1996-02-05: Ghost Story


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Scene Title Ghost Story
Synopsis The escape is a successful - mostly.
Location Hogwarts - Temporary Bullpen
Date February 05, 1996
Watch For A fright night storytelling.
Logger Ghost Snake

Bloodshot brown eyes look up from darkness. A warm bundle is lifted high enough to be passed on. Cold silver presses into a palm. A howl is heard and the mouth to match those brown eyes screams words without any sound…

"Response time is still slow, probably a side-effect of the damage to the Central Nervous System. Maura, can you hear me?" Crouched in front of a pale and slightly dazed-looking young woman, Brennan has a bruise on her left temple and a loose bandage around her right forearm, but appears hale and alert as she examines the rescued victim now seated in a conjured armchair in the center of their improvised 'bullpen'. "She might be back with us, but you'll need to address your questioning slowly."

Maura's eyes flutter open, the scream still echoing in her mind as she tries to take in her surroundings. Panic is immediate of course, a gasp of air taken, and then another while she glances back and forth, settling finally on the woman in front of her. That it's a woman almost sets her scuttling back into the recesses of her mind to start with. But the tone, the look, the competence, that all settles in slowly and that sudden tension in her shoulders and the clench of her hands on the arms of the chair eases.

FInally, her hoarse voice offers acknowledgement. "Who are you?" Where am I? Where is Siobhan?" The words come out in a stutter, since she tries to get them out in a rush, and.. that's not the best idea.

Jethro Gardener has conducted thousands of interviews, but it's always harder for him to do when it's an injured woman. He inhales sharply, taking his time to prepare his mind, then he begins. "Ma'am, I'm Jethro Gardener, on loan to the Magical Law enforcement. You're at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You're outta there. We got you and almost everyone out of there, and everybody we got's gettin' patched up as best they can." He holds off on the news about Sio for the moment. "Need as much information as we can from you. Know this'll be difficult, but if we can get some information, maybe we can catch this guy, and prevent him from doin' this kinda thing again." He pauses, blue eyes filled with concern. "It gets too difficult, you let us know, and we'll take a break. Quicker we can get the info, though, quicker we can act on it." Including getting Sio out, if they can.

"Hogwarts. I am safe. We are safe." Maura closes her eyes, a deep breath forced in and then out. "Jethro. Easier to say." she decides, in a slow voice. "A-almost ev-er-y-one. So not all. Not…" Darting her eyes around the room and gripping the arms of the chair she tries to turn to look for the person she wants to see there. And when she doesn't find her, her eyes fill with water. "Not Siobhan." she whispers, her voice hitching. Sio -did- tell them she's not lacking in intelligence.

"You can not leave her there. We have to get her." That's right folks, she has just insinuated that with all of her various and sundry issues she totally plans on being in the thick of things! Try not to all groan at once. "I will tell you what you need." is promised. "He needs to die. Siobhan needs to be back." Another deep breath "I.. we started by breaking all of the locks."

Jake? Well, he's at the back of the room leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest. Listening. And probably looking intimidating. But mostly listening!

With the signal given, Siobhan closes the connection and uses just a tiny bit of precious power to shrink the mirror, slipping it into a pouch on a string and handing it to Maura. "Hold onto that, and stay back. I don't have much control left." Narrowing her eyes at the door, she simply throws her will behind Open. When the whole thing rips off its hinges and crashes to the hall floor, she looks just as surprised as anyone. "Okay, more specific next time. C'mon." Grabbing her friend's hand, she moves to the next door down, already out of breath just from that little bit of exertion. She tries Unlock this time. The heavy iron lock and bolt crumble into dust, but it's better than blowing up the whole door. Three pairs of eyes - dull with fear and pain - peer out at them from the darkness. Glancing back at Maura with a strained grin, Siobhan beckons them out. "Come on, there's not much time…"

"We'll get her." Jethro promises. If she's in anything near the shape these others have been, it probably needs to be damn soon. He gazes over to Jake, just giving him a look, communicating his frustration and annoyance at not getting everyone and the bad guy at the same time. "Y' broke all the locks." He repeats her words, giving her time to compose herself, and as a point to continue from.

"Yes." Maura agrees, continuing on from the locks. "We gathered the others. 4 old, 8 adults, 1 girl and younger sister." She tries to avoid using the letter t, apparently, as that winds up slurred no matter what she does at the moment. And her expression is grim while memory comes in bits and flashes. "We had all clear. But one man she dis..made look away. I used cauldron on him." Which she obviously enjoyed, if the brief smile of satisfaction is an indication. "So many injured. Long walk to be out." she explains, lapsing into a sigh. "I.. have no memory of people before I was taken. Because of him. But good memory for details other-wise I can draw. What it looked like."

There's a Death Eater lying crumpled on the floor at Maura's feet, mask askew and blood oozing slowly from a cut on his scalp. Siobhan steps over his legs, using her bare foot to kick his mask away. "Poor McNair. He'll feel that one in the morning." Clucking her tongue dismissively, she slowly, painfully leans down to rip shreds from his heavy black robes. "Here," she shoves two strips into the hands of a very shaken looking ginger man. "Tie his feet together, do it twice." She'll take her strips and tie two around his wrists, enjoying a little bit the crack she can hear when she wrenches them close enough together. The last strips go around his eyes and mouth. "That should do." There's a worried look cast over her motley bunch, 17 pairs of eyes looking to her for salvation. They're not going to make it much longer, she knows. "Not much further now, but we need to stay low in case they left a sentry posted outside." Shepherding the group ahead of her out the door, Sio braces one hand against her side and takes a moment to pant, breath raspy. When she pulls her hand away to limp toward the door, there is blood staining her shirt.

"Good girl." His tone is not at all patronizing when he congratulates her on whacking the bad guy on the head with the cauldron. When she says she can draw, he lifts his brow, then nods. "We'll get ya the stuff. Don't overdo it. Can't help anybody if ya overtax yourself." He nods, prompting her to continue. "So, ya walked out of the house? Run into anybody else on the way?" Something must have prevented Siobhan from joining them.

Maura gives Jethro as firm a nod as she can. "Werewolves." Just the one word should explain it all. But, knowing it may not she adds quietly. "Panic. The others… tried to run." Concern seeps into her voice and furrows her brow while she pieces togeher what happened next. "The small one fell behind. Siobhan lifted her. But.. very dark… hard to see." This is when the telling becomes difficult, her nails digging into the conjured chair despite the fact that she practically has none left. "She trips, falls into open grave." Cue the panicked breathing, while her eyes start to glaze over in fear at the re-telling. "She gives me the girl, and the.. key. Silver key. No time to get her out. She has a broken leg. Had to push the rest through the portal."

The sick crack of bone still rings in Siobhan's ears, the pain some kind of mix between stabbing and burning and aching and tearing and it's making her badly nauseated. The little girl - the one who looks so much like the ghost - is cradled against her chest. She's still breathing, still sniffing back tears. Good, she's still conscious. Bracing the heel of her unbroken leg into soft earth and her opposite hand against the wall of the pit, Siobhan grits her teeth and heaves her body upright. She makes it, but the edges of her vision grey out. "Maura," she breathes, recognizing the figure crouched at the lip of the grave. It's a good seven inches from the top of her head to the surface. "Take her, please." It's a difficult thing to hand a toddler up out of a pit - harder still when both parties sending and receiving are so very weak. It takes longer than Siobhan would like, longer than they can afford. There are more howls in the distance - the pack joining in the song. Her leg is throbbing, bleeding. There isn't time. "Maura!" she calls again, her voice hoarse and raspy. The serpent pendant is pulled from her neck and she swings it up to rest in the dirt at her friend's feet. "Gather everyone together as close as you can. They either need to hold onto the chain or to someone who is. Once they have it, you have to give it the password." There's a far-away explosion and the sound of wolves erupts in the distance. "Delectus, Maura. Delectus." And just for a moment there is undisguised terror in those brown eyes. "Go!"

Jethro sees Maura starting to tense, and even to shake a bit with fear. "Hey. Easy. It's alright. You're outta there. Safe. We'll get her." From the mouth of this Marine, it's a solemn promise. "Appreciate you tellin' me what you could." A thought occurs to him, and he frowns. "Hey. You mind if I have my … personal doc take a look at you? He's one of a kind, but a damn good doc." Well, he's a mortician, but he is the one who chivvies Jethro to get care — all those times — when Jethro gets injured on the job. "Kinda has a unique way o' lookin' at things, and maybe he can help." And, he's here. So, it really wouldn't hurt a bit.

There's a moment where Maura takes the time to really study Jethro's face. And listen to his tone. All when he makes the assurance again that they'll get Siobhan. "If I can help more, I want to. Have to." Those words, she makes sure to enunciate as clearly as possible. Just reliving those last few moments before being sucked into the portal has been enough to leave her feeling raw and in pain all over again. So her head lolls back in the chair just as it would were she sitting up against the dungeon wall. "No cutting. No needles." it comes out as more of a plea then a demand really, which frustrates her to no end. "I mean… ok. I will take any help. Proud, but not too proud." At which point she quirks a smile. "That is all I remember. Her eyes, a howl, a scream… and then dark."

Jethro nods, his eyes understanding. "I'll let him know that. Got other ways of dealin' with that." With the ability to ingest potions, and the avoidance of blood and other magical essences the wizarding world keeps as a baseline, needles and scalpels are considered barbaric, except in the most extreme circumstances. He continues. "Besides, he'll work with Pomphrey anyway." That way, they're not overlapping or double-dosing anything. "Might be some details we need clarified later, but I think that's good enough for today. Don't want to overstress ya. You think of anything else, either just put it in those pictures, or tell one of us…" He gestures to himself, Jake, and a couple of the other men. "We're workin' our damndest to get this figured out." He stands, nodding, then adds something else. "You need anything, you let us know." It's not quite a command but it could definitely come off as one.

That's when Jake finally steps up, so to speak - gesturing two of his stationed personell towards Maura. "Valerie Doran and Cam Michaels will be around you. If you need one of us, they'll get us. They're there to keep you safe. Until we get you up in top shape again, they can also help you get where you need to go. And they will protect you. We aren't going to let a something happen to you now that you're out. And your help is invauable." is said simply. "Jethro, I'm going to pass all of this on." is added meaningfully, before he exits and leaves those two members of his crew to assist he injured girl.

And so the injured one looks at Cam and Val a long moment too, deciding whether she can trust them. "That would be nice. Jethro. I will do what your Doctor asks. And rest, so I can help more." she promises. "All I need is something to help me walk. Nothing you can do about my talking."

"You just got outta a hell hole." There's an obvious space missing where Jethro would stick Maura's last name, if he knew it. Or even her first name. "Give yourself a bitta time. You'll get there. Good job." That's all Jethro has to say, so he moves himself and his chair back over to his desk, willing to let her have space to process, or room to move out of the room entirely if she needs it.

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