Hattie Langley
Portrayed By AnnaSophia Robb
House Gryffindor
Year Firstie!
Position Student
Sex Female
Race Human
Age 11
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth 6 November, 1983
Mother Arabella Langley
Father Leighton Langley
Siblings Chelsea, Lenore, Felicia, Ethan, Nicholas
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History

Harriet Langley was born to Arabella and Leighton Langley, a pureblooded witch and Muggle-born wizard, as the last of six children, and a bit of a surprise to her parents, who had thought they were done with babies after their fifth, born some five years previous.

Still, their family made enough to get by running a travel agency out of Diagon Alley called Terrortours, offering "action holidays for the wizard family with a sense of adventure!" With the small, two-storey flat above included with the cost of the shop, they did well enough to raise the six kids comfortably, albeit without a lot of money for extras.

Life itself was something of an adventure with a family in that line of work. Most of the business simply involved making arrangements and booking them, but at least a few times a year, the entire clan would pack up their things and set out to test-drive new offerings and locales. With their parents so busy with work, the kids became very good at looking out for themselves and one another, able to get themselves packed and out the door in a moment's notice.

Being the baby of the bunch, Hattie never really had to worry about this responsibility too much. As she grew a little older, it became her job to be the "good-looker", tasked with the responsibility of giving the place a final sweep before they'd leave, to make sure no one had forgotten anything under the bed or in the back of a drawer. Though it was really only assigned to her as a joke, and a method of keeping her out of the way while the older kids packed, she actually became quite good at the job, and more than once, she saved her family from forgetting some small but cherished item on a trip.

When not travelling, most of Hattie's young life was spent helping out in the shop or tagging along after her brothers and sisters, always trying to keep up. Waitforme became her unofficial and most hated nickname, so bestowed upon her by her siblings because it was pretty much her rallying cry.

Whether because of the Muggle blood that they share, or simply due to chance, Hattie's next oldest sister turned out to be a squib. Hattie doesn't really know Felicia too well, though she has it on good authority from her brothers that the sister is a bit of a prat, though thoughts are divided upon whether or not that's because of her squib nature or just because. When no letter turned up for Felicia at age eleven, Hattie's older sister went to stay with her Muggle grandparents and attended a London day school. She's now attending university with thoughts of becoming a barrister and doesn't visit home very often.

When her older sister turned out to be a squib, Hattie became quite worried that she'd end up one too, and so it was with an absolute excess of joy that the young girl received her Hogwarts letter this summer. Having heard from her siblings all about the Houses, she'd decided she wanted to be in Gryffindor, and spent the entire holiday acting especially brave and bold, in the hopes that the effort might sway the Sorting Hat. Whether it was thanks to her efforts, or simply a natural fit, Hattie got her wish, and the Hat put her into Gryffindor after just a bit of deliberation between it and Hufflepuff.


When heading towards a goal, Hattie is tireless and, while not unafraid, unwilling to let fear slow her down or stop her. She's tough for a child her age, from having to keep up with so many much older brothers and sisters, and not wanting to ever been seen as weak or 'the baby'. However, perseverance quickly turns to stubbornness and even downright pigheadedness when faced with something she can't or shouldn't do. Daring and unable to admit weakness, she will push herself well beyond her limits, getting herself injured or into danger.

She's also a font of bubbly energy, extremely good-hearted, and takes on the world headfirst, with a grin and a cheer. But her endless energy tends to be scattered, and is seldom directed towards her schoolwork, and she has trouble sitting still in class or long enough to complete her lessons properly. And sometimes she is so chipper, people may wish to shove her off the Astronomy Tower, especially first thing in the morning.

Other Information

  • Pet: A huge Shelley's eagle-owl named Melchior.
  • Wand: A 14" hard wand made of hornbeam with a phoenix tail feather core.
  • Patronus: Dragonfly (purity, living life to the fullest, courage, strength, happiness, swiftness)
  • Electives: None yet.
  • Best Class: Transfiguration
  • Worst Class: History of Magic


The pre-teen has a round face and large hazel eyes. Her hair is a light blonde, worn to chin-length and parted on one side. It tends to end up in a bit of disarray if she isn't careful to keep it brushed, which is often the case. She is short for her age, but though tiny, she is athletic and strong for her size.

She wears a standard Hogwarts uniform, new, but a half-size too big and clearly meant for the munchkin to 'grow into'. By her first class of the day, her robes are usually marked with some crumbs and spots from breakfast, but she seldom seems to notice.

Logs & Events

Significant People

  • Arabella Langley - mother
  • Leighton Langley - father
  • siblings:
    • Chelsea
    • Lenore
    • Felicia (squib)
    • Ethan (7th Year)
    • Nicholas (6th Year Gryffindor)

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