Gabriel Baker
Portrayed By Tommy Knight
House Ravenclaw
Year First
Position Student
Sex Male
Race Half-blood
Age 11
Place of Birth London
Date of Birth 10 August, 1983
Mother Gwendolyn Clark
Father Randal Baker
Siblings None
Marital Status Single, obviously
Children None, also obviously
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Gabriel Alexander Baker's story starts in London, where he was born to a muggle mother and a wizard father. Gabriel's mother (Gwen) was a doctor at one of the local hospitals, and his father (Randal) was a Chaser for Puddlemere United, a Quidditch team.

Gabriel's parents had gotten together from passion, but passion alone didn't hold them together very long. When he was five, right after his father retired from playing Quidditch, they divorced, and a custody agreement was reached that they hoped would end up giving him an understanding of both worlds, to help him choose when the time came.

Gabriel's mother moved to the small town of Bibury to start a private practice, and his father became a sports commentator on the WWN. During the school year, Gabriel would stay with his mother (alternating over Christmas) and attend school in Bibury. Then, in the summer he would go to London to stay with his father. In the school year, he lived a normal muggle life except for the monthly packages of Chocolate Frogs his father sent him, and a WWN receiver where he'd listen to his father's broadcasts.

Gabriel, like his mother, was quite intelligent and excelled in school. He had a good memory for reading, but his most exceptional skill was numbers. He was great at math, to the point where the school gave him special math tutor teaching multiple grades ahead of his own. He usually got good marks in everything else as well, but he wasn't smart enough to advance grades as well.

At the age of eight he learned to play chess, and excelled in that as well. It became his favourite game when he was at his mother's, and she even took him to compete in the occasional tournament, though he never won a championship.

In the summer, he spent time having a lot more fun. Regular trips to Diagon Alley, and to watch Quidditch matches. When he was six his father bought him a broom and took him for trips out to safe areas and started teaching him how to play Quidditch.

There was only one part of summer Gabriel didn't like. His father was quite bitter after the divorce, and the bitterness extended from Gwen into all other muggles, and even muggleborn wizards and witches. He got into depressed moods on occasion and ranted to Gabriel about blood purity, often seeming to forget that Gabriel himself was a half-blood. These sessions were rare enough that it only put a dent in Gabriel's sense of self-worth, and not destroyed it as it potentially could have.

Finally, the time came for Gabriel to start at Hogwarts. His mother hoped he'd choose to continue his muggle education, but there was nothing that could convince him not to go. So, his father took him to Diagon Alley to buy supplies, and along with his cat (Calie), he set off on the Hogwarts Express.

He was Sorted into Ravenclaw after some deliberation by the hat, and he was in for a shock. At his old school, he was the smartest of his class, if not the entire school, but surrounded by other smart students in Ravenclaw he wasn't really any better than anybody else, except for a talent in potions. His worst subjects were Defence Against the Dark Arts, (mainly because he was intimidated by Professor Moody), and Herbology.

It was the right House for him, however. It took him maybe a month to get over the fact that he wasn't outdoing everybody anymore, before it sank in that he actually had a challenge in front of him. Well, he didn't see it quite that literally, but more that he was having more fun working to learn everything than he ever did being so far ahead of the curve in his muggle schooling.

Now, late in his first year at Hogwarts, he's starting to feel comfortable. He's started to bring his nose out of the book to try to make friends with those around him, and to feel at home.


Gabriel's curious, (sometimes to excess), and excitable, but also can be quite thoughtful if there's a puzzle of any kind involved. He's a bit shy and a bit arrogant at times, but neither to excess. He's also quite gullible, not having enough social experience yet to have developed an ability to tell when others are lying.


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