1996-05-20: Hair And Nails


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Scene Title Hair and Nails
Synopsis Bean and Kee are studying in the library. Jace and Candy come to study runes. Not much studying is accomplished.
Location Hogwarts: Library
Date May 20, 1996
Watch For Funny Language, and disgusting hair colors. Also, many shades of pink.
Logger Mr. Legume

"The roast beef was overcooked again at dinner," a complaint spoken by one of the group of students passing through the hallway now that the Great Hall has emptied out after dinner. The expansive doors to the library are pushed open, and one girl breaks off from the group, a small sports bag hooked over one arm. "Complain, complain," the girl calls over her shoulder, her tone good-naturedly mocking. "You sure put a dent in it for someone that didn't like it."

The doors close behind her, and she rolls her eyes at the dirty looks given by nearby students, likely in response to her loud 'farewell' to her friends. "Whatever," she shrugs, though her tone is mercifully more quiet now. Shoving a hand through her magenta-streaked hair, she scans the library for familiar faces.

Cianan is not a familiar face. But, rather, a studious one. He ate dinner fast enough to make the table spin and then bolted. People - ugh. So now he has his face buried in a text about whatever boring assignment they've been given about the history of magic, and is making notes. Until the door opens and he is blinded by magenta that is. That makes him blink, and stare for a moment in a dumbfounded sort of way. "Wonder what'd happen if I did that…" he mumbled to himself.

Julian is sitting next to Ciannan, his own book propped open. The two of them have been seen around together somewhat more often lately, and rumor has it they've been even doing a few things here and there to annoy other kids. Not anything big enough to be called a 'prank', but just laughing at inopportune moments (and inappropriate things) and finding themselves in parts of the castle they don't really belong. Julian snickers softly at the other boy's words. "You know my mum'd take the soap to your head, and not even a spell." He thinks it's highly amusing. "Well, better her than her mum, though."

"Or course she has to make me come to the library," Jason mumbles as he pushes the doors open, just to almost run into his sister right there. "There you are." He looks around and winces, arching a brow at Candy. "Where's Liz?" There is a mixture of concern and annoyance in his voice. It's hard to tell at what. He steps out of the way the door as to not block it, but really more concerned with not being hit by the doors opening again. "There, let's sit there," he points in the general direction of Ciannan and Julian. "It has three open spots." He wraps an arm around Candy's shoulders, smiling at her.

Resting her head against Jason's shoulder for a moment, Candy shrugs. "Wherever," she says easily. "Liz wasn't feeling well after supper, she headed back to the room to have a lie-down," she adds, accounting for their third sibling's absense. "What, am I not good enough company for you?" she wonders, turning hurt grey eyes up at him. The hurt look disappears when she follows where he's pointing. "Ugh. Little kids, and there's that one they say has fainting spells. Weirdo." She doesn't bother lowering her voice much, dropping onto the couch and pulling a textbook from her bag. "Kids," she says by way of very brief greeting to the other students.

Like the prefects bathroom, for example. They smell -fabulous-, really. "But, the expressions would be worth it don't you think? Liam'd look like he was constipated. Sort of like he did most of the vacation. I bet Brian'd get a good laugh before 'Grandmum' or Sio gave him 'the look'." Oh god, Cianan's sounding like he'd actually do it now. "Think I could hide it from Sio long enough to do it, and present it at the next family dinner? I might never have to go to another one!" Cough. He quiets a bit when the others come over to join their table, and gives them a friendlly enough smile. "Evening." Pause. "Who does your hair?" Does he even care that he was called a weirdo? Apparently not. Though he does add. "That's Mr. Weirdo, thanks."

Julian quirks his brow, remarkably like their Head of House, and tilts his head considering the thought of Kee going to a family dinner with more color in his hair. "Well, depends how it got done, wouldn't it? If it wasn't permanent, they'd wash it out. If it was, they'd find some way to put you in the center and have everyone comment on it all afternoon." He knows how much the other boy likes attention, even when he thinks he's angling for more. Bean looks up at his housemates, a neutral expression on his face. "Where's your Third?" He asks, then, when Jason answers, he nods. Cianan's question to Candace gets a snort. "You're really thinking of doing it, aren't you?" He shakes his head. "He doesn't faint unless you ask really nice." Or touch him, but he's not going to let his 'cousin's' weakness be known too easily. "Otherwise, sorry."

"Oh? Is she alright?" And is that true concern in Jace's voice as Candy shares that Liz wasn't feeling well? He snorts at Candy's attempt to guilt him and just squeezes her close a bit. "Don't be silly," he says to her. He smirks at her disdain of the other kids. His own grey eyes following her gaze. He sits right next to Candy, while half grinning and upnodding at the other two. "Kids," he offers in greeting, just a tad friendlier, and also a tad more mocking than his sister. He listens to Cianan and Julian and quirks an eyebrow. "Wait, he truly does faint all the time?" He chuckles once.

Flipping through the pages of Spellman's Syllabary, Candy marks her place with one rune-etched fingernail, arching a brow at Julian's clarification. "I don't ask anything nicely," she states flatly. "But good to know." She elbows her brother in the side, motioning for him to get his book out as well. "Liz does my hair," she tells Cianan. This likely does not speak well of her sister's skills, since Candy's hair is a tousled mess at the moment, no doubt the product of Quidditch practice earlier. "And I do Jace's, and he does hers," she explains. "And I wouldn't advise pink for you, Mr. Weirdo. Maybe a healthy shade of vomit green?" she suggests ever so sweetly. "What do you two think?" she asks, looking from Jason to Bean and back.

"Yeah, but then I'd laugh. I mean, if they had everyone comment on it." Kee points out, remarkably unbothered by the idea of being the family laughingstock for a day. So long as it doesn't involve touching him - which he is grateful that Julian doesn't reveal as his weakness. "Not all the time." he clarifies, grinning over at his adoptive cousin. But he also doesn't explain further. They can, apparently, assume whatever they like about it. Though he does also wear gloves all the time, whatever that might have to do with the mystery. "Vommit green is so passe though." he mimics Candace's snooty tone. "What about urine yellow or or pasty white skin tone?" His falsetto there purposefully squeaks as he holds his nose up in the air. "Gimme a break, girlie."

Julian manfully keeps his giggles contained, but his expression is the little-boy grin that gets him out of trouble. "Or, poop brown," he nods sagely, looking to Jason to see what his contribution will be. "Well, then you never want for a good stylist." If your sibling does your hair, that is. He's always sort of taken care of that himself, or had someone with a sharp knife do it for him. Those curls tend to tangle horribly if they grow too long, after all. He closes the book in front of him, knowing the assignment isn't going to get done for a bit.

"What?" Jace asks when Candy elbows him. He sees her book, and rolls his eyes looking for his book, and yawning in the process. "Fine, fine," he mutters about the book, shaking his head. He purses his lips in a faint smile at the mentioning of him doing Liz's hair, and does a little salute at the other two kids. He side-glances at Candy, then looks at Cianan, thoughtful. "Vomit green would clash a bit with his eyes, they're very blue," he frowns. "But well, it could work, I guess." He looks over to Cianan and winces at his words. "Ouch…" A pause. "I hope you like red, or black, or purple," he winces, with a chuckle and finally he opens his book. He looks at it once, yawns, and immediately closes it. He grins at Julian. "Poop brown would just blend in. Now, void black? It could mix in nicely, if you do like tips or something," he says in a very fashion conscious voice.

Candy does not look amused, at all, by Cianan's words. "A break is exactly what you're asking for," she says, grey eyes narrowing into malevolent slits. "And then it'll be blood red you're streaked with - and I'm not talking about your hair either, kid." She opens Jason's book to the same page as her own, tucking one foot beneath herself as she settles into the corner of the couch. "Liz made us these flashcards," she tells her brother, and sure enough a small stack of them is withdrawn from a fold of her robes. She tosses them into his lap. "But the more complex runes I have right here at hand," she smirks, wiggling her ornately decorated fingernails.

"I could do blue and silver tips, and say it's 'House Pride'." Cianan decides, writing it down onto his palm so he doesn't forget. 'Silver and blue'; now it's inked on there till he can get back to the dorm and write it on paper at least. "I dodge pretty quick." he notes, for Jason. It's with a good natured grin though. He knows he's pushing buttons - it's his default reaction when someone tries to mock him. Candace just makes him smirk with amusement, and he nudges Julian with his elbow, looking as if he's about to laugh. There's precious little fright there. And then he looks down at his book again, scanning the words for the bits to be memorized.

Cue protective small boy instincts. Bean bristles at her words, but does nothing. If nothing else, he's good at casting protego. However, she changes the subject. And it's one he doesn't know anything about, so he opens his book back up, but half-listens to their conversation. He is still pondering the idea of weird hair colors, and shakes his head. "Frenchy's is almost pure white." The other second year, Rene d'Allemange, does have very light blond hair. When Cianan is still posturing a bit, Julian rolls his eyes. "You've been around the older cousins too long." Your inner Gryffindor is showing. His tone is joking, though. "Is any of it interesting, or is it still all boring crap?" He asks of Kee's History, leaning over to gaze unabashedly at the other boy's book.

A faint smirk touches Jason's lips at Candy's reaction. He drapes an arm around her as she opens his book for him. Grinning a little bit he eyes the flash cards, and picks one up dubiously, "Of course she did," he muses. He eyes her fingernails. "That is so not fair," he does sound and look proud of his little sister, though. He glances at Cianan and considers. "You know, blue and… white, maybe. More white than blue. In fact, all the white," he grins. He eyes then the two other kids with curiosity and with a bored sigh looks at the flash cards. "Where to start." He looks to Candy, for guidance.

Candy eyes Cianan's smirking countenance, then glances over toward where Madame Pince is dusting the shelves nearby. Apparently unwilling to do anything about Cianan and his case of Gryffindor bravado for the moment, she rolls her eyes and settles back against Jason. "I know how much you hate to do anything resembling work," she says, mildly patronizing. "But this is my favorite subject and you can't act like it's never come in handy," she reminds him, one brow lifting as she glances down at his hand. "Anyway, just say the word and I'll draw the rune. This is a…special set," she says cagily. "I'd paint them on your nails as well, but you got so moody the last time we tried to paint them pink, we decided we'd better not do it again."

Cianan mehs quietly at the mention of Rene's hair color. "Since I'm pretty sure I'd actually wind up with a shaved head if I tried it, I probably won't bother. But it's fun to think about." he notes dryly, and with another nod to Jace for his suggestion, before clutching his chest as if Julian just stuck a knife through it. "You wound me. But you're right. I'm glad to be back where I can hide in relative peace." No more Gryffyndor rubbing off on him! Or questions. "Bor-ing." he sighs. "We've already passed the fun stuff. This is about St. Mungo's." He flips the cover over so that Julian can have a look at the title.

Never one to turn down information, Julian looks at the title of the book, the name automatically cataloguing in his mind. He'll look at it later, if it continues to interest him. "I probably could have someone help me figure out how to make this," he reaches up to pull at a strand of hair, watching it bounce back up to his head, "look more appropriate. I dunno." It works now, as he's a little boy. However, the importance of his new family isn't lost on him. "And I know all the best places to hide." Since he spent most of last year finding new corners. He looks over interestedly at the two siblings, wondering what kind of runes they're wanting to paint on his fingers. "Is that the only nail paint you've got? Pink?" They're back to discussing colors, it seems.

Jace doesn't seem to be bothered by Candy's patronizing tone. He does roll his eyes a little bit, but grins at her. "Fine, it can be handy," he concedes with a sigh. He frowns at the memory. "You know, I'd have been fine if you had painted them black," he looks at his nails, "I like black," he grins. "So runes, let's see… Zero," he says, apparently deciding to play along and practice the runes. He looks at the two kids as he says this. When Julian asks his question, he glances at Candy.

"Hot pink, baby pink, light pink, dark pink, magenta, carnation, cotton candy, orchid, cherry, fandango," Candy lists off a tumble of words for Bean that all more or less mean… pink. "But he seems to more or less object to all of them," she tells Bean. "So we dye his hair silver and toss all of his socks in the wash with our clothes for fun." Quick as a wink, she twitches Jason's robe aside at the lower hem, revealing a flash of sock that, while not exactly pink, is suspiciously not-white-any-longer. "But he's not really a good sport about these things, and our house-elf always looks so pitiful when she has to scrub socks, it's not worth it to do too often." She draws out a quill then, dipping the tip into a jar of ink and deftly drawing the rune for zero. The design is further embellished then, changing the meaning from a simple zero to the complex designation for the theory of nothingness, recognizable to anyone familiar with written disappearing or disintegrating spells. "Black runes on your hands would stand out," she points out to her brother. "And Liz's bangle bracelets work, but again - I don't think you'd want to wear those, either."

"You know if you ask, either Siobhan or Jack will take you to some hairdresser that'll help you with a new style. But you shouldn't have to; if people don't like your hair, that's their own problem eh?" This probably explains the entirety of Kee's attitude - he's been made fun of so long he really just doesn't care anymore. At all. "But I've got hair gel someone foisted off on me if you want to experiment with that. In return.. at least one good hiding spot?" He's learning how to bargain for knowledge. Slowly. The flash of almost pink sock forces a grin for him however, as does the rune drawing he recognizes. He's a Ravenclaw. Obviously he studies ahead. In some cases, way ahead. Like anything to do with runes and divination, out of sheer survival instinct.

Julian is a Slytherin. Appearance is important. How he presents himself is important. It just is. "I see," he comments on the list of colors. "So, you oppose, dislike, complain, grumble, whine, object…" They get the idea. "I would too." He shakes his head at the socks. Perhaps there is a bonus to being the only ward, or the only current ward, at least. "Hair gel? In this mess?" Bean runs his hands through his hair. "I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to do any thing that wouldn't make it stand straight up and look like it was spiking. Like that one science Muggle guy." Bean's seen that rune somewhere… maybe it was on the blueprints he ran through his head. It makes him shudder for some reason, even though he doesn't know exactly why. "I could. Jack probably knows someone." He's not sure he wants to go to the same stylist as Sio. Unless Jack goes there too.

Jace mouths all the variations of pink that Candy recites, in the same order, like he's done this a million gazillion times. All while actually reading the book in front of him. "I do like silver," he observes, still reading. And then sighs as Candy reveals his socks. "Really?" he says, up glancing at his sister. "I don't like you so much right now," he mutters, but then grins. He's not serious. He sighs at her. "I need something. I'll do anything at this point." Wait, no. "I mean, not anything," he tries to backpedal, looks at the other two for help, knowing there will be none.

Candy eyes Julian's hair appraisingly. "Six Sickles and I could dye it for you, if you just want highlights. With those curls you wouldn't even need to worry about touching it up for months." She checks one of her fingernails, then squints at Jason. "Done," she says quickly, before he can actually start backpedalling. "What you really need," she informs Julian matter of factly, "Unless you want to look six for the rest of your life, is a bloody haircut." Looking back to Jason, she smiles dangerously. "A leather wristcuff could work," she decides, and her tone of voice might - just might - lead one to think she's held off offering this until Jason was desperate. "Of course, charming the skin of a former living thing is harder than metal, but if you're willing to pay with -anything- I think I can help my dearest, darling brother out."

Cianan is probably never going to understand that whole Slytherin and appearance thing. Ever. Perhaps it was why the hat blurted out Ravenclaw for him instead. "Well…. it could work. Maybe. But then your hair probably wouldn't move, even in a hurricane." he admits, giving the corkscrew curls the evil eye. But Jason's slip-up? Aaaaaaaaahahahahaha. He laughs at that one. Like, really laughs. "Even I know that's the worst possible thing you coulda said. I would give you points on the sheer speed of that backpedal though. That was ace." His amusement is gone when Candy talks to Julian in a tone he doesn't approve of though. And his eyes narrow for a moment.

"Yeah, I figured." Now that Julian is in a position to go get things like that done on a regular basis, he knows he needs to. Looking really young has been helpful for a good portion of his life, but his circumstances are changing, and he wants to make a good impression on people for his family's sake, even though they would never ask him to. "And a bloody growth spurt." After the incident in potions class, he knows they're coming. And how. Kee gets an eye roll for his hurricane comment. "And I'd stick to the sofa when I sat down." He's still short enough that his head doesn't hit above the back yet. When Kee laughs at Jason's admittance, he allows a grin to show again. "She's got ya there." He knows the girl is Slytherin to take him up on it. As to the 'six sickles' bit, he shakes his head, said curls bouncing as he does. "Naw, I think I'll let someone set up a stylist thing for me." He knows Sio probably would enjoy that.

Jace snorts quietly as Candy tries to make a deal out of this, still his grey-eyes look at his sister approvingly. When she says 'Done' to him, be blinks a few times. "No, wait, I…" But she mentions the leather wristcuff and he rubs his chin. "Alright, that sounds promising," he concedes, narrowing his eyes. He shakes his head from side to side, considering. "Fine, fine," he agrees to his sister's terms. "You love taking advantage of me, don't you," he mumbles, smirking. He arches a brow at Cianan's laughter, but seems content with letting the other kid have his fun, he just yawns.

Candy shrugs at Julian's decision. "Fine," she says. "But I heard once about a girl that got her hair dyed in Hogsmeade one weekend, and it looked great, until in the middle of the Christmas concert, when it started jutting out and changing colors in time with the carolers' singing, like a cross between a Medusa and a strobe light. Word is she had to wear a hat whenever music started for -weeks-." She relays this story wth relish, perhaps there is some truth to it or maybe not. Either way, she turns her attention to her big brother. Well, big by thirteen minutes and six inches, anyway. "I do," she admits, crooning the words sweetly as she touches her fingertips gently to his jawline. "You set yourself up for these things; you're a glutton for punishment, really," she tells him, her grey eyes fond even as they gleam with easily recognizable mischief.

Cianan takes his fun wherever he can find it, thanks! It's the pointed look from the librarian that quiets him though. And, a quick tempus spell that shows him the time. Which is scowls at. "We've got that run in the morning. And I've read enough to start working on my essay so I'm going to head back to the nerdspace." He references his House common room and dorms of course. "You alright here, Bean? Or are you going to head out too." Julian's more then capable of taking care of himself. But, it just feels wrong not to ask. He'll even nod politely at the other two Slytherin before he goes. "Aw man, I wish I'd seen that hair." he adds, muttering under his breath on his way out, even.

"I'll be fine, thanks, Kee." Bean is among fellow-snakes, after all. He gives a wave to the other boy as he leaves, and shakes his head. "No, my …" They're not his parents, but yet they are, and Bean is having a hard time finding the right words to describe their role in his life. "My guardians will want to set it up, I'm sure." He's not been with them for long, so some of these little rituals rightfully belong to them, if they want them. He looks a little unsure, though, for the slightest moment. "If not, I'll talk to you again." He nods, wanting to keep his options open. "Damn," he swears, reverting to the way he normally spoke before Hogwarts. "We do have that run." He rolls his eyes. He loves the exercise, but hates getting up just for that. "I'm not going to get much more done tonight." He packs his bags up, but makes no move to leave just yet.

"I am," Jason has to admit regarding being punished by his sisters. His grey-eyes meet hers and he grins lightly and with fondness. He sighs and leans against Candy. When Cianan leaves, Jace lifts his hand in a lazy wave to the kid. He looks at Julian, looking definitely friendlier than he was to Cianan. "Interesting friends you keep," he says, casually, and tilting his head to bump it against Candy's gently, he chooses another flash card to look at.

Candy strokes the back of Jason's neck gently, avoiding messing up his ever-perfect hair. "We adore you for it," she tells him with a contented smile. When Cianan takes his leave, she looks back to the much smaller boy that's left. "Interesting isn't the word I'd use," she says a bit dryly. "How'd you wind up knocking around with that bloke? He's so full of hot air I bet if you poked him hard enough he'd start flying around the room faster than Madame Pince's did that one day." She shakes her head in a moment of awe for that particular prank. "Of course, Leighton is -still- on sick-duty at the infirmary for it, but such is the price we pay for greatness, eh?" She crinkles her nose, nodding at Jason's flashcard and readying her quill. "And this too, is a cost of greatness I suppose. Let's do it."

Unwilling to give all his secrets away, Julian shrugs. "I kind of stumbled on to him." He leans back in his seat, letting the insult to his 'cousin' flow over him. It's just words, and Kee knows he's not the most popular guy. "I didn't hear about that prank. Who did it?" But then, they're starting to study in earnest, and Bean is content to sit and listen to them for a few moments. He knows he'll have to leave soon to get enough sleep, but for now, he's fine.

A faint grin shows on Jace's face as Candy strokes his neck and his ego both in one swoop. He side glances at her as she speaks of Cianan, and there's nothing but approval in his gaze. "Four," he reads off the flashcard. He leans back, and yawns and looks at Candy with a 'Do we have to do this now?' kind of look, while he waits for her to address his question.

Candy diligently draws the rune for the number four, but doesn't embellish it. "Oh, fine," she sulks. Pushing the parchment aside, she tucks the quill away as well. "I'm not doing any running in the morning, so I'll be up for a while yet. What do you want to do?" She peers at Julian with some mild curiosity. "How does someone so small stumble onto anyone? But nevermind, if you want to keep secrets from your housemates - it's fine." And for a moment Candy does seem truly hurt, but she quickly lets an expression of flippant uncaring settle over her features.

Candace glances over toward Jason suddenly. "Haxat pe ug zint eb zis gid?" The words are spoken without any sudden accent change or inflection, indeed it likely sounds like mumbling - save that it is spoken relatively clearly.

"Maybe he stumbled on to me." Julian still doesn't give away any secrets. "Are you kidding?" He's been a Snake long enough to know that of course you keep your most important information close. However, it may be well-known that Julian had found a family to live with, and they were attacked over the summer. So, he's even more wary about the information having to do with his family and friends. The strange code or language gets listened to closely. This is the little boy who learned Mermish in a couple weeks to help a friend out.

"Skeurd Pum fo zintick axanythick? Ovolyeno whidos pit rittro semothick.," Jace replies to Candy with a shrug. "I am however, feeling suddenly tired," he almost pouts to his sister, looks between the book, the flashcards and her. He looks at Julian then, frowning just a bit. "Do you want to stick around or retire to the common room," he asks of his sister, reaching to remove a rebel strand of hair from her face.

"Haxatovol," she mutters, shrugging. "I guess not," she says, switching back to the queen's English. "You know," she says, peering at Julian, "I've got my eye on you." Whatever this means is anyone's guess for now, since she stretches, preparing to rise from the couch. "Let's head down. The smell of old parchment and ink is doing my head in," she admits, brushing an idle kiss against Jason's wrist when it passes. "Leave my hair be, I know it needs to be done," she says a bit self-consciously. "Yours is all sticky-uppy in the back, where you can't see it," she lies.

With a shrug and a little-boy grin, Julian acknowledges her attention. "Alright." He's not too worried about her watching him closely. "I think I'm going to head back and try to sleep." He looks around and stands, picking up his bag. "Seeya back in the den." They may not be able to keep their eyes on him long — not with the way he darts in and around the masses of students moving through the halls.

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