Harassment Policy

HP:ITF is intended to be a space where a group of mature, reasonable adults can come to enjoy the shared hobby of cooperative storytelling. In order for that intention to be realized, there is a certain level of civility that we require from our community.

'Be Excellent to One Another' is a personal favorite and a great maxim to keep in mind when interacting with players and staff, but we understand that no group larger than two or three people will have perfect mesh at all times. Some people do not and will never get along - and that's okay.

  1. Any player has the right to request a fade to black at any time, for any reason. This does not mean that their character escapes a given scenario without consequence, simply that they don't wish to write that process out in detail - and that should be respected.
  2. Any player has the right to request a cessation in OOC communication from another player. Everyone needs their space from time to time. Reasonable effort should be made to be clear about whether the request is for a specific time or permanent, but the actual request is not up for argument. If this presents problems in resolving a plot or scene, staff should be contacted and will be happy to assist.
  3. If either type of request is ignored, this constitutes harassment.
  4. Slurs and blatant aggression or nastiness constitute harassment.
  5. Pressure to participate in a scene/event/plot/etc. in spite of explicit lack of interest constitutes harassment.
  6. All instances of harassment must be logged and reported to staff.
  7. Staff has an obligation to try and find the solution which is best for everyone. Sometimes this means providing resolution so that two people no longer have to interact with one another. Sometimes this means removing a toxic influence from the community as a whole.
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