1995-04-20: Handicap Match


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Scene Title Handicap Match
Synopsis A trio of younger students get to try Chasing and Seeking.
Location Hogwarts - Quidditch Pitch
Date April 20, 1995
Watch For Numbers working in the bludger's favor
Logger Egbert

Fred stands back from teacher/student conversation and just watches the two. He gives the snitch a look of disgust, "Evil little thing. But yeah, listen for it. It's the only way I find it." He smiles then and sits himself down on the bench, Fred isn't jumping into the action but just seeming to watch Angie teach the firstie.

Gabriel blinks, "Whose broom got hit by the whomping willow? That'd be awful." Then he floats a little closer to Angie, a serious expression coming to his face as he listens to the sound of the snitch, obviously not something he's ever thought to do before. "I hear it. Kinda like an insect, but different."

Angelina is standing with Gabriel, holding the snitch between her fingers. "Not an insect…a snitch! A golden snitch, to be exact. It's a real animal. They stopped using them when they had nearly gone extinct from being killed in quidditch games, and the snitch.." She points to the little ball. "..was born. Ready?" She opens her hand, letting the snitch roll into the palm and rest. A few seconds later, and the snitch is gone.

Fred watches the snitch fly off with a grin on his face. Standing up finally he looks towards the trunk, "Oh can we have bludgers? Or wait does that clash with George's no firstie's rule?" He grins wickedly and grabs his broom from the wall.

Egbert arches a brow as he steps onto the field, broom tucked under his arm for the moment. "What about just one bludger," he calls out, "make it a little easier? Not like the first-years don't know what they're getting into, they can watch if they're not feeling up to speed yet."

Melissa follows closely behind Egbert. "Right," she says with a nod. "But it sounds like you're going to do it," she says to Egbert. "So I guess I should try too!"

Gabriel looks surprised at Angelina's words, "Really? I've never seen one! Like it better like this anyway, wouldn't want to be catching a real animal." He waves to the new arrivals and then looks back to Angelina and says, "Ready!" When she lets it fly off, he leans forward to give chase. Or, well, tries to anyway. He loses sight of it and has to stop for a moment just about a second in, but spots it again a few seconds later and flies off after it again.

Angelina lets Gabriel take off on her broom and moves to stand near Fred as she watches him. "No. No hitting bludgers at firsties. George put an end to that when he chose to purposely shoot one at a firstie last time, because he was mad at me, and put him in the Hospital Wing." She gives a wave to Egbert and Melissa. "But if you three want to get the quaffle out, I'll play Keeper for you."

Fred puts on a pouty face, "No fair. I wouldn't do a thing like that, George is just a big meany." He gives her puppy dog eyes, "Besides you know I'm not a good chaser." There is a whine to his voice but it's filled with his normal jesting manner. Fred looks back towards Egbert, "See he's fine with it, good lad."

Egbert nods to Angelina, setting his broom down and rising up slowly at first, offering Gabriel and Melissa each a thumbs-up gesture in turn. "Just don't go changing it into anything else!" he adds, glancing over to Fred.

Melissa nods. "Yeah, we're not playing with house rules here," she says. "Well, I guess we are, but not those kind of house rules."

Gabriel is definitely not a natural as a Seeker, but he's a pretty good flyer and he shows potential at least. He manages to keep the snitch in sight as he loops around the pitch, though it takes him four or five tries when he's within reach trying to grasp it before he actually catches it. Any of the school Seekers would have gotten it in less than half the time he was chasing it. Once he has it in hand, though, he flies back down to Angelina with a grin, "Caught it!"

"Hey…great job!" Angelina praises Gabriel, then grins. "Alright. Off my broom." She makes a shooing motion with her hand. "If everyone agrees, I let Fred let loose ONE bludger. But NO hitting in the face or head. Then you three can chase, and I will play defense and keeper at both ends."

Clapping for the firstie Fred tucks his broom under his arm and chuckles at Angie, "Sweet!" He gives a thumbs up to Egbert and mouth, 'Pushover' to the boy as he points to Angelina, "I promise not to hit anyone in the face or head. But just watch out guys. The bludger may sounds fun but it is painful."

Egbert shakes his head. "About as fun as next week's Potions lesson," he mutters under his breath, before dipping his broom a little lower. "Good job with the Snitch, I've never tried myself— you two take high and low, I'll take the middle?"

"Sounds good," Melissa says. "You think I should go low, or high? I was thinking low, in case my glasses fall off, but there probably wouldn't be any real difference…"

Gabriel smiles brightly at the praise. He nods quickly, and lands, hopping off the broom and handing it back to Angelina. Then he goes quickly to put the snitch back in the box. That done, he runs back to where he left the school broom he was using earlier, climbing onto it again quickly. Then he nods to Egbert and Melissa, "Sure, I'll take high."

Angelina takes possession of her broom once more, then launches off. "Alright. Someone grab the quaffle, Fred let out the bludger, and lets go." And that is that, folks! "Game on!"

Grinning Fred heads for the trunk to grab his alloted bludger and grabbing the ball which is struggling to be released he undoes the straps and it's off. Grabbing his broom and the bat Fred heads into the air following Angie, "Game on!" He copies her and letting out a cheer as he smashes the Bludger with the bat away from all the other students.

Egbert nods to Gabriel, rising further up so that he's just below the level of the mid-level goals. "Melissa, I think that's your cue!" he calls down, motioning to the box, as she's closest to it at the moment.

Melissa picks up the Quaffle from the box, thankful for the gripping charms, before tossing it up in the direction of Egbert and rushing to her chosen broom to kick off, staying somewhat close to the ground.

Gabriel's eyes go up to the bludger a moment as Fred knocks it away, and then he turns, flying in a circle as he gains altitude to near the highest goal, his attention going to the other chasers, keeping pace with them.

Angelina flies down to the far end of the pitch, then turns back. When the three start toward her, she lowers herself over her broom and throttles onward toward them. Dead into them, frankly, swerving only at the last minute as she swipes close to whoever has the quaffle and reaches, trying to knock it out of their hand.

Fred whips around as he reaches the speeding off bludger and sends it in Egbert's direction. He does yell a warning to the first consisting of, "Think fast Egbert." Might as well test out the second year first. He then goes chasing after the bludger.

Egbert does as he's told, catching the Quaffle and promptly throwing it further up toward Gabriel. He takes a bludger to the side, half a second later, and drops like a rock for the couple seconds it takes him to get his wind back.

Melissa takes a risk and climbs up a bit further, though she's a tad wobbly. "Are you all right?" she calls to Egbert. "It didn't hit anything important did it?" She then turns her attention to Gabriel to see what he'll do with the ball.

Gabriel swerves, moving to catch the Quaffle. This he's good at, catching it easily. Unfortunately, his attention is so focused that he totally misses Angelina's approach. He gives a yell as he finds her right in front of him, swerving, but the ball's knocked right out of his hand.

Angelina grins wickedly as she pops the quaffle out. "POP!" She flips her broom around, doing a tightly arching loop, and heads for the other end. The quaffle is tucked under her arm in a death grip. "And Johnson steals the quaffle!"

Fred winces as the bludger hits Egbert, "Um sorry mate…" He says and chases the irratic dark ball which is headed towards Gabriel, "Oh man…where is George when you need him." He says before calling to Gab, "Oy, Gab!" He isn't going for the bludger as fast as he could though, gotta test the reaction times.

"No, I'm fine!" replies Egbert, veering upward again. And wincing, but he really is in good enough shape to level off and head after Angelina at a good clip. "Not for long she doesn't!" he shouts after her.

Melissa tries to keep below Angelina, looking up at the action. Of course, Angie's a lot faster and more in control… but hey, she might drop it! The chance isn't zero!

Gabriel loops around to chase after Angelina, laughing, "Hey!" Thanks to Fred's yell, he looks up in time to see the bludger coming, diving sharply at the last second to dodge out of the way. "Thanks," he calls back to Fred, then turns back towards Angelina, though well back from her now.

Angelina is on a fast broom, but she's not going her fastest. They are likely on school brooms, after all. She has to give them a chance to catch her. She pauses and does another loop-de-loo, looking down to see if they follow her or just wait.

Chucking as the bludger is dodged by Gabriel, Fred races after the hapahazard ball and looping around smacks the ball when he's upside down towards Angie and the quaffle. He doesn't call out a warning to her, cause she should be watching.

Egbert keeps going straight, passing Angelina as she turns and attempting to box her in with the others. This time, he spots the bludger coming in time to drop ahead of time, the ball doing nothing worse this time than mussing his hair.

Melissa practices a bit of a loop herself, briefly panics as she fishtails a bit, but manages to steady herself.

Gabriel, with Egbert moving to box Angelina in, he zooms in after her as fast as his school broom will allow. Trying to time it so he'll come at her right after the bludger, he makes an attempt to use his momentum added to what little strength he has to knock the ball from her grip.

Well, this is what it comes down to. A bludger on one side, a firstie on the other. If she dodges, she runs smack over a firstie. Or, she takes the bludger and loses the quaffle. Bludger? Firstie? Moral decision here! WHOMP. She takes the bludger to her shoulder. And yep, the quaffle pops out. And her broom stops.

Egbert winces as he sees the bludger strike home, holding position and keeping an eye on Angelina. "Heads up, Melissa!" in case the quaffle drops faster than expected; if it flies upward instead, then gravity should work against it. Eventually.

Fred races after the bludger and grasps it when he is close to the ground. Hopping off his broom he struggle with the thing before bringing it over to the chest, "You guys are gonna hurt enough without this." He makes his own moral decision and straps the bludger back down. Grabbing his broom the Weasley twin chuckles as he watches them and calls out, "Have fun." Before heading off with his paddle and broom in hand back towards the castle.

Gabriel gives a cheer as the Quaffle is knocked from Angelina's arm. He lets Melissa catch it, and swings back around. That's when it sinks in that Angelina was hit though, and he pulls up short, looking towards her, "You ok?"

Angie isn't about to cry out. But then, she doesn't have to. Her lips and jaw are set tight, though she tries to smile. Only one hand holds onto her broom. "Alright folks. I think that is enough quidditch for the night for me. If you want to keep playing, you can, but I think I better land." She doesn't even wait to hear. She just coasts down.

Melissa reaches up and somewhat inadvertently catches the quaffle (more trying to keep it from slamming her in the face) before stopping to turn toward Angelina. "Yeah, that looked pretty rough…"

Egbert eases back down toward ground level, nodding - he saw the bludger hit, but wasn't sure how hard it would hurt an arm as opposed to a hip. "Probably a good time to leave off, not like we're training for the house teams or anything." Well, not yet, anyhow.

Gabriel nods quickly to Angie and Egbert, flying back down to land as well, dismounting the school broom as he says, "Yeah, can come back another time. Thanks for letting us play, and letting me try your broom," he adds.

"You're all welcome." Angie gets off her broom and holds it in her left hand, keeping her right arm very still. "You all did really well! I'll let you know the next time we have one!"

Melissa lands gently and packs up the Quaffle. "Maybe I could try a different position next time," she says. "I've always wanted to try being the Seeker…"

Egbert whistles softly, tucking the broom back under one arm after he sets down. "Talk about making yourself a target… dodging a bludger's hard enough when you get a warning, how d'ye pull it off when you're looking for a needle in a haystack?"

Gabriel nods to Angelina and smiles, "Looking forward to it!" He looks back to Melissa and says, "It's fun. Well, that one try I had at it was fun, dunno if it'd be with a bludger out there." He runs to put the broom away and then waves to the others, "I'm gonna go work on potions homework. Bye. Thanks again!"

Melissa waves back to Gabriel. "Bye! …It's probably better when there's two Beaters around… and more players for the thing to go after…"

Egbert waves to Gabe as well. "You can tell he's a Ravenclaw," he adds, glancing over to Melissa, "he actually sounds excited about it. And you're right, that'd be… better, at least. Still think you have to be a bit mental to go in for the whole thing."

Melissa laughs. "Maybe. But they wear pads and things when they're really playing, so it's safer," she says. "I haven't heard of anyone getting hurt too badly in a match…"

At that, Egbert just… stares for a moment. What game have you been watching, kiddo? Out loud: "Well, yeah, there's always something. So where are you headed now?"

Melissa shrugs. "I don't know, I've done everything I need to do… how about you?" she asks. "Any work or anything?"

Egbert shakes his head. "There's always something, but I'm in no shape to attack it right now. Want to head out to the bridge for a while? Saw something interesting yesterday, but I had to go before I got a good enough look."

Melissa nods with a little smile. "Okay," she says. "Always a good place to relax." She turns back towards the exit, running a hand briefly through her hair. "And I definitely need that…"

Continued at In Search of... the Foogle Bird

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