1994-10-02: Good Idea, Bad Idea


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Scene Title Good Idea, Bad Idea
Synopsis The title says it all!
Location Hogsmeade - The Shrieking Shack
Date Oct 02, 1994
Watch For Mood shifts!
Logger Scooby-Doo

Why does he always end up here? Remus Lupin may never know. Maybe it's because this house had such a big effect on him during his pivotal teenage years. One way or another, it is where he has ended up once more. Being one of the few people who know that this place is not, in fact, haunted, he isn't scared to be here. Never has. And now he walks quietly around the shack, thinking over some recent events.

It's the nostalgia Remus. Remember the good times, old friend. Sneaking in through a loose board, Padfoot slips into the shack. Once inside, he transforms and looks around. He thought he saw Moony slip on inside the place. Finding the man, he grins, "Thought I saw you head this way."

Lupin doesn't seem surprised when his old friend seems to appear. He expects nothing less these days. He gives Sirius a small smile and a nod. "Yes. I find I think best when I'm in here." He looks around. "I've been thinking about this American woman some more." No need to say which one…there is only one that he could be talking about. "I can't help but wonder…the Ministry seems to have gotten a little angry about her, which could mean they're trying to hide something."

"Of course they're angry. She's pointing out a failure on their part and went public with it. She's backed them into a corner on something and they don't like that. Fudge has been happy keeping his head buried in the sand, and the American took that peace of mind away from him." Sirius looks well enough, but there's a grim bite to his words. "I think they were hoping to brush her off. It was pretty brazen of her to go to Skeeter the way she did." Well played Miss Maplewood, well played. Looking around the shack, despite being familiar with every nook and cranny, he continues, "I've been thinking about her as well. I should talk to her."

There's a light sigh on the part of Lupin. "She has certainly done something that most would be afraid to do, that is certain." He shakes his head. "Not many, besides Dumbledore perhaps, would speak so forthright against the Minister and the Ministry as a whole." There's a pause as Lupin's eyes find Sirius' and he just stares. "Padfoot…certainly you don't mean to actually speak to her yourself, do you? Let me talk to her."

"Perhaps she's in the right place at the right time? Someone from the outside to voice some sense. Merlin knows the Ministry doesn't listen to Dumbledore anymore." Which is their mistake. Sirius simply grins at Remus, "Why not? Oh of course there's the problem of being caught, but if there's a trial, it's a bit required that my presence is there, correct?" The smile fades and he shrugs. "How about we all talk to her? Find a nice place to converse, all civilized like."

Lupin raises an eyebrow. "How about the right place, over a decade at the wrong time? The only reason you've been brought to attention now is your escape from prison, as no one has escaped past the Dementors before." He shakes his head. "If there's a trial, however, and you are found guilty once more, you will go back to Azkaban." He sighs once more. "I don't know. I still think it a bad idea for you to show yourself to anyone outside of those you already have."

Sirius smirks faintly at Lupin's statement and spreads his hands, expression clearly saying 'What are you gonna do?' Although the smirk fades and a cloud falls over his face. "I know that Remus. I will /not/ go back to Azkaban. Even if I turn myself in for a trial, that's where I'm going to wait it out…" He starts to pace, an odd light shining in his eyes. "It is a bad idea, but what am I going to do? Continue to hide the rest of my life? Maybe.. I don't know.. What if.. What if you get Miss Maplewood, bring her to me? We could do this in secret. In case it turns south, it could be on our terms."

Lupin gazes intently at Sirius. "I hope, for all of us, most of all yourself, that you do not end up back in Azkaban." He watches Sirius pace back and forth. "Look, what you want to do, ideally, is wait until Voldemort has returned and the Ministry acknowledges his return, then the Ministry will have no choice but to believe what certain people have said … that you are, indeed, innocent. That is what would be ideal. I know you hate hiding, I know you hate not being to help as much as you have. Believe me. We all have to make compromises." He sighs. "I don't know if I'm comfortable bringing her to you. Honestly. If I were to … precautions could be taken. But I still feel uncomfortable doing so."

Sirius has already proven how desperate he can be. There's honestly no telling what he might do should it come to that. The pacing hasn't let up, and his expression is almost as manic as it was when they cornered Peter here a few months back. He's quiet while Lupin speaks, too quiet… when finally… "Alright then. I'll just go see if she's home then." He then starts to walk away, looking as if he's going to make good on that.

Lupin frowns. He knows Sirius well … too well. He knows the look on his friend's face. He knows what the pacing can entail. "Sirius …. no. Don't go to find her. Not right now. If we are to do this, we should do it right. We should think about it clearly and make a plan."

Stopping just a few feet away, Sirius looks over his shoulder at Remus, and there's a ghost of a grin on his face. As soon as the stony mood came on, it's gone again, "We'll make precautions then. Kidnap her if we have to." All of this said as if it were just that simple. "Take her wand from her, she doesn't even have to know where she's going. Moony, you could easily talk her into coming with you."

Lupin shakes his head. "Hopefully we shall not need to kidnap her. Nor take her wand. But we'll get it figured out. Just remember, as always … be careful." Though he usually wouldn't feel the need to tell his friend this, today seems like a special case for that. Sirius could be unpredictable. Can't have him off gallivanting anywhere.

Right in one, you are. Unpredictable, moody, and generally unstable in the head, Sirius could go off his nut any moment. "Just use your Prefect's voice on her. That'll charm any witch. As for being careful, I have been. I will also do my best to continue doing so. I solemnly swear!"

Lupin nods firmly. "Do not worry. I'll get her around. Just be on the watch. If I do arrange a meeting, it shouldn't take more than a few days to arrange it." He says quietly. "I should be on my way, now. But I'll keep in touch by owl."

Sirius claps a hand to Remus's shoulder, "See, that wasn't so hard now was it? Get Tonks or Kingsley to help if you need it." There's always Plan B, that failing. Plan B of course being the more bold of the options. "I'll be staying put and being a good boy."

Lupin smiles and nods. "Good. I don't want to have to put a collar and a leash on you now." Is that a threat? How can it be, coming from Remus? He sighs softly. "I'll try to get in touch with Kingsley or Tonks. We'll see."

"Just try it Moony, see what limbs you walk away with," Sirius says with a wink. "Go on, off with you. I'll behave. Marauders Honor." Surely that's a comfort, right?

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