Harry Potter
Portrayed By Daniel Radcliff
House Gryffindor
Year 5th
Position Student
Sex M
Race Half-Blood
Age 14
Place of Birth Godric's Hollow
Date of Birth 31 Jul 1980
First Appearance Revenge of the Gnomes
Last Appearance

Character History:

I suppose it all started that fateful evening in Godric's Hollow. The evening that young Mister Potter received the protection of love from his mother's sacrifice. A protection that moments later cause Lord Voldemort's Avada Kedavaera curse to backfire and reduce the evil wizard to a mere shadow. It wasn't until 11 years later that we see Harry's next high point, thoug how high one can consider having to endure Dudley and Piers in a muggle automobile enroute to the zoo as a high point is beyond me, but Harry was overjoyed to be allowed to visit the zoo that day. There were also the incidents of random magic that surprised Harry, like the regrowing of his hair after Petunia cut it so badly. Or the time he ended up on the roof of the school. The meeting with Hagrid proved to be the next in a series of high points in Harry's life, starting with the sausages that Hagrid had offered him. Followed by the opening of the letter which he was finally able to receive properly, and the subsequent trip through London, Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts Express.

From there, the Sorting Ceremony in which he was sorted into Gryffindor is probably the most memorable event, though becoming the youngest Seeker in a century, as a first year, and getting a Nimbus 2000 may rank up there as well. Following all that excitement, the Halloween Troll provided Harry and Ron their first points for Gryffindor. There was also his first Quidditch match, a game he won by an ingenious catch of the Golden Snitch. And then, there was the Mirror of Erised (Desire), which to Harry's surprise allowed him to see his parents and family for the first time in his life, which Harry managed to find aided by the invisibility cloak he received for Christmas. It was previously his father's. Another high point, to round out his first year, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, ingeniously managed to unravel the plot of the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry single-handedly prevented Voldemort from obtaining it.

Over the summer, Harry was rescured from the Dursley's by Ron and his brothers using their father's flying Ford Anglia, a welcome surprise and relief. Spending the summer at the Weasley's was quite an adventure, Quidditch practice, degnoming, etc, all cumulating in one of the best summers Harry'd had in as long as he can remember. But then it was back to school, and though his second year was his hardest so far, Harry managed to make it through, once again coming face to face with Voldemort (this time in a younger form) and repelling the Dark Lord back again. And then it was back to the Dursley's, a time which Harry dreaded, though receiving birthday gifts from Ron and Hermione brought a welcome change to that.

Summer would improve as Harry, despite all the trouble with Aunt Marge, spends the last two weeks free to roam Diagon Alley. From there it was back to Hogwarts for this third year, a year that would prove to be the darkest to date. But there were moments that made him happy. Among these first are the practical DADA lessons, which proved far more interesting than just the textbook lessons from previous teachers. There was also the lessons in learning to cast the Patronus charm that would allow him to resist the Dementors a bit better. Oh, and the Marauder's Map, let's not forget that. One of the most important tools, aside from his invisibility cloak, that allowed Harry to make it out to Hogsmeade against school rules where he enjoyed his first taste of hot butterbeer. Following the trip to Hogsmeade, there was Christmas, and the arrival of the Firebolt, a broomstick Harry was amazed to have been given, which would shortly be confiscated by Professor McGonagall for testing to ensure it was jinx-free. The year was rounded out by helping save Sirius, his godfather, from a Dementor's Kiss (with the help of Hermione and Buckbeak, of course). And so Harry's third year ended, but the best news was yet to come as a tiny owl bearing a letter from Sirius arrived on the train. A letter in which is godfather has granted him permission to visit Hogsmeade next year. It wasn't the same as he felt when there was the chance to go live with Sirius, but it was still a good feeling nonetheless.

Other Information

Person Description
Ginny_icon.gif Ginny Weasley Harry's known her since his second year, when he had to save her from the clutches of Voldemort's younger image, Tom Riddle. He hadn't really thought much of it until the Yule Ball was announced and he decided to ask her. After the Ball, and the sharing of a kiss, young Harry's starting to think there might be something else there.
Hermione_icon.gif Hermione Granger Best friend, Know-It-All, and member of the Trio. Hermione has saved Harry's butt more times than he can count and he would trust her with his life.
Ron_icon.gif Ron Weasley Best friend, and the other third of the Trio.
Dumbledore_icon.gif Albus Dumbledore Dumbledore has been there for Harry ever since he started Hogwarts. Both as a guide and mentor and support. Harry would do anything Dumbledore asks.
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