Game Wiki Help and Tips

Game Wiki Help and Tips

Character Wikis

When joining the game, if you choose to maintain a wiki for your character, please make sure to put them under the appropriate section. For example, you have a fourth year Ravenclaw. On the top bar of the wiki, click on 'House Information', select Ravenclaw, then insert your character's name in the appropriate section. Also, while staff tries to keep up with the influx of new characters, sometimes we miss one of you. If your name isn't under the 'Full Cast Listing,' feel free to put it in there, using previous code as an example.

Other neat things to do with character wikis, is linking them back to their affiliated area. (House, Ministry, Hogwarts, etc)

RP Log Posting

In order to help keep track of what scenes you were in, we've implemented a tagging system. It may seem a bit of a pain, but trust us, it pays off. When posting your logs, make sure you change the title of your log to have the date within it. After the log is posted, add the names of those involved at the bottom under tags. This way when you click on a character's tag, it will list all of the logs in chronological order. It's /very/ handy, especially for players that do not list a timeline on their character wikis.

If you need an example of what we mean by putting a date in the title, here goes. When you first create the page, it gives you a white box at the top that says 'Title of the page'. It should automatically insert the page name you started with. Before the title, type in the date in the following format: YEAR-MO-DA: Title

Such as in the 'Shield's Up And Ready' DADA log, the title in the box reads: 1994-09-19: Shield's Up And Ready

It seems complicated the first couple of times this is done, but it makes searching for logs /much/ easier. See here for example. If you click on any of the character names, it neatly lists the logs they are in.

Page tags can also be used on character wikis, with house and relevant information too if one chooses. The same with RP logs. If there's something relevant, add it to the tags, in addition to the scene participants.

RP Logs Note: The rules on the game apply to the wiki as well. Logs containing any R-rated content need to be clearly marked as is seen on the log list for October of 1995. We're all adults here, but we each have things we're not comfortable with. If there's ANYTHING in a log you feel might be offensive to someone else, you MUST note that in the 'Things to Look For' section of the log table. If it's an extreme, please also note it on the log list page itself. If you RP out explicit sex, please use a spoiler bar by using the "collapsible" tag surrounding the explicit portions to hide the relevant parts of your log. Include appropriate rating and label the section as explicit. Alternatively, if that is uncomfortable for you, feel free to fade to black at an appropriate moment. If you feel that someone is encouraging you to roleplay situations that you are uncomfortable with, let them know. If that doesn't work, inform a staff member. Thank you.

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