1995-04-10: Herding Cats


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Scene Title Herding Cats
Synopsis An animal gets spooked. We can't imagine why.
Location Hogwarts - Great Hall
Date April 10, 1995
Watch For Melissa's idea of normalcy
Logger Egbert

Melissa nods. "That's certainly true," she answers. "But of course there's more to do here than just reading…"

Gabriel nods quickly in agreement, and says, "Yeah! There's been a lot going on here that's more fun than back home too. I can't wait for next year, hope there's an opening on the Quidditch team." He's sitting by Melissa at the Ravenclaw table, a rolled up parchment and a closed textbook beside him, but his attention seems to be on the conversation.

Egbert is running flat-out as he enters the Great Hall, preceded by a blur of light grey fur darting past chair and student legs alike. "Excuse me, pardon me," he calls out, dodging around others at a rapid clip, before finally coming to a halt next to the Slytherin table, hands on knees as he bends over to catch his breath. "I think he's hiding down there," he offers to the thin gazes looking down on him.

Melissa grins. "Me too actually," she says, looking up at the simulated sky. "I don't know how I'd do, but it'd be fun to try at least once."

Gabriel smiles and says, "My dad started teaching me to play when I was six. Dunno if I'm good enough for the team, though, but hope I am. My dad was a Chaser for Puddlemere." He looks up then at the running Egbert, and stands up to try to see what's going on. He asks the older boy, "What're you chasing? Cat?" He moves then to look under the tables.

"Yeah," Egbert calls out, already crawling underneath the table to retrieve the animal. "Got spooked by something, I didn't see what." He draws back again with the shorthair cradled in his arms, straightening up and heading back toward an open area.

Melissa stands and follows Gabriel to the Slytherin table. "Oh, hi Egbert," she says with a nice smile. "I have a cat at home, I'm fairly good with them…"

Gabriel grins and says, with a bit of a laugh, "Around here, could be anything! My cat just about goes nuts whenever anybody plays exploding snap in the common room." He steps so he can get a view of the cat curiously.

With the cat settled, Egbert looks first to Melissa, returning the smile brightly, then nodding to Gabriel as well. "Filch goes nuts over exploding snap, too, he says he's worried about Mrs. Norris but I think he just wants an excuse to yell at us."

Melissa nods. "Yeah… but I don't like it that much anyway so I don't mind if it's not allowed," she says. She's had enough of Things Blowing Up for a while. "So how've you been?" she asks Egbert.

Gabriel blinks at Egbert's words and says, "Really? I'll make sure to only play it in our common room then. He's scary enough yelling at other people." Then he adds, "Rather have him mad at me than Professor Moody, though."

Egbert shakes his head. "Moody's scary even when he isn't mad. Me— I've been busy, of course, but keeping up. If only just. What about you two?" He looks at Gabriel with that sort of Oh Yeah That Guy Over There expression - there are enough students, and enough things to keep busy with, that it can easily take a while to get to know everyone.

"I've been fine," Melissa answers, "not too much going on… haven't been turned into anything strange recently."

Gabriel answers, "I'm doing alright too. I can't wait for Easter holiday, my mum's staying in London for the holiday so I'll be able to visit both her and dad." Then he adds, "I'm keeping up fine here, just finished all the homework I was behind on."

Melissa nods, then realizes something. "Oh right, I was done too… we should go do something together, the three of us," she says, looking between the two boys. "But what? Do you have any ideas, Egbert?" she asks.

Egbert grins at Melissa. "Not since last week? Shame about Longbottom, hope they got him fixed up quickly…" He scratches his head. "Could always see if the Quidditch pitch is open? I'm just staying here for Easter so I was thinking of getting some more flying practice." His home is further away. And is going to be all awkward when he does go back.

Gabriel grins at the idea of checking the Quidditch pitch, but then hesitate, "Think they'd let us practice with school brooms?" Then he says, "Oh, I gotta go write a letter to my mum first, see if I can use a school owl. I'll come by after?"

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