1994-07-14: Going To The Well



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Scene Title Going to the Well
Synopsis Auntie and Niece have a little chat. More like, Bellatrix foams at the mouth while Tonks tries to get useful information.
Date July 14, 1994
Watch For Blood traitors!
Chronology Tonks visits her Aunt in Azkaban
Logger Happy Shiny Shield Charm!

Azkaban Fortress

A small delegation from the Ministry arrives at the craggy rock fortress that is Azkaban. They arrive by varying methods and none seem too cheerful about the visitation that is taking place. The members of the delegation each have their own tasks that they must see to, as well as assigned prisoners to check in on. The weather is brutal with the wind and waves beating mercilessly at the prison, doing little in the way of welcoming the witches and wizards. The overbearing presence of the Dementors are needless to say, no help either.

This wasn't a particularly easy decision to make, but fortunately for her, when she had made the request, there were already apparently some handful of errands that needed to be made to the place anyway. Or so she was told. Either that was the case, or it was conveniently made up so she didn't go alone. Which she was both annoyed about, yet thankful for (both in company and the fact it risk her being over heard). This trip has her looking like very few people would ever seen her look. Her face is unchanged, but her hair's relaxed in it's style, resulting in a pixie-like bob about her face, and mousey-bordering-on-dark brown in color. Even with the short hair, the resemblance to her mother's quite apparent. It takes her a few moments to find what she's looking for, and brace herself against the dementors (DONT go casting Patronus' everywhere, 'Dora) before she begins moving about the cells, looking for one in particular.

And among the cells of high profile prisoners, there's a face that once upon a time greatly resembled the younger witch. Now? It's been ravaged by the years of imprisonment, left with a waxy appearance. Thin, almost as pale as a ghost, Bellatrix Lestrange lays in wait within her cell. Eyes rolling upwards to the ceiling, they almost project the look of eyes rolling back in one's head. She's quiet for the most part, every now and then a mad, high pitched laugh is known to escape, as well as cries to her Dark Lord.

Part in partial why Tonks chose this was to give a /little/ more appeal to her Aunt. Surely, the pink hair would be too much of a reminder of her half-blooded freak niece - not that the niece itself would probably make her even more mad. Cell found, there's a clear, "Bellatrix Lestrange?" It's an Authoritive tone, commanding.

"You're not fit to even think my name," comes a throaty croak from within the cell. Bellatrix hasn't looked to see who has approached as of yet, the voice, it's not one that's immediately familiar. Not that her mind is completely in the present. A cackle then follows the words as she says to no one in particular, "I will be rewarded for my faithfulness. I will stand by his side when he returns, his most faithful."

"Would you prefer 'Auntie Bella' instead?" Tonks offers? Yes, she's a good step away from the bars, well out of reach of any sudden flailing, clawing arms that might suddenly come out of the bars. Her wand is withdrawn, only for a second to cast a quick recording charm before being stashed away again. She can also borrow a Pensieve if she needed. "I wanted to talk a bit."

The change that comes over the woman is gradual as information collides and sinks in. Once it does, Bellatrix is on her feet and lunging at the bars. Her hands, claw-like in appearance now, reach convulsively for Nymphadora, "You're no blood of mine! You filthy little traitor! Daughter of one who loves rolling in the mud! Like a dirty animal!" Her words come out in a screech, almost unintelligible in her mad raving.

Wow, Foresight is /really good/. Thanks, Mad-eye. Tonks just levels an even look at Bellatrix, probably a similar look that she herself could've effected a decade and a half ago, when youth and relative safety was on her side. One that easily conveys she's the one in charge, she's the superior here, "Do you have any information on the recent escapee, Sirius Black?"

The answer Bellatrix gives is in the form of a spat aimed at Tonks. A nasty, vile sort of grin cracks across her face, giving a full view of the sorry condition she's now in health-wise. Her chest rises and falls with heavy breathing as she withdraws her hands, pulling them back to caress the bars holding her back as if they were a lover. "Our cousin?" Her head is thrown back and an unpleasant laugh spills out. "Filthy traitor, no better than you.. or your /mother/. Laying amongst the /filth/ and the /mud/." Her head tilts, almost parrot like as she gives her niece a thoroughly crazed look, "Is your blood red? Or do you bleed dirt?" Her eyes slowly rake over Nymphadora, as if imagining sticking a knife in the witch.

If only there were ways to present this to the Ministry and not have it poked full of holes. 'Oh she's acting to cover him up' 'you've obviously tampered with the recording methods', et all. "I'm pretty sure it's red," Tonks says dismissively. There wasn't even a budge at the expectorating. Makes one wonder what Mad-Eye put this girl through to see if she'd flinch. "And last I checked, Mum wasn't a wanted murderer on the run from the Ministry. Or did she show up in the middle of a huge event casting Dark Marks and killing innocent people."

Bellatrix's eyes seem to bulge out as her anger spills forth. Although anger is a mild term for what this woman is feeling. Shaking with rage, her hands tighten against the bars, her knuckles going white. "STEALING OUR GLORY. OH HE WILL PAY. TRAITOR, YOU AND HIM ALIKE!," she shrieks, disrupting other prisoners from their stupor. Wails, screams and tortured cries filter from the cells along this block. Somewhere down the line, Bellatrix's husband and his brother are heard calling for He Who Must Not Be Named. Not content with grabbing cold iron, again, she lunges to try and grab at Tonks, anything she can get contact with.

'Don't /ever/ show them you're afraid. /Constant/ vigilance'. This is repeated in Tonks' head as Bella sets of a chain reaction that would likely have Tonks shaking in her boots (Thanks Dementors for just adding to the effect) otherwise. "In order to be a traitor, you'd have to actually swear your loyalty to something. Get your definition's right, 'Auntie'." Squaring her shoulders, and just giving those flailing hands a nonplussed look, "Did Sirius black ever confide in you about his plans to escape?"

More laughter bubbles forth, the laughter of a mind warped and gone mad, laughter that cuts off sharply. "YOU DARE.." Bellatrix snarls and swipes an arm to try and grab at Tonks again, fully enraged by being called Auntie. "YOU'RE NO FAMILY OF MINE! The Dark Lord.. he is all the family I need.. and he will release us from these … chains.." Her tone takes on a slightly dreamy quality as her hands jerk, and draw back, eyes downcast in looking at them. A muscle in her cheek twitches, and her right hand caresses her left arm. Where the Dark Mark has been burned into her skin. A finger traces the mark, a zealous light glittering in her eyes. "I've been loyal.. my Lord.. faithful to the last, to you, to…"

"Yes, I dare to read books every now and then," Tonks closes her eyes for a moment. It's the mood of this place. She needs to keep her head. However, when she opens her eyes again and watches Bella, for all intents and purposes, /swoon/ she can't help but twist her face up in an expression of disbelief. "If you're /quite/ done 'entertaining' yourself," She did not need those images, AGH. "I do want to point out that your comments do look like you're protecting Sirius. If you'd just tell us what all you know… I'm sure they'd stop having mudblood traitors coming and questioning you."

Bellatrix pulls back from the bars, still tracing the Mark with her forefinger. "Traitor.. scum..," she mutters to herself while the other prisoners along the block continue to wail as well. "He is not to walk in the Dark Lord's shadow." Just who she's referring to is up in the air, her sense of coherency is fading fast. "Traitor. No blood pride.. I WILL BE WITH YOU AGAIN MY LORD!" Hand clasping convulsively over the Dark Mark, she throws her head back and screams.

Tonks' eyebrow twitches a bit. "Fine, let's not talk about Sirius. You've said that the 'Dark Lord'," don't shudder don't shudder, "is going to return. I hate to burst your bubble, but he was reported killed nearly thirteen years ago." It's a casual remark, but it's hopefully going to serve a purpose.

Bellatrix spins to face the cell door, a finger pointing at Tonks as she crows, "LIES. THE DARK LORD LIVES. HE WILL RETURN." Chest heaving as she pants, she adds, "And we shall finish what he started. THE MUDBLOODS SHALL DIE FIRST." Her eyes roll back somewhat as she stumbles back several steps to rest upon the slab that serves as her bed.

The look that Tonks gives is /pity/. This is what she's related to. This is what only a handful of her family /hadn't/ end up becoming—a mere handful in /generations/. "So there's nothing you can tell me about Sirius, or You-Know-Who?"

"Sirius, Sirius, Sirius," Bellatrix sings in a baby-like tone, tauntingly at Tonks. "She's so concerned over our /dear/ cousin. He'd as soon roll in the mud like a pig as well," she says aloud, to herself, as if already dismissing or having forgotten Tonks's presence. "Acting alone, he had to have been, he never swore.. oh no. He did not." The muttering dissipates and a sudden shout of desperation escapes, "I AM HERE FOR YOU MY LORD, WHILE THE OTHERS HIDE!"

Tonks closes her eyes and shakes her head. She didn't know why she'd actually /get/ information from Bellatrix, but at least it shows that Tonks is doing something. "I should go, now… Can't say it was nice talking to you—Oh one more thing." She'll wait until Bellatrix has turned her attention before Tonks' hair suddenly stands on end and flashes that bright bubblegum pink. "Have a good day."

Bellatrix practically foams at the mouth, "/It/ dares to address me agai.." Her words trail off, noting the change in Tonks's appearance and she rents the air with a blood curdling scream. The scream continues, even as she lunges once again at the bars, "YOU!" On some level, she was aware of who she was talking to, but the flash of pink hair seems to have clicked further in her mind. Those among the cells that had quieted down, are now screaming again in a chorus of sorts with Bellatrix.

Turning on her heel she begins marching back down the corridors. Bellatrix might not have given useful information, but she was useful. AS for that last bit of display, well, she's pretty sure she'll get blasted for it later. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. Tonks, for now, is just in a hurry to get out - and sit down someplace warm with a large box of chocolates.

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