1994-12-16: Happy Hour?


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Scene Title Happy Hour?
Synopsis Tonks hits up the Hogshead after her Edwin-errific work day. Lupin drops in and conversation's had
Location Hogshead Tavern
Date Dec 16, 1994
Watch For Aberforth's housekeeping abilities.
Logger TonkTonk.

It's after the work day, at least for Tonks, and she's decided she just wants to be out and about and simultaneously mostly left alone. Home is boring, and she doesn't want to give anyone more reason to bother her parents so socializing with them's out still. So, Tonks has picked the seedy little tavern for her post-work retreat. Hell, she's being treated like a criminal (sort of), why not look the part? At the moment, she's drinking a mead. Well, it's more like she's staring down into the mug she was served. Not in a brooding sort of way but because she thought she just saw something floating in there.

It has been a long day of work for Lupin as well. He's not exactly chosen this spot for the socializing, or lack there of, factor. It's mostly that he knows the place, and knows that he can go there without having to worry about what people as a whole think of him. It's nice to have a place like that once in a while. Especially with the Ministry as it is these days. Without looking around, he walks into the tavern and plops himself at the bar. He gives the bartender a knowing look. "Aberforth…give me a double whiskey won't you?" Well, there's another reason he's here, it seems may seem. He does seem to be on a first name basis with the bartender. "And make sure it's in a clean glass, won't you?" It's hard to tell if he's actually joking around with the man or not.

Considering that Tonks is now reaching into her glass and picking out whatever she thought she saw? She's going to assume that Lupin is not joking. That's assuming she even heard him. Flicking away Mystery Speck, she just takes another gulp as if it didn't bother her. Considering the last couple of weeks? Yeah, she's had worse. Setting down the mug, she glances up only to see a familiar frame. It's close enough to the booth she's occupying, so she'll wave a hand to try to get his attention. She doesn't want to be too loud. Seems Shady Types like their quiet, especially when there's an Auror hanging around.

Aberforth merely gives the man a little grunt and a snort, getting Lupin's drink and passing it to him. He gives a nod of his head and mutters to Lupin, "She's tryin' ta get your attention." And then he goes back to cleaning a glass. Lupin looks around and sees Tonks. He smiles softly to her and stands, taking his drink with him. "Well, Dora…didn't expect to see you here. Might I join you?"

Aberforth's such a charming guy isn't he? "Please, I could use some friendly company," Tonks says with a smile that doesn't /quite/ reach her eyes. "You help me in tonight's edition of 'what exactly is that floating in my mead?'." A snort from the bar would mean the tender heard that. She merely coughs and scoots more into the booth as if trying to make herself unseeable from Aberforth. "So, how's things been treating you? Haven't been too rough, I'd hope?"

Aberforth is the most charming fellow around…if you get to know him and look past certain things. Lupin smiles at Tonks. "Couldn't we all. Some good company does everyone good." He sits across from Tonks and takes a sip of his whiskey. "Well, whatever's in your drink…can't be that bad. At least big, bad, and pink didn't serve it to you." He says with a small smile. "And don't let Aberforth back there bother you. But um…if I were you, I'd take a good look at him and tell me if he reminds you of anyone." He considers her questions carefully. "Well, I'm doing alright. I'm still working with at the Ministry, which means Umbridge hasn't found a way to fire me yet. Nothing too bad has happened, which is always good."

She makes an exaggerated point to stare at Aberforth, but decides after a moment, it isn't worth the effort. She's turning to a topic that she rates a little higher than on whether or not she finds the owner familiar (even though he did help her out with cleaning out the bins when she apparated broom first into them the night of the safehouse attack). "So you've not been bothered by anyone about what happened?" her question has a note of anticipation about it. "I mean, I figured you'd be one of the first people… they didn't get carried away or anything, right?" She does lean back. "So far, she's seemed to have forgotten I exist. Though, her lapdog tried to question me again today." There's a curse, directed at herself for being 'stupid', and she takes another drink.

Lupin takes out his wand for a moment and produces a piece of paper and a quill. Onto a piece of paper he writes something and passes it to Tonks, just so he can tell her. On the paper is written 'That is Aberforth Dumbledore.' He assumes she can fill in the blanks. He shakes his head. "Actually, I'm surprised. I've not been too bothered by anyone over what happened. In fact, they don't even suspect me." He says in a low tone. "I'd've thought I'd be near the top of the suspects. Old friend and werewolf. Who better to question than he? But no."

Brows arch upwards, but she doesn't make a comment. The paper she'll leave for him to deal with because she's letting out an audible sigh of relief. "Me too," Tonks admits. "I'd have come to check up on you, but I've /really/ been concentrating on being a good girl, and not making any motions that would deem 'suspicious'. I mean, especially since I was there." And going to check on a fugitive's werewolf buddy right after the incident in question would likely fall under Umbridge's definition of 'highly suspicious'. "I got questioned several times the day after, and every so often someone comes by and tries to see if I'll slip up on my story." She shakes her head. While she might have a suspicious of where Sirius is, she honestly doesn't know for certain. So it's not like she's lying.

Lupin smiles softly. "Well, not to worry. I seem to have evaded them for now. I hope they haven't been bothering you too much, Dora. I'd hate to think they are." He looks down at his drink for a few moments before finally deciding on drinking a little more. "Have you any clue of where he is or might be, really?" He asks of her, even though he already knows.

"Edwin Gifford bothered me today," she says quietly. "Did everything from insinuate I'm being intimidated by Sirius to threatening to use the newly approved by the Ministry means to get information. He did manage to rifle through my desk after he knocked my paperwork over," which explains the 'stupid' comment. She should've kept it locked! Even while she was in and out of it!, "And snagged the book of contacts Sirius' mum kept." She offers quickly, "I was doing some background research on the names listed there." Death eater research, whoo! "He'll probably get some ideas and come pester me some more." What they don't' know is that if they do decide to use that Curse on her, they're in for a wild ride. Lupin's last question just gets a long, meaningful look from her as she downs the rest of her mead. Smacking her lips she gives a vague, "Can't say for sure."

Lupin shakes his head and tsks. "When will they learn. But, get me in a corner with him, he'll regret it." He says calmly. "He's one of the ones who got away, I believe, but we'll make sure it won't happen again." He finishes off his drink and holds it up. "Another one please, Aberforth." He calls without looking. Aberforth is probably looking a little disgruntled more than anything. "They're a tricky group. They do more because they can actually get away with more right now. And if they use the newly approved technique on you? Well, you're a trained professional. I'm sure you won't crack."

Come on, she trained under Mad Eye. If he didn't have permission to go lobbing non-killing Unforgivables at her, he probably lobbed the second best thing. Still, Tonks does seem to do a little better, expression wise, with the praise. "Thanks," she says quietly. She does twiddle her thumbs for a moment thinking. "It'll pass, somehow. I'm sure the latest permission isn't going to go well with others. But it just depends on how long it takes for the people to grow a pair and act on it."

Lupin sighs heavily. "This is just like last time. During the war they approved the use of all the Unforgivables, didn't they Aberforth?" He asks of the man as his second drink is brought. Aberforth just puts the drink down and eyes Lupin and heads back to the bar. Lupin smiles softly. In a quiet undertone to Tonks so that only she can hear him he says, "He was a part of the Order the first time around." He pauses to drink before speaking again. "Somehow I think this is going to hit a lot harder and a lot quicker than it did before."

There's a face made about the prior authorization. "But…then it was reasoned you were fighting fire with fire," though the way Tonks speaks, she doesn't sound too convinced it was the best course of action. As much as she hates to admit it, her age /is/ working against her right now, in that she can't really fathom such a need to actually use such curses on another person. Perhaps then, in those times, there was a need. She's still not convinced. "But now… there's no death eaters…there's only people's paranoia against one man, and of course, their prejudices."

Lupin shakes his head. "I agree. Most of us in the Order felt the same way, and still do. That's why we had our own little group that was apart and secret from the Ministry." There's a pause and he takes a sip of his drink, looking Tonks over. "Don't try to fool yourself. There's Death Eaters around. But they're using Sirius to their advantage. They're using him as a distraction from the truth of what they're organizing."

You know, the bottom of her mug is looking mighty interesting. "I know, one seems hellbent on trying to get Sirius. Well, when he was guarding him anyway." Yay, Edwin. Tonks just scratches at the back of her head, "It's not going well at all. The Dementor attack is just a sign of that. And when I get confirmation on who sent them…" Her fingers curl against the mug angrily.

Lupin smiles softly at Tonks. "Well, at least Sirius doesn't have to deal with that man any more." He says kindly. "Be sure to tread carefully with any information you may have." He shakes his head. "And…in case you were curious, I know where Sirius is. If you want to see him, that is. Though if you want to keep innocent on the matter, I'd understand that as well."

"I figured. And I have a guess, but I'd like to keep my nose clean for a little while longer." She returns the smile, finding it rather easy to come to her. "As long as he's safe, then that's enough for me. But, if I'm going to be interrogated, and Gifford doesn't seem the kind to forget such wants easily," especially when he'd be authorized to torture her silly if she didn't come clean, "it's best that I am speaking a hint of truth when I say I don't know where he is." Suspect, yes. Know for sure?

Lupin bows his head ever so slightly. "So…now, how is work otherwise? More paperwork than ever? Still no field work?" He smiles softly at Tonks. "Tell me, Dora, how is your mother doing through all this? It can't be easy on her for this to be going on, can it?"

She simply nods here. She excuses herself long enough to get up and get something else to drink, but she's quick to retake her seat. "Mum's doing alright. I've kept things casual so as not to make anything look suspicious. Not that she was ever involved, but if they had any reason to question her…" She frowns here. She'd never forgive herself, even though those who'd likely were assigned the job would possibly end up worse for the wear. "She's concerned, worried of course. But she understands. It brings about a grudging acceptance of things." You can only receive 'Can't say' so many times before you finally accept that's how it's going to be, after all.

Lupin bows his head in a nod. "It certainly can't be easy. And she'd no doubt want to know. He was really the only one from her side of the family that was on good terms with her. But that's perhaps because they have been been considered 'blood traitors' by the greater family. I believe Sirius' mother blasted your mother's name off of the family tree as well."

"Saw it," Tonks admits. The tapestry that is. She does give a shudder. "What a lovely house of horrors, that place is." She drains her drink and moves to stand up. "I should probably try to get home and get some rest," this is said absently, almost as if she was debating against it. She'll reach out and if permitted, lightly pat the other's shoulder. "Take care of yourself, Remus." Though, really, he's probably better at keeping his nose clean than she is.
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Lupin chuckles lightly. "Oh yes. It's a wonderful house. I visited only a few times when I was younger. They didn't quite like me there, don't you know." He smiles. "Just be glad you didn't have to grow up there. Sirius had a hard time there. His mother really didn't like him, he never got along with his brother, and Kreacher hardly listened to him and was never pleasant. And none of this was helped by the fact that he was placed in Gryffindor."

This causes Tonks to pause. "He's the only one isn't he?" she asks of Remus. "That was placed in a house other than Slytherin. Even mum was a Slytherin," she idly scratches the back of her head here. "Kind of weird if you ask me." Then again, the entirety of that side of her family strikes her as weird.

Lupin nods firmly. "Yes, he was. But of course, family doesn't dictate House. Though it does seem to have a strong influence. Most people end up in the same house as their parents or siblings due to loyalty or a desire of acceptance by their family. But often it has more that that to do with it, of course. The hat is a smart, intelligent piece of magic."

Tonks smiles here. "I thought it was funny, to be honest. It trying to figure out where to put me and all I was thinking about was how my feet couldn't reach all of the rungs on the stool." And that she wore mismatched socks accidentally. The one time that was purely accidental during her school years.

Lupin chuckles. "Well, the Hat is an interesting thing. It was actually a near three-way tie for me. It was considering Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. I've got the smarts, it said, but smarts don't do any good on the full moon. I work hard, but I really like to have fun. But above all, it thought I was brave and courageous, apparently. Or at least had the potential to be. So that's where it placed me. Gryffindor."

"It's an old thing, but I think it knows what it's doing." Tonks herself didn't really pay any attention to what it was considering. Way she acts, she might've been one of those 'missorted' ones. But honestly, she's got pride in her house, and she won't hear of any talk about her possibly should've been sorted into another. "Besides, houses are just one part of us. Need to pay attention to the rest of it. Whole picture and all."

Lupin nods. "Really, it knows better then we do at times, I think. It looks right deep down. I don't think it ever makes a wrong decision." But that's his opinion, of course. "Or…well." He has to think it over once more. "Maybe it did, once or twice." He adds as he thinks of Pettigrew. "But our houses help us to become who we are."

Tonks is quiet for a few moments, standing there holding her mug as she was about to return it to the bar, and just regards him for a moment. "Maybe," she says after a fashion. "You're probably right. I don't think about stuff like that much, so I don't tend to…well.." She frowns here, "I guess I don't think much." She lets out a little laugh here.

Lupin chuckles. "Quite the pair, aren't we? I think too much and you don't think enough. Together, I think we'd make a pretty good team, if the need were to arise." He smiles as he takes sip of his drink.

She pauses for a moment, then there's a cough. Fortunately, considering the seedy nature of the place, the lighting's a bit too off to tell she's blushing. "And on that note, I think I'll be slipping off. I'll see you around, Remus."

If Remus' vision could talk, it'd probably be telling him to pep up. But it can't, so he pretends not to notice, if he did. Though he probably didn't. "Well, if you must. I am going to see if I can get a few words in with Aberforth before going. Good night, Dora."

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