1996-04-01: Gruesome Apparitions



Scene Title Gruesome Apparitions
Synopsis Whitmore tests his latest idea on the unsuspecting public.
Location The Leaky Cauldron
Date Apr 01,1996
Watch For Whitmore coming unglued.
Logger Whitmore

WARNING: Gruesome descriptions of violence and violent imagery. Hard R Rating

The man sits in the corner of the Leaky Cauldron, hidden from most of the other patrons. No one would recognize him, but he cannot take the chances. So, he covers his body with a dark cloak, and his head with a balaclava, looking for all the world like a dragon tamer down on his luck. However, if someone looked inside the thick clothing, they would see a gleeful smile.

Whispers begin at the door of the Cauldron. He remains in place, listening to the ones he can hear. Soon, the whispers escalate, and there are a couple screams from women attempting to keep the sounds in their throats. Like a banshee, he feeds on that fear, reveling in the sound. He drains the drink in his hand, then stands, slowly, moving to accommodate the larger girth of the glamor he wears. It serves two purposes: firstly, he will open the door to the Alley for his creations; and secondly, he gets to see the visceral response.

His creations – a Muggle man and woman under the imperius curse and glamored to look like the long-dead – amble toward the center of the room. The man wears the face of James Charlus Potter. Only it's not the graceful, bright, effervescent man who died protecting his family. It is a gray-faced, bleeding, mangled man, missing an arm and an eye, glasses cock-eyed on his face, a dark, feral grin plastered on his features. Instead of doing the normal thing and pairing him with his Muggleborn wife, Shadow goes a step further, making the woman look like Marlene McKinnon. She is tall, fair, obviously from fine Pure-blood stock, but she is missing chunks of hair, obviously one ear, and her skin is abraded, scarred and bruised like she's been tortured slowly for days. Her dress is torn and barely hangs on her skin. 'James' glances over at the woman from time to time. Shadow used a married couple for this pair, so the looks the man gives his wife are fairly intense in nature. He allowed them to keep the feelings, or at least a version of them.

He strides purposefully toward the brick archway, tapping the bricks in order without needing to look. He's in this part of the city so often that he could nearly do the task blindfolded. 'James' and 'Marlene' follow him, leaving behind the frightened patrons of the Leaky Cauldron, including one young witch who has passed completely out on the ground. He moves into a dark corner, crosses his arms over his body in gleeful satisfaction, and merely waits. This is where it gets really fun.

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