1995-02-17: General Hospital


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Scene Title General Hospital
Synopsis In the chaos after the Hogsmeade attack, the students get visitors.
Location Hogwarts — Hospital Wing
Date Feb 17, 1995
Watch For The Creation of Moody's Army
Logger Angelina

With the Death Eater attack came the gathering in the Hospital Wing after. In the initial chaos, it is filled by scared kids who are in various stages of shock and anxiety attack, and other students wanting to check on their friends and find out 'WHAT HAPPENED?' Eventually, all that is cleared out. A few of the younger ones that were the most scared are allowed to remain and likely given something to help them sleep for the night, and then, it is the ones the most hurt. Harry, for one. And then the two girls treated to crucios.

Sirius has been a fixture in the Hospital Wing since Harry was brought in. He's sprawled in a chair at the teen's bedside, dozing for the moment. He stayed awake late into the night, adrenaline keeping him going. First he thought the boy was dead, and he, thank any higher being that there may be, was not. He's finally succumbed to sleep in the past hour or so, intent on staying put until Harry's released, or Dumbledore gives him orders on a plan of action.

Angelina didn't come into the Hospital Wing straight off. She helped herd the smaller kids back, silently, then went to the Astronomy Tower, waiting for the Dark Mark in the sky. She was sent in an hour or so later. For the most part, she's stayed quiet other than quiet whispers with Pomfrey and the others that staff the place about how she feels and her state of mind. She has napped off and on, and is now laying on her little bed awake, staring at the ceiling.

Another figure enters into the Hospital Wing, he's a graduated student and hasnt entered the castle since, but it's a hard thing to forget the layout after seven years. David has changed cloaks after making his report as his other had been damaged by debris during the battle. The Auror's face is turned down in a slightly worried slightly saddened look. He moves further in looking to the few who remain before his eyes scan the room finding Sirius and a resting Harry he releases a relived breath the first sound to escape him.

Siobhan had to be carried back, limp and twitching with pain and abused nerve endings. Any Crucio is terrible, but one held out vindictively is…agonizing. Under other circumstances, Siobhan may have been able to haul herself out of the snow and stumble onwards as Angelina did, but this has not been her week and the discovery that another piece of her life was a complete lie sort of…drained all the fight out of her. She didn't struggle against Madame Pomfrey as is her wont - a fact which made the mediwitch all the more concerned, if a little grateful - and took the potions poured down her throat as if she were no more than a doll. She isn't awake now, but sleeping restlessly, jerking and thrashing a little as a nightmare sets its claws into her mind.

Angie pulls her gaze from the ceiling to turn it on the Auror when he enters. Its only been a few hours, but this is a loooong way from the butterbeer they shared there in Hogsmeade. She watches as he comes in to check on folks, carefully keeping her gaze away from Siobhan. If it were her having a nightmare, she wouldn't want everyone staring at her and listening!

Sleeping lightly, if his state could even be considered sleeping, Sirius sits upright suddenly, startling easily. The first place he looks is to the bed next to him, reassuring himself that Harry's still here and breathing. He breathes his own sigh of relief as he pushes up from his seat in order to stretch out and move around. He notes that Siobhan's asleep, and not too soundly, David's given a nod, as is Angelina. He's not familiar with either, but isn't about to ignore them. "Are either of you alright?" he asks softly, so as to not disturb those sleeping.

David offers only the smallest of lip turn of in recognition to one he met in Hogsmeade. The young man looks about stepping over towards Angelina he leans over speaking in whispered tones "How are they?" he doesn't seem completely sure he should have come but how could he not with what happened and worrying. He glances back to the wounded and visitors watchers of them waiting. He turns at the sound of another voice he returns the nod speaking in the same lowered tones "Cuts and bumps, had worse how bout you?" He takes a look to the others resting before back "How is he?" he asks speaking of Harry after a moment

Even voices soft are enough of a change in her environment to startle Sio awake. Jerking to a half-sitting position, she looks about her, wide-eyed, and then sinks back to her pillows with a breathy groan. Sudden movements are a No Go, then. "'m fine, Siri." It's slurred and breathy - the potions to restore her larynx tissue are slow-working - but at least understandable. Despite her affirmation of 'fine-ness', her heart-rate is still accelerated and it takes a moment for her to recall the past week. "Er…Mister Black. Sorry." She does her best to avoid looking at Angelina, too. Nothing personal, just not in a Happy Place, Sio. David is eyed warily, with Sio even shrinking back against her pillows and pulling the cover higher over her chest. She doesn't know this man at all, and isn't about to relax around a stranger now.

The question of the Auror gets only a slight shrug from Angelina. She doesn't know how everyone else is, really. But one is unconscious, and the other is having a nightmare, so she doesn't figure its great. Her voice is a quiet whisper, "They are worse off than me, I gather." Sirius. She kept looking at him when he was sleeping. She's seen the posters, of course. Read the Prophet. She knows he has been cleared, and she knows the Ministry was lying, but it is still hard to make her brain switch gears. So she keeps reminding herself he isn't what they said. His question gets a small nod. "Fine. You?"

"Better than I was," Sirius admits, and he's still not quite past the scare this gave him. Merlin's nightdress, it felt like he had lost James all over again. If Harry hadn't of made it by some miracle, there's no telling what idiotic thing Sirius would have done in retaliation. Probably would have gotten himself killed by seeking out Bellatrix or other Death Eaters. "He's fine, living to fight another day." Although he shouldn't /have to/, that goes unsaid. As Miss Noble starts to stir, he looks her way. "Ah, Siobhan, go back to sleep.. you need your rest before your family comes storming the castle, and so do you," his gaze shifts to take in Angelina and address her as well. He didn't act to help either girl last night, but knows what they were hit with. If Angelina is wary of him, he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. Not everyone is going to welcome him back to society. "Things could have gone much worse last night in Hogsmeade. Which isn't to say they weren't bad enough." A student is dead, and awaits the arrival of her parents to come and claim her.

The look of both is answer enough there is both relief but worry for what has happened in them all. The figure moves forward only a few more steps the waking of one of the students and the look given brings a frown. David knows the ministry is mud but is not like those others and intends to prove it whatever he must do. "The place has been cleaned and we're lookng for the death eaters, but no sign yet."

"'d rather not, thanks." Siobhan manages a poor facsimile of a smile, glancing at Sirius. He spent thirteen years with the dementors, he certainly would understand the desire to stay away from the terrors of sleep. "U'less y'think Pomfrey'd let me have some Dreamless?" She sounds hopeful, but not very. If she couldn't get some Dreamless Sleep last night, it's doubtful she can have any now. Maybe Snape would - no, that book is closed now. The realization hits her in the stomach and she rolls to her side, curling knees towards her chest. David's update brings a wince, but she keeps quiet for now.

Ah. Sirius gave the opening for Angelina to bring up what she's been laying here thinking about. "Yes, it could have been worse." Pause. "But why wasn't it? I mean, not that I wanted anyone hurt more, or any more students injured. But why wasn't it worse? I saw them fling a stinging curse at a group of kids. Why did they do that? Why didn't they send crucios, or stupefy? They were Death Eaters, right? Why no mark in the sky?" Full of questions, trying hard to understand.

If Sirius knows anything about Harry's circumstances, and how the other student wound up dead, he gives no indication of this. "You'll not find them," he says to David. "Not unless they want to be found and are ready to create chaos and destruction. They're worse than vermin." Siobhan is given a forced smile, he's still not quite past the scare of last night. "Put up a good act for her, and you might get some." He looks Angelina's way and frowns some, "They were simply making a delivery and sending a message. I suspect that's all they were ordered to do."

David nods in agreement with what Sirius says knowing it's most likely true, these sorts he's learned from training and since being out can go so heavily underground as to not exist until the wish to. He is silent a moment as there is more talk. "I agree they weren't there to fight that close to the school. Though the meager attacks I admit were likely to bait us into a skirmish as if we needed more reason."

"It was a show." Siobhan's voice is very quiet, but she seems sure. There's not much to do when you're lying awake at night in the Hospital Wing except for stare at the ceiling and think. "They killed Perpetua and wanted us to know it." Brown eyes slide closed and she shivers. "If they'd wanted to hurt us, they'd have gone straight into the castle." Despite the fact that Hogwarts is protected - supposed to be the safest place - the young Snake seems quite certain of this.

The Hospital Wing has cleared out now, and all that is left are a few of the younger students who were too scared to sleep in the dorms, Harry, Siobhan, and Angelina. Sirius is there with Harry, of course, and David is near Angie's bed. They seem to be having a quiet chat, here in the middle of the night.
"I guess that is about right. It doesn't make sense, but if they had orders, I suppose.." Angie falls quiet then, just listening to the others while she thinks, gaze moving to the ceiling once more. It won't be long until her parents are here either. Will they pull her out? Revoke her Hogsmeade weekends?

"Possibly, but among the group last night were Voldemort's most loyal." Bellatrix for one. Sirius would love to duel with her and take her down a few notches. "They would be expected to follow his instructions to the letter. Otherwise, they would not have been entrusted with their delivery." He's silent for a few moments, then says, "Their proximity to the school wouldn't have mattered if they were there for a larger fight." When Siobhan speaks again, he turns to look her way and nods, "They must have thought Harry was dead as well. It's rather like it was before, all that was missing was the Dark Mark overhead." Again, they must have had orders to not cast it. Odd, that. He would think that would add to the boasting and bragging.

Stump-STUMP-Stump and the light tapping of a walking stick can be heard, before the wild hair'd and slightly disfigured professoer lurches in. Though without the stick, one might think Moody would be able to move around just fine-Never the less, he remains in the doorway for a moment as the brown eye coordinates, locking on over towards those talking softly, whilst the Electric Blue Eye whirls into over drive. There is a sweep of the room, before it rolls to peer behind him through his skull-then its back to normal. A grumble of words seem to indicate everything is safe here for Moody's tastes, and then the professor starts over, eye flicking between those all accountable. Albeit its late, but this should not surprise anyone that Moody is out, or even skulking in here. After all the ex Auror never sleeps. He merely, waits.

"What if…" Siobhan's voice falters here, startled by the tap-tap-tapping of Moody's stick and leg. Swallowing hard, she looks over long enough to confirm that it is indeed their grizzled old professor before licking her chapped lips and continuing. "What if they wanted to scare us, but not…not throw up all the red flags?" And this, ladies and gents, is why Sio is a Slytherin. Her mind is like a steel trap, sharp and devious. She settles back into her pillows and looks from Sirius in his chair by Harry to the unconscious Boy Wonder himself, to Angelina in her bed and David next to her and finally back to Moody lurking near the door. "I mean…if I wanted t'beat another team, I'd want to scare 'em, but leave 'em guessin' so they didn't bring out the big guns until it was…y'know, too late." Her voice is still raspy, still pained, but audible. Barely.

David nods "Perhaps, but the teachers here know there stuff and of course the headmaster." the Auror shrugs a moment looking back around until that clunk catches his attention he nods in greeting to him. "I'd say they would want to scare us, but in large who knows." he seems rather taking everything in and adding up all the puzzles the stories he's been told compared to the truth and is finally getting the answers to the missing pieces from the ministry-side.

Hearing the sound of Moody's cane and uneven gait, Sirius looks towards the door and nods to the ex-Auror. A smile for the older man forms as the animagus returns Harry's bedside. Even if this is his kind of discussion, he's tired. It's been an exhausting time since Harry's disappearance. He lounges back in his seat, closing his eyes, and simply listening to the conversation as he drifts.

Angelina's gaze remains upwards. "I don't know about that. I'd say if the red flags weren't raised this summer, or with Umbridge, they were raised when they all got out of Azkaban. Or, at least I would have hoped they were. Or when people, namely Harry, came up missing. If students at the school were seeing it, surely it was clear enough for others to see?"

"That's why often times I shoot to grievously injure." comes the bark from Moody as he comes closer to them all sitting there. There's a glance given over to Sirius, which is something unreadable- but then with a mug like Moody's who would want to read it? A look is given over to Siobhan where she is hunkered into her bed and the like. A loud pronounced tap is given to the floor, before some chair comes over rickety-splitty before he is sitting down, once it comes to rest by the Slytherin's bed. There's a grumble, before he's reaching in and pulling out his flask. Cap is screwed off-before he is taking a slug of whatever's in it. A grudging look is passed before the flask is offered over towards Noble. "Scare tactics serve one thing-t' keep the other team guessing and panic'd lass. It also shows th' public how damned fierce they can be, to quell any thoughts of joining th' side they are against." A grunt.
"Your first Cruciatus?" Moody asks towards Siobhan, surely-it must be, but then Moody wouldn't put anything past a Slytherin to have tried or felt before. There's a look over towards David and Angelina, but his ear stays tuned towards Siobhan for the moment. Poor girl.

Another Auror comes into the hospital wing, worry and rage mingling on his face as he strides quickly into the room, glancing at Moody briefly and Sirius and the others. Alistaire swiftly locates the person he's seeking and doesn't waste any time in going to Siobhan's bedside, glancing at David and Moody's nearness, but ignoring it for now. "What happened?" he asks of the other two Aurors tersely as he focuses strictly on Siobhan, his brown eyes taking in her appearance, his hands curled into white-knuckled fists. If his wand were in hand, he'd probably have snapped it with the force of his fury.

Siobhan snorts at Angelina's comment - a motion which costs her dearly, as the pained grimace shows - and shakes her head. "You'd be surprised what the Ministry doesn't notice. They like keepin' their heads in th' sand. Only hope Scrimgeour's less apt to do that 'n Fudge was." As Moody approaches, she gives him a quizzical look. New Minister was head of the Aurors, right? So it stands to reason he'd know. When the flask is offered over, she sniffs its contents, winces and then takes a good two swallows before wiping her mouth and passing it back over as she tries not to cough. "What is that stuff?" she rasps, before the stuff hits her belly. Instantly, she feels a little warmer, even managing not to grimace too terribly at his question. "Yeah," she whispers, nodding stiffly. Talk about leaping in headfirst.
And then there's a brown whirlwind storming into the Wing. It's an explosive enough entrance to startle Sio - though anything today is enough to startle Sio - and she jumps, fear shoving itself down her throat before she has time to recognize that this particular whirlwind is just what the doctor ordered. "Ali…" she breathes, even managing a wan smile before settling back into a more relaxed posture. He'll take care of everything and it will all be back to business as usual…

The youngest of the Auror's present looks back as another enters the room. He takes only a step back to allow the other to join. David sighs recovering from his thought. He seems to wait a moment "Death eaters in Hogsmeade returned Potter and of course couldn't help causing chaos a student dead and one death eater and a resident." his report is given with no joy for it but it's his job to do such things. "The students just heading back up to the school got caught in the middle of it."

"Well, that's true. The Ministry isn't exactly the brightest lamp in the darkness, at times. But there are people within it who are. Who surely saw this coming. Or something of the sort. Even if the Ministry as a whole didn't offer a press release." Angie watches as others enter, checking out each of the new folks. However, there is a correction to be made. "Not all of the students were 'caught', as you put it. Some of us stayed because we meant to." Against orders, but we won't bring that up just now.

"Whisky.." Several blends of that, and of course something to insure that it is not poisoned, but he will not get into it-No need to upset the mind of whatever they just ingested, right? Also if you get a twitch in your right eye-that's normal. Moody takes another swig after wiping off the cap with his sleeve and then a look back to her. "It only gets worse." that curse-that is. "You'll have pains that come an go for the next couple of weeks. If they get too bad, I'll suggest you come back to see Pomfrey about some medi-" And it seems there was going to be more advice from Moody however he's busy looking right at the rather perturbed Auror who has come in.
Whether or not Siobhan knows Alistaire doesn't earn him a reprieve from Moody's all invasive blue eye, which continues to tick over Mr. Phoenix. David answers and Alastor grunts.
"Noble here took a cruciatus curse..as did Johnson.." not one of their finest hours- and then there's that look over to Siobhan for a second. "Do you understand now, why I am not easy on th' lot of you all, in class?" Because the world? The world will never be easy.

Alistaire's expression is terrible indeed. The rage is there, kept in check only by a slim thread. "Who did it?" he asks, his voice that deadly calm that does not bode well for the named party or parties, one that promises that no power on this earth is going to stop him from seeing justice done. He doesn't look toward Angelina or the unconscious Potter or the half-asleep Black. His entire world is encompassed by this wan and injured Slytherin student. To those who've worked with him, probably mostly Moody, the fear is there under the rage, the fear of nearly losing someone extremely important to him… and Moody's likely to remember the last time something like this happened.

Siobhan manages a wan smile at that; the stuff's started into her bloodstream - Merlin bless the empty stomach - and she relaxes a bit more into her pillows. "Don't suppose you'd be willin' t'share the blend?" she queries amicably. After all, it'd be blissfully awesome to be this warm All The Time. Still, she's not completely out of it. "Bein' tough on us is fine. S'the little ones I want you t'ease up on." Brown eyes narrow on the old Auror before turning to Alistaire. A very, very upset Alistaire.
"We don't know, Ali." Siobhan's voice is still soft, but there's an extra tenderness there when she speaks to the string-bean of a man. "They were masked." There's real empathy in her eyes as she watches him try to rein in his temper. She sees that fear too and it about breaks her heart. "C'mere you. Look, 'm fine, see?" She even manages a brighter version of a smile for him, though it doesn't quite reach her eyes. Her own hurts shoved aside for the moment, she waggles her fingers in his direction, reaching for his hand. "I got a few good shots in first, Ali. Made Peter Pettigrew squeal like a girl an' blew the guy's hidin' place that got me to smithereens." See? All's right as rain!

David shakes his head "I recognized Fenrir Greyback." the younger Auror adds after a moment. He shifts slightly where he stands looking about he moves back finding a chair and plops down into it as well. He seems to at least for now to be planning to stay here until he must set back out.

"I couldn't see him." Moody admits "I had been cursed from behind while knocking two of their number down.." However one poor bastard was knocked into a killing curse meant for someone inadvertently. No loss as far as Moody is concerned, save for the information they might have gotten from him. And by they-he means himself. Flask is recapped and slid into his traveling robes before he is reaching over to offer a hand on Alistaire's shoulder. Perhaps one of the few times Moody has been seen to give any sort of emotion beyond Piss and Vinegar. "They had masks on-and when I got my shot off on him" a blast curse for the boyo's chest he got away. Greyback and Lestrange were there" If he hadn't had been hit he might have been quicker. Stories match and Moody simply adds a squeeze there before leaning back into his chair to grumble abit.
"Need to earn that blend, Noble." The firsties..th' little snotties-perhaps he could ease up a little, but right ow he would argue they need to be pushed.

Angelina didn't recognize any of them, but she isn't really expected to. With the conversation turning to matters she doesn't know much about, Angie falls quiet once more, turning to just watch and listen as they gather around the other student.

There's the loud bang of as the hospital wing door opens and the disheveled figure of Hermione comes flying into the room. Not noticing any one other than the unconscious form of Harry on the bed, she shoves past anyone and anything in her way of her best friend. "Harry?!" Already she's sobbing, without the care to wipe away her tears and if no one stops her she's going to get right up to the bed in an attempt to grab his hand.

Alistaire curls his lip at the mention of Fenrir Greyback, a name known to him, and not fondly in the slightest. And then Lestrange, another name known to him, and he mutters, "That bitch," under his breath. And if Alistaire wasn't so sunk into whatever cloud of rage and fear he's in, he would have recognized Moody's comforting hand on his shoulder. "So we take them all down," he says in a cold tone, completely ignoring the banging-open of the door and Hermione's entrance. "Every last stinking Death Eater." It's a terrible determination in his words and in his gaze. Out of the entire assembly, ranging from student Angelina to professorial Moody to fellow-Auror David to the lovely and effervescent Siobhan, only the latter is likely to realize just exactly what this might entail.

Brian … had held it together all the long march back to the castle, and up to the hospital wing. But now, it was finally registering that they were, if not /perfectly/ safe, as safe as they /could/ be … and reaction was setting in. It's just as well he finally put his wand away, because his hands start to tremble, as does the rest of him. He quickly parks himself on a bed before his legs give out from under him, looking more than a little pale. /Shit/. Death Eaters. Unforgiveable curses. /Death/. Exploding heads and … oh hell. He is NOT going to puke. He's NOT, dammit.

"Greyback and Lestrange…" Siobhan bites her lip and turns guilty eyes to Moody. "They were the woman an' that big one? The one duelin' with that…dark-haired woman?" Sio wrinkles her nose in thought. "Who was that anyway?" Whoever it was, she was responsible for the only two casualties not pre-dead. Moody's remark earns him a slight pout. "What, you mean it takes more'n bein' Imperius'd by you, fightin' off Death Eaters an' gettin' Crucio'd to earn that blend? What d'you hafta do, beat Voldemort?" Time with Ali has deadened her to the stigma attached to that name. Yay shock value.
When Hermione comes streaking through the ward in tears, Siobhan's gaze softens. Momentarily distracted by Ali's comments, she sends him a sharp glare. "No, Alistaire." Her voice is firm then, and just a little creepy; that rasp is not a good sound for her. It's enough of a warning; if he goes off half-cocked, she'll make him pay for it. Probably by coming along.
Pushing the covers back off her legs, she swings them around to sit up on the edge of the bed, pushing her palms against the bed to lever herself to a shaky stand and even shakier steps. Good thing her bed was next to Harry's or she never would have made it, but make it she does, leaning heavily on the side of the bed and resting a gentle hand on Hermione's back that only shakes a little as she rubs soothing circles. "Hey, hey now… Shhh, it's alright. He's fine. Sir - Mister Black got him back safe."

David turns around as the door opens quickly but spotting another student he turns back to listen intently. "They'll be underground until there next job." this said with a sigh but he's determined to stop this happening to other innocent people. Why he chose his line of work after all. He looks over towards the others moving towards one of the student being Brian. "You alright? Can see if Madam Pomfrey can give you a tonic for nerves?"

"Granger!" comes the bark from Moody, however the girl might be lucky that the jumpy professor didn't pull a wand when the doors came open with a bang. All the same he keeps an eye on her for a moment "For Chrissakes, people are resting." Of course, there will be no deduction of points, and nor will Moody keep her from someone whom she always seems glued too. Friends like that are hard to come by, let alone find and trust.
To Siobhan's own question he is turning his head for a moment to look back to her "Don't know-don't care right now-"Which is a lie because Moody does wonder who the hell was helping them in that mess. "As for when you do earn it. You will know then-not before." One might expect that she will have to look as much as a human quilt as Moody does before another bit of th' dram is ever given over. But Alistaire's words ring out and that grim crooked line of lips might indicate Moody is indeed smiling-or something close to it. "Now, Son.." voice croaks out, like gravel on th' pavement.." Don't you become like them-We'll get them..All of em, and make them face justice." Whatever that means. From Moody it could be anything from death to being sent back to Azkaban.

Angelina startles in her bed when Hermione comes charging in with the banging door. "Hermione…" It's more a gasp of relief and irritation than it is a greeting. She, however, remains in her bed.

Brian tries valiantly to get his hands, at least, to stop shaking, but it's not happening. At least not right now. "U-ummm … P-probably." He finally admits, looking chagrined despite how pale he is. Yeah, brilliant. Trade spells with Death Eaters like he thought he was a trained Auror one minute, then fall apart and act like he's ten the next. /Brilliant/. Then, to the others. "W-who was the squir-rmy lit-tle fellow? T-the rat?" He'd been facing the right way at the right time to see Peter shift forms.

Sirius remains asleep in his chair. If he's awake at all, he's doing good at playing possum. All the better to listen too. Mention of the rat has a growl forming low in Sirius's throat. Maybe he's dreaming about chasing a rabbit… Not bloody likely.

The doors bang open to the Hospital wing, and a small first year rushes in, some sort of vine growing from his ears. He glances at the people around, and scowls. "Bloody Hell," Bean complains, trying to find the matron among the huge group of people. "First time I need some help, and she's …" Where is she? "Bloody vines growin' out my bloomin' ears…" There's a hint of his street sounds in his voice. He's a little rattled, still unused to the odd things that can happen in a place like this.

At least Harry's alive. That's all that Hermione can think of. It's not that she thinks anyone is worth less than him, or that they don't matter, but they're not her best friend. She squeezes his hand, despite him not being able to feel it and is reluctant to let go. However, the hand on her back from Siobhan makes the witch swing around with wild, red eyes. It's almost like she may attack, physically since she doesn't have her wand. But, she's been keeping her fear for her best friend's life as bottled up as possible and to see that he's here, though injured. Instead, she collapses against Siobhan, still crying, as much from relief as it is from from fear.

David nods "I will let her know try and relax. You did just fine." the younger Auror knows that these students should have been getting hit with unforgiveables or seeing what they did. He looks back around the room keeping track on what's being said and new arrivals. "Peter Pettigrew." he says with a grim voice to the student

Despite all the activity in the room, Harry remains completely knocked out. A combination of exhaustion and crafty potions by Madam Pomfrey. His glasses and wand, both recovered from his tattered robes, rest still on the table beside the bed. Stirring, his head turns from side to side as a frown forms on his face. "Nnn…" he moans, eyes darting a million different directions under his eye lids. Suddenly the dreaming words become more vocalized, though he's still not conscious. "No…..n….you….leave her alo….you rat….kill you…." Anyone looking at him might notice his entire form go rigid for a moment as the voice falls silent, and then relaxing. Yes, he's still breathing.

Alistaire watches Siobhan get up, go and comfort Hermione, but it's obvious to him that Siobhan doesn't have the strength to support her own wobby self and the weepy Gryffindor, so he does what he does best and sets aside his simmering anger long enough to put an arm around Sio to hold her up, even as Julian bursts into the room. "Pomfrey's gonna start hexing people if this keeps up," he mutters to Moody, deciding that's a perfectly acceptable way of ducking Moody's warning.

Moody looks towards Sirius for a moment "Heel.." murmured out as he sits himself up, a little straighter in his chair. Gnarled hands coming to rub unconsciously over where his stump meets appendage. A soft frown is given to the two girls for a moment- as if Moody is about to say something fatherly, or perhaps to help comfort fears-However due to the suddenly bang of the Hospital doors as another person runs in there's a rumble in his throat before.."LEGUME" Uh oh. "Keep it bloody down-Madame Pomfrey will be with y' in a bit." add in some soft curses and Moody is back to his usual self-for the most part-even if his blue eye is still focused on on the snotty's ear. "What did you?" Out of idle curiosity. David seems to have Brian in tow, either way Moody will be having words with him sooner, rather than later..However due to the Boy Who Lived's stirring he says nothing, only relaxes back as it seems he is dropping off to sleep-or nightmares.

"Hermione, no need to cry, he's alright.. and Pettigrew is the scum of the earth," Sirius mutters as he cracks open an eyelid. "And in the name of Dumbledore's wardrobe, Siobhan.. do use my first name.." Before giving further admonition, he's bolting upright and looking sharply at Harry, reaching a hand to place on the boy's arm. "It's alright Harry, you're safe.."

Good thing Brian doesn't know Moody's marked him for a talking-to, or he'd be shaking even worse. So … that was Pettigrew. He'd heard the name a time or two … hard NOT to have … but had never seen the git. The animagi form fit the little bastard, far's Brian was concerned. He glanced over at Sirius, like he was thinking of saying something, before changing his mind. Like most of the kids in the castle, he'd been … more than a /bit/ freaked, the year Sirius had got out of Azkaban. And had wondered about him since. But after today … yeah. Not so much, anymore. He nodded at David. "S-sure." Calm down. Right. That was easy. NOT.

"Peter PEttigrew," Siobhan answers almost in sync with David. The poor lass doesn't even have time to be amused by this, because there is no warning before her arms are quite full of a sobbing, hysterical Hermione. The sudden additional weight is more than her weak legs can bear and were it not for Alistaire, the seventh year Slytherin would have toppled backwards. As it is, she spares him a grateful smile and continues to rub Hermione's back. Best to just let her have her cry. Sio knows the cathartic miracles to be had in those simple things. Sirius is given a sharp look. "Only if you'll actually remember t'return the favor." There's a streak of vindictive anger in her right now; especially since it seems Ali and Sirius were in the right about Snape all along. When Harry stirs, she moves to show Hermione, but as it's only a nightmare, Sio thinks better of it. No need to scare the girl further. She looks back towards Ali and nods to her bed, mouthing a silent 'Help me' to him.

"Got between two upper years in the halls." Julian Legume replies to his Defense professor. "Got hit with some stray curse." He doesn't add that he was trying to steal a favorite quill from one of the pockets at the time. "They were arguing about that stupid game." That's quidditch to the non-initiated. "Well, I can't go runnin' about the halls in this state." He gesticulates wildly toward his ears. The place is full. "What's causin' all the mass…" He scans the bed. "Oh." It's him. He still doesn't get why the guy has the hero status for surviving. He doesn't hate the boy like many of his housemates, but he doesn't understand the fervor, either. Even after he found the histories. Bean finds a spare chair and plops down in it, glad that it's Moody here and not another professor. Another one surely would've taken points for his language. He looks over at Siobhan, and frowns. "You alright there, Noble?" He uses her last name to attempt to annoy her out of her mood. It's a gamble, but he deems it worth it.

Alistaire makes sure Hermione's not gonna go toppling as he simply scoops Siobhan up in his arms, easy as you please. Probably not the help she was suggesting, but he's not in a mood to care all that much as he carries her ever so gently to her own bed and settles her on it. "Don't do that again anytime soon, love," he murmurs to her, a hand stroking her hair back into place. Normally, he'd be reticent about acknowledging his relationship with the Slytherin girl, considering their location, the company, and the fact he's twice her age. "Of /course/ she's not all right," he snaps toward Julian of the vines-in-ears. "But she will be." Or else, is the unspoken addition to that statement. "Scrimgeour'd better not let this pass without stepping up our efforts. We'd be stupid not to try and track them down now while the trail's still hot." The last is spoken more toward Moody and David than anyone else whose job title doesn't rhyme with Auror. However, his gaze shifts from Siobhan to the other students, and he frowns deeply as he watches Angelina, then Hermione, arching a brow of doom at Harry and Sirius, then glancing toward the firstie for a few moments.

"I admit I've been a git, considering the circumstances, Siobhan, and I'm sorry." So there. Sirius hasn't been mad at Siobhan, she's just seen him in a rather nasty state of being the past couple of weeks. He's a bit reserved about getting up and leaving, but with Hermione and Moody present, he pushes up from his seat. He looks towards Angelina and offers up his seat, "Would you like to sit with Harry for a bit?" She's his housemate, and Hermione's a bit in hysterics for the moment, but Harry's got two sides to his bed. He just needs to walk away for a bit, perhaps track down Dumbledore. "I'll be back momentarily, Moody," he says to his fellow Order member. On his way out of the hospital wing, he grins down at Julian, "Nice hex," and continues out for a bit.

Luckily for Sio, Hermione doesn't cling long. The sounds of Harry stirring cause her to swing back in the other direction along with Sirius. Even if it's a nightmare, he's stirring and speaking. That's all Hermione needed to pull herself together. Fiercely, she rubs the sleeve of her Hogwarts robe against her eyes to wipe them free of tears. Once that transformation occurs, she's much more the logical Gryffindor everyone knows. "Peter Pettigrew is a horrible person and an even worse rat," she says bitingly. Though she doesn't thank Siobhan for her comfort, she looks over her shoulder toward the Snake and Alistaire with a nod of thanks before her eyes finally start to look around her surroundings. The blinders are off, so to speak. Quickly, she's by her fellow Gryffindor's side. Seeing how many people are in the Hospital Wing now, she's quickly looking over the Chaser for hex marks or bandages. "You're not hurt are you?"

Moody nods but once over towards Julian as if the words were enough to suit his purposes. "I am sure its easily reversible. Next time don't put yourself between two opponents. Your flanks are exposed right there." And there is the how to not get cursed word of the day. Lips whetted for a moment before he looks back towards Sirius and nods. "Of course Sirius.." added back. Needless to say he will keep an eye on Potter till his God Father returns. And should anyone look at him askance he'll hex first and ask questions later.
"Phoenix." the bark comes once due to the reaction to Legume, a moment of warning there all the same to lay off his students. And the Blue eye watches the man, with the Slytherin girl. However his tongue is bit, and he is decidedly keeping tabs on Potter-and now by proxy-Granger. "I suspect Rufus has some plan or other" Only Moody would call the leonine looking Minister by his first name "And that being your job to follow it-or have you all grown soft since he bounced up and I left?" Maybe more or less trying to keep Phoenix's mind from wandering with the challenge who knows. Sometimes Moody has no method to go with his madness.

Sirius' apology goes only a short way to assauging Sio's hurt feelings. Still, considering the circumstances, that's an awful big accomplishment. She squeaks indignantly as Alistaire scoops her up, but doesn't fight. When his hand strokes her hair, she leans into the touch, reaching up to snag his hand in hers before he can pull away. She leaves all the reticence to Ali; the world can either accept it or bugger off as far as she's concerned.
Wincing at the harsh tone he takes with Bean, she shoots the younger student an apologetic look and screeches a few soft sounds his way. Moody and Ali might recognize it as Mermish, and the funny thing is, the rasp in her voice from all the screaming actually helps the 'words' to sound more genuine. "Moody," she ventures a little hesitantly. "What…would you be willin' t'take a few of us older ones on extra?" A bold question. "That…we were really unprepared an' I just dunno if class things'll cover it. If somethin' happens again, I don't want t'be helpless." Ali might not like it, but she needs to be able to defend herself.

Julian grumbles under his breath. "Nice hex, my arse." He looks over at Alistaire. "And who the…" He cuts his words off as he sees the auror scoop up Siobhan and put her into the bed. Rumors plus intuition equal understanding. Oh. "Right." She'll be alright, then. He crosses his arms, and leans back against the chair, waiting for the mediwitch to return from whatever she's doing. She's sure taking a long time. He starts to swing his feet, hitting his shoes against the chair legs. He hears the Mermish, and nods once to note that he caught it. Yes, Bean's learned Mermish. It confirms for him what he'd already deduced.

When Sirius speaks to her, offering to let her take his seat near Harry, Angelina is a little surprised. Regardless, looking a bit thankful to the man, she rises from her bed and pads over to where her teammate is laying, before settling into the chair by him. When Hermione meets her about halfway, Angie is quick to reassure the girl. "No. I'll be fine. Nothing to worry about." There are no bandages or wounds. Not visibly at least. "Come sit with me next to Harry."

"Yes, he is." the Auror looks to the student who spoke at the same time as he did. David looks about. He looks to Moody. "We will see now a proper minister acting will make a huge difference i'm sure."
Brian glances from Angelina to Moody, and, despite his shakes … "Agreed." Well, at least his /voice/ isn't shaking, anymore. "We're targets … all of us. We need to know more, or our rear ends are going to be baked to a fare-thee-well. We won't always have Aurors around to save us when those gits show up." He grimaced. "And I for one have no desire whatever to be a juicy, defenseless target."

Alistaire glowers at Moody, but it's only Siobhan's attention and nabbing of his hand that keeps him from doing something completely stupid (even for him). Sirius' apology to Siobhan doesn't go unmissed as the Auror's eyebrow of doom focuses on his fellow Gryffindor dormmate for a few moments. "Which is it gonna be, Moody, hmm? Getting too soft or turning into them. Make up your mind here, Alastor." The irony of their first names' similarity is completely lost on him right now, because he simply doesn't care for the playfulness and hilarity that could arise if someone stopped to delight in the absurdity. "We either go after them with everything we've got to stop things like this from happening, or we sit back and let them roll over us like a Muggle steamroller. But we DON'T," he adds fiercely, holding up one long and thin finger, stabbing the air between himself and the grizzled professor, "/become/ them. I might be very, very calm right now, considering what I should be" - and this is calm? - "I would never cross that line. /Never/." Whether anyone believes him or not, he doesn't actually give a flip. He'll still do what he needs to do, Moody's approval be damned.

"You all, also need to learn to listen when I say move back to the castle-to grab your friends and do just that. Work your way back to the safe point bloody indicated." Moody's voice raises above a growl there. "War is not bloody fun-" And yes Moody for all intents and purposes is treating this as war. "If any of you are thinking of a career in the Ministry as Auror's then you all will have to live long enough to get there."
It seems whatever tirade Moody was about to work himself into is quickly lost as that Blue eye singularly focuses in on Alistaire-and his brown eye narrows to a steely edge. "Maybe you-and I have more personal reasons for what we do- But do not forget what YOU are." Apparently Moody holds the job of an Auror up to or above his new calling as a professor. "That is what I am meaning. The ministry has been soft up to this point" he knows Alistaire's way. Saw it in the war, saw it in training and he was picked for how he is. Picked. Whether his words ring out or not-he says em. "We'll have this talk another time-not now.." too many young ears as the shift of his eyes would indicate
"As for you Students-who want to be taken on.." now back to that original rant. "Who want to learn more, I am going to suggest you speak with Miss Johnson-my assistant- And get your names to her. When I see we have interest, I will bloody run you all through th' damned gauntlet. I will tell you know, if I am training you to be able to handle something of this calibre you will have t' do everything I say-when I say it. There will be no dancin' about it. This will become a priority over Quidditch, a snog-whatever you might consider fun for the rest of the term. Are we clear?" oh poor Moody-when he gets his druthers up, sometimes he makes a lick of sense-sometimes..he doesn't. Here's hoping it's the making sense time.

When Angelina offers her a seat, Hermione shakes her head. She has too much energy to sit and Angelina really looks like she needs the chair more. It's not like she couldn't walk off and take another chair, or accio one over, but she doesn't have the energy or want to walk away from her housemates. "What happened?" She's heard the bits and pieces from gossip, but she wants to hear it from someone she knows. Oblivious to the fight that is brewing between Alistaire and Alastor, as well as the other patients for now, all she wants to know is what happened. Standing right next to the elder girl, a hand clutches the back of her chair with a white knuckled grip. She watches Harry until Moody's speech attracts her attention, which she watches without comment.

For half a second, it's on the tip of Brian's tongue to say he's no coward, to run when the crap hits the fan. But given his House, it's kind of a redundant statement. "I'll talk to her first thing in the morning." He finally settles on. Because damn if he's going to be a victim in all this. And Moody is /not/ going to scare him off. He glanced over at Hermione. "They set off an explosion, and about a half dozen or so Death Eaters marched down High Street, carrying Harry and some other girl. Then started throwing spells and hexes. Bunch of folks fought back." And … that's about all he's going to say about it, right now. "Bastard holding Harry used him as a shield against the stuff we were trying to hit him with. Finally put him down. Sirius got him out of there."

Seemingly unaware of her quelling effect on Alistaire, Siobhan squeezes his hand and scoots over, patting the bed beside her in a gesture for him to sit. After all, if he's on his arse there'll be more warning of Imminent Masculine Stupidity than if he's already on his feet. Moody's reaction is interesting and rather amusing in its own twisted way, but at least it acquiesces to what she wanted. Really, in the end, that's all that matters. She doesn't miss the Significant Look shot between Alastor and Alistaire - Ha bloody ha - and shoots her professor a look of her own. A 'don't bait him if you know what's good for you' look. Moody may be scary - and she's got to catch him on his own later - but her money's on Alistaire. Always.

Angelina can share her chair! Once settled in, she scoots over to only take up half, patting the other half for Hermione to join her. They can talk more quietly that way. She is about to answer Hermione, and explain what happened and what she saw when Moody gets on his soap box. Yes. She heard this lecture already. When I say run, you run. When I say stay, you stay…
What she hadn't heard, however, is the 'Assistant' part. Is he serious? He finally decided? Despite everything that has happened, and where she is, something about what he says makes her grin. She doesn't say anything to Moody about his decision. She just salutes. "Yes sir. But I'm sure when word gets out, since you just promised it, you won't have a choice but to start it." We win.

The doors clang open again, and a tall man strides in. He doesn't head for Potter's bed, though he gives the boy a look that mixes sympathy with resignation. Jack's got dark circles under his eyes, a bleary expression, and after a quick glance at Potter and around the room, he only has eyes for one person. "Rosie," he breathes, moving even more quickly without breaking into a run. It's his baby sister. "Rosie. Oh. God." He sees Alistaire and it only makes him feel worse. If he's here, then it must be bad.

Alistaire settled next to her, Siobhan arranges herself so that she can lean back against one side of his chest, her head back on his shoulder. Comfortable for the first time in two weeks, she lets her eyes slide closed and the world pass her by. She's almost drifted off to a truly restful sleep when an all-too-familiar voice assaults her ears. Cringing and curling into Alistaire without even thinking, Siobhan waves her brother off with a shaky hand. "Go away, Jack." Nope. She's still not forgiven him yet.

When Angelina scoots over to make room for Hermione, the witch obliges. She's careful to make sure she's not taking up much space, too. Her eyes dart to Harry again, giving him worried looks, before focusing on Angelina. "You're Professor Moody's assistant?" she asks quietly. The story from Hermione only manages to make her eyes turn harder and her hands clamp together at the mention of Harry being used as a shield. Once again, she watches the Boy Who Lived. "Where did they come from?" That is said louder for anyone to answer. She just wants to piece together everything.

"If it were up t' me. I would have locked em all up an seen them all get the damnedable kiss…" A look cut back towards Alistaire. Its probably good, for with how fired up he has been all day since the attack-it would just be another thing for him to rant-or maybe in some case curse over. All the same he can't sit now-so the Professor is about to stump between the beds till the door bangs open and there he moves the end of his walking stick to shut the door back with another bang. Thank goodness th' Potter boy is knocked out- otherwise th' doors would keep any man-jack awake. Eye follows Jack before he is looking back to the others pipping up and a grumble all the same. "Am I to take your salute Miss Noble as you will be joining us?" A pause before he's looking to Hermione "I know I expect Granger, and Weasley there.." He figures Potter is a shoe in- but never the less he is looking back the Slytherin who has been in all his classes since his tenure here began. "Because, if you are Noble-then I am going to suggest you help Johnson on spreading the word and collecting names." Egads-what madness is Moody concocting?

When Julian gets called by Madame Pomfrey to come behind the curtain, he stands up, heads toward the enclosed place, and steps inside, quietly explaining what happened. It isn't long until he's stepping out again minus the greenery. He whistles quietly, gives Siobhan one more glance and then calls out some Mermish of his own. It's a farewell, roughly translating to "clean, clear waters." In deference to the injured, it's spoken softly, but it still screeches. Someone immerse these two! With a smile, he saunters out of the Hospital wing and off to find more mischief to get into.

"I'll be there too, sir." Brian says, voice grim. The shakes are slowing down, thanks be. He glances at Angelina. "And I'll spread the word. After today, that class is going to be a /tad/ crowded." Yeah. Nothing like an attack to inspire people to learn to defend themselves. To Hermione, he says. "Edge of town, that's all I know. Could have apparated in from anywhere."

Angelina gives Hermione a faint nod, leaning over to whisper into her ear before watching Moody head for the door. "I'll get the list started immediately, Professor. And I'll find us an empty class room, and get it ready, so you can keep yours all set up for regular classes." She will get a parchment in here with her if she has to beg the mediwitches for it!

Jack isn't a Noble for nothing. He's as stubborn as they come, just like she is. He doesn't leave, instead pulling up a spare chair and plopping down in it. "In what, Professor Moody?" His tone is rather pointed. "Alistaire." He nods grimly. Since the man is being polite, he'll do the same, though he's feeling almost as protective of Siobhan as the other man. Apparently, the shoe is now on the other foot. Her refusal to barely acknowlege his presence frustrates him, but he sighs resignedly. "Alright. I'll go. He pulls something out of the pocket of his greatcoat — ironically, the one Rose gave him for Christmas — and tosses it toward her bed. It's a rolled up piece of parchment, tied with a red and green striped ribbon. "I had to see how you were. The newspaper…" He knows it always gets things wrong, but he heard about the mess, knew it was a Hogsmeade weekend, and panicked, knowing his sister far too well. Missive delivered, he stands, starting to head for the door.

David has remained quite perhaps deep in thought on what's happened. He has listened though moving back over. "I have my duties, but If I can help Moody let me know." this offer for helping train from what he's heard. The younger Auror stretches looking about students and adult visitor alike as they try to deal with that happened one way or another.

Alistaire squeezes Siobhan's slim shoulders gently, brown eyes flicking toward Julian before the boy departs. When the kids start talking about starting some little army or other, he sighs and looks down at the blanket on Sio's bed, his gaze troubled, although he observes, "Nice coat," toward Jack. The trouble between the two Nobles isn't his to resolve, but he's not about to get up and deprive Siobhan of his presence, a hand absently soothing the knots in her shoulder as soon as he noticed her tensing up.

"Combat training." Brian fills Jack in. He sighs and leans back. "Moody style." He blinks over at the whispering girls. "If you want some help, Angelina, I'm willing." He snorted. "I probably won't be able to sleep tonight anyway."

"It is not a class Mister Ackerman-there will be no grades for this.." Moody says, before turning to look at the boy. A grunt for a moment. "From this point on- You all better mind when I call to retreat or to stay. Are we understood?" For now Moody is going to give Potter, Noble and company some space as he is stumping to the door. A tap of his walking stick as another chair's called over with the rickety scraping sounds along the floor. And down he is sinking, to keep a watch over the wounded- for now.

"And I'm sure they left the same way." Hermione leans over in order to listen to Angelina better when he whispers. Whatever she says to her makes her whiten and marks the return of her steely look before whispering something back to her, attempting to take the Chaser's hand in a comforting gesture. Once she turns back to Professor Moody, she replies loud enough to say, "Of course I will be, Professor. And I think I may know the perfect practicing room. Of course this isn't about grades, Professor. This is about staying alive." Her eyes drift over toward Harry and thinks about the poor Hufflepuff that did not make it. Her voice is quieter when she adds, "Which seems to me is not as much of a guarantee as it used to be."

"Never thought it would be, sir." Brian assures. He grimaces mentally at Moody's injunction … but the man knows what he's doing. Brian's going to have to trust the man's judgement … both of a situation and of whether or not Brian can handle that situation … as much as it goes against the grain to run when there's a fight on. "You have my word, sir." It's a /touch/ on the reluctant side, but he means it. To Hermione, he nods. "Yeah, they did. Well, some of them. Lestrange, the guy who had Harry, Greyback and Pettigrew all got out of there. Couple of them got knocked out in the fight, though, and couldn't do a runner."

That hand soothing her shoulder muscles is a blessed relief to Siobhan. She just…cannot relax with him in the room. Even her talk with Holly hasn't eased the hurt she harbors against them both. When the missive is tossed her way, she brushes it angrily off her bed and onto the floor, where it rolls under her bed. "Good, go! Get outta here, go run back t'your woman. Maybe y'can properly congratulate her for puttin' the fear of God into me." There's a waver in her voice at that and she swallows hard, burying her face in Ali's neck and mumbling a "Just go."

"It never has been, Miss… Granger, is it?" Alistaire says quietly, his rage starting to fade away as he comforts Siobhan. "Life has never been a guarantee. Just happier times and sadder times. Times to fight, times to relax… but never entirely," he adds, jerking a thumb over to Moody to indicate the latter's demands of constant vigilance. "Sio, love," he murmurs into her hair near her ear as she curls up against him, but he can't really think of what to say next that could help make things worse, giving Jack a bit of a helpless 'sorry?' look. Then one that indicates the two men will need to have a chat later.

Brian nods. "I … think, actually, I can leave anytime." He hadn't, after all, been injured. He was just … a touch shaky in the aftermath. And he's with Angelina on this one. Distraction is GOOD. "I'll go and get some stuff from my room." He said. "The others will need to know he's back and alive." Pretty much all of Gryffindor's been some amount of worried. And with the fight, well … rumors fly. "Be back quick as I can." He gets to his feet, testing his legs out. Still a touch wobbly at the knees, but not enough that he's in danger of falling on his rear. He heads for the door.

For the first time, Hermione gives someone a bit of a weak smile. Though it's not up to her usual brightness, it does convey a percentage of some mischeivousness. Strange for the normally straight forward Gryffindor. "I'll show you once you're out. It's hard to explain." Then, back to the others, she adds, "I'll help tutor students in what they may miss by practicing, too." And Hermione as a tutor isn't anything to be sniffed at. To Alistaire, she nods. He got her name right. "Maybe not, but most assume that we'll live to be old, that we'll be safe from Unforgiveables. It's more than just a sad time right now, sir. It's a war. War lends to little in the illusion of safety." However, seeing him lean in to whisper into Siobhan's hair, she raises a curious eyebrow. "You're not related to Siobhan, are you?" They certainly don't look alike.

"Thanks, Alistaire." Jack wraps said coat around him warmly, and stops to give his sister a look. As he turns, he catches Alistaire's look and gives a curt nod. With a half-smile that seems to echo his father's, he turns back around, heading out to let his sister read the letter and recover in peace. It's not what he wanted, but more than he expected.

Alistaire's voice at her ear is calming, even when he has nothing of any particular sense to say. She doesn't look to see if Jack's really left or not; she doesn't need to. That tread is just as familiar to her as her own. "I'll tell you later," she murmurs to Alistaire, adding a few more whispered words before opening one eye to blink over at Hermione. "S'my boyfriend, actually. That alright?" The rasp makes her grumbling sound more…upset, but there should be enough warning in there; if there is a problem, Sio'll tell the problemee just where they can stuff it.

Angelina nods to Brian as he runs off to get the things she asked for. Seems he's a bit like her in that. Distraction=Good. Hermione gets a raised eyebrow, wondering just what the young witch is up to. Knowing Hermione, it will be clever and Very Good. "I'm sure it's fine, Siobhan. She was only curious."

The sounds of running shoes clatters in the hallway outside the hospital wing, Fred and George bursting through the door. It's the middle of the night and they should be being far quieter, but this is what you get when the twins miss a huge fight because of detention. "Angelina, are you okay?" George asks, eyes sweeping from her to Hermione to Harry in the bed. Fred, for once, is the quiet one as he follows behind his brother. "Harry? Well hot /damn/, why does all the interesting stuff have to happen while we're in Greasy's dungeon for detention? He wasn't even in there! Filch was watching us, making us write lines."

Alistaire can't help but smile at Sio's description of him and how at least one person in the room is likely to goggle at him and Sio. Boyfriend?!? But these are trufax as they will eventually say on the internet in a decade. "Not surprising that he did, love," he murmurs in response to whatever Siobhan whispers to him, as he looks over to the departing folks for a few moments, his cheek on Sio's hair as he then returns his attention to the young people nearest the two most obviously injured of the students. He doesn't explain his cryptic comment. "Listen to me, all of you," he says, trying to gather their collective attention. "The opposition is ruthless and merciless. Their two specialties are killing, torturing, and… er, their three specialties are killing, torturing, and sowing chaos. Treasure your friends. Don't wait to tell them important things, thinking you can do it some other time. And if you have a row with them, don't be slow to make up. You don't want the last words you say to each other to be full of anger." Now… what? Fred and George burst in. "Dumbledore's going to have a fit if people keep doing that, cos Madame Pomfrey will explode."

The raised eyebrow is met with a second as Siobhan answers Hermione. "Y-your—-" Boyfriend? He's twice her age! And his hair sticks up! "I'm fine, obviously. I'm not one of the ones in the hospital." A hand squeezes Angelina's in thanks and she swings around when George and Fred enter. "It always happens while you're in detention because you two are always in detention," she replies, her words tinged as if a word like 'obviously' should be tacked on to it. The roll of her eyes show that what her words there lacked. After Alistaire's speech, the bushy haired witch remains silent for a moment before adding, with a bit of a smile, "So, perhaps you should apologize to Professor Moody."

"Boyfriend, Hermione. The word is boyfriend. Two syllables, not hard." Siobhan is a little testy about the few things left to her that haven't gone to hell yet. Alistaire is one of those few things. Wait. "What?" Jerking away from him in a motion that causes her to actually whimper in pain, she turns hurt and furious eyes on Ali. "What d'you mean not surprising! She attacked me!" Apparently she's forgotten about the rest of them, because she pulls up her left pants leg and points. "Look!" They're wicked-looking scars, still an angry red, though thankfully done bleeding - except in one little place she pulled open last night. Five lines - four long, one short - run in a deadly curve from the back of her knee to the outside of her ankle. "He saw and he still took her side. How is that not surprisin'?"

David stands from where he had been sitting for a while now. He watches the doors fly open once more and two more figures enter. The young man walks a bit off to the side to move out of the way. The Auror looks about a small smirk coming to his face. "Were all gonna be in trouble here." he says the first time since the fight there is some amusement in his voice.

Angelina startles, again, when the doors clatter open. Really people! They do open with a bit less use of force! However, when she spots the twins, well, they are forgiven, we'll say. Angie doesn't rise to greet them, still sitting there and holding Hermione's hand, but her brown eyes do find George's face, and don't leave it. "I'm..I'll be fine. Nothing to worry about. We'll all be fine. Even Harry." Because she says so. She has no bandages or anything, and if it weren't for the pajamas she wears, people might think she's visiting rather than a patient.

And goggle they do. Fred and George catch the 'love' in Alistaire's words and their heads jerk up, recognizing the auror. Fred could catch flies in his mouth if it hung any lower, but he shuts it and they're wise enough not to say anything, trying to focus on his words. Isn't he old enough to be her father? Gross! Hermione's words bring them back and they turn their twinned heads to her, not looking the least bit abashed. "One of these days, we're gonna put charms on you lot," Probably meaning Harry, Hermione, and Ron, "that tell us whenever you're getting yourself into some trouble, so we can ditch the detention next time." Pause, and then in unison, "Who's apologizing to Moody?" And then, Siobhan flips on Hermione and George is baffled. Huh? Instead of focusing on the rattled seventh year, he turns to Angelina and comes up beside her, crouching next to her with his back against the wall, nudging her knee with his elbow. He's there, yep.

When Siobhan shows of her wound from the attack, Alistaire's behavior changes dramatically, and he moves to examine it minutely, ignoring any talk of boyfriends and thoughts that his hair sticks up (so does Harry's, after all), pulling out a pair of glasses and peering through them at the injury rather gravely. He tries to remember if was a full moon or not, and can't, and the rage that had subsided earlier returns. "I said it wasn't surprising, Sio," he replies curtly to his girlfriend, "I didn't say I liked it or that it was okay or anything silly like that." Then, he adds, "What did Madam Pomfrey say about this?" his voice almost a demand, fighting a rising sense of alarm. "What did she say?!?" he repeats without even giving anyone a chance to answer.

Brian, once he /got/ moving, moved fast. Up to the Tower, spreading the news to the Gryffindors, then up to his room for some things and back down, taking the steps down. And for once, the arrival of a person into the hospital wing is not heralded by the doors whamming open. Instead, they open quietly, and close just as quietly. Brian blinks at the new additions to the crowd, then heads for Angelina, parchment, two quills, a bottle of ink and a /big/ book to write on in hand. "Here, Angelina."

"Um…" As Alistaire examines the wounds closer, Siobhan leans back against the pillows and lets him at it. She'll never admit it, but it's nice to be fussed over, just a little bit. His question, however, has her blushing to the roots of her hair. "She um…hasn'tseenityet." She pulls her lower lip in between her teeth. "Magic wasn't healin' it, so I figured I wouldn't worry her with it!" And have to explain just why she was in Hogsmeade off the weekend in the first place. "Snape saw it!" Albeit through un-orthodox mind-raping means. "He gave me some goop t'put on it an' it helped…" But then she thinks about it and her face goes whiter even than it had been. "Ali… Ali he left with the rest of the Death Eaters before. Y'don't think…" He'd do anything to harm her? Up until the attack's end, she would have been the first to jump to the man's defense but now…

When George comes close and kneels down beside her, it is very nearly Angie's undoing. She hasn't cried or anything! But, ya know, it's George! She isn't letting go of Hermione's hand for anything, so the poor thing is dragged along as the girl leans over to hug the boy, clutching tight, more with her free arm than anything. Her only answer to Brian is to nod in acknowledgement.
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Fred leans his back against the wall, arms crossed in front of him, as George kneels beside Angelina. He's surprised when she leans in for a hug, dragging Hermione's hand into it as well, but he puts an arm around her as awkwardly as he can as he kneels. Siobhan seems to be talking enough for the rest of the people in the room, so he only asks quietly, "Which one did it?" He'll kill them.

Siobhan's revelation regarding Snape causes the Auror to go very, /very/ calm. So still he is as he concludes his examination of the errant Slytherin, he might as well be a statue. Glancing up with Brian returns, he watches the kids and their parchments and lists and stuff, rising to his feet and taking off those glasses. If anything, the stillness is much more frightening than his blustering earlier toward Moody. "It's a possibility," he says curtly, hands in his pockets, eyes staring off into the distance as he /thinks/. "However, I want to know why in the /hell/ Holly attacked you, Siobhan." His gaze shifts toward Potter and his gang of supporters once more, but it's obvious he's doing more thinking than seeing. "I'm going to have a talk with Jack very soon," he adds, and for a moment, the anger surfaces before it goes back behind the chilling calm exterior. "He should know better to make sure his girlfriend isn't dangerous."

"I don't think even Charms would help. And you two are some to talk. I think the two of you have gotten into more trouble than all three of us combined." They get into trouble so frequently and in such unexpected places, it may be impossible to find out when that may happen. "And the guy with Siobhan. It had to do with a speech he ju—-" There's a bit of a squeak as Hermione is pulled along with Angelina goes flying to hug George and the younger Gryffindor almost falls off her side of the chair. "Angie!"

Siobhan waits until he is finished with his examination, then slowly rolls her pants leg back down to cover her scars. "She was angry," Sio answers quietly, frightened more by Alistaire's chilled manner than she ever was by his outward-facing fury. "I didn't realize she an' Jack were so…attached an' I made a joke about Jack havin' more notches in his bedpost 'n Snape had given detentions. She thought I went there to try and hurt her, drive her offa Jack 'cause she was a werewolf." There's an empty sadness in her voice. "I mean…if someone said that to me about you, I'd be furious, so I get why she was mad but…but - " But Siobhan is terrified of her now; her and Lupin and the people she doesn't know who change into monsters and tear her to pieces in her nightmares.

Brian tries not to laugh at the near-pileup one of the twins (He's never been able to tell them apart to know which is which) gets into with Angie and Hermione. "Maybe I'll just get it started." He says, seeing Angie is … well … a bit damp around the edges at the moment. He sits down and, willfully ignoring the tensions in the room, gets things set up before pulling one piece of parchment out for the list of people and writing Angie's name, Hermione's, and his own down. "Ok … Angie, Hermione, and me, for sure, for the combat class. I spread the word in the Tower about it, so we'll likely have a few signups from them later." He says, then glances around the room. "Anyone else in here?"

Hermione's squeak brings Angelina back out of the hug. Not that she lets go, mind you. "Oh. Sorry Hermione." She rights herself, but grabs for George's hand with her free one. See? Surrounded by friends! Even if it is because your hand is holding theirs in a vice-like grip! "Right. Sorry Brian. Thanks for getting all that. Yes. Me, and you, and Hermione. Put Harry on the list. He'll do it, I think. And Professor Moody said Ron has to be on it too." Yeah. Basically Ron has no choice. There is just a headshake for George. "I don't know. They were in masks. Not that I'd know them anyway, by sight."

Melissa knocks on the door from outside but doesn't wait for an answer before entering. "Hello…" she says, sounding a bit tired out, "I thought I'd come down here now things aren't quite so hysterical… how is everything?"

The fear in Sio's voice and behavior gets Alistaire right in his gut, and he promptly abandons his plans and plots and potential fight with Jack to go and soothe his lady once more. When Hermione says she doesn't know who the Death Eaters were, he says coldly, "I'll bet I know who they were." Even as he cradles the young Slytherin to him, folding her in his arms, unheeding whether the children see them or not, he so completely doesn't care about anything other than the fact his lady is terrified. "It'll be all right, Sio," he murmurs into her ear. "I'll make it all right."

It's still hectic in the Medical Wing, it would seem. Hermione finally arranges herself back on the seat properly, but smiles at Angelina to tell her that it's alright. "It's fine," she smiles, but makes no move to pull her hand away from the Chaser. "Yes, Ron will be there." Of course. "I'm sure there will be others once we start getting the word out." To Fred and George, she says seriously, "It was Death Eaters." She's convinced of that.

"Well duh, we figured that," comes Fred's response to Hermione saying it was Death Eaters. "What with those ones escaping from prison, we kinda figured that." Hey, they read the Prophet, too! George gives Alistaire a sidelong glance as he starts murmuring things into Siobhan's ear. He really can't get over the fact that she's apparently with someone who's old enough to be her dad. Imagine the /wrinkles/! omg. Instead, he focuses on Angelina telling Brian names, "Names for what?"

"Right. Ron and Harry." Brian says, writing down the names. He glances up at the twin that spoke. "Combat training with Moody." He says. "Above and beyond the DADA stuff. It's not a class."

Enfolded in the closest thing to Perfect Safety that she knows anymore, Siobhan relaxes. Slowly. "Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback were there." She is still quiet, the words likely reaching Alistaire only. "I remember Moody telling me who they were but I knew those voices…" She shudders once and shifts closer to Alistaire. "They're the ones who stole Harry from the dungeons, Ali." She bites her lip, looking up to him with the simple adoration and faith that he actually can make it all better. "What if they come again?"

Melissa moves closer to the group. "Combat training… You know, I was actually thinking the same thing after I heard what happened… We need to learn to fight them if they do come, all of us do!"

"Don't worry about that," Alistaire replies to Siobhan, still watching the students somewhat, but not really caring what they're doing since they're not flinging hexes at him. "What?" he asks of George's odd look. "You didn't see us at the Yule Ball?" He seems mildly surprised that the whole bloody place didn't know about Sio's 'older gentleman'. "Not everyone is made to fight," he notes toward Melissa. "The ones who aren't, it's not smart to try and force them to either." But of course he's a fighter, and so is his lady. "Still, if Mad-Eye needs more hands to teach, I'll be here." From his posture and his words, it's obvious that only the displeasure of Albus Dumbledore would keep him away from Hogwarts. And even that would probably require the headmaster to stuff him into a Vanishing Cabinet to make him leave.

"I thought maybe you were in detention when those Prophets came out," Hermione sniffs at Fred's guff. "Peter Pettigrew was there," she tells them, though she's not sure if that will ring a bell, either. That's a name that she does know was there. "But, yes, Professor Moody is going to teach us how to protect ourselves should something like this happen again. Practicals. Angelina's collecting names for him."

"That's true," Melissa admits. "I know I'm not the type to fight, but… Still, in times like this even I might try… You're coming up with names for the group then? Hmm…" She thinks for a while.

Angelina nods as the others explain to Fred and George what is going on. "Only if we have enough people, though. If we don't, he won't do it. So when you two go back, can you start spreading the word? Don't sugar coat it. It isn't going to be fun. He's likely going to nearly kill us with working hard, I'd wager. Most people are going to sign up, and quit after the first class, unless they really mean it. He said we are giving up all our free time. No time for Quidditch, no time for ..other things. This isn't something to do unless they mean it."

Brian holds up a hand when Melissa starts to think. "Don't sign people up for this without their permission." He says. "But you can spread the word to all your friends that the class is available. Make sure they understand that this is /serious/. Not a class at all. No grade given, and it won't affect NEWTS or OWLS. And they have to keep their grades up in their classes in addition to this." He sighs. "It's not a game. Not a game /at all/."

Fred nods to Melissa, "Yeah. Count us in," he says to Brian, jerking his thumb to George, who nods too. "We'll join Moody's army. What's it called, MA?" Screw the DA, now it's MA! "We'll send an owl to Bill too, I know he's still home." As Alistaire addresses George, he shakes his head, "Nope, surprisingly. Dunno how I missed an old guy attached to a seventh year.." Though the last sentence was muttered more than anything. "Peter Pettigrew.. Scabbers? Scabbers is still alive?" Oh yes, they remember that one well. "Yeah, Angie, we will. We'll go do that now actually, while everyone's still awake in the house and riled up." George stands, leaning in and getting close to Angelina's ear, lips moving briefly before he gives her shoulder a squeeze and the twins are out the door again

"But…but they got in once already." And into the dungeons, which are Siobhan's turf. Still, her argument is weak. She's exhausted and hurting and stressed. If her mum sees her now she'll be out of school quicker than you can say Bob. She wants to be reassured so that maybe the nightmares will stop long enough to let her really rest. As talk of the extra classes resumes, she raises her voice a little. "Put me on there. An' I'll spread word through the dungeons." Don't trust Slytherins? Tough. Everyone's in danger now. They all need to protect themselves, whether liked or hated.

Melissa nods. "Well, if this is an army, I guess the training would be… boot camp? It certainly sounds like it… I'm not sure I can handle it but I'll definitely try to get the Ravenclaws interested…"

"Someone like that always manages to find some way to weasel out of death," Alistaire remarks scornfully of Pettigrew/Scabbers, a person clearly known to him rather than someone he simply knows /of/. "Always hiding behind the apron of some more powerful friend." The potshot about his age is ignored as beneath his notice. "They got in once, sure," he reassures Siobhan. "But Dumbledore's not stupid. He'll be mindful, you know." Whether that'll reassure a shaken Slytherin is uncertain, but hopefully the other students might be heartened to be reminded who runs this joint, who knows?

Brian nods and adds the names. "Good, Melissa … and would you tell the Hufflepuffs?" He glances around. "They're the only House not represented in here. Tell 'em if they want their names on the list, to hunt up Angelina, me, or Hermione." Then he thinks of something. "Hmmm … might be easier if we had one person per House to collect the names, then bring them to us. Sio, you ok with doing that for Slytherin?" And somehow, he manages not to sneer when he says the name. "And Melissa, if you'd do it for Ravenclaw, it'd be a big help. That way, no one has to wait for a class, or mealtimes, in order to make their interest known."

"No Brian. Hold on." Angelina shakes her head, clearing it after the whisper from George that made her blush. Lucky for her, with her complexion, it isn't so obvious. "We don't want to get so many people going. Moody said they have to talk to me and tell me, or Siobhan. Let's leave it at that. Because we need to make it clear to the students that want to do it that this is not a summer picnic. This is a committment being made for the rest of the year, and it is not going to be fun, and it is going to be hard."

There's a solemn nod at Fred and George at their assessment, but they're gone too soon for her to say anything. Instead, she focuses on the conversation in front of them. "We should keep this as organized as possible." Hermione gives Angelina a bit of a squeeze and agrees with her housemate. "We can help out when we get things organized. I can schedule a study group for people who would be giving up studying time in order to go to this." Giving Angelina another squeeze, she looks over at the prone form of Harry. Now it's her time to go do something to keep her mind off of where the world is going. "I'm going to start on that." She turns to Angelina, "Would you like me to bring anything from the Dormitories for you, Angie?"

Brian grumbles under his breath. "Damn, you're right. Hmmm. Ok, so … set up a time and place for people to meet you two, so it's a bit easier? Just worried about giving everyone a fair chance at getting /to/ the two of you." He nods to Hermione. "A study group would be a really good idea. We can pool resources … whoever's good at each subject helping the rest."

It has been…a really, really long week. The familiar sound of Alistaire's voice, the comfort of his scent and arms and oddly-sycopated heartbeat eventually overcome Siobhan's fear and pain and tension. She fights to stay awake, eyelids fluttering several times before she succumbs. Turning on the side that hurts slightly less, she slips an arm around his waist and settles herself comfortably against him; fast asleep.

Angelina squeezes Hermione's hand in answer. "Not that I can think of. I don't think I'll be in here too long, I hope. They said it was just for observation. But thank you. And I'll keep an eye on Harry..and when he wakes, I'll send you word, if I'm still here. Okay?" She considers Brian for a moment. "I'll likely be out before her. I think the Slytherins are going to feel better going to her. But I'll be out and about enough. They'll be able to find me easily enough in the DADA classroom, apparently."

"The Slytherins have a long history of not trusting any of the other Houses," Alistaire observes. "Let Sio handle her own House when it comes to something like this. But how about you kids keep it down for now." His own voice is lowered as Sio's now sleeping comfortably against him. "If anything happens with Potter, I'll let you know," he adds to Hermione pointedly, he caught that interplay, yes indeedy. It doesn't seem like he's going anywhere for right now, letting his lady snooze against him, holding her close and simply keeping an eye out.

Melissa nods. "Oh… well, I could help with the study group then," she says. "I just feel like I have to do something… I'm fairly good with Potions, I think… I know I'm just a first-year so I couldn't teach much though…"

"Alright. Let me know if you need anything." Hermione finally takes her hand away from Angelina and stands to let the other Gryffindor take the whole seat. "Thank you." And to Alistaire, she nods as well her thanks. "I'll be back to visit tomorrow." Though it's already late, she's not about to leave her friends in a hospital wing all by themselves alone. "I'll bring you whatever work you've missed. We can work on it together." Because what every sick student that just went through a warzone needs is homework. Really, Hermione is bullocks at the whole cheering someone up at the hospital thing. With a reassuring smile, she turns to leave, much more quietly than when she entered.

Angie can't help but grin at Hermione. "Yeah. That would be…great. Homework. Thanks." Maybe some day, this girl will learn that not everyone takes the same joy from studies that she does. Quietly though, she rises, makes sure Harry is still covered and tucked in, and returns to her own bed for a nap.

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