1994-11-08: Ginger Domesticity


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Scene Title Ginger Domesticity
Synopsis Arthur comes home one evening, and the Weasley parents chat.
Location The Burrow (where else?)
Date Nov 8, 1994
Watch For Arthur! Christmas plans and eerie silence.
Logger Molly

The weather hasn't been cooperating with Molly today. First off, the wind blew so hard that the chickens all huddled inside their coop and refused to come out. Then, when it was time to do the laundry, the rain started pouring down, making it impossible for her to hang the clothes out to dry. So, she's given up doing anything outside today beyond feeding the chickens, and spends her hours inside, darning, knitting, and baking. The scents of fresh bread and biscuits waft from the kitchen. She's got a huge pot of stew on the stove simmering as well.

Arthur is running just a little late, but that's nothing unusual these days. With things in such a turmoil at the Ministry, he's been putting in some extra hours to try to keep on top of everything. He's not quite as late tonight as last night at least, but in exchange, he had to skip lunch, so as he arrives into a kitchen that smells of stew and freshly baked goods, his stomach gives a little rumble. He pauses to take a deep inhale of it and then heads in search of his lovely wife, calling out as he goes, "Molly dear, I'm home. And it smells delicious in here, by the way."

"Oh, Arthur. You're home. Good. You must be starving. Sit. I'll get you a bowl of stew. It's been simmering all day and it's rather lovely, if I do say so myself." Molly hops up to fetch the stew for her husband, stopping first to greet him with an embrace and a kiss. "How was work, dear?" She bustles off to get the food, filling the bowl, setting it down in front of him.

Arthur returns the embrace before Molly goes bustling off, moving rather more wearily to sit as instructed. "Thanks. Yeah, bit peckish, I must admit." His stomach gives another little rumble to suggest that this might be an understatement. "Little quieter today, at least, though it's hard to tell truth from rumour these days. That Umbridge woman has things in such a turmoil, you know." He gives a bit of a sigh as he removes his spectacles to give them a quick clean on the fraying sleeve of his robes.

"Mmm." Molly gives a noncommittal sound as she sits down to chat with her husband. "That woman has always given me the creeps, Arthur. She reminds me of my Aunt Eugenia, and you know how well she and I got on." She rolls her eyes, and flicks her wand to summon her knitting to her lap. Getting it settled and into a rhythm, she frowns. "Arthur, I got an owl from Ronnie today. He needs dress robes for the Yule Ball. I cannot believe we forgot something that important. I suppose I should go visit him and at least get his measurements, if Albus doesn't object." She knows parents don't usually show up on campus, but maybe for this, the Headmaster would make a small exception. "If I can do that soon, I can sew him something right up. It would cost less and probably turn out a little better than …" She frowns, remembering when Percy had to get dress robes.

"And I suspect, as always dear, your instincts on people might be spot on," Arthur replies sagely as he sets his specs back on his nose so that he can begin tucking into the stew. He gets in a mouthful before he's distracted by this newest problem. "Dress robes, blimey, that's right, isn't it." He glances down into the bowl for a moment as she mentions Percy's dress robes, but rallies a moment later. "Yeah, you could do better than those in your sleep, I'm sure. Good thinking," he notes with a supportive smile. "And I've faith that Albus will be able to figure out something so you can get his measurements. The way they sprout up, he's probably grown an inch since we saw him last."

Molly nods, a beatific smile on her face evidence of her pleasure in her husband's faith in her. "I should owl him directly, shouldn't I? It shouldn't take that much time to whip something up, but it's November already. My, how time does fly." She frowns. "I need to go shopping for the material…" Shopping. That reminds her. "Dear, did I tell you about the conversation I had with a Mrs. Falton when I was shopping the last time?" She's a little nervous. She drops a stitch, mutters to herself as she reaches down to fix it.

"November, my goodness," Arthur notes, as if just realizing the date now that Molly's pointed it out to him. "It has gone by in rather a flash, hasn't it." He gives his head a little shake, musing on that for a moment, though the talk of shopping brings him back. Always a bit of a stressful subject with so few galleons to go around, though he doesn't dwell, just moves on with a thoughtful look as she mentions the conversation. "Mrs. Falton? No, I don't think so. Nothing bad, I hope?" he has to ask, sensing her worry or at least noticing that she's dropped a stitch.

"Oh, no, no, dear." Molly hurriedly rushes to reassure him. "No. Actually, it was quite a pleasant little conversation. It just put an idea in my head. Arthur…" She purses her lips. "Arthur, it's awfully quiet here during Term." This is something she's been realizing. "There is a lot to do, yes, but some of it is just busywork, and Mrs. Falton has an idea that I thought about talking to you about. I can't believe I hadn't mentioned this to you already. She works with the orphanages, and I wondered…" She knows she's her own woman, but her life has belonged to this man and her children for so long that his opinion holds remarkable sway. "It'd only be during Term, and only if the other things are done around here…" She fumbles a stitch, nearly dropping it, deciding to set the needles down until they're finished with this part of the conversation. "What do you think, dear?"

This is news to Arthur, so if it has been previously mentioned, it must have been when he was thinking about that new Muggle battery he'd just added to his collection. It was a really good one! This time, though, he hears her out, picking up how much it seems to mean to her. He doesn't have to give it too much thought before he offers a grin. "You want to do some volunteer work with the orphanages?" he clarifies, making sure he doesn't have entirely the wrong idea. "Why, Molly, I think that's a grand idea. If you've got the time, I think it's wonderful you want to help out those poor children."

Relief crosses Molly's face, easily turning into that happy contentment she normally wears. "Thank you Arthur. I told her I would owl once I'd talked to you, then with that mess with the garden, I plum forgot." She rolls her eyes. "How is the stew, dear?" Issue settled, Molly moves on, including picking her knitting immediately back up and getting back into the rhythm of things. "I used that leftover lamb, and decided to throw in the potatoes from the other night and…" She smiles. "Well, that's enough of that." An idea pops into her head. "We haven't had Remus or Nymphadora over in a while, luv. Would you like to do that soon? Do you have a day when you know you'll be home? I do know that poor Nymphadora's been so busy with that mess with Sirius Black…" She frowns. "Do you hear much about that, Arthur?"

"Of course, dear," Arthur replies with a grin, happy to see her happy. "Just be careful you don't go taking on too much," he advises, though it's a light and easy tone. "Stew's delightful. And good that you were able to use all that up." As if to emphasize the point, he takes another hearty mouthful, though he does seem to be slowing down a little now that his stomach is fuller and the bowl almost empty. "We should have them by, sure. Does get a bit quiet around here during the term, doesn't it." He pauses for just a moment to listen to the relative silence. It's just not quite right, the house so empty. As for Sirius, he gives a bit of a frown. "Oh, bits and bobs. I try to keep an ear out, of course. Has things in quite an uproar, from what I hear of it. People aren't quite sure what to think. Still, guess every man deserves his day in court, eh?"

Molly nods. "Yes, there is that. I still cannot believe that he wasn't given a trial the first time through. That's completely unfair." She has a very strong opinion on that, it seems. "Well, yes, dear." That's what she was saying. She continues knitting. "I'll get a hold of Remus again, and let him pass the word on to Nymphadora when he sees her." That's assuming he does see her. But there is a method to her madness, at any rate. "If you feel I'm getting in too deeply, let me know, please Arthur?" She might fuss at him, or something, but she will listen. "How is Percy, dear? Did you see him today?" And the conversation continues.

"You're right, Molly. It wasn't fair. Nothing's going to excuse the Ministry for that. I just hope they do their best to make amends by being fair this time around," Arthur replies, hopeful, but, especially in light of the recent changes in administration, not entirely sure it will happen. "Why don't you let me know what's decided between you three and I'll try to make my schedule work with it. It's so up and down these days, I think that might be the only way that will work." He finishes off the last of his stew and sets the bowl a little off to one side, now giving Molly his full attention. "Of course, dear. But I'm sure you can handle it. I suspect the hardest part will be not to bring them all home with you," he points out with a smile. He'd have the same difficulty too, he's sure. As for Percy, he hesitates a moment. "Ah, no. Not today. But I've heard he's doing well. Quite busy over in his department, of course, with everything going on."

And Molly nods again, remaining silent at the thought of her third-born child. She knits for a few moments, in thought, in peaceful silence with her mate, then smiles. "Well, I'll send those owls right out, then, and then, I've got to finish the…" There's a buzzing in her pocket. "Oh. The bread's done." She stands, setting the knitting on her chair. She pulls the bread out of the oven and examines the biscuits. They look done, so she pulls them too, setting the pan down on the counter deftly. She turns off the oven.

Arthur watches Molly spur into action, a fond smile as she juggles the many various tasks so deftly. "Got to finish the bread? Or is there something else you've got on the go?" he asks with a bit of amazement. He sits back in his chair, starting to feel a bit dozy in the heat of the kitchen. "Suppose we'll have to start saving up for Christmas soon, won't we, speaking of the Yule Ball," he observes idly. Still, with such a big family, it's probably never too early to start saving up.

Molly chuckles. "Dear, I've been saving up for Christmas for months." And she has, too. A little here, a little there. "I have about two thirds of it squared away, and it shouldn't take but one or two big shopping trips to get the whole thing done." She smiles. "Well, I was working on darning the socks, but I need to finish Harry's jumper as well." She frowns. "I do wonder if Albus will let him come out here with us this holiday."

"Oh. Well. Very good then!" Arthur replies with a sheepish grin. Of course if he's thinking of it now, she thought of it months ago. "What would I do without you?" he adds with a little laugh of his own. "If I can find the time from work, maybe we ought to make a day of it, the shopping?" he suggests, not liking the idea of her struggling with it all on her own. And with things so busy, it would be nice to have a day on something like that. "Maybe we ought to ask Ron to invite him along?" he suggests, brightening at the idea of having him come.

Molly nods. "That sounds lovely, dear." At his suggestion, she nods, then frowns. "Well, if I have to go get Ron's measurements, I could ask Albus at the same time. Then, if he allows it, I'll pass the message along to both of them." She blushes brightly at the praise. "Thank you, Arthur." She knits furiously for a few minutes, keeping track of the count on a particularly tricky part of the sweater. "What do you have planned for the evening, then, Arthur?" With no children to supervise, he has a lot more free time.

Arthur considers that plan and then nods. "Sounds like you've thought of everything then. I do hope it'll be all right. Be awfully nice to have him along this year," he muses, imagining an entire holiday in which to discuss the wonders that are Muggles. Her blushing gets a grin out of him as he watches her knit, finding it a rather soothing thing to watch - the repetitive movements of the needles and the slow but certain development of a sweater. "Oh, well, I though I might pop out to the shed for just a bit," he admits. "But, ah, it could probably wait for another night if you had anything in mind?"

Anything in mind? Molly looks pointedly down to her knitting again, and then smiles, looking up at Arthur. "Perhaps, luv, but if you'd like to spend a little time with your gadgets, I could finish this side up…" The sentence dangles with the familiarity of two people who've lived together for decades. "It should take me a little while." She glances up at the sky. "Probably until dark, at least."

Arthur gives an agreeable grin to that, nodding a few times as he's already getting to his feet. He's at least got the sense to bring his bowl to the sink, even with his mind already beginning to drift out towards the contents of the shed. "Until dark. Yes, that sounds quite reasonable," he replies, crossing back over to give her a quick kiss on the cheek before he heads out to his gadgets.

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