1995-04-09: Fuzzy Chapeau


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Scene Title Fuzzy Chapeau
Synopsis Bill shows Fleur a bit more of London. She takes a liking to the fuzzy hats the muggle guards wear.
Location London - Outside Buckingham Palace
Date Apr 09, 1995
Watch For Funny Guards
Logger Billy Bob Weasley

Aside from helping Fleur with her English, Bill has been a helpful gentleman. He's been showing her areas outside Diagon as time allows. Her schedule's tighter than his, Apparition helps with time constraints, but still.. He's taken that into consideration. Tonight's destination? The area around Buckingham Palace. Sure it's very touristy and /very/ muggle, but it's always a hoot. Seeing those guards. If he had been a Londoner, he possibly would have been in on pranks involving them. Alas. "This is where the muggle Queen lives and the Royal Family. Those guards there? I still haven't quite figured out what they're there for, since they never move. Except to change out."

It's a good thing the place is full of Tourists because Fleur definitely sticks out. She's been considerate and dressed down, but the poor girl, who's pureblooded outside of that whole veela thing, has no clue about 'muggle fashion', yet still tried to dress the part. Sort of. Bill's had to yank her back to his string of conversation several times as she's gotten distracted with all the tourist speak around her. "I would think that zey are there to guard, non?" she asks of Bill plainly on the purpose of the steelfaced guard. She peers around an overly rotund tourist to get a better look.

Bill doesn't seem to mind that Fleur's getting distracted. This is as least turning out a bit more entertaining than the previous walk through Picadilly. "They are, but I've seen wizard guards move a little. These guys don't. There's a myth that they're really from the Ministry for Magic. Honestly? I can't see how else they could stand still like that and not react."

Fleur scrutinizes the guards a little bit more. Then there's a huff, and her hands rest on her hips, "Je ne sais pas! You Eenglish are strange. Iz simply part of your strangeness." She then lifts a hand and taps her chin, "Ehh… the chapeau…I like it."

Bill slips his hands into his pockets and grins, "I could say the French are strange too. Eating snails, being one of them." At the declaration that she likes the hat, Fleur's given an amused look. "You like tall, fuzzy hats?"

Bill is looked at seriously, "Have you actually /had/ escargot?" She will keep further commentary until her answer, but she does nod at the hat. "It is a funny hat. I like it." Too bad there's all these muggles, she'd just simply snag one right now.

"No. I can't bring myself to eating it." It's up there with gutting and fileting garden gnomes. Bill eyes the hat, then eyes Fleur, and can't even imagine her with one on. "When would you wear such a thing? Do you have black and fuzzy robes they'll go with?" Hands still in his pockets, Bill keeps to Fleur's side and says, "I think you can get one in a gift shop."

Fleur is very blunt, "Then you cannot criticize it. You eat it, then you have the right." So, HMPH! She tosses her chin a bit haughtily, but she believes it to be true. "Cannot think of someone who crawls in tombs to be afraid of cooked snails." Is that a taunt? Perhaps, but it's said in the same tone she says everything else that she's wrinkling her nose at so who knows. "Maybe I just want to say I own one? And is it the same as those? Or is it bad facsimile?"

"Maybe I'll try some, but only if you make it." Bill can't imagine Fleur /cooking/. She doesn't strike him as the domestic type. "Who said I was afraid? It just sounds disgusting." The grin hasn't left his face, there's something a bit childishly entertaining about her right now. "I'm not sure. I haven't been in the gift shop, but I've seen muggles coming out with them. They look pretty close to what the guards are wearing."

Fleur simply nods her head and then skips onto the next subject. "Perhaps it will do. What are they made of?" She gives another scrutinizing look at the hats, though she can't really make out the material or the fur from here.

"I'm not sure. Dad's the muggle expert, he might know." Bill eyes the hats, then Fleur, "You really want one that bad? I think they have them in smaller sizes if you want one for your sister. I've seen kids wearing some. C'mon, want to see if the shop's open? I've got some muggle pounds, should be enough." He reaches to take Fleur by the hand.

Bill says the magic words. "Oh! Gabrielle would /love/ one of ze silly guard hats! We must get one, zen!" She claps her hands once, before she lowers them to turn around and find out where this stupid gift shop is. She blinks when her hands are taken, but she doesn't really think much of it. After all, how best to keep silly French tourist witches from getting lost?

"I'll see about getting one for my sister too, just for laughs," Bill says, escorting Fleur away. Hopefully before she gets a silly notion to simply /take/ a hat. Wouldn't that be hilariously bad? He doesn't know exactly where the shop is, but he follows the crowd of muggles and those looking over what has to be new purchases. "Over here," he says, leading on.

It's crossed her mind, several times. If it wasn't so crowded right now, and thus, approving to be a lot of witnesses, Fleur would've done it. But the prospect of getting one legitimately, even if it might not be 'the real thing' seems to pacify her. Either that or she doesn't want trouble on her outing. "How old iz your sister?" she asks finally. She realizes she hadn't known the ages of his siblings, just that the majority were still in school. She does frown as someone's overly large straw hat seems to be wanting to peg her as they pass.

"Ginny's thirteen," Bill says as he leads Fleur into the gift shop. Using his height to his advantage, he scans around and quickly spots the hats and leads to them. "I just saw her a couple of weekends ago. At Hogwarts, we get several weekends a year to visit the village. Used the opportunity to see her again. Didn't catch Fred, George or Ron though. Oh? My brother Charlie? He came back from Romania, turns out he's taking a job offer at a dragon sanctuary a little closer to home. Oh hey, they do have them in smaller sizes."

She nods here, picking up some muggle post carts and regarding the picture on it. "It looks different," she points out, meaning the palace. She shrugs and sets it back on the stand. She gives him a slight smile, "So you have all your family in one place, eh…Hogsmeade?" She wrinkles her nose here. "How unattractive." But she brightens when the whole size thing's pointed out.

"Hmmm? Oh no! No, not at all. My family's home is in Devon. Hogsmeade is just a small village that's near the school. It's really very charming, Hogsmeade is." Bill explains, since it seems he inadvertently confused Fleur. "They've got a really good sweetshop. I should show you the place if you can swing enough time one weekend." He pulls down two smaller sized hats, "Do you want one for yourself? My treat."

Has to wonder about the obsession with pigs. Hogwarts, Hogsmeade…But she 'ahs' lightly when she's corrected, and hrm. "It would be interesting." She will see about her time and all. It'd be easier to do so in the summer when she moves here permanently (or at least for a couple of years), but opportunities don't wait until it's convenient. Flattered she nods excitedly, "Mais oui!" Especially if he'll treat.

Grinning, Bill takes down a third, more in Fleur's size and sets it on her head. "Perfect fit," he says teasingly before leading to the register. Well there goes all the funds he has in pounds! And the remainder of his splurging until he's paid again. So next weekend, looks like it's just assisting with English. "C'mon, there's a few other things to see around here too. More funny guards and some on horseback."

Fleur lifts her hands and wiggles the hat on so it fits a bit more appropriately. She finds the fur is fake, but she doesn't complain. It would likely have raked up the price, and that would be unacceptable, souvenirs are expensive anyway. "Bon?" she asks when she's got the hat set correctly and her hair situated to wrap around one shoulder. Ah, but yes, more funny guards and horses. Funny guards on horses.

"You make the hat look all the better," Bill says smoothly. Money exchanged, he carries the other two hats as he leads off Fleur to see a few other things. "This is probably going to wind up on the cat or on our owl later," he says of the hat. He'll be owling that in the morning, just for the giggle factor it might get. Or he'll leave it in Ginny's room, set in prominent view. "On to the funny guards now!"

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