Portrayed By Paul McGann
House Slytherin
Year Graduated
Position Wand and broommaker
Sex Male
Race Half-blood
Age 34
Place of Birth Cardiff, Wales
Date of Birth 14 Nov 1959
First Appearance
Last Appearance



An average-sized man, probably about 5'8", Geraint has wavy hair in an older Renaissance or Romantic sort of style, curling down to his shoulders. His blue eyes are quite the focus of his features, although his smile is ready and wide, with exceptional dimples and a prominent chin. He's slim without being skinny, and he seems to have a reasonably athletic form. His hands stand out as both being the hands of someone who works for a living and also someone whose fingers are thin from years of music training. When he speaks, he has an accent much like one would hear on television, although not quite as posh and poncy.

He's wearing an outfit that wouldn't be out of place in Victorian times or a steampunk novel. A long velvet frock coat runs down to his knees, the sleeves tapering neatly. An old-school cravat of green silk keeps the stiff collar done up appropriately. Over the white shirt is a dark green-gold waistcoat, with a golden chain for a pocketwatch going from one pocket to another. Grey pants of a Victorian style are also worn, ending in black shoes that seem to fit perfectly.


An average-sized horse, Geraint's coat is a shiny golden color, with a flaxen mane and tail. A white blaze runs down his nose, and darker gold, shading to actual black, appears on the end of his nose and toward his hooves, which are grey and well-tended. His mane is long and flowing, almost wavy in form, with his forelock long enough to get in his dark eyes, although he keeps it out with a toss of his head. His coat is glossy and indicative of good feed and someone taking care of it while he's in horse form, and his luxurious tail features combed hairs and even one loose braid down the back. His ears seem to flick out and around quite often and he turns his head with equal frequency to look all around him.

Character History:

Geraint Jenkins is the youngest of three siblings, born in Cardiff, Wales. The family consisted of his Muggle father Rhys and his witch mother Gwyn, elder siblings Michael and Sally (both magical). Working-class and somewhat poor, the family always managed to scrape on by. Rhys was stunned (not Stunned) to find out that his beloved wife was more than she seemed, and it was a dubious mixture of envy and pride when all three of his children proved to be as special as his lady love. Ger's childhood was a mixture of happiness and sullen grumpiness because Rhys insisted the kids attend regular school, and while his two elder siblings seemed to do no wrong in his father's eyes, he was the outcast, the one with odd thoughts and dreams to be more than either of his parents. He also got into fights with the other kids and got sent home more than once for sticking up for himself. Because the family was working-class, all the kids were pretty much taught that that was all they'd be, despite all the wonder and promise of being magical, Geraint resented the fact that no one expected him to be anything other than what his parents were, a second-class citizen.

Surprising everyone (except Geraint), he got a letter to Hogwarts in his 11th year. His mother, a loyal Hufflepuff, and his elder siblings, Michael in Hufflepuff and Sally in Ravenclaw, all pegged him for Hufflepuff, although Sally had always been his advocate whenever there was family tension. His father shrugged and didn't really care, his Muggle nature not really seeing the difference in the houses and only caring about the fact that he wouldn't have to pay tuition and he wouldn't have to see the boy for months on end. To everyone's surprise, Geraint was immediately proclaimed a Slytherin by the Sorting Hat. As a half-blood in Slytherin, there was more bullying involved from the so-called purebloods, and Geraint was once more called to task for the occasional sticking up for himself, but he did /well/ in school. In fact, more than one person remarked at how he should've been in Ravenclaw, with his sister Sally realizing just how she'd misjudged her younger brother. Geraint's ultimate ambition wasn't just merely money. Money was a means to an end, but he wanted to be /known/, to be someone people sought out for whatever goods or services he decided to do when he grew up. He didn't have the 'in' with the teachers to be prefect, and while he liked playing Quidditch in pick-up games, he had no ambitions to play on the House team. With the help of the teachers and his own innate talents, he realized that he could use his working-class handyman skills in the wizarding world and could repair wands and broomsticks or just about anything with wood and brass and metal. By the time he graduated, he was well on his way to a rewarding career as a broomstick-maker, but he wanted more.

An apprenticeship with a rather crazy Asian wandmaker who was living as a hermit in Scotland led to Geraint splitting his focus between broomstick-making and wandmaking, since he couldn't decide which would get him better fame and respect. It appealed to him to try and see about toppling Ollivander from his perch as the best-known/most-popular British Isles wandmaker, but he also liked the lucrative side of making brooms. However, the Asian wizard kept bopping him on the head with something called a 'nerf bat' and told him to pay attention to his woodworking. There were times when he just wanted to run away, to go anywhere but where he was, but he knuckled down and kept learning and learning and saving and pinching every knut to ensure he had enough capital to open his own shop, which he did in Hogsmeade when he was 25. Still, this wasn't enough to impress any of his family other than Sally. Both Michael and Sally had graduate with impressive grades along with one being prefect, the other being a Quidditch team star, and both had well-paying success in their respective fields as adults. Geraint felt motivated to do something neither of them had done, something that would garner interest in its rarity, if not exactly acclaim and all. He began the long and arduous studies, in his spare time, to learn the animagus spell. It took him 8 years, in between running his shop and trying to find the witch of his dreams, and one nearly disastrous attempt, but he finally accomplished the spell, and he's one of the seven registered animagi was a rather handsome palomino horse. He had no qualms joining the registry. In fact, he was quite proud of this fact and even held a party around the actual registry-signing, something that mildly annoyed the Ministry official whose job it was to examine him and take down his specific markings. During all of this, the great wizarding war of the latter half of the century was taking place. As a Slytherin and a wandmaker and broommaker, he was approached, but his 'tainted' blood meant they didn't trust him. For his own part, Geraint didn't play that game and chose not to provide gear to anyone approaching him from the dark side. His ethics were enough to keep him on the good side, but he did kinda sigh about possibly losing busines.

Now as a professional craftsman, Geraint's shop in Hogsmeade is doing decent business. He sells more brooms than he does wands, mostly because he doesn't have the prime location in Diagon Alley (yet) and he doesn't get the first-year Hogwarts crowd to take any of Ollivander's customers. Most of his wand buyers are folks looking to replace broken wands rather than buy their first ones. The brooms, however, seem to be doing well because first-years can't have them at school. And surprisingly, being a horse has proven to be extremely useful in his crafting work, particularly journeying to weird places to get wandwood or twigs for making broomsticks, or obscure quarries to mine for metals to use for smithing. Geraint's cleverness has ensured that he has an equine-style backpack he can get into without needing assistance and still take his wizarding tools with him when he's on a trek rambling through thickets and digging through stones and such. However, it still hasn't found him the right witch to share his life. Due to how strained his parents' marriage often was, he's completely not interested in a Muggle woman. Still, he does get his fair share of witches, but even he recognizes that most of them are attracted to him because he's a handsome stallion in his animagus form. Maybe someday…



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Geraint is a horse animagus, registered with the Ministry all nice and proper.

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