1995-03-09: Giving Up


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Scene Title Giving Up
Synopsis Two second-years compare notes.
Location Hogwarts - Library
Date March 9, 1995
Watch For Archibald's Magneto moment
Logger Egbert

With the shock of recent-ish events settled into an occasional resignation, Egbert is back into the swing of his classwork. There's a Potions text at the corner of the desk - the jury's still out on whether that new teacher is more or less scary than the old one - but right now his attention is on a Herbology guide, turned to a picture of the same plant sitting in the clay pot in front of him. His attention wanders from the one to the other, and back again.

A Slytherin second year wanders amongst the stacks of books, his arms carrying in front of him four large volumes. Archibald makes his way towards the desks, which takes him nearby Egbert and his plant. He pauses, looking over at his year mate. "I sure hope I didn't miss an assignment in Herbology…" he drones, "what's that you got there Torrington?"

Egbert glances up at the familiar voice. "Liliaceae secundus," he answers, squinting from the book as he quotes the Latin title. "It's got everything else here, but right where it'd say what to feed it, there's a page ripped out. And there's nothing else describing it, I checked."

Archibald drops his books onto the table across from Egbert, and pulling out a chair, he sits down. "Liliaceae secundus," he repeats the name, "I don't recall having heard of it." He eyes the book speculatively, before shrugging "I don't see any reason for the page to be missing… is that a library book?"

Egbert nods, passing it across the table. "Neither do I, but there it is. I've tried all the usual types, and it just sits there doing nothing… I think maybe I'd better take it back and try something else instead. So what've you been working on?" he adds, indicating the stack that Archibald brought in with him.

The Slytherin looks down at his own stack. "Just some books on defensive magic," Archibald replies, "it's one of my worst subjects, and so I'm doing a bit of extra reading on the subject." He picks one up, "This one has to deal with shielding," he points to the other two, "and those deal with dark creatures." The fourth book he doesn't say what it deals with, but nods back to the plant, "Have you talked with Professor Sprout about that plant? I'm sure she'd know. Unless it is for an assignment…" he trails off.

Well, 'those' could mean three as well as two, so the silent omission whizzes right by Egbert. "It is, but if I show her the book— I mean, she'll be able to tell I didn't rip the page out myself." One way or another. "And I know what you mean about defenses, Moody's always got things moving so fast! I suppose in that case you may not have a choice, though."

Archibald nods in agreement, "How do you think it got ripped out, did you lend it to someone," he asks. "Moody definitely is a bit twitchier than Professor Lupin was. I gotta believe that even though there's some that have an innate ability for some types of magic, that others can acheive success too if they are willing to… make certain sacrifices."

Egbert takes the book back, clutching it defensively against his chest as he shakes his head. "Not until just now." And there's that famous Slytherin cunning - especially the meaningful pause. "What kind of sacrifices?"

Archibald chuckles lightly, shaking his head, "Well sacrifices can mean anything, can't they? I've a knack for Transfiguration and could have top marks in the class if I focused all my time on it. But here I am spending time trying to strengthen one of my weaknesses. So time can be a sacrifice."

Egbert scratches his head. "You're right… but that depends how you define 'success', too. You probably don't need defense at the NEWT level unless you're going to be an Auror or something, but skip the basics and you're just asking for trouble later."

Archibald looks at Egbert quizzically. "Well… yes, and no. Depends on what you've ambition for I'd say. Like you said though, the definition of success may very well vary from wizard to wizard. One might deem success as a high ranking position within the Ministry, while another might view it as knowing how to live and survive in any situation."

"And another might view it as just getting by, maybe starting a family-- any number of things. Certainly something to think about." Leaning down, Egbert leans the book up against the plant's stem (it doesn't seem interested in eating the pages, either) and picks it up. "Anyway, I should get this moved before it gets too late. Good luck with your—" He tilts his head again toward Archibald's pile of books. You know, that stuff.

"Defensive theorizing." Archibald admits and finishes the sentence Egbert left hanging. He gathers the books he brought as well, "And I need to be heading back to the dungeons soon as it is. A very interesting conversation this was, Torrington. See you in class."

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