Portrayed By Joe Flanigan
House Shin (Ein Sof)
Year Graduated
Position Security (Israeli Ambassador)
Sex Male
Race Half-Blood
Age 37
Place of Birth Jerusalem, Israel
Date of Birth 15 Oct 1959
Mother Salome Weintraub
Father Levi Zehavi
Siblings Maura (Half-sister)
Marital Status Single
Children None
First Appearance Attila the Stepmum
Last Appearance

Character History:

Sanhedrin Personnel Report:
Subject: Gideon Edan Zehavi

Family Background: Illegitimate Son of retired Sanhedrin Officer and Israeli Defense Force Colonel, Levi Zehavi and Salome Weintraub. A young actress that Levi became romantically involved with after he rescued her from a hostage situation on the set of her most recent show. As she was a muggle Levi would not marry her, but he did recognize Gideon as his son and supported the child and spent what time with him that he could between missions. By all accounts Father and Son were always very similar in temperament. At a young Age, Gideon showed signs of magical talent, and Levi was able to pull the proper strings for him to attend Ein Sof, where he became a member of the house of Hei (again, following in his father's foot steps).

Eventually, Levi would marry his wife Rachel, who was another important Sanhedrin official, and the time Levi spent with Gideon caused stress in the early years of their marriage. After their daughter Maura was born, Levi cut personal contact with Gideon Considerably though he continued to support his schooling. Once Maura was 4, Rachel accepted a job as the Sanhedrin liaison to Great Britain's Wizengamot and they moved to London England. Since then Levi and Gideon have only kept in touch through letters and phone calls and the occasional bit of magical correspondence. Gideon has never met his half-sister Maura.

School Record: Gideon graduated in the upper 75th percentile of his class at Ein Sof as a member of house Hei. His time there was largely unremarkable and he seemed to treat it largely as a precursor to service to IDF and the Sanhedrin. He knew he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps into Special Forces and so he participated in Ein Sof's more aggressive physical (compared to other wizarding schools) curriculum. He opted to compete on a 'mundane' Freestyle wrestling team, instead of the Quiddich team. Magically Gideon never showed an natural aptitude for certain types of magic as Pure Bloods often do, but was proficient and passable in all of his classes. He opted to spend extra time studying curse breaking, ward cracking, and defensive charms, on advice from Levi that such skills would serve him better doing Special Forces work than more flashier magics would.

Service Record: Immediately upon graduation from Ein Sof he spent the next year in training to serve in IDF. Upon completion of Basic Training the Sanhedrin placed Gideon in the Commando training program. Since Israeli Commandos never know if they are kicking the door in on 'conventional' terrorists or magically empowered or supported ones, The Sanhedrin choose Gideon to be one of the commandos they would seed into the program to protect their comrades from forces they have no defense from. Upon completing Commando training his first 2 month leave before his first deployment was spent in a crash training course for Sanhedrin operatives where he was training in some offensive and defensive charms they specialize in, and taught of the magical threats he could expect to encounter within the region.

His near two decade career as a IDF Commando and Sanhedrin operative has lived up the exemplary expectations of both organizations. Trained and proficient with the Commando's medium-range, long-range and explosive weapon systems, expertise in CQB (close quarters battle) techniques placed him the counter-terrorism division frequently working undercover, tracking and breaking terrorist cells. His knowledge of defensive charms, and countering curses and wards lead to many successful missions and saved the lives of his fellow commands on numerous occasions. Just as often though he was not able to save all the members of his team and this would slowly take it's toll. He developed a laid back demeanor, and a somewhat sarcastic wit, which our psychologists believe to be a defense mechanism to PTSD.


There could be a lot said about Gideon's personality, and if you were to ask 5 different people they might give you five different answers. While some traits always float to the surface, others might depend on the situation he is in and he can be a bit of a social chameleon. It is part of the reason his pysche profile was such a good fit for IDF. The most important underlining trait is that he is a protector. Largely this is the influence of his father Levi who is much the say way, Gideon's personal self-worth is deeply tied to his ability to protect those he is closest too. Socially he is very charismatic, equally quick with a joke to tease a friend, or offer a compliment to raise flagging spirits. In combat or on a mission he is decisive, but he does not command with an iron fist and listens frequently to his teams feedback. On the flip side, he can sometimes be unedited in offering his opinion and advice even when he's not the on in charge. Some of his humor and his wit can be a defense mechanism to deal with his PTSD as he has seen some of the worst that both the mundane and magical communities are capable of as IDF Special Forces. Romantically tends to seek out relationships with aggressive career minded women with no intention of settling down. IDF psychologists suggest this might be because the pressure of having an immediate family he was not able to protect is more potential harm than he is willing to expose himself too.


Other Information

"Mundane" Skillset: Exactly what you'd expect from a special forces bad-ass. He specializes in CQB and is highly profiecient with most small arms, favoring pistols and sub-machine guns. He is also highly skilled in Krav Magav and by extenstion knife fighting. As a youth he also a competive wrestler and competed on the IDF's international team. He is skilled in the operation of most land based vehicles, rated to be able to do a HALO jump. He is also good at working independently and undercover, skills that lend themselves very well to being a civilian investigator. Interms of education he has largely studied literature with an emphasis in the classics. Not only to stories like the Gilgamesh and the Ramayana provide amble inspiration, but they contain a surprising amount of Magical Research if you can find old enough copies of such works.

Magical Skill Set: Naturally due to this work with the Sanhedrin he is skilled in Defense Against the Dark Arts and charms focused on protection. While he does know some directly offensive spells and charms he tends to spells that help him track foes, identify weaknesses and supplement his natural combat abilities, as he finds this allows him to think on his feet easier and have more options open to him. He also opted to spend extra time studying curse breaking, ward cracking, and defensive charms, on advice from Levi that such skills would serve him better doing Special Forces work than more flashier magics would.

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