1996-01-26D: Gear Up!


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Scene Title Gear Up!
Synopsis Severus finds Jethro, Jane and Jake, and they get ready to go search Diagon and Knockturn for Siobhan. Immediately follows Fleeting Chances
Location Hogwarts: Empty Classroom on the second floor
Date Jan 26, 1996
Watch For Severus in Jane's face. A broken chair. Jethro taking control.
Logger Severus

Snape is moving as quickly as, or more quickly than, he has ever done. He follows the point of his wand to the second floor corridor, tracking down the auror. The corridor is deserted, and he ducks into the classroom, spotting the older man easily. "Gardener." His voice lacks all of the drawl and ease he normally uses, especially around those he doesn't much care for. "I need your help. Siobhan is missing." He hopes those will be the words to stir the taciturn man into action.

And he would be correct. Jethro sits at a desk, looking down at a stack of parchments. "This doesn't tell me anything. Who's got the more recent…" He pauses, taking in the appearance and bearing of the potions master. "Settle down." He gestures to a chair. "Now, tell me. What's goin' on."

Jake arrives shortly after Snape does, apparently answering the call of the patronus sent to him with surprising switfness. He shuts the door behind himw hen he enters, and stands off to the side like he's guarding the place. He's even got his hands clasped behind his back in an 'at ease' pose. How many years has it been? Yeah, apparently not enough. But that fact that he is so silent, and so lacking his usual congenial smile hints that he is definitely Not happy.

Jane heaves a sigh of exasperation, folding her arms over her chest and leaning her hip against a nearby bookshelf. "It doesn't tell me anything either, Jed. That would be the problem." She gestures to the parchment with the look - you know, the one that says 'This wouldn't be such a problem if you'd just keep up with your damn paperwork'. The sudden entrance of two figures - one she knows by proxy and the other through reputation - and file! - only, makes her tense. Snape gets a sharp nod, but Jake gets a longer look. Matching stance, dress, attitude and appearance to the thousands of photos she has to look at every day. Jethro's 'hospitality' toward the school's Potions professor seems a bit over the top to her and she rolls her eyes. There are some things she doesn't know, after all. "Let the man breathe, Jedd." Those sharp eyes are shifted to Snape with hawk-like precision. "Professor Noble of the Balmorrow family?" she clarifies, shooting another Significant Look to Jethro. Sir Michael happens to be one of her bosses, thank-you-very-much. MLEIA Oversight.

"And who might you be," Snape gazes up at the woman who's just talking. "Yes. Siobhan Rose Noble, Aged eighteen, blonde hair, brown eyes, her patronus is a hyena named 'Ed.'" There's all the information he will give them. "She went into Knockturn Alley this evening to gather lambs blood for her experimental plants. They are designed to be keyed to an individual's magics." That's not necessarily important, but he wonders if it's part of the reason she's gone. "She was expected to return this evening." He falls silent again, still glaring at Jane.

Jethro looks up at Jane, and scowls. "I do the damn paperwork, Jane. Spend half my days doin' paperwork." He grouses back at her without an ounce of embarrassment. When he spots Jake, he nods. "Morgan. Good. Come sit your ass down and let's figure this out." At ease, sailor. Severus begins rattling facts off, and it takes Jethro a moment or two to grab a piece of parchment and take down the notes, managing to glare up at Jane, like, see? Paperwork. Not the kind she intends, but still. "Her dad's on the oversight?" Oh, great. He likes Siobhan, but has not met Sir Michael. Hopefully, he won't be like other politicians. Damn politicians.

Jake is a memorable photo though, is he not? "Yes, sir." he responds to Jethro and gives Jane a nod before he folds into one of the chairs in the kind of leonine 'relaxed' stance that really means he's ready to leap at and kill someone at a moment's notice. "Knockturn Alley. How many people should we bring there to start investigating, Severus. Or should this be a solo venture that goes looking for signs." Hey, he's willing to take the advice of someone who knows the terrain, see? "How did you figure out she was gone?"

Pulling a badge from a skirt that couldn't possibly have any pockets, Jane flashes it at Snape before putting it away. "Jane Shepard, MLEIA Special Units Management." Jethro might need to take notes, but this is Jane's specialty - information. "Don't bother scribbling, Jethro. One Floo call and I can tell you how many bones she broke before age five and what brand of tea she drinks." Whether it's welcome news or not to the two gentlemen sitting in the makeshift 'office', MLE keeps pretty extensive files on all employees, officials and their families. "Yes, Sir Michael Noble is the Committee Chair for MLEIA Oversight." Because obviously this is information he should already know. "Knockturn's a touchy case. Most of the time it's not as bad as its reputation, but there are some places you'd be best advised to stay away from." See? She's being helpful. "SOP for missing person is 24 hours without contact before first inquiries." That hawk-like gaze latches onto Snape again. "But I'm assuming you've had some sort of contact." Or he wouldn't be barging in making such a fuss.

"She sent me her patronus. There was the sound of the Killing Curse being cast, and her screams." A haunted look enters Severus' eyes for just the briefest moment before he's focusing back on what he remembered from Ed. "It was sent at great cost, for when it arrived, it was rather small." He holds up his hands to show the size. "It got my attention rather forcefully. Aside from being a unique patronus, it carried a marker that let me know it was directly from Siobhan. I am unaware she's gone, but if it was anyone other than a complete and utter dunderhead, she will no longer be there." To Jake, Severus responds. "It would seem strange for more than a pair," he flicks his gaze from one man to the other, "or trio of men to go and search." The expression on his face says clearly that he will be a part of that retinue.

Severus' lips thin, and his gaze narrows as he looks over to the MLEIA Agent. "I do not 'make a fuss.' As I have said, she has contacted me. That may be MLE standard, however, with certain individuals, twenty-four hours is a very long time. There are men who would have their captives flayed open and tortured within an inch of their lives, screaming for death, long before any twenty-four hour mark passed."

"Can it, Jane." Gardener glares up at her. "Important thing is to find her "So, we go and scout out Knockturn and see what's there before makin' any more assumptions." Never assume. Always double check. "Morgan, you good for this, or you want to sit and coordinate with Jane and the staff here?" It's not asking if he wants to, it's asking if he can. "Don't go playin' the 'hero' if you're not up to it, kid." He looks back up to Jane. "You gonna give me crap about this, Jane?" He's taking control, since he's pretty sure he's got the clearest head (of the guys) here. Which is pretty sad, considering.

Well, perhaps the crack in the arm of the chair that Jake's got a grip on will be enough to tell Jethro before he can answer that he's still got enough strength to help look for clues. Hey look at that, it just broke right off as Snape was describing rather graphically was he heard, and what could happen. Coincidence? No. "I'll buy you a new one." he notes, as he calmly sets the item on Jet's table.

Since Jethro has taken care of Jane, he only just looks at her blankly for a moment before swinging his eyes back over. "I'm fine for now. I'll know when I need to coordinate from the comand center rather then out in the field." he assures. Mildly.

"Not a chance." There's a certain tone of command in her voice that Jethro should know and might even surprise their two guests. It's a CO expecting to be obeyed - old habits die hard. "First of all, we're wizards. Kindly remember that fact." That being said, she pulls her rigid acacia wand from apparently the same place she keeps her badge - that would be no one knows where - and flicks it at the arm on Jethro's desk, watching with satisfaction as it slots back into the chair to which it belongs. "Secondly, you, Professor Snape are far more emotionally distraught than a missing colleague warrants." And don't her lips just purse there. Jane does not like it when people break the Rules. Like fraternizing with former students turned colleagues. Hmph! "Her own fiance is not as worked up as you are." Which makes her entirely suspicious. "And you may very well prove more hindrance than help in the field. And lastly…" She pauses here, her tone softening just a little bit. She may not approve, but that doesn't mean she's completely heartless. "If a Killing Curse was cast, we're looking for a body now. There are procedures for that."

Like Hell. Severus Snape strides forward, getting into Jane's space. "I will not lose one of my students again." He manages to change his wording in time. "I will be a part of this investigation, or I shall find other means by which to find Sir Noble's answers." And his own. And Jake's. "The screaming did not stop. Therefore, she is alive. And until I have physical, tangible proof of that fact…" He starts to lean in further…

And Jethro stands, pulling him back. "Hey. Settle down." He tilts his head at Jane, glare intensifying for a moment. "Use your wand, not your purse, Morgan," Gardener clarifies for him. "Only people I know who cast the killing curse like Lumos are Death Eaters, Jane." He continues. "And the professor is our best bet understandin' em." He knows of Severus' role. He's been around enough. "And Morgan's got more resources than the whole damn department combined. And a lot less eggheads." He frowns. "You wanna come, fine. But we're goin'." She's probably higher ranked, but he couldn't really give a rat's ass. "C'mon. Burnin' daylight."

"And all of them, every resource, will be used to find her." The assurance made to everyone in the room, but perhaps especially Severus. He's smart enough not to address it directly to him though as Jane is all up in his bidness, yo. (Oh gawd sorry it's late and I'm getting punch drunk woo!). "I'm going to start calling in for satellita sweeps." Before anyone can protest, he holds up a hand forestallingly. "I know, they can't see magic spots. But I have a few people that know how to help with that. See if we can't find any trace of what happened from that angle as well." How is he going to do that? The player has no clue, but it will happen as soon as he can get to a phone. "Ready when you are, people. Lead the way." So he doesn't get lost again.

With Snape in her face, Jane's wand - still in her hand - is lifted sharply to rest at the pulse point of his throat. It's only when Jethro pulls him back to a safer distance that she lowers it, stowing the implement in whatever magic hidden pockets she has. "Let's hope you're right, Professor Snape." Though it's rather plain in her tone that she doesn't believe the same. Still, if hope will keep him in line while the professionals do their work, she'll let him have it. Jake gets a mildly incredulous look for this … odd reliance on technology. It never ceases to surprise her how much the Yanks have integrated their gadgets and magic. "No daylight to burn, Jed. I'm going to have my forensics girl meet us down there." So that at least any evidence is handled properly. "Let's move." And she's out the door, her heels clicking on the hall floor. Yes, she's going to go to a crime scene in heels. Deal with it.

It seems to take a long time to get everything settled, or at least it feels that way to Severus. There is gratitude in his eyes for Jethro's quick assumption of leadership and on-the-fly decisions. As he follows Jane, he continues explaining what she probably already knows. "We shall have to go to the edge of the wards to the apparition point and go to Diagon from there. It is best to approach Knockturn from Diagon proper." You can apparate into Knockturn at night, but it really should not be done unless you don't care who you land on. Or what.

"Gear up," Jethro calls, mainly for Morgan's benefit. It's also habit. He'll follow Jane out the door with only a pointed glance at Morgan. Get your ass moving.

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