1994-09-17: Hide and Seek of Sorts


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Scene Title Hide and Seek of Sorts
Synopsis While Luna is hunting for the Nargles that took her shoes, she finds Julian instead. Ginny, Rene and Ella soon join them.
Date Sep 17th, 1994
Watch For First-year students hiding places - bullies, take note!
Chronology Nothing
Logger Young Miss Lovegood

[Fountain Courtyard

One of the most distinguishing features of this courtyard is the large fountain placed right in the center that bubbles merrily throughout the year. Surrounding the fountain are several stone benches which provide a spot for students to study, or for anyone else to just sit there and take in the sound of the water in the fountain. The walls of the courtyard are solid stone from the ground up to about three feet. After that, there's a line of columns that provide open spots and allow passage into other parts of the castle. Including passage into the entrance hall

There's a small spot in the corner of this courtyard that is shady, out of the way, and small. It's against the wall, surrounded by benches in a neat pattern. But the pattern misses a very small spot. On this warm afternoon, that's where Julian Legume can be found. He's grumbling to himself about something, quietly, and leaning his head against the wall.

Luna had been in the courtyard, herself, for the past few minutes or so. The shrinking potion, by now, was easing up on the effects upon the girl a bit… not that she ever seemed bothered by being smaller. In fact, the prospect seemed to interest her. Regardless, the time that Luna had spent in the courtyard was not spent idly - well, to the average person, her behavior might seem as such, if a little peculiar. She was examining the inside walls of the courtyard rather thoroughly, but every so often she would just stop - freezing for about fifteen seconds or so before she would start again. Unfortunately for Julian, her movements bring her right into that little nook he was in. Shuffling into his view at first, Luna then pauses, holding her breath as she looks out of the corner of her eye at the young Slytherin. She doesn't say a word. Or even breathe.

Julian finishes a muttered tirade and looks up from his small alcove betwixt benches and wall and shade. "Aaah!" Cue one startled, small Slytherin. He gazes at the girl for a long moment, then scowls at her. "Lovegood." He does remember her name from class. "You scared me."

Luna doesn't move. She does take a shallow little breath, however, still looking towards Julian out of the corner of her eye. Well… Luna at least ~tries~ not to move. A little smile tugs up the corner of her lips as a moment of silence lingers after what Julian says. She draws another breath, though, and leans away from the slight crack in the wall she had paused in front of, and whispers, so soft he would have to really listen to pick up what she was saying, "Yes. You are from my class, right?" she asks. One might now notice there was something like a broken sneakoscope in her left hand, festooned with… a bit of old leather and butterbeer corks, that she draws over the crack in the wall.

Ginny has settled herself on the lip of the fountain, her bag on her lap and a few books settled around her. She is making notes with a quill on a sheet of paper, her lip caught between her teeth. When she hears Julian squawk, she turns around so she can see the source of the noise, raising an eyebrow. "Luna? Are you terrorizing the firstie?"

If anything, Bean could be the one terrorizing Luna. He's small, but fierce. He purses his lips and nods. "Yeah. You're the one spinning the glass cube around like a disco ball." He doesn't really care if no one knows what a disco ball is. Ginny gets a scowl thrown her direction, though she probably won't see it, since he's 'hiding.'

Ginny grins at Luna, though she was hardly mocking the other girl. No, Ginny found Luna to be a breath of fresh air, and frankly wished more of her yearmates were like Luna. She gave the girl's sentence a ponder, then nodded. "You know, I wouldn't be surprised if they would be. They've got that whole.. shifty-looking thing going on, y'know?" Ginny twiddles her fingers expressively. "You might be on to something." She finally recognizes the aforementioned first year, and gives him a wave. "Hi, Bean."

The use of his preferred name calms Bean down a bit. "Hullo." He rolls his eyes at Luna's words, but doesn't mock her outright. "Yeah. S'bad enough being so small, then to have to deal with …" He grumbles a little. "My robes are pretty big on me before I shrunk." He sighs, and leans his head back against the wall. "Can't say I've ever seen a Nargle." He's not sure they exist, but he'll be polite for the moment.

Luna's smile takes on a bit of a bemused slant, her head canting just a touch to one side. A little bit of a sound that could be an airy giggle leaves her, and she nods her head. "I do not think a nargle has ever been caught - it is difficult to catch something that is invisible! Daddy is going to solve that though…" she says to Ginny. In spite of her excitement to tell those things to Ginny, she still pauses, and gives Julian what counts as her full attention - her eyes were in his general direction, even if they were a bit distant, when he speaks. "It isn't a bad thing, being so small, you know." she says.

Ginny nods her agreement at Luna's words. "Being small can be useful," she tells Julian. "You can get into all sorts of interesting places.. and sometimes people don't even see you, so you can listen to conversations.. and people underestimate you." Ginny has indeed had experience with being the small one.
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"JULIAN." Yoo-lee-ahn. It seems to change every time, out of uncertainty. It'll be hard for the other first year to not recognize that particular call, especially as it is the same thick pronunciation as Rene always uses. The blond suddenly appears, skirting hurriedly around the corner in the midst of a mission- which is a success- yet he jumps in surprise when he sees that his target is not wholly alone. "Oh." Hm. What was that about small people? Maybe you can call them unconsciously, Ginny! "Hello."

Of course, Julian recognizes that call. "Over here, Frenchie." He snickers, gaining some small joy in teasing his roommate. "Rene, have you heard of Nargles?" He asks his personal expert on the wizarding world. "Yeah, that's true. And it doesn't take too much food to stay alive, either." He pities the bigger boys who have to eat all the time.

Taking a step back, closer to the wall, Luna pokes a bit against the broken sneakoscope she wields, before tucking that into her robes. There is a pause where Luna is silent, lifting up her chin to stare at the newcomer. Not intimidatingly, (not intentionally, at least) but with a soft smile on her lips.

Ginny gathers her books and papers up, putting them into her bag after she corks the ink bottle. She slings her bag over her shoulder, then makes her way to the threesome, perching on a nearby bench. "Hello," she greets Rene with a warm smile.

Rene's shoulders wiggle just enough to make it recognizable as adjusting himself before stepping closer, eyes falling on Luna for a rather… thorough examination(and a weak smile back) before he looks back to Bean, nodding with a small smile to Ginny past him. "Ah, um. Nargles?" One eyebrow lifts silently. "…No. I'ave not."

"That's what I thought." Julian surmises, looking over at Rene while he scrutinzes the Ravenclaw girl. "So, did you come out here to find me for a reason, or just becasue you couldn't find me?" He laughs, realizing how stupid that sounded. "I mean, I'm not missing class or anything, am I?" He stretches his legs out, missing the benches by just a little. "This spot is almost perfect." He hasn't found another that fits as well yet.

"Well, I didn't come out to find you at all." Luna says, at first. Taking ahold of her too-loose robes, she draws them up to her ankles, and sticks her foot out. It was bare. "I came to take a look about for my shoes - the nargles are always stealing them, you see." she says, putting her foot back down, "You don't seem the sort that would miss a class on purpose, anyways - I'd imagine the teachers would know that too." A pause, and she looks to Rene. "That's not unheard of - nargles aren't very well-known in the wizarding world. Daddy and I are hoping to change that, you know."

Ginny lifts her bag off her shoulder and places it beside her, leaning back and propping her - shoe-clad - feet on the bench's seat. "What do your shoes look like, Luna? Maybe I can help you find them. Where were they before the nargles struck?"

Rene peers curiously at Luna for the moment, eyebrows knitting at her absence of shoes. They weren't stolen by… whatevers. Someone probably took them. After taking in the absurdity of Luna, and the passive understanding of Ginny, Rene finally turns to Bean with an honestly sheepish look. "Because I could not find you. I'eard someone talking about… well- some'ting about'ow zee first years would fit in zee toilets." Gotta look our for each other when you are the Ickle-est.

And there's Bean's good mood gone. Evaporated like a cloud. "Who was it this time," he grumbles to his friend. "I had three of 'em threaten to grab me and stick me to the top of the quidditch goal with a sticking charm…" He'd never heard of the thing before, really. "I stepped into one of those small alcoves. They just laughed and walked past." He rolls his eyes. "Can they even carry shoes?" This is directed at the third-years. "How big are they, anyway?" If you're going to invent creatures, better know how they look. Bean'll ask.

"Well, they were by my bed. I was afraid to put my necklace on them in case they stole something else, but… I suppose it has become a bit of a game between them and me, now, you see." Luna says, her tone drifting back to her normal. A wider smile touches her lips, "I always seem to find them up high, where you need a good charm to get them back down - but if they are working with the wrackspurts, they may have tried to tuck them into the cracks." she says. The two Slytherins draw her attention again, Luna looking to Rene for a moment, before glancing towards Julian. "I don't quite know how big they are - I've not seen one yet." she says.

"They're invisible," Ginny reminds the pair with a cheerful grin. She absently toys with a few strands of her hair, braiding and unbraiding them. The redhead puffs out her chest as the small pair talk about being bullied. "Who were they? What'd they look like? I'll show /them/ some sticking charms!"

"I don'know names. Irish, Scot-" Rene doesn't really care, as long as what they threaten doesn't happen. "I can'andle myself." He admits(And is probably quite right, actually), eyes going to Bean. But he can't. Hence, Rene's frantic and rather ungainly search for the other boy. "If I may- Luna, yes?" He addresses her directly, trying to look her in the face without getting disconcerted. "'Ave you tried putting a spare set of shoes not in your room? If zey follow you around- maybe- if you keep extras away in a hidden place outside zee tower?" See, he is trying. More than most, when it comes to Luna.

"I can, too!" Bean says, confidently, and with a little bit of frustration that his friend would suggest otherwise. "I got out of the way before they could do more than threaten." He's not going to complain about the safety found in numbers, however. Rene's suggestion about the shoes makes Bean start to laugh. He snickers, lowering his head down to rest on his arms, nearly bonking his slightly-larger-than-normal cranium on the bench near him.

Luna takes a small step from Ginny's side at her friend's sudden fieryness. It could be a bit overwhelming at times. The smile, however, undimmed, she looks from Ginny towards Rene, and cants her head a little bit to one side, "I suppose I could ask daddy for another pair of shoes… but it would be more frugal to try to keep the ones I have. He just has the magazine, you see." she says.

Ginny looks from dimunitive Bean to equally small Rene, a single red eyebrow raised. "Well.. I suppose I'll give you two a /chance/ to fend for yourself.. but as soon as it turns into more than threats, you come to me, okay? I'll take care of them." She nods firmly, as if that were that. Then she turns to Luna and smiles. "I have an extra pair in my trunk, if you end up not being able to find yours, Luna. I think we're about the same size, and if not, we can charm them to fit."

"Exactly. Extra shoes are not always bought." Rene smiles. "A multiplication spell would not be a bad idea either." See? He studies Ginny for a few moments, head tilting in question. "You are one of zee Weasleys." How astute. It is not a question, but not some sort of accusation. Just an observation. Why did he feel the need to vocalize? Hard to tell.
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"Shoes must not be valuable." Julian looks up to gaze at Rene, still snickering. "You can make more of 'em." He's referring to their transfiguration lesson. "Make four pair. Stick 'em in different corners, then, you'll know which way the nargles go." He snorts again. "What's a Weasley?" This might be another one of those stupid questions.

While Luna hasn't quite experienced the Weasley dislike the Slytherins had for them firsthand, she had seen enough of it to have an idea what was coming up. With her wand tucked behind her ear, Luna lifts a hand up to brush her hair over her shoulders. "That may be lovely, actually, Ginny. And you can have mine when we find them again - it'll be like trading them." she says, glancing towards Ginny then, observing her reaction. "I'm not quite sure that will work, Bean…" she says, her tone of voice getting a bit driftier than usual.
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Ella rushes in from the inside. looking around and seeing a large group of people. With a strong sense of curiosity she walks over and tries to integrate into the group. Once she is able to sneak into the conversation she starts acting like she was there the whole time, wondering if she can pull off making everyone making a double-take.

Ginny smiles at Luna, "That's that, then! Once we're done here, I'll go up to the Tower and get the shoes." She turns to Rene, then nods. "Yes. I am." She's ready to add 'and do you have a problem with that?', but waits until it's necessary to do so, if that happens. Ginny glances at the newly arrived Ella, raising an eyebrow at her. "Hello there."

Leaving planet Hogwarts, brb. "It is nice to meet you." Rene bows his head properly, glancing to each of them- where did Ella come from?- in turn. "I need to be off." He looks determinedly at Bean next, as he turns away to leave as swiftly as he had come. "Watch your back, Julian." For all us little guys!

It dawns on Bean rather belatedly as he watches Rene head back the way he came, that 'Weasley' is probably a surname. "How many of you are there?" He asks Ginny before waving to Rene. "Later, D'allemange. Don't get flushed!" He grins widely and then turns back to the girls. He'd caught Ella coming up, or at least isn't too shaken by her being there. It's his trick, after all. "Can't wait until this potion wears off. Hey, Ella." He greets his classmate with a nod.

Silently lifting up her fingers in a little wave to the departing Slytherin, Luna turns her head towards Ella as she appears. Smiling in greeting, her smile fades just a touch as she turns her attentions back towards Julian. Noting that his question was directed at Ginny, Luna turns her attention to her next, eyes flickering up to her. "That sounds lovely." she says, rather softly, before her attention slowly slips right back to Ella. "Did you enjoy Charms?" she asks the other girl.

Ella nods at everyone that greets her, and smiles as if she did just fool them, even though it was quite evident that she did not. "Hello everyone, what is going on here?" she asked quietly while glancing at everyone around her. Once she is asked about charms, though, she remembers her rouge feather and squeaks slightly. "Oh! Ginny I am sooo sorry about my feather, I just lost some concentration and it got it's mind of it's own or something. Besides that though, I liked charms today."

Ginny giggles at Ella's apology, lifting a hand. "Don't worry about it. No one was harmed," she reassures Ella. "At least your feather didn't explode," she adds helpfully. Then she grins at Luna. "I liked your spinning cube, Luna. I like levitating things."

When his question isn't answered, Julian shrugs, just deciding to listen to the girls chatter. He leans back against the wall and listens to the discussion of the class, hoping to learn more from hearing it talked about again. One never knows. He closes his eyes and exhales softly.

"I rather liked it too." Luna says, before leaning forward to whisper, "I didn't quite think it would earn points - I did it because I thought it would be pretty." she says, lifting both her eyebrows before straightening back up again. A pause. "Did you like Charms, Bean?" she asks, canting her head to one side, to look towards Bean rather owlishly.

Ginny glances at Bean, then blinks. "Oh! My family. There's me, Ron, Fred, George, Percy, Bill, and Charlie. And my parents." She grins at Bean. "I'm the youngest of the Weasleys." She catches a few words about Luna's whisper to Ella, though not all of them. Something about pretty points? Who knew, with Luna.

Julian whistles, looking up at Ginny. "That's a lot of kids." He stands up slowly, stretching, and nods to each of the girls. "I liked Charms okay. I liked getting points for floating my silly feather around." He rolls his eyes. "I can make it zoom around quite a bit now." Thank you for asking. "I'm going to go make it zoom around some more. Maybe catch an upperclassman in the ear." He snickers at the thought. Plausible deniability. "Later." And, Bean is off, maybe to go zoom a feather around again, maybe to do something else entirely.

"Goodbye." Luna says, in Julian's general direction. She straightens up some, and brings up the sneakoscope festooned with corks and leather again. "Do you think we should go get those shoes now, Ginny?" she asks the Weasely girl.

Ginny nods to Luna, beginning to gather up her things. She waves to Julian as he zips off, then again to Ella as she leaves as well. "That sounds like a good idea. Watch your step on the way there.. some of those cobblestones look a little jagged." Ginny eyes the stone ground, slinging her bag over a shoulder.

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