1995-05-14: Hero Worship


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Scene Title Oh my god! He talked to /me/!
Synopsis Fred talked to Sirius about the map, you know, that map.
Location Outside the Hospital Wing
Date May 14, 1995
Watch For Drool and threats to Harry's life.
Logger Fred the Red Weasley

The kids are settled back into the hospital wing, and Pomfrey's not pleased at all about the disappearance and reappearance of her patients. Sirius of course was given an earful. Oh yes, Pomfrey remembers his rapscallion behavior from his youth, don't you play innocent with me, Black! At any rate, messages have been sent off to Dumbledore, Remus and other Order members that all is well, the kids are accounted for, and someone please for pete's sake, LOCK UP THE DEVICE.

Robes billowing about him, Sirius exits the hospital wing, and heads towards the grand staircase. A look is tossed towards the trophy room, the armor gallery, and a faint wistful expression takes hold. Wistfulness mingled with sadness. Oh how many times had he and James been sent to those rooms to polish items by hand as punishment..

Out from the hospital wing heads Fred Weasley with a quick, "Wait…" said as he follows Sirius Black, don't make him chase Black, he will! the red head is still in two small red PJs having not wanted to wear his new /green/ ones.

Sirius's steps slow to a halt, hearing Fred call after him. He stops and turns to face the twin, "Hmm?" Shaken from his little trip down memory lane, his expression is quizzical at the Weasley boy chasing him down.

"Looks I know there are much more important thing at hand right now but honestly are you really /the/ Padfoot?" He says this all a touch on the quickened side and peers at the man quizzically himself, "Cause I mean blimey!" He finally catches up with Mr. Black.

"Oh, is that what this is about?" Sirius asks, sounding just a touch bored, if amused. "I suppose, if I refuse to answer, you'll just keep asking, correct?" He slips his hands into the pockets of his robes, moving to lean up against the corridor wall.

Looking a touch taken back Fred raises an eyebrow and brushes hair back from his face, "Well sorry…" He starts and then shakes his head, best not to insult on of the greatest wizards of their times, "Stop asking if you put a silencio on me, but otherwise I'm told I'm a tad bit prattish in my quests." He admits and grins crookedly towards Black adding, "Not that I want to bother you…" Oh no best not bother Padfoot.

Sirius leans casually against the wall and laughs. "Keep your shorts on. Yes, I am /the/ Padfoot from the map." He makes sure to keep his voice down, so that it doesn't echo up and down the whole bloody corridor. "I'm amazed someone found the map and figured it out. Not to sound too full of myself, or my friends, but we did do quite an excellent job on creating the map. Filch took it from us in our later years, not realizing just exactly what it was."

Grinning at the sutto praise Fred leans against the opposite wall from Sirius, "Well took George and I our whole first year to figure the bloody thing out. Brilliant really." He tacks the ends on with a wistful look of longing, "But as I said, nicked it from Filch. Don't think he's left us alone in his office since then actually." Fred smiles brightly, "But wow…honestly, you and Lupin? Would have never thought sorry." He doesn't use the Professor title for the werewolf.

Sirius laughs a little. "Worked that one out already then did you?" Anyone who sees the nicknames, and knew a little of their exploits.. well.. it doesn't take much thought on that. "Filch always was a bit on the slow side, but he can be right nasty. It was always fun, working up new ways to foil him. I'm half tempted to leave a mess downstairs for him to clean up before I leave. Just for old time's sake." A wink is given at Fred before he sighs softly, "It's rather fitting and only right for Harry to wind up with the map. I've a feeling if Filch hadn't of taken it, we'd of found a way to pass it on to him somehow."

Fred chuckles lightly at Sirius and nods his head, "Yeah…well Angelina helped me of course. She's always brill." Such praise for the hidden girlfriend. Raising an eyebrow he asks, "Harry? Well he needed it and me and George didn't, why would he be fitting for the map." Of course Fred doesn't know who Prongs is.

"Ah yes, Remus did spill a bit to Miss Johnson. Rather chatty of him, I thought," Sirius states with a faint smile. "Mmmm… yes.. Despite the fact that I was on the loose, and everyone thought I was after Harry.. blimey. I thought you were a bit quick on the draw, Weasley." Now he's outright teasing Fred before saying, "Harry's father was my best friend, and one of the map's authors."

Fred ponders this and then his mouth forms an oh, "Wait if Ron's rat was that blimey bastard then Harry dad was Prongs. Brilliant! Then even more glad we gave it to him now, may want to off the kid for dating my sis but he's alright." He adds, "I never said that if Gin asks." Gotta be sure the little sister's boyfriend is not approved off, "Honestly…just wow."

Sirius's brows lift in a vague warning. "Don't even try," he says and there's an edge to his words. Even if Fred's joking.. harming a hair on Harry's head is off limits. "I think he's a bit young to be dating, but he deserves some happiness." Besides, better Harry Potter than some little git, right? "But, correct. The nicknames didn't come out at my trial, but our rule breaking as underaged and unregistered animagi came to light."

Fred chuckles and shakes his head at Sirius, "Oh nah I like the kid. Good sort, bastardy relatively of course…well except for you I guess. Wouldn't have broke him out of there if I disliked the bloke." He shrugs and looks a touch to gleeful, "Just never thought I'd see the day I met a Marauder. Angelina's all angry I never told her about the map but it was worth it! Totally worth it."

Sirius doesn't think Fred would ever /hurt/ Harry. It's just.. nothing personal. Sirius is rather touchy and protective over the boy and with good reason. "Good thing you didn't tell too many about the map. It was never really meant to be.. well.. it was to be our little secret." He pushes off from the wall, "Best get on back inside. I've got things to return to myself. Just.. no more traipsing off with invented devices, hmm?"

Fred rolls his eyes at this and nods his head to Sirius, "Yep was just me and George's secret. Only person we told was Harry, and now Angelina." He adds her cause she does know, or she'd kill him, "And yeah no more green voids, no sir, nothing like that soon promise. And all I was trying to do was bring a girl on a picnic, life ain't fair."

"No.. no it's not fair." Sirius says as he turns and walks off down the hall. Life's not fair. Even for something so simple as wanting to take a girl to a picnic.

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