1994-07-07: Getting Schooled


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Scene Title Getting Schooled
Synopsis A small meeting of the old and the new takes place in Dumbledore's office
Date July 07, 1994
Watch For Tonks
Chronology Dumbledore calls a small meeting. Tonks finds out her cousin is innocent. (She's not convinced.)
Logger Birdman of Azkaban

Hogwarts - Headmaster's Office

The headmaster's office and private residence is large and round in shape, as it is located in one of the towers. Next to the door as you enter, there is a wooden stand, where Fawkes the phoenix once perched. Hung all along the walls are portraits of the various headmasters and headmistresses of the past. This room seems to epitomize that feeling of calm and security in the midst of a storm. One can't help but feel as if they've found their safety zone within these walls.

Across from the door is an enormous claw-footed desk with a high-backed chair placed behind it. Upon the desk are papers and little silver instruments that emit small, funny noises. In front of the desk are a couple of extra chairs for counseling students or speaking with guests and faculty. A shelf is seen behind the desk and upon it rests the Sorting Hat. Next to the hat is a heavily jeweled sword. Upon closer inspection, one can see the name Godric Gryffindor engraved upon it. A few spindly-legged tables have been placed about the room with more odd-looking instruments placed upon their surfaces.

Now that Death Eaters have taken to showing themselves in broad daylight, alarm bells have gone off with a certain crowd while much of the Wizarding world is content to sit with their thumbs in their ears. The appearance in Diagon Alley hasn't been enough to cause a certain group to fully rally together, yet a small handful are meeting in the Headmaster's Office at Hogwarts.

Seated in front of Dumbledore's desk, Sirius rests, looking in better shape than when he was last here at the castle. He's taken the time to clean himself up and ditch the prison robes he was wearing. The ravages of Azkaban are still visible upon his person, and may never go away. There is at least some color back in his skin.

Choosing not to sit, but rather lean against a wall nearby, is Remus Lupin. His eyes are slightly unfocused, too many thoughts going through his mind. He considers the day in Diagon Alley, he thinks about the possible meaning behind it, he wonders of the possible soon return of Voldemort. All press on his mind as it reels through many different possibilities and he thinks of the future to come.

Unlike the last time Remus Lupin had visited the Headmaster, Dumbledore isn't sitting in the window petting Fawkes. The phoenix has indeed been a busy little bird, zipping back and forth amongst the wizarding world. Not many within the Ministry are truly in the know, although the old wizard has a few friends. And friends of friends. Today, the candy dish on his desk is nearly full, as if he's expecting company, and the tea service is already settling in to make a cuppa for all three men in the room, whilst the teapot chases down a fourth cup, as if expecting someone else to join them. "Kingsley and Alastor didn't answer," the old man says to the much younger ones. "I'm hoping the Ministry doesn't notice the rewired Floo connection until after the fact."

You know, it's not every day you get an invite back to Hogwarts for…whatever business. She's certainly not expecting anything. Probably just questions about this that and the other. Horray for the errand girl. Who'd'a thunk being an Auror starting out would be /this/. Ah well.
(With hopeful assistance) Tonks makes her way to the Headmaster's office. Not wanting to just barge into the door itself, she does knock politely.

Sirius smirks just slightly as he reaches for a cup of tea. He couldn't tell anyone when he last had a properly prepared cup. It's just been that long. "The Ministry probably couldn't find their collective arse with both hands. If Moody and Kingsley can make it, they will, regardless of their ability to answer, or not." His ears perk up and he turns his head towards the door upon hearing the knock. Briefly, his gaze darts over to Remus, as if trying to gauge what his old friend is thinking.

Lupin doesn't even look at the teapot or teacups while they pour him one. He snaps his finger and the cup full of tea floats over to him. Not his favourite use of magic, perhaps, but it's not about to move from his spot just yet. He grasps the cup and takes a sip of it. "I'm sure Alastor and Kingsley are also quite busy as well. I wouldn't be surprised. It isn't easy to leave unnoticed." He comments. "But no doubt the Floo Network has been left unseen. It was such a small change that they'd probably just look right over it." He nods softly. He, too, glances at the door as a knock is heard coming from it. He isn't sure who it is. He wasn't aware that it would be anyone else. Certainly Alastor or Kingsley would arrive via Floo, wouldn't they? He doesn't leave Sirius' glance unnoticed either. He gives his old friend a small smile, as if to assure him everything is fine."

At the knock on the door, which of course meant that the password to make the gargoyle downstairs budge up to allow passage to the spiral staircase and whatnot was given to Tonks, Dumbledore simply flicks his wand and opens the door. "Welcome, Nymphadora," the headmaster greets, rising to his feet as a gentleman of the old school was taught to do when a lady enters the room. "For a little while, Remus, for a little while. But we can't expect it to remain so. The Ministry is cheerfully plugging its collective ears, but suspicion is growing… unfortunately against those who are willing to believe in our cause."

Yay, entrance! Stepping in, there's obvious bristling at the use of her name (Now Lupin finally knows it, huh?) but is she going to openly tell /Dumbledore/ to stop? Uh. No. There's a glance around, noting bodies in the room, but not necessarily their faces on the first pass. "I hope I'm not interr-"
Second pass doesn't make a full rotation. It instead stops on one person. She knows that face, naturally. It's been on the wanted posters plastered all over the place - it screamed up at her via a message by owl. Immediately, her wand's produced from her back pocket and pointed right at him. It's at this point, she notes Remus. Nothing's said, but she's silently accusing him of badness, and it's evident by that narrowed eye look. Logic leap of 'They must be okay, they're in Dumbledore's office' - hasn't been made yet.

Sirius doesn't bother putting sugar, lemon or milk into his tea. He simply savors it as is and doesn't bother to disguise the fact that he's enjoying his first cup in years. There's almost a reluctance as he sets the mug down so that it can cool a little bit further. "The same as it was the first time around. Feigning ignorance until it's too late." His brows narrow just a little when Dumbledore welcomes the next guest, surely he heard that right? He too rises from his seat, glancing again across at Remus. That is, until the door opens and Tonks's greeting cuts off and there's a wand point at him. The man must not be terribly worried, being in Dumbledore's office, because he doesn't go for his own wand. Instead, he tries to smile, and states as calmly as one can, "Ah. Tonks. Nice to see you've grown up. I like what you've done with your hair."

About now, green flames erupt from the office fireplace and there's a *thunk* heard of a walking stick hitting the floor. "Sorry I'm late. Bloody, nosey.." any further derogatory statements are reduced to mutters as Moody stumps out of the fireplace. "Remus, Sirius, Nymphadora," he greets in his taciturn way as his enchanted eye zooms around the room, "put your damn wand away, remember where you are." Flapping out the folds of his overcoat, he grumps further, "Couldn't reply to your invitation Dumbledore, I was being watched."

Lupin nods to Dumbledore. "Yes, of course. Only a matter of time before they see it." He says nothing more on the matter. If he's surprised by Tonks's first name, he doesn't show it. He gives her a soft smile. "It's okay. You can put your wand away, Tonks. He's not going to hurt anyone. Never has. Well, except for maybe a Death Eater or three." He motions with his head towards Sirius, sipping his tea. He nods to Alastor as he arrives. "Good day, Alastor. Good that you could make it. We were wondering if you'd be able to make it."

"I thought as much, Alastor," Dumbledore replies to the senior Auror with a mild tone of voice, choosing to overlook Tonks and her wand-whipping antics, instead tapping the tea service into setting a cup up for Moody, but for some reason, the tea service's enchanted silver items seem rather afraid of the guy. "Now that we're all here, I'd greatly appreciate any news you might have, particularly involving the incident in Diagon Alley. Was it truly the Death Eaters, or someone looking to scare people?"

But WHY Is there a massmurdering maniac in Dumbledore's office…LUpin's gentle words though, are completely unheard because she's too busy gawking at her mentor's arrival. And the first thing she says to him, "It's /Tonks/." But being as he is who he is, especially to her, the wand is put away, safe and secure in her pants pocket. Finding nothing else to do, she just makes sure the door's closed and stands there looking like an idiot until someone explains something. Also, standing still is probably good—Dumbledore'll probably recall how /not/ spry she is on her feet.

Sirius snorts in amusement at Remus's words, "More when given the chance." Not that this statement may help his case any. Moody's given a nod of greeting, "Good to see you again." Even if the man's not exactly in one piece these days. When Tonks puts her wand away, he smiles at her, this time it reaches his eyes. He settles back into his seat and reclaims his cup of tea.

Moody issues a mad sounding cackle, "Anyone who was watching tonight will be regretting it soon enough." He doesn't elaborate as to why. "Well. Let's get started, Kingsley's held up," he says, getting right down to it as he produces up a chair and settles down into it. He rests his hands on the top of his walking stick, the blue eye still zooming crazily in its socket. If the tea set seems nervous, he gives no indication he noticed. Maybe he's used to it. Regardless, he withdraws a flask from one of his pockets to drink from as his attention is given to Remus, since the werewolf was there. The eye rolls back, zooms in on Tonks as she puts the wand away and Moody gives a 'hrmph'. "Sit down Nymphadora," he instructs.

Lupin nods firmly as he listens to Dumbledore. "Oh, it's true alright. I was there and saw them with my own eyes. Even protected a student, in fact. Miss Cho Chang." He shakes his head. "What I don't understand is why now? Why during the day?" His gaze turns to Moody, the statement from Sirius being given slight acknowledgment. "Kingsley said that they were looking for something that had earlier been transferred from Gringotts, is that true or was it just something to tell the public to keep them appeased?"

Dumbledore arches one bushy brow at the mention of a student involved in the attacks, but not of course as an instigator. "I have no idea what that was all about," he answers to what Kingsley said, "it's nothing to do with anything I've got in the fire." However, there's a slight frown on his face, a thoughtful look, but not something he chooses to speak of out loud right now. "Still, we have other concerns to deal with as well."

Tonks has a feeling something else is being talkeda bout over her head, outside of the Death Eater attacks. But the barked 'order' from Mad-Eye gets her to focus on this whole sitting down thing. She has to field a chair for herself. Fortunately, it forces jher to stop giving death looks in the direction of Sirius and Lupin. Unfortunately, the extra attention to her surroundings doesn't help her one bit.
It's either a trip on the floor, or on her own foot, but however it starts, the result is clear. A couple of steps forward, and there's an 'oomph!' and poor Tonks ends up careening head first into Dumbledore's desk. There's a slight thud from impact, then a collapsing sound and Tonks is just soon rubbing her head, "Owwww…." She pauses, peeking an eye open and states, "At least I'm sittin'."

Sirius frowns at Remus when he mentions a student was there, even growls a little, low in his throat. "Sounds like they were careless, which is the worst sort to cross." Careless means they won't bother with collateral damage, being seen. "I wonder how low on his food chain they were. Obviously easily expendable to be out like that." Any of Voldemort's minions are expendable once they're no longer useful. Tonks's graceful attempt at sitting earns a wince from the man and he's up from his seat in moments to offer a hand up in assistance. It just happens faster than he can move to try and prevent disaster. "Graceful as always, cousin," he says with a faint smile for the witch.

If Moody knows anything, he's staying tight-lipped about it. He does mutter, "Down boy," at Sirius when the man growls. Another hrrmph is heard from the scarred Auror. Then. There's the rolling of eyes as Tonks lands on the floor. He pulls his wand out, drawing up a chair for the woman. The look he throws at Dumbledore clearly says, 'see what I had to put up with?'

Lupin stands back at his usual spot, leaning against the wall and sipping his tea. "Oh?" He says to Dumbledore. "What are these other concerns? I'd think that Death Eaters out and about would be pretty far up on the list." He glances down at Tonks, shaking his head. He'd move to help, but there are two others there, Sirius and Moody, who seem to have it under control.

Dumbledore glances over at Moody, his eyes twinkling slightly, even as he leans over the desk to make sure that Tonks has indeed come to no harm. "Are you quite all right, Nymphadora?" he asks politely, even as Sirius more readily comes to her assistance and Moody gets a chair ready. The mournful tea service retreats once it's obvious Moody is not going to partake, and despite Tonks' crash, he's still thinking about what's been going on outside of these hallowed halls. "Boldness is not typically Voldemort's style unless he's sure he's got his power consolidated, and he's far from that right now. I'd hate to think we might have to deal with an underling with delusions of grandeur… especially when we're trying to arrange the Tri-Wizard Tournament here at Hogwarts. Most of the plans are in place." His eyes shift to Sirius, and he adds, "No one under the age of 17 will be allowed to participate, so Harry will be safe." He knows what Sirius' main concern in such a thing will be. "The Tournament is necessary to help foster the notion of international wizarding cooperation. If we can get the students to start thinking in those terms, they'll be more likely to think that wya when they're adults."

"Could be they're just being cheeky," Tonks grumbles about the whole death eater thing. Not that her opinion was asked for but hey. She does grope around and Sirius hand is taken. Though, after she uses it to stand up, it's snatched and he's given a sour look. She glances around, seeing that the other three seem to be just happy as larks here. "Can I interrupt for a moment, with somethin' other than the sound of my head and ask why is he.." She'll jab a finger at Sirius' chest, "here and not being arrested?" Yes, yes, Moody. She'll sit down so she can get her answers. In the chair. "Thanks, Mad-eye," she does have the grace of saying.

Sirius ignores Moody's little jibe and responds to Remus, "Maybe, maybe not. He hasn't fully returned, why send out Death Eaters in broad daylight? That desperate for the item claimed to have been in transport? It doesn't make much sense to me. Not that I bothered with them making sense." He's just here for one thing right now, protect his godson. His jaw tightens perceptibly as Dumbledore mentions Harry's name and he nods. "Good, that's one weight off my mind." He doesn't seem bothered that Tonks snatches her hand back and he smirks at her question, "It's a rather long story, but the short version is that I'm innocent." Not that he expects Tonks to accept that response.

"I'll be at your disposal Dumbledore during the tournament," Moody grumps as he shifts in his seat, taking another drink from his flask. He doesn't seem fussed in the slightest about Tonks's spill to the floor or her concern. "We're talking about more important things," he chastises instead of saying 'You're welcome'.

Lupin shakes his head. "What if Voldemort is trying to make diversions? It's been known to happen before. Perhaps he's almost ready to return. In which case, we must be on the look out even more." Then he blinks and shakes his head. "The Tri-Wizard Tournament? Is that wise? People have been known to die during that event." He shakes his head. "But I digress on that matter. It could be good for the students to meet people from other countries. Do them good." He gives Tonks a knowing little smile. "Well…you see, Sirius here isn't as guilty as everyone thought he was. Peter Pettigrew? Still alive, and he's the Death Eater, not Sirius. That's it in a nutshell."

"And if their words aren't enough for you, then please rest assured that I would trust Sirius with my life," Dumbledore remarks to hopefully finally settle the notion. "He was, as the Muggles say, framed for the crime. As for the Tournament, Remus, the fact that people have died in the past is why I myself will inscribe an age line around the Goblet of Fire, so that no student under the age of 17 will be able to put their names in for consideration, regardless of aging potions or any other tricks certain students here are likely to try." It's clear which two students he's readily imagining as wanting to try anyway. "Alastor, your involvement with the arrangements will be most welcome. Igor will be most displeased with your presence, but I will sleep safer knowing you've got both your eyes on the matter."

Sorry, Moody, but this topic is sort of important to her, considering Black's /family/ and all. Lupin and Sirius' explanations are just met with a tight-jawed expression, almost as if she doesn't trust herself to speak. 'MOre important things' and all. Dumbledore's testimony just gets Tonks' expression to relax to the point where she's looking petulant instead of enraged. Arms cross, and so do her legs, it does nothing to stop the fact she looks like she's pouting.

"It wouldn't surprise me if he went back to that tactic. It works. Divide and confuse." Sirius states with a nod in Lupin's direction. Although, there's a reflexive growl and a clenching of his fists as Remus mentions the little rat. "Pity. That he's still alive anyway," he mutters. "As for the Tournament, I'll stay close by in case I'm needed. Moony and I already discussed staying in Hogsmeade." From the corner of his eye he sees the pouting and his brows raise slightly, "We can explain more in depth afterwards if you like." As for Karkaroff's presence, he frowns, but keeps his thoughts to himself. "You know what you're doing, Dumbledore."

When Igor's name is mentioned, Moody gives a smile that's not quite a smile. "Think it's wise to have that bit of scum in this school?," he says in a raised voice as he has difficulty containing his feelings on the matter. "I can make sure he regrets stepping foot back into this country again!" As for the other matter, as far as he's concerned, it's dropped.

Lupin shakes his head. "Well…let us hope that certain students, to be remained nameless, shall refrain from attempting to use an age potion." He smiles softly. He doesn't discuss the fact of Sirius any longer, however. "Karkaroff?" He doesn't need to mention his concerns, they've already been stated. "He's the headmaster of which school? I'm surprised that anyone allowed him to become a Headmaster, actually." He shakes his head. "What is the other school which is taking part in this?"

Dumbledore looks from pouting Auror to grumpy Auror to ex-convict to ex-teacher. "He's the headmaster of Durmstrang," he remarks quietly, steepling his fingers in front of him as he settles behind the huge desk once more, making himself comfortable. "And like many another known-to-us Death Eater, he was given leniency for turning Ministry's evidence. However, I think Igor has more to worry about than just you, Alastor," he muses thoughtfully. "After all, those self-same Death Eaters now out and about in public, either never have been accused or serving their time and being paroled, are very likely to be most displeased with him for ratting out, no pun, Sirius, their colleagues. And regardless of our personal opinions regarding his guilt or innocence, his skills were what got him the post at Durmstrang as much as anything else."

Sirius gets one last look, before she begins paying attention to the topic. She doesn't blurt out any requests to repeat, instead, just tries to fill in what she's heard with details she's might've missed. Yes, occasionally she can be quiet.

Sirius smiles at Lupin, a boyish look about him, "If he's anything like his father…" He then clears his throat, remembering that he's in front of Dumbledore, "Although, I am sure that he will recognize the dangers and that he has enough on his plate." It doesn't take much for his expression and mood to sober back up, "Big surprise that is. Bet he fits right in there. Saw the waste of flesh when he was brought in." As to Karkaroff's talents, he says nothing.

Moody sits forward a little more in his seat, hands still resting atop his walking stick. "I'll be keeping a close watch on that one. Could be fun just to make him squirm." Alastor then smiles in a rather unpleasant manner. "I think we have a lot to talk about. Him and I." Under the watch of Dumbledore and this ex-Auror, it could be that Dumrstrang's Headmaster may behave.

Lupin leans back to listen this time around, giving a small, knowing smile to Sirius. "Well, he certainly knows a thing or two…" And that's all he'll say, as he continues to listen now, reserving his comments to himself.

"So what have you been hearing?" Dumbledore gently asks Tonks, bringing the attention away from the older and grumpier guys and their storied pasts. "You don't run in quite the same circles the rest of us do, and your insight would be most welcome."

There's a blink and she turns her attention to her Mentor, "You're going to teach here?" If he answers, there's no questioning 'what'. Lupin already gave her the answer, in a manner of speaking. That combined with who Moody /is/? Yeah, there's no question to what. Unless he's suddenly picked a soft spot for Herbology…
The fact she's being spoken too causes her to blink. A look is first given to the two miscreants (aka Sirius and Lupin), before she settles on Moody. "Not much, hearsay, really. Common opinion is that he," A thumb is jerked towards Sirius, "Is responsible for the Death Eater attack. Like he's trying to fill in the vacuum You-Know-Who had left, and that he's in charge of it all."

Sirius chuckles at Lupin, "And a ready mind for learning more." Falling quiet, he glances to his cousin when Dumbledore makes his inquiry. When Tonks answers, he starts to laugh, "Figures as much." He shouldn't find it funny, but he does. Always was a bit unstable, he was.

A high pitched whistle of warning emits from somewhere within Moody's pockets. He reaches in, glances at his pocketwatch then silences it. As to his protege's question, he grunts, "Got a problem with that, Nymphadora?" Shoving himself up from his seat, he asks, "Anything else? If not, I'll be here September first."

Dumbledore nods to Moody and his imminent departure. "Well, all of you, keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground. Right now, we're mostly in an information-gathering stance, and the more information we can get, the better. Personally, I would expect some kind of scare at the All-Star Cup if Voldemort's forces were truly gearing up, but we cannot let him take away the fun things we enjoy out of life, otherwise it'll be like before, when people were afraid to socialize or congregate for fear of an attack or that their neighbor or friend was one of his." His expression is sorrow mixed with determination. "We should also expect them to come up with new tactics, so be wary and be safe. You all know how to reach me in these trying times. For now, I wouldn't trust standard routes of communication. The Floo network isn't likely to remain unwatched for much longer, and owls can be intercepted."

"No, not a problem." she says with a beaming grin. You can bet she's just delighted that some of the students get to see what she's had to put up for the last three years. "If I could attend, I would, just to see it." She'll even promise not to make fun of you! Sirius gets just another look for his laugh, but she doesn't comment. She's not digesting this 'innocent' thing well, probably becasue she doesn't have the full story. But at least she's not arresting him. As for means of communications? She just blinks owlishly.

"I'll do that. Harry's safe with the Weasley family, so I will just stay here, keeping a low profile." And hiding within plain sight, but that goes unsaid. Sirius inclines his head in a nod at Dumbledore, "I have my ways of getting messages to you. Moony and I work well together as you know, we'll do what we can from here, although I daresay he will have an easier time of getting about. I will stick to the methods at my disposal for picking up information." He doesn't spill the beans on his big secret in front of Tonks, not just yet.

Moody hrmphs with a nod. "Just like old times," he rumbles as he cants his head in Dumbledore's direction. Without another word, he stumps to the fireplace and uses it to return to his home admist the usual whirl of green flames.

Dumbledore glances from face to face. "Hopefully not," he mutters quietly to Moody's retreating back, the age appearing on his face for once, although he's always been that old, to these young whippersnappers. "Nymphadora, you can produce a corporeal patronus, correct?" he finally asks of Tonks after a nod to Sirius and Lupin.

Moody leaves and then Tonks shifts a bit. Dumbledore speaks and she nods. "Oh yeah," On the subject of a patronus. What Auror would go around not being able to use such a spell?

Sirius shifts a little uncomfortably in his seat. He'll need to relearn the Patronus charm. That's something he may have a little difficulty with, then again perhaps not. Now that he's out from their clutches and breathing free air again. Falling silent, he turns his gaze onto his cousin.

Lupin smiles softly. "I'm sure Tonks is excellent at the Patronus." He encourages her. This isn't exactly one of your run of the mill meetings. Other than that, he remains silent.

Dumbledore glances at Sirius intently for a few moments. "How's the new wand working out for you?" he asks innocently enough, then looks toward Tonks and Lupin. "I fear we'll all be getting more than enough practice with them in the near future, I'm sorry to say, Remus."

Tonks turns to look at Lupin and she blinks. Turning away, she coughs slightly. Well, that was sort of unexpected. The conversation shifts back to sirius. "That reminds me…" She stands up from her chair, and walks over to Sirius. And hopefully before he can flinch, she'll attempt to smack him smartly against his cheek. Hard enough that her fingers'll sting and he'll feel it for a while. "/That/ was for the damned poster! You prat." Dumbledore will now have Tonks' full attention again.

"Working just fine, now that you've asked," Sirius states with a rather cheeky sort of grin. Unabashed he is about the wand situation. Afterall, he's no thief, he didn't steal the blasted thing. "It won't take much for me to practice and get back into shape. It's a bit like learning to ride a broom all over again." Speaking of cheek, he glances up at Tonks, fairly stunned for a moment, before he grins broadly, "Liked that did you?"

Lupin shakes his head at Dumbledore. "I'm afraid I've already had practice enough the past year." He says softly. "And I used it to contact the Ministry. Same type we used first time around." He shakes his head, watching in amusement the interaction between Tonks and Sirius.

Dumbledore's bushy brows arch up as Tonks gets up and slaps Sirius, and even Fawkes stares over at the humans from over by his perch, crying out once at the sudden movement and slapping noise. However, his eyes twinkle at Sirius' answer about the wand, going mmhmm under his breath. "At any rate, unless we have more news, I shouldn't take up any more of your time. Thank you all for your help so far."

Tonks had to do that. She'll berate him more, but not at Dumbledore's expense and certainly not in his office. Still, she can't help but wonder, "Professor…what was my being here for?" OUtside of to attempt to convince her about Sirius, "And what was the point of asking me about a patronus?"

"What else have I got to do with my time?" Sirius says with a grin towards Dumbledore before he sobers up. "I should check on Buckbeak, get him his dinner." He gets up from his seat and stretches slightly, "Isn't it obvious? We need your help and your talents to fight Voldemort." He claps a hand to Tonks's shoulder before looking over at Moony, "I'm hiding in the usual places." He's taking a bit of a chance here that Tonks won't change her mind and have the area raided.

Lupin nods lightly Dumbledore. "Of course. I should probably be on my way. I promised Miss Chang lessons in Defence. Her and her father are having me tutor her now, after the event in Diagon Alley. She wants to be prepared." He smiles. "Smart girl that one. Probably why she's in Ravenclaw." He says as an afterthought. He smiles at Tonks. "It's as Sirius says, we need your talents as an auror. And having been trained by Alastor, you've got an even better edge than many."

Dumbledore seems a little bit surprised at the notion of Lupin being asked to tutor a student, but he doesn't question it, nodding instead to Tonks. "And your particular skills will be, shall we say, useful?" For some reason, he brushes the tip of his nose. "Alastor will let you know more about it all when he has the chance, but he's going to be very busy here with classes during the term. For now, we all need to be a bit circumspect." He reaches forward and takes a sweet out of the candy dish on the desk and munches on it, not happily, but with obvious relish.

"Even if you are nowhere near as paranoid as Mad-eye." Sirius says with a quick wink. He looks a little surprised however, when Lupin says he's got a side job. "She'll have no better tutor than you, Remus," he states with the utmost confidence, even if he's taken slightly aback due to his friend's 'affliction'. Looking back at his cousin, he says thoughtfully, "I'll contact you, arrange a meeting time and place. I promise and owe you a full explanation. I'd also like to know how your mother and father are doing." A nod is made to Dumbledore, "That I can be. No choice really." Not that he's terribly bothered by his situation. "Moony, see you soon, Dumbledore, Tonks, I'll be in touch." He then makes his leave, not transforming until he's on the other side of the door.

Lupin gives a little nod to Dumbledore and Sirius. "Yes. As surprising as it is. I know. Though apparently Li-Hao Chang, despite dislike for people with my affliction, was able to forgive my happenstance due to the fact that I saved his daughter in Diagon Alley." He says softly. He smiles at Sirius. "Of course, Padfoot. I am, for the most part, just staying around Hogsmead, I believe. I know where you're staying, I'll come by soon." And he leaves that to that. He looks curiously, however, over to Tonks. "Do you have some special ability?" He asks with furrowed brow. But once that is asked, he then turns once more to Dumbledore. "I'll be as wary as before of those I meet. Though I should probably also start working on the werewolves once more. I'll search them out as soon as time permits." He should remember their old haunts. Despite his dislike for most of them, he knows he'll be asked at some point to go back to them again.

They need her? She scratches her head, but lets it go. "Alright. I'm confused, but… alright." Sirius gets a look, "You'd better." And though he wants to hear about how her mum are, she's got a feeling she won't be able to deliver the cheery news of innocence just yet. "Well, I'd be happy to help, however I can, really."
As for Lupin's question and her special ability?
It takes quite literally a blink of an eye, because that's all that Tonks does before an exact replica of the former-Teacher stands right before him. "I do," she says, even the voice is almost a perfect match… she's not spent enough time to get the vocal afflictions down right.

"Ah, the love of a parent for a child," Dumbledore says in that vague way of someone who doesn't actually have children of his own. "It's quite remarkable." He waves to Sirius as the animagus makes his farewells and departs, looking between Tonks and Lupin, leaving it up to Tonks to… yes, put on that display. "Something like that should come in handy, don't you think, Remus?" he queries lightly. "Very useful indeed."

Lupin doesn't know what he was expecting, but it certainly wasn't that. He seems to be quite taken aback by the display. "My…my my my. A Metamorphmagus? I've read of people with such abilities…but never seen it." He shakes his head in amazement. "Well, very good. Very useful." He smiles. "I am sure there are many people jealous of your ability." Though by his phrasing, he isn't exactly one of those people. He's turned into a werewolf one too many times to even consider it. It would be wonderful for him to just be able to stay his normal shape instead of changing once a month against his will.

"I tell you," Tonks comments as she reverts back to her usual self, "It saves on hair dye." She fixes her hair, "S'why I got top marks in Concealment and disguise, y'know. Don't even have to try." She's very proud of that, you know. But still all this business of her ability coming in handy and stuff, she gives the two a skeptical look. Then a sigh. Information'll probably come later, knowing her.

"I know we're asking a great deal of you, Nymphadora," Dumbledore says quietly, "All I ask is that you trust us a little bit longer, and you'll know what this is all about all too soon. And perhaps you'll then wish you didn't, but we'll burn that bridge down if we have to. For now, I'd recommend being glad Alastor will be here for the next year instead of out there." And his eyes twinkle slightly with his own jest. "And I should get back to reviewing the curriculum. Can't have standards slipping at Hogwarts, after all."

Lupin chuckles at Dumbledore's words. "That's how you pulled me and the others in." He grins. "But it was good. We helped." He sighs and smiles. "Care for company to walk with off school grounds?" He asks of Tonks. He nods to Dumbledore. "I'll be in touch in regards to the werewolves. No doubt they remember me from last time around. And Greyback will just relish in the chance to see how one of his many 'proteges' are doing." He rolls his eyes at his last statement, obviously not too enthused at the idea.

Lupin mentioning the werwolves gets a sidelong glance but she doesn't say anything. Not right now anyway. "Sure, that'd be great," Tonks says to the offer. As for Dumbeldore… "If helping out was 'too much' I wouldn't be what I am now." The /secretive/ part of it might get iffy because Tonks is just loud, normally, but… "Hope things go well for you Professor, I twas good seeing you again."

Dumbledore shoots Remus a look of deep understanding and gentle concern at the mention of Greyback. "You be careful with them," he says firmly, not just the caring of a headmaster for a former employee, but one friend to another. "And you as well," he adds to Tonks. "If you need anything or you come across something vital, send me your patronus. Good luck." And then he waves the two off and settles in with the various teachers' planned curricula for the year. "Hmm, poisons…?" he queries to himself.

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