1995-04-07: Greenhouse Musings


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Scene Title Greenhouse Musings
Synopsis Nia comes across Neville in the greenhouses.
Location Hogwarts: Greenhouses
Date April 7, 1995
Watch For Nia passing out candy.
Logger Neville

Classes have just gotten out for the day. Most kids are holed up in their own commonrooms to escape the spring showers. But one young boy knows such things bring May flowers, and no matter what, he is determined the blooms will be everywhere in the long greenhouses of Hogwarts. His school robes have been shed, instead wearing a pale yellow muggle shirt with the sleeves rolled up just up past his elbows. His pants are still of his school uniform, but they match nicely with the cool yellow. He is slightly damp from his walk outside, but he appears to enjoy the hot, muggy feeling in the glass room. The roar of rain, echoes doubled as the drops splinter upon the roof of the house. The Gryffindor tends to a large, green bush where wrinkly, black bulb looking things hang heavy on it's branchs.

It's the end of classes on Friday and that means it's the start of the weekend. Nia couldn't be happier that it's raining and she's been out walking around the grounds almost getting her muggle outfit of a jean skirt and blue shirt soaked. Amist of walking past the greenhouses the girl spotted Neville and decided to follow him. "Hey Neville!" She calls sweetly after opening the door to the greenhouse and quickly stepping inside. "I thought I might find you here."

Neville glances up, as the door swings open. "Hullo!" the boy greets. He has a small copper spray bottle in his hand, using it to mist the wrinkling black lumps with a brownish, not-so-amazing smelling water. "I'm just fertilizing, of course. When it's humid like this, it's the best time." Another few mists of the bulbs and he steps back. "Were you looking for me?"

Nia smiles as she takes a few steps into the greenhouse and closes the door. "Ahh do you want any help with fertilizing?" She asks as she walks over and stands next to him. "Not really looking for you but I'm glad I found you. Was just walking in the rain and saw you heading over here."

Neville nods towards a small shelf of the same copper misters. "Those are all filled with the fertilizer. It's a big bush, wouldn't mind some help." he motions towards the side of the bush he hasn't gotten to just yet.

Looking over her shoulder at the shelf Nia quickly takes a spray bottle off the shelf and went to go help Neville with the bush. "Cool. So what are these pods going to turn into?" She asks as she starts spraying the plant as a few drops of water from her bangs fell down her face.

"The most colorful and best smelling flowers you could ever imagine." Neville says with a grin as he coats another bulb. "Each one has a different scent. Nearly all Mistress Waxbee's Perfume and Cologne's are made from extracts of these flowers." He pics a bit of dead leafs from a branch that managed to go un-pruned. "They don't look like much now, of course."

"Oh wow I can hardly wait to see them bloom. I bet it will smell amazing in here once they do." Nia chirps as she pauses in her spraying to examine a pod carefully in her hand. "You really like plants dontcha Nev?" The girl asks as she lets go of the pod in her hand and bends down to spray the lower leaves and pods near the ground. "Hey look I found a worm"

Neville looks proud of his… well, the school's plant. "'Course I do. Herbology is my best subject." He bends over, peeking at thr soil. "Oh, good! It's an earthworm. They're really useful to the plants. Professor Sprout'll be really happy that they're about, too. He probably came out because he sensed rain."

Nia gets a little closer to the ground as she picks up the worm gently and watches it move around on the palm of her hand. "Herbology is rather fasinating though I do just ok in the subject. I'm glad that I found you." She replies to the worm before looking back at Neville. "So that's why I see a lot of birds hoping around on the grass after is rains. They are eating worms, huh"

"Yeah, probably," Neville agrees, looking out of the window at the rain that steadily falls. "The green houses in the rain are the best. I could spend all my time in here." The boy takes a deep breath of the sticky, fresh air. "What is your best subject?"

Nia sets the worm back onto the dirt at the base of the plant then brushes her hands on her skirt before looking up. "Yes it's so beautiful in here," Setting the copper bottle down and standing up Nia takes a deep breath of the sticky air as she answers. "It's a toss up between Transfiguration and Defence Against the Dark Arts actually."

Neville glances sideways. "I knew I liked you. A Slytherin that isn't a potions-nut. That's my worst subject. Funny too, since it goes hand in hand with herbology. I'm bad at Transfiguration too, but Defense I'm all right at."

Nia laughs "Yeah I'm actually bad at potions myself shocking huh? Though I have a housemate that tutors me in the subject so I'm getting better." She replies as her had went into her pocket and took out 2 hand wrapped candies. "Do you want a caramel Nev? I made them myself and burned the heck outta my hand but they turned out pretty good."

"You made them?" Neville wonders, wiping his hands down and reaching for one. A smile is on his face as he looks at the candy. "Brilliant. Cheers, Nia!" he thanks, tipping the candy at her as he unwraps it. "Oh," the Gryffindor 'mms' as he chews on it. "Wow!"

"Cheers!" Nia replies as she unwraps hers and pops it into her mouth. Her cheeks turn a little pink at the complement as she chews on her candy and puts the empty wrapper back in her pocket. "My grandmother sent me her recipe and after persuading a house elf to get the ingrediance I made a whole caludren full of caramels. I can give you a bag if you want."

Neville is munching quite happily on his candy, looking at Nia with a bob of his head. As he swallows, he gasps. "Blimey, yeah! I'd love a bag." He rubs his hans together, pocketing the wrapper as to not let it litter his precious greenhouse. "I'd love to spend a holiday with /your/ family. Now, granted, my Gran makes the best candied yams. She can't make that!" he indicates the candy.

Nia swallows her candy and reaches inside her pocket to see if she has any more she can give him for now but alas doesn't find anymore. "Hmm looks like I'll have to get a back from my room or.." She trails off as she takes out her want and uses Accio charm to send a bag down to the greenhouse. Walking to the door and opening a little when the bag taps on the glass she floats it towards Neville's direction. "Here you go one bag of Nia's Caramels. Maybe you and your Gran can come to my house for christmas this year I'm sure my parents won't mind. I would love it if you could come too. It kinda gets boring with just me and my bother in the house."

Neville looks amused as the bag floats into the greenhouse. He grabs it from the air, peering down into it with excitment. "Thanks, Nia. You didn't have to!" But Neville is already fishing another out. "Maybe we could! I'll ask Gran about it in my next owl. If nothing else, I bet she'd be glad to be rid of me for a day or two."

"It's no trouble. I made way too much and I need to share." Nia says happily as watches Neville enjoy another piece of candy. "Well with or without your Gran you'll be welcomed to my house for christmas. Do you think Harry, Ron, and Hermione would want a bag too?"

Neville cradles his bag in the crook of his elbow as he pops another candy to his mouth. "Oh, yeah. Sure they would. Who wouldn't want a bag of these?" he wants to know, looking back at his. "Too bad it's so far away. Summer's closer though, and I go to Diagon Alley a lot. Do you?"

Nia shrugs as she loosely crosses her arms in amusment. "I dunno when I offered them to some of my housemates they gave me a weird look and asked me if they were poisoned or had a potion in them. I'm guess Hermione might throughly test them before she ate them or let Harry and Ron eat them." She half teases with a smile. "Hmmm yeah I usually hang out in Diagon Alley during the summer though I might see if I can help my dad in the Ministry this summer. I'm not sure yet but I think we can arrange something. I've always wanted to meet your Grandmother too."

Neville looks at Nia, a completely puzzled expression on his face. The thought, obviously, had not even crossed his mind. And now that it has… "Well, that doesn't make much sense," he protests. "Why on earth would you?" The matter is shrugged off with a literal shrug. "My Gran? Why would make you want to meet her?"

Nia chuckles as she ruffles Neville's hair playfully "It's pretty hard to shake off the typical Slytherin sterotype. People just assume I'm up to no good but those who know me think otherwise." Taking a piece of candy out from the bag and quickly popping it into her mouth, Nia muses on the last question for a bit before answering. "To tell you the truth Nev, after hearing all those howlers she sent you it got me quite curious as to what she would be like in person. I also would love to tell her what a great grandson she raised."

Neville leans a bit into the ruffle, smiling with a silly look. He sets the bag down to the work bench, keeping it clear of the soil and dirt spots. "Yeah, well. You /do/ share a house with Draco Malfoy. I guess, I'll be honest, the colors green and silver tend to spook me a little at first." He scratchs his arm bashfully. "But you proved me wrong quickly."

"Yeah well Draco gives a bad name to Slytherins everywhere" Nia muses as she fixes Neville's bangs that she messed up a few moments ago then sits on the work bench being careful not to spill the bag of candy. "A few people have told me that I was sorted into the wrong house but I'm just happy that I proved you wrong."

Neville crosses his eyes, looking at the shaggy bangs that almost hang over his eyes. "People tell me the same thing," he says, gathering back up the copper mister. "That I should have been in Hufflepuff."

Nia stretches her arms then smiles over to the Gryffy. "Nah I think you are in the right house. Gryffindor fits you." Dipping her finger into the soil Nia starts drawing a little picture on her leg where a patch of mud was already on there.

"You do?" Neville sounds surprised. "I guess I always figured I should be in Hufflepuff, too!" he laughs and muses his hair again, looking down at he as she mud-doodles. "What are you up to?"

Nia nods as she stops her doodling and looks up at the boy "Of course I do. You are so good to your friends and very couragious and brave." Brushing her hands together to get off any loose mud, Nia smiles. "Oh just doodling and enjoying the company. Do you like it?"

Neville crosses his arms. "Sometimes I think you forget who you're talking to." Even still, the fourth year can't help but grin. "Like it? The doodles or the company? Or—" He is confused.

Nia giggles as she leans back a little on her hands. "Honestly Neville you put yourself down too much. And I was refering to the doodles." She winks as she stands up and stretches once again.

Neville turns his head to the side, looking to where the doodles were. "Great! I can't draw for beans. I like to write, though. But mostly I like growing plants."

"Thanks" Nia replies as she took a few steps towards the boy and drew a smiley face on Neville's cheek. "There now you have a Nia original" Nia jokes. "What do you write about?"

Neville wiggles his nose, attempting not to giggle at the tickling sensation on his cheek. "Thanks, I'll get it framed." He reaches up high, misting the top flower bulbs. "Oh, lots of stuff. Dreams, bits of fiction, about my experiences in this whole… You-Know-Who thing."

Nia plays with her hair for a moment while watching the rain fall on the glass walls. "I can never remember my dreams but maybe that for the best. Hey Neville when is your birthday?"

"Somnium recolligo," Neville says to Nia. "It's a dream remembering charm. You have to be careful, though, or it'll remember your nightmares, too! You cast it on yourself exactly seven minutes before you fall asleep— that's the tricky part. But then you can remember every detail." He glances around, mister still cocked in his hand. "My brithday? It's July 30th."

"I'll keep both of those in mind." Nia says as she picks up her mister and starts spraying up high and standing on her tip toes. "Did we miss any spots you think?" She asks while teatering a little on her toes. Man it sucks being short.

Neville shakes his head. "I don't think so. This plant will be blooming in no time. I wouldn't be surprised if Mistress Waxbee gave me a life time supply of cologne herself for all the flowers this thing will give. Maybe I'll ask for some perfume, too. What do you like?"

Nia teaters again as she goes down from her toes to heels then took a step back so as to stop herself from falling. "Me? Well I like anything floral really. Smelling like flowers makes my day happier if that makes any sence. Thanks Nev you're really sweet."

Neville rushes to get a hand on her to keep her from falling. The copper spray gun clangs to the floor. He misses, but thankfully she doesn't fall anyways. "All righ'?" he wants to know, smiling as she compliments him. "Thanks, Nia. You are too."

Nia flushes a little at the attempted help and compliment. "Yeah it just sucks being short." She muses as she puts her feet together and stands straight. "Thanks it's nice to be appriciated."

"I used to be short," Neville tells her. "I was the shortest boy in my house when I started." He laughs, looking down at himself. "Then third year hit me an' I tower above most everyone." Neville cranes his head towards the glass walls. "You'll be late for dinner, you know. Professor Sprout is going to bring me mine, but you're not as lucky!"

Nia chuckes as she wraps an arm around Neville's waist and gave him a hug. "I just hope I can grow some more. I mean I like my height but I want to be just a tad taller you know." Following his gaze towards the darkening sky Nia sighs softly as she drops her arm from the boy's waist. "Wow it got late fast but I guess thats what happens when you're having fun. Though I may stay just a bit longer maybe till Professor Sprout comes unless you want to get rid of me." She teases.

Neville returns the hug briefly, following her look outside. "Yeah, it happens to me all the time here." he admits, ducking his head under a twisted arch of deep green vines. "You can stay! I'd just feel bed if you missed out on dinner." He approaches a wide pallet with nothing shown but top soil.

"I would imagine you can do so much in here." Nia replies as she walks around a little looking at some different plants. "Aww how sweet Nev you're always looking out for me. Don't worry I won't miss dinner and if I do I'm sure I can find something to nibble on." She muses as she twists a few fingers around a hanging vine.

"Like caramels," Neville jokes, laying his hands on the wooden edges of the pallet walls. The boy quiets for a moment, studying the layer of dirt with extreme scrutiny. "They should have come up by now," he frets.

"True" Nia replies as she carefully untangles her fingers through the vines then walks over to Neville and stands behinds him looking down at the pallet. "What should have come up by now?"

Neville frowns, glancing her way before reaching for a watering can. "Oh," he sighs, tipping the can and splashing the soil with a generous dose of water. "Shrivelfigs. Those little bushes with the fruit you prune in your second year. If they're to be ready for the second years by next fall, they need to sprout soon or they won't fruit or leaf nearly enough."

Nia bites her lower lip a little as she continues to look down at the now wet pallet. "Oh yeah I remember those. I think I ate one of my figs when I was pruning them way back when. Got a few points deducted for it too I think." She replies as she brushes a few leaves from her hair. "Remind me to snag you for a study session the next time we have a big Herbology test coming up."

Neville seems to find this rather amusing. "I bet!" he says, looking at her with a wide grin. "They're used for a common shrinking potion. Dreadfully useful and all of Hogwart's supply is grown right here." The watering can is set down and Neville moves for a small canister, cracking it open and beginning to spread the contents over the dirt. "I'm worried since Professor Sprout is trusting me with bringing in next year's crop."

Nia nods as she watches Neville work and keeping an ear open for Professor Sprout. "Have you tried maybe talking to them? Plants are very receptive to emotions and sounds. I'm sure she didn't put her trust in vane when she picked you to help her raise the Shrivelfigs. Especially with your green thumbs."

"Talk to them…" Neville mutters. "I haven't tried. I have to sing to the Baby Cradle vines or they won't swing and pollinate… but the shrivelfigs…" he considers this for a moment before leaning forward and greeting the planted seeds with a weak 'hullo'. The sound of the door creaking in the next greenhouse over. "Professor's here," he says, looking to Nia. "Better get to dinner, then. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it."

"It's worth a try" Nia shrugs then smiles as she turns her head in the direction of sound of creaking. "Ahh so she is well then I guess it's time to go." Brushing off a few more leafs she stretches once more before making her way to the door. "Good luck with your shrivelfigs and if you want another bag of caramels just ask. See ya later Neville." She calls with a wave before walking out of the greenhouse and up to the castle.

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