1995-02-10: Hey Mum, I'm home!


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Scene Title Hey Mum, I'm home!
Synopsis Bill transfers back to England. He decides to stay at the Burrow while he looks for a place. He tells his mother.
Location Burrow
Date Feb 10, 1995
Watch For Darn needles.
Logger Mum

Every day at the Burrow is busy, and today is no exception. Molly works on some old darning, setting the needles to stitching with a wave of her wand, keeping an eye on the progress, making sure that it's doing the job correctly. She readies the next pair of trousers and lays them down on the table.

Two months after a Christmas visit and returning back to work in Egypt, the eldest Weasley son shows back up at the Burrow. Instead of a simple bag packed for a vacation, he's got a drunk and a pair of heavy bags. One of the bags is carried over his shoulder, the other items are floating behind him. Just as with his visit, he's given no warning. Except for the quick note of conspiracy he owled to Ginny with some Valentine's chocolate. He takes a moment to look up at the home he grew up in, marveling at how quiet it is, before he decides to disrupt that peace.

By knocking on the door that is. The knock is mainly to let his mum know someone's about, then he opens the door and calls out, "Is the lady of the house home?"

Molly stirs and moves toward the door at the knock, then when Bill opens it, she fairly shrieks, flinging her arms around whatever part of him isn't laden down. "Oh! Bill!" She takes note of his bags, and frowns. "Did something happen, dear?" She releases him, clearly loath to do so, and gives him a beaming smile. "Well, I'm glad you're home. Your room is still there, though I think your father stuck a few things in there for storage. I can just move them over to Percy's room…" With the chicks leaving the nest, Arthur's tendency to collect Muggle things has grown slightly.

"OOF! MUM!" A bit of wind is knocked out of Bill as he's greeted enthusiastically. Grinning widely at his mother, the hug is returned. "What made you think I was here to stay?," he asks jokingly. "I noticed the stuff dad put in there." And the twins, but he won't say a word. "It's alright, not a big deal." His mum's given a kiss on the cheek as he untangles himself. The bag is set to the floor. As to his mother's question, "Yes and no. With everything going on here, I decided to put in for a transfer."

Molly gives a small frown. She had rather liked her eldest being out of the line of sight. "Well, it was a bit obvious, dear. You've brought all your things." She smiles, and looks over to check at the still-darning needles. "Oh, my." One of them has gotten a little tangled. She casts a finite on them, and moves to sit down to fix it. She gestures to another chair. "Do sit down for a moment or two, Bill. How was the trip home?" This sounds a bit familiar, but it's a happy routine that soothes them both.

Bill sends his things up to his room with a flick of his wand before following Molly. He takes a seat, stretching out his long legs as he settles in. "Uneventful actually. I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't have transferred, by the time it was all approved.." He shrugs and continues, "Umbridge was already out and Scrimgeour in." But he didn't turn around and go nevermind, so that says something. "Still, it's good to be back home. I'm going to miss Egypt, but maybe I'll go back someday."

Molly scowls at the mention of the former 'Acting Minister of Magic.' "That horrid woman. Did you hear what she did to that poor woman? And poor Remus!" She's already ranted a few times at Arthur in the privacy of their home about the situation. "I ought to see if he's doing well… Poor man…" Her voice trails off, and she returns to the present. "Well, I'm rather glad you missed it. I heard some interesting things about the arrest. Right in the middle of the Atrium at the Minstry! Your father could have been hit by a stray hex!" She doesn't honestly think that, but it's the Ministry of Magic! Where the Aurors work! "Well, as I said, dear, I'm glad you're home, at any rate." She smiles and reaches over to pat his shoulder. "Oh, dear me. Would you like a cuppa and some biscuits?" She's slacking.

"I heard some of it from friends with contacts in the Ministry," Bill says in guarded tones while frowning. "There's going to be some cleanup after all of this. The goblins are even more wary of wizards now. Fortunately I've got a good rapport with some." Which doesn't mean that they're all drinking chums, just that he's familiar with some. "Mum.. relax. Put your feet up, I know where everything is if I want it."

"Oh. Well…" That's a different attitude than some of her other children have, and Molly smiles at him, continuing to untangle the thread. "You're such a sweetheart. Just like your father." She listens to his comments about the goblins, and nods. "I know. Arthur — well, your father — has been hearing things off and on, as you know, and it is quite worrisome. At least they've cleared up that mess with Sirius Black, his lawyer and the Noble boy. That was awful." She hates the thought of someone being falsely accused, and even more so by the people who are in charge of their justice system. She tears the thread on her teeth with an expert motion and ties it back to the untangled portion. Soon enough, the needle is going again. "Are those goblins hard to … get along with, dear?" She is a little curious, and she's slowly realizing that her son is an adult.

"Muuum.. you're gonna make me blush," Bill says in all seriousness, which may or may not be feigned. "It's hard to work at the Ministry and /not/ hear things." Even for those employees who bury their head in the sand. "All I know about Scrimgeour is that he's been a pretty fair head of the Auror division and is competent." The tone of that sentence is clearly a wait and see one. He pushes up from his seat, intending on fetching tea for his mother. She's got her mending to work with, and deserves being pampered now and again. "Goblins? Not really. You just have to get past the species differences, and understand that they have a completely different mindset than us."

Molly smiles. "Well, it's true, dear." She pats him again, and then turns to watch the needles. "Oh, I know. They're almost as gossipy as old women in that building, I think. Someone must catch those memos and record them all for the building's gossips." She rolls her eyes. "Well, I have always wondered about that, since they are so good at taking care of our funds for us. We tend to just go on and forget them. It would serve us right to…" She purses her lips, not even needing to mention bloody goblin rebellions. "Well." She stops the needles abruptly and stands up. "It is nearly time for me to start supper. Your father will be home soon, dear, and I need to have it ready. Anything you're hungry for specifically? If we've got it, dear…" She begins to look through the cupboards.

"There are some areas where we have a legitimate disagreement with how they handle things. Namely objects that goblins made and wizards purchased. It's all frustrating on the surface, but is interesting with more contact." Bill follows after Molly into the kitchen, intending to help out. "Goblins are crafty, and we should stay on our toes with them." And that's from someone who's on fairly friendly terms with goblins. "Nah, just make what you were gonna make, and I'll give you a hand." He even rolls up his sleeves.

Molly starts to grab various things from the cooled cubpoard and the others, and smiles brightly. "Well, dear, then we'll just…" She gestures to the leftover roast, potatoes and vegetables. "We'll just do something with this. It ought to be enough." For just the three of them, especially since Bill's eating has probably tapered off since he's gotten a little older. "And, we'll mix up a pudding. If you like, you can start slicing up the roast, and we'll bake it with …" And she's off and running, grateful to have her first helper back beside her.

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