Mar 1995 In which Holly arrives!
Brighter Days 10 Mar 1995 In which anger is confronted and partially defeated.
The Scarred One 20 Mar 1995 In which Holly makes a potential mistake.
Hawk 15 Apr 1995 In which something dies.
Salem 15 Apr 1995 In which an enemy is faced and defeated.
To Go Home 16 Apr 1995 In which Jack and Holly reconcile!
Brash Americans 5 May 1995 In which Holly steals Mortimer.
Welcome to the Order 7 May 1995 In which Holly joins the Order of the Phoenix!
Log Title DATE 1995 In which …
Log Title DATE 1995 In which …

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