1995-04-03: Hit Or Miss


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Scene Title Hit Or Miss
Synopsis Another Weasley child returns to the flock. Ina gets a bit wand happy!
Location London - Leaky Cauldron
Date Apr 03, 1995
Watch For Percy Bashing
Logger Billy Bob Weasley

It had been a very long day and tomorrow was going to be much longer. She'd spent the day in practise duels with her comrades, sprucing up to be able to show up Moody during the class. Right now, all she wanted was a mead and a loud room to get lost in. She'd discarded the uniform robes of the Hit Wizard in favor for more plain and simple clothing. The room was warm and inviting if a bit dirty here and there. Ina lets a slight smile cross her features before she takes a seat at the bar and puts her order in. The Leaky Cauldron was many things, a nice place to get a mean was certainly on top of Ina's current priorities.

The ride over had been something not calculated. After all its been a long time since he's been home, and so when he took an express to Switzerland and from Switzerland to London-needless to say Charlie Weasley has spent more time in the air than he has cared to, today. So when given the chance he is taking a break from traveling to at least grab a pint. A step through the door with a rather ratty looking steamer being trundled with his bag slung over his shoulder this Weasley must be cutting a rather impressive figure-or a rather busy one.

"Pint if y' will." called to the tender as he finally finds a place to set everything down. "Bollocks." murmured as duffle is slung down right next to his steamer trunk. Up onto the stool, and a hand through his hair. There's a slight look over towards Ina who appears t' be on his right. "Long day yeah?" Leave it to a Weasley to talk freely with a total stranger.

Glancing to Charlie for a moment before she offers a bit of a grin and nods. Scottish brogue coming out with the length of the day wearing on her, "Aye, that it has." If she notices the less than expensive luggage, she surely doesn't linger on it. Taking another drink as she focuses on the pint in front of her for a few moments. "Though, I think the length of either of our days is for entirely different reasons." Ina was friendly enough when not wearing her uniform. Maybe not nearly so to strike up a conversation with a stranger, but enough that she wouldn't just leave the man on a one sided talk.

That's he's hauling luggage means he's either coming or going…either prospect usually means for a tiring day. She's spent her day either flooring her opponent or being floored. Moody was going to wipe the floor with her, since he was one of the more effective dueling Aurors. She had a trick or two she was working on that would help the students…she hopes. Better to give them the ability to shield themselves to some point than leave them bare. Most wouldn't be able to cast her more complex defense spells, but knowing that some could would make her feel she's done something worth while.

Charlie turns back only to the bartender in order to fish out the price of a pint of beer. Which comes comes to a sickle and five knuts. That he can spare. And so money is laid out and pushed over before he's nodding a quick and quiet cheers as the pale is pushed towards him. A sip and eyes close for a moment, the man clearly enjoying just to be half sitting while taking a pull of a relatively cool drink. A turn of his head as he catches the brogue, "Hm?" Charlie says before he's nodding for a moment. "Oh-" a look back to his baggage before he is looking back to Ina. "Yeah, just got in from Romania.." said with a nod. A long day for flying and then there is the journey out to the burrow as well. Not quite in the home stretch. So a refueling was needed.

So that should answer whether or not the second eldest Weasley is coming, as opposed to going. Had he known what in fact the Witch would be facing he would feel for her, he really would. Still blissfully unaware, one calloused hand is passed over towards the Witch. "Sorry-Charlie."

She nods her head to the information. Romania was dragon country and the man wasn't scorched so he either avoided dragons well or worked with them. She takes his hand and shakes, "Ina MacThane. Pleasure to meet you, Charlie." She takes another drink of her own mead and lets out a sigh. "Long travel from dragon country to here. I don't envy you that. Not yet at your destination, I take it?" She was a perceptive woman, when she wasn't tired. Normally she'd be able to suss all of this out, but she was tired.

Besides the fact that conversation wasn't unpleasant by any means. It seemed people had an easier time of talking to her when she wasn't in uniform. Not that she could blame them. She was a servant of the Ministry and with authority and skill enough to take most in. Not that she would ever abuse such abilities, it still put people on edge around her. "So, Charlie…what brings you back? Visitin' 'ome?" Of course, it didn't prevent her for prodding for the whole story!

Rather than Disapparating away from work outside the bank, Bill takes the long route through Diagon Alley, and back through the Leaky Cauldron. He'll use the usual Apparition point beyond the pub to get home. He's in no hurry to get anywhere really. That French intern isn't in London, being a weekday, and dinner at home isn't for a bit longer. So he's passing through the Cauldron at a leisurely pace, when…

"Charles Fabian Weasley!!" is boomed and the ponytailed red-headed man is racing towards the shorter, stockier one, aiming for a tackle. The advantage, or rather, disadvantage, of being ginger is that you're noticed a bit easier. "You son of a witch! What are you doing home?!" Sorry Ina. Incoming!

Indeed it was. One of the largest Sanctuaries in the wizarding world is out in Romania. And it was at that Sanctuary, that Charlie was employed. Currently he is on loan to a small operation out in the Hebrides Islands, with the distinct possibility of working with some of the MacFusty clans. But that's neither here or there. Rather he's shaking the woman's hand and offering a grin that one might find a partner in any of his brothers, or his father. "Nice t'meetya Ina." a grin and he's taking another pull of his beer before drawing his hand across his lips so as to knock away the foam. "No-not yet." Charlie admits, "On my way home..Well m' Mum an Da's place. But, its my home too."

A faint grin there, needless to say Charlie has no problems with this, rather the young man seems to be laid back and at ease even in this place. "Yeah 'n no. Kinda helping out at a place bein founded in the Hebrides..I'm a dragon Handler, an we're trying to give Britian's own a home of their own.." a shrug there "At least something besides Wales."

She nods her head, taking in the man's words before smiling. "Dragon Handler? Dangerous work, possibly more dangerous than my own." She winks and takes a deeper drink of her pint before she hears the bellow and sees a man charging full bore. Instinct is instinct and she really wasn't in the mood to wear her pint as the wand is flicked before she stands, "Petrificus Totalus." The spell arcs with a skilled aim and freezes Bill mid stride. Ina raises a brow at the scene, her expression turning from friendly to Hit Wizard in a moment.

"I'm going to assume the man your family and just move out of the way…" She does just that with a grin to Charlie and counters the petrify spell on Bill with an apology. No lasting harm, though…you shouldn't charge a Hit Wizard inadvertently! It wasn't healthy. Her pint in hand as she slides the wand into her belt as she walks for a table, trying very hard to keep from laughing.

Okay, getting hit with the petrifying spell was /not/ what Bill was expecting. If there had been any inkling this was to come, he would have drawn his wand. As such, he hits the ground, frozen in position. But not for long. As he's almost immediately released from the spell, he's on his feet, looking a bit bewildered and wand out. "Alright, that's not funny!" He's rounding a bit on Charlie, thinking for a moment his brother intercepted the greeting!

The drinking Weasley nods his head, before he is responding "Yeah, but I love it. They're truly magnificent and majestic creatures. You've never lived till you've had a Hungarian Horntail fly right on over your head and land down, right there before you." All right out there before he is turning to look back towards the person shouting his name. And here he thought he would be sneaking into the country. But whatever was about to come out of his open mouth is lost, as a spell is loosed. And right there instead of catching his brother Charlie has his own wand out and raised towards Ina. There's a breath and the wand is lowered for a moment as he is looking to his brother and then back to the woman "Oh. You're a what?" Yeah he knew the Wizard coming for him, so colour both brothers a little confused.

She offers the both of them an apology, "I'm a Hit Wizard." Which should explain the reflexes, right? She hopes so and looks to the bartender after a moment. "A round for the two on me." To make up for the quick wand work that left Bill on the floor. She looks to both of them for a moment, "Apologies, all I knew is someone was charging in my direction. I did counter the spell…" That made up for most of it, didn't it? The pints should certainly help smooth things over. Though, truth be told she didn't -have- to apologize. Taking up her refilled pint with a nod to the tender before taking a drink.

Bill raises a hand to cuff Charlie lightly, but lowers it, "You didn't jinx me? Oh, well, that explains it." His tone takes on a vague hint of sarcasm, "You jinx a lot of people then for no reason?" The hand that was raised to cuff instead drops to Charlie's shoulder as he looks at Ina, "No harm done I suppose. Can't blame you for acting quickly. Although I didn't think I looked /that/ dangerous. It's the fang isn't it?" The earring sways just a bit as he moves. His mum would say that yes, it was the fang. Turning briefly from Ina, he grins brightly at Charlie, "What the blazes you doing here, without a word to anyone?"

"I hadn't thought about it. Didn't even have me hand on m' bloody wand…"Charlie starts as he grins to his older brother. One hand moving as if he was going to get Bill in the ribs, a light scuffing, but nothing. The grin there is easy and one the older brother should be used to by now, before he's looking from the Hit Wizard, a nod given as the wand is stowed back into his robes. And now he is turn to give his brother a rather big hug. You know haven't seen the bloke in a while you want to show your family, that you missed em. "You look as dangerous as a kitten, Bill."

A grin after his own little joke before he's checking out his brother. Looking him over. "See you still got the earring.." A chuckle "I was going t' surprise Mum an Da. An I guess you, but I thought you were living in London." Good to see the family all here

Bill stows his wand away and returns Charlie's hug with a bear-like one of his own. "Ouch mate, there goes my ego! Oi, got two. Fred and George gave me a nice set for Christmas. Couldn't bear to part with the fang, so just got another hole put in." He's checking over Charlie as well, "Got some new burns there I see! Ha. I did the same at Christmas, you shoulda been here you prat. Surprised mum and dad again when I transferred to the bank in Diagon Alley." He shakes his head, "Nah, crashing in my old room for now. Thought about getting a place, but.. it makes mum happy having some of us around." Letting go of Charlie, he settles in a neighboring seat.

"Oi your ego can take it. Not like you have a horribly exciting job as it is." Cursebreaker is serious business, at least it is in Charlie's brain. And he's nodding "I'd watch out for the ones th' twins gave you. Might have a hex or a jinx in them." a grin there, but he doubts the twins would be that cruel. Though at mentioning the fang, Charlie is reaching into his jacket and pulling out the chain on which the dragon's tooth hangs. "Look at this beaut." And yes that will be his smile there with it. "Got it from a juvenile Norwegian, teething." which well it might be safer to not ask how he got that. "I spect Mum will be getting happier. Got a transfer, so I'll be home for a bit too."

There's a snicker as Bill orders up a pint for himself. Hey, Ina said the round was on her, right? Best to not argue with the lady. He laughs and raises an index finger to poke at the earring, "Nah, they're all right. Not a mischievious spell on them!" They do change colors at any rate! He leans in and looks at the fang Charlie produces, "Wicked! How many times did you die trying to get that prize?" Grinning from ear to ear, he swings a hand in to try and give Charlie a hearty clap on the back. "Want me to hang back so you can still surprise mum? Can't deprive her that. Ginny'll be ecstatic too. Just saw her over the weekend. Missed Ron, Fred and George though, they were off doing who knows what." He then says in a warning voice, "Mum'll try and tackle you for a haircut first thing, mark my words. I haven't given her the chance to have a go at mine." There's a pause then he drops this news, "Percy's moved out."

From her vantage point, she was able to listen and watch the antics of the brothers. That she thought that Bill was charging for any reason other than to hug his brother seemed a bit silly now. Seeing them together did have an effect on her though, she was on her third pint by now and pulling a picture from her pocket. Watching the silent scene shifting in front of her before she tucked it away and shook her head. Now was not the time to dwell on such things. Not at all. Her expression hardening a bit as she took a fuller drink of the mead and looked at it a moment. Going in against Moody with a hangover would probably be suicide, setting the pint a bit away from her as she leaned back.

Ina stands and pays for another round for the brother and heads for the door. She needed to get some sleep.

Charlie misses Ina taking out, but he is ordering another round since it is on the Hit Wizard that did slightly, curse his brother? Oh well, all's fair in beer an war mates. "Well good-I woulda given you a minor jinx, something like makes your ears grow long-something you could fix.." A flash of teeth in that smile before he is draining the rest of his glass before nodding as the second is shuffled forward. The fang is held over for Bill's further inspection before he is chuckling "Yeah well, Don' tell mum, but I think it was nearly three times. That bugger was still in, last bit of his baby teeth, an the one behind it was already coming out. So I had to yank it, so it wouldn't be caught an fused to the jaw." And yet despite how dangerous that sounds-the smile there would indicate that Charlie loves his job beyond belief. "Bloody lucky-I don't think I've seen any of the family since I got to visit you all in Egypt two years ago.." He had missed some holidays..and birthdays. Even if his presents were sent on. "Oi, I hope not-I've worked hard to get my hair this length..Don't tell her bout the tattoo though-she bloody won't like that.." however the last bit of news does bring a pause to Charlie-and stop him in his tracks "Wait, wot?"

Bill glances over in time to catch Ina heading for the door, and before he could say no hard feelings about the 'petrificus totalus'. It's likely he'll run into her again, and he can say it then. "Aw, thanks Charlie, that's sweet of you, but I've already had my ears hexed once." Thanks penpal! He reaches out for the fang and yes, to inspect it more indepth, "May have to see if you can't snag one for me should you get the opportunity again." He hands the fang back and gives a shake of his head, "Nice. Can't say I've had as close a shave, even in the pyramids." A grin is given as he reaches for his drink finally. "You got a ruddy tattoo?" He shakes his head, and will stick to his earrings and ponytail, thanks. "Mmm.. yeah," he says as he takes a drink. "Percy's got his head stuck up his nether regions. More so than usual. Decided to head off to his own place."

A grin remains easily on Charlie's face. He'll be sure to thank Ina somehow for the other pint if he runs into her again. And in the wizarding world, there is always that chance. "Oh yeah." a grin there, cheeky as he still allows Bill a gander, before he's taking it back and letting it just hang there outside of his shirt. "I can.." said around the rim of his glass before he's taking that other gulp. "You could, I'd spect you fought a mummy or something." A chuckle before he's nodding "Yeah. Like I said don' tell mum." You can keep your earring. He's got a mark that won't bloody likely leave him at all. " So Percy.." he continues on to the rest of the conversation "Why in th' bloody hell would he do that? An What's he carryin on about? Not like Mum or Dad are against him.." Someone needs to catch Charlie up, apparently.

"Sure did, proud of it too. Tho the bandages were a bit much, nearly got myself strangled." Or worse, Bill's hair got entangled. You'd think he'd know better about the long hair in this line of work! He shrugs his shoulders as he takes a drink, "Dunno. He was uptight at Christmas, none of us are against him. He's a bit too stuck on the Ministry I think. But he's all grown, his right to move out if he wants… and to be an overgrown prat."

"Well that explains it eh?" A grin from Charlie and he's taking another sip. He was close to making a hair crack, but it seems the younger Weasley out of this duo isn't saying much. Consider it-tongue bitten right there. "Bloody hell. He does realize dad works for the Ministry? I don't see what there is to be a git over." But then, Charlie's always been a more relaxed sort anyway- never one to take anything really too seriously, save his family and his job. "They give him a promotion or something?" and then he is quiet. "He ain't lordin' over dad is he?"

Bill shrugs his shoulders and drains his drink, pushing the empty cup aside. "Not that I know of, it's not so bad that we aren't speaking, but he did move out." Bill sees it as Percy's choice, and so long as he's not breaking mum's heart… "Well, while you've been flirting with dragons, there's been some serious stuff happening with the Ministry. Dad and I can get you up to speed on it all when mum's not listening. Percy seemed to be getting all full of himself about a few things, but I don't reckon he felt all was right.. but I'm not sure. He puts quite a bit of store in himself and the Ministry."

"Just doesn't bloody make sense for him to move out." Charlie adds with a sip of his beer before he's looking back to Bill. Indeed as long as Mum is alright, an Da too-well then he won't push on the matter any further than he already has. "So what have I missed-prophet doesn't come out to the eastern bloc that easy, and I'd rather not pay for the bloody post to get out there. All we know is that A minister was changed?" He knows there weren't any elections or appointments he was made aware of-at least nothing had come out as far as Romania-save that Fudge had been sacked for Umbridge.

"It's his call," Bill says as he turns around in his seat, looking at Charlie. "Fudge was ousted after letting Black get a trial, it was an utter fiasco. His undersecretary, Umbridge, had him hauled from office, took his place and she was a right nasty piece of work. She got confronted by a few people, and got all sorts of charges of breaking numerous laws. Got /herself/ arrested, and now Scrimgeour, former head of Auror office is minister. I think she's getting chucked to Azkaban soon if it hasn't already happened. There's a lot of other things, but we'll need to talk about that in privacy. Anyway, drink up, let's go surprise mum!"

Charlie nods, before he's blinking right there "Black got a trial, an Fudge is ousted for it?" A shake of his head all the same. And here he tought it was slightly bad over on the continent. This just sounds bloody ridiculous. "Wait, so Scrimgeour is the newest minister?" Yeah he only heard about Umberidge "This is just bloody insane mate-bloody bonkers." But, surprising mum? Yeah he'll drink up to that a raise of his glass "Cheers, Bill. Its bloody good t' be home." And down the hatch it rolls.

"Yeah, people didn't take kindly to it, didn't think he ought to have one. Even so, it got botched all the same." Bill can't hide the disgust to his tone about how things are being run. "Yeah, Rufus Scrimgeour. Seems fairly competent in the job. "I know, right?" he says sarcastically as he waits for his brother to finish his drink. "I'll help you get your stuff home, and hide while mum fusses over you."

Charlie shrugs "Its the law mate. Everyone gets trials.." Or so that's how the second Weasley tends to think. And there's a kiss of his teeth, silent agreement between the two brothers before he's nodding. "Right." that grin is back before he's done with his drink and slamming it loudly on the bar top. Okay, so maybe besides handling dragons-Charlie's been hitting the pubs and such when with his coworkers. "Yeah. I'll try to defend m' hair." A shake of his head as he is reaching for the duffle allowing for his brother to get the steamer "Brought all m' stuff with me…here's hopin Ron hasn't taken my room."

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