1994-12-12: Heated Discussions


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Scene Title Heated Discussions
Synopsis Ron and Hermione get into a fight over the Yule Ball.
Location Greenhouses, Hogwarts
Date December 12, 1994
Watch For How loud the voices get. An appearance of a certain Weasley!
Logger Ginny

After already having escaped from the travesty of Fred and George and everyone taking a good old laugh about Ron and Luna. Or, enjoying the whole scene of Ron and Luna going to the ball together. For some reason, while Hermione may look more grown up, she certainly doesn't feel it. Thinking about Ron and Luna going to the ball together for some reason just roils her. Especially since Ron seemed to be more embarrassed by it than anything else. Storming into the Greenhouses, thinking it would be a safe place to calm down, she wraps her arms around herself and glares at the dangerous plants that furl and unfurl pleasantly in the sunlight.

The Greenhouses isn't exactly a safe place for Hermione to storm to. When Ron made his getaway, slipping away from the crowd unnoticed, the easiest and quickest place to get to was the Greenhouses. It just so happens he's in the same exact one Hermione storms into, and when she does, he scrambles to his feet quickly. "Sorry, sorry!" he says, thinking it's a Professor come to scold him and dock points (which he's done so well on avoiding.) Noticing who it is however, he frowns, brow creasing. "Oi!" he says, taking a few steps forward towards Hermione. "What were you out there glaring at me for, anyway?" he says, an accusing tone in his voice.

It's too late for Hermione to realize that her escape plan may not have been the best thought out. But, when she swings around to trap Ron in her gaze, she stares at Ron and doesn't want to hear his accusing tone. "Why are you yelling at me? Why aren't you out there with Luna?" Not exactly on the defensive, she's just as accusing. She doesn't like to be yelled at when she feels like she's the injured party here.

"Why aren't I out there with Luna?" Ron repeats incredulously, shaking his head at Hermione. "What does that matter? She's loony, anyway, and besides why are you so upset about it? You're going to the ball with Danny, good ol charming Danny." It seems someone's feelings about that particular situation are rising to the surface.

"Wh—-you're the one going to the Ball with her!" Hermione tells him, just as incredulously, point out the windows toward where they were just standing before. "You're the one that fancies her!" And at the mention and sarcasm about Danny rise to the surface, she just glowers at him. "And don't talk about Danny like that!"

"Honestly? HONESTLY?" Ron says, staring wide-eyed at Hermione. "Fancy her?! George did that! He said that I didn't have a date and that I fancied her, I never said anything of the sort, I didn't even actually ASK her to the ball! Do you think if I had fancied her that I would have asked you to the ball? Or were you too busy thinking about DANNY to figure that out?" he says, voice still dripping with sarcasm when he says Danny's name.

Flushing a bright pink, Hermione lets Ron have his say, though by the end she's practically bursting with anger. "YES honestly! You said you asked her to the Ball! Everyone said that you asked her to the ball! So pardon me if I thought that they were correct. And if you didn't ask her, then why're you going with her?" Glaring, she just points a finger at him. "I said to not talk about Danny like that! I don't know what you mean, when you ask me to the Ball, Ronald! It seems like your invitations don't actually mean anything, if poor Luna is any example!"

"Everyone said that because that stupid git of a brother I have kept telling everyone that I asked her! I never said I fancied her, I never asked her to go with me, all I said was that I didn't have a date for the ball because that was the one thing that was actually TRUE!" Ron says, clearly out of the breath by the time he finishes his little rant. He's not done, however, not by a long shot, and he takes another deep breath to have another round. "And I'm going with her because I don't have anyone else to go with and the one person I DID want to go with is going with someone ELSE!"

"Then maybe you should speak for yourself rather than let your brothers speak for you!" Really, Hermione will tell herself that she's angry at Ron for Luna's sake, even if it's not entirely the truth. "And if yo really wanted to go with me, then maybe you shouldn't have ignored me for a week and then waited till the last moment to ask me! I know other boys other than you and Harry, you know!"

"Well I would speak for myself but they didn't give me much of a chance, did they, and I would rather go with Luna then Millicent Bulstrode or something like that!" Crossing his arms, Ron glares at Hermione, and then he shakes his head. "So I waited a week, that's not that long, there was plenty of time before the ball! And besides, if you know other boys, then you should realize that I know other girls, too, SO WHY ARE YOU SO UPSET THAT I'M GOING WITH LUNA?" Ron shouts, abandoning all pretense and just yelling at this point.

Though, of course, Hermione knows that it's hard to get a word in edgewise when George and Fred have their mind set on anything. "Because it's degrading!" Hermione tells Ron. And, while that's true, it's also not the entire truth. "Poor Luna! Who thinks that you fancy her and is excited to go to the Ball and you're upset and yelling at me! How am I supposed to know when you're not just humoring me or anyone else any more!" Matching Ron's temperament, she starts yelling right back at him.

"That's not fair and you know it!" Ron says, pointing a finger out of the window in the direction of the courtyard. "It's not my fault she thinks that, if anything, you should be made at Fred and George for leading her on!" He pauses for a moment, considering her words, which do carry some weight about leading Luna on. He isn't about to let her win, though. "For all you know I was going to talk to her later and tell her what was going on! So don't you accuse me of leading her on or humoring you or whatever! AND BESIDES!" he says with renewed vigor, as if something just occured to him, "you were out there glaring at me before you even KNEW what really happened and that I didn't fancy Luna, so don't tell me that's what this is about!"

"But you didn't! You just ran away!" Hermione points right back in the same direction, dust rising a bit off of her robes. She's in the right here. She's sure of it. "And I was glaring because I know you don't fancy her and you're just leading her on. The poor girl doesn't even know that nargles aren't real. Don't treat me like some random girl that doesn't know you, Ron! You're just upset because I told Danny that I'd go to the Ball with him before you could even work up the nerve to ask me! So don't push this all off like it's my fault!"

"WELL WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE!" Ron says, throwing his hands up into the air. "You don't know what it was like! Sitting there while everyone was congratulating me and being happy that I asked someone to ball EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T ASK! And I didn't want to tell Luna right there with everyone watching that I didn't fancy her and hurt her feelings in front of all those people, so don't accuse me of just leading her on! If you're going to accuse me of anything accuse me of not hurting her, but I guess you wouldn't know much about that, since apparently I'm so upset about you going with Danny and you don't even seem to care about that! So don't talk to me about not caring about someone's feelings!"

It's easier for Hermione to be all high and mighty when not faced with the facts. So, instead, she just glares ever more angrily at Ron. "I DON'T KNOW, RONALD. I'm not the one that was goaded into asking out someone I didn't want to go with!" Crossing her arms in front of her again, she retorts, "What do you know about caring about anyone!" It's a childish comment coming from someone who looks older, but she really is still a fourteen year old girl. Not wanting to take any more of his accusations, she just pushes roughly past him, tears clear in her eyes.

"I wasn't goaded, they basically asked her for me, and I didn't have a chance to say ANYTHING!" Ron retorts, crossing his own arms over his chest in a mirror image of Hermione. He doesn't get anything else out, though, because next thing he knows Hermione is pushing past him, and there's no missing the tears in her eyes. "Hermione!" he says, but his voice is quiet when he does— no chance she can hear him. Smacking away a vine of Venomous Tentacula that's been inching its way towards him, Ron turns back to the empty greenhouse, muttering under his breath and aiming a kick at a nearby plant. If anything, he feels even worse than before.

Ginny makes her appearance then. She'd gone all over the grounds looking for Hermione, searching high and low until finally she'd gotten a tip from another student who'd seen Hermione heading for the greenhouses. Catching the tail end of the heated, er, 'discussion', Ginny is there when Hermione comes storming out of the greenhouse.

As Hermione storms out of the Greenhouse, it's hard for her to miss the bright red hair that marks her friend Ginny. Not stopping, however, she just makes a grab for her hand to lead her away from the Greenhouses and away from Ron's accusing voice. "He's…he's just horrible. I don't know how you can stand him," she replies, rubbing at the tears in her eyes.

"He's my brother, I'm kind of stuck with him for all eternity," Ginny says, her voice a touch wry. She lets herself be pulled away, trotting a little to keep up. It seemed the aging potion had made Hermione's legs longer. "Do you want to go see if there's any food still in the Great Hall? Maybe some chocolate?"

"I know." Shaking her head to try and clear it of the tears, the Gryffindor finally starts to slow down once they're sort of out of range of Ron. Or as far away as Hermione deems safe from him. "No. I'm not hungry. I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me." Finally coming to a stop, she angrily rubs at her eyes again.

Ginny pats her friend's arm with her free hand. "Don't apologize. It's okay. How about we go see the giant squid, and pretend we're feeding it Ron's internal organs?" This is asked in a rather cheerful, encouraging voice.

At that, Hermione laughs, though it's muffled a bit by her sleeve. Ginny never fails to cheer her up. "That would be too good for Ron. We should go into the Forest and feed him to the giant spider that lives there." Just knowing how much he hates spiders, that should show how angry she is at him.

Ginny chuckles a little, her hand going to rub Hermione's back in smooth circles, the way she'd seen her mother do. "Or we could get some of its babies, the spiders the size of, oh, a pumpkin, and put it in Ron's bed." She suggests, still in that cheerful voice. "Have it spin a great big web all over the canopy."

The older Gryffindor - and not just by looks - takes a deep breath to steady herself and smiles at her friend, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Thanks, Gin. The image of Ron screaming like a girl when he sees that and then fainting dead away does make me feel better." It's not cruel if the boy deserves it. "Let's talk about something else. Something not aggravating. I've heard a surprising room about you and a certain messy haired wizard with the words Yule Ball involved."

Ginny pinkens at the mention of Harry, shuffling her feet. "Um. Yes. He…" Ginny stops for air, taking it in with a noisy whoosh. ".. asked me. To go." As if this weren't already obvious, she clarifies, "With him." Her brown eyes dart around nervously.

It's good to talk about something other than Ron and their fight. Genuinely happy for Ginny and Harry, she smiles and clasps Ginny's hands in hers. "That's wonderful, Ginny! I think the two of you will have a lot of fun together. How did he ask?" Because, really, that's important.

Ginny grins, seeming to be quite pleased with being a distraction. "Well, we were in the Common Room together, it was really late at night, and we chatted for a little while, and then we came around to the dance, and he said he'd been thinking of asking me. He was /really/ cute, too."

There's a grin. "I bet he was. Danny was nervous at first when he asked me. But then we got back onto the topic of Arithmancy and it was back to normal again." Hermione starts leading Ginny back toward the castle and Gryffindor Tower. "Come on, let's talk about this somewhere more private."

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