1994-10-01: Frogs And Dogs


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Scene Title Frogs and Dogs
Synopsis A warm autumn day is perfect for Joe to visit Hogsmeade for the first time.
Location High Street, Hogsmeade
Date Oct 01, 1994
Watch For Jack's doppleganger. Tall Indian.
Logger Jack

It's an awfully warm day for October, and Jack's strolling along High street in his normal work outfit, short sleeves and all. The air carries a hint of promise of rain, and he grins widely as he walks. He waves to a couple people here and there, not really having a destination at the moment.

Tonks is just now exiting the sweet shop, two bags filled to the brim with all sorts of things. This time, the sweets aren't for family, they're for her. Best thing a girl can do when she's in a mood, is sit there and eat chocolate. She does seem to have improved, appearance wise, since the Wizengamot's meeting, her hair having adapted a more festive color (Orange seems to be the color for today) but the style is about as bland as ever. At least she's not running around looking like Bellatrix' younger doppleganger. She stops for a moment, seeing a wave (not to her) from a familiar face. "Oi!" She'll say first to get his attention, before greeting formally, "Wotcher." Well, about as formally as Tonks ever greets someone.

Joe standing before a apothecary shot front looking at the stock in side. Dressed in his normal garb covered in silver and turquoise. very out of place in this small English town

Curiosity getting the better of him, the large black dog makes his way onto High Street. (Via an alley way of course.) His main intent of this venture out of the woods is to swipe a recent paper and scurry on back. Poking his muzzle out of the alley, a few things stand out. Fellow Gryffindor Jack, his orange haired cousin and the.. wow. That's not a usual sight around here.

Jack spots Tonks first, and then spots the dog. "Miss Tonks. I do believe Mr. Lupin's dog is out again." He gestures over to Padfoot. "Padfoot, right?" He thinks it's an amusing name. When he turns to talk to Tonks, there's Joe, standing in front of the Apothecary. "Wow. Hello, sir." He nods politely. "I'm Jack Noble. Welcome to Hogsmeade." Yes, it's pretty clear he's 'new around here'

"He's doing what again?" Tonks spins around looking for Padfoot and when she finds him she's about to give him a look until something Jack says catches her attention. There's this squeak from the orange haired girl at seeing Joe. "Merlin's beard…" Dude, he could almost give Hagrid a run for his money!

Joe smiles turning towards the bright haired lady. "Ya'Ta'eeh how are you this fare day?" Looks her over for a moment "Per chance you would not happen to be Tonks would you, I am Joe a representative of both my people the Dineh and my nation the United States to your fine island"

Bugger all, spotted. Alas. Tail wagging, Padfoot trots over to Tonks. Looking up at the witch first, he then turns his pale eyes up to glance at Jack. Another wag of the tail is made and he's studying Joe. His ears perk up, listening to him talk. Yikes. Looks like it's the Invasion, in reverse!

"Oh, the States, huh?" Jack grins. "I've been there a couple times. Once to New Orleans…" He says this more like a Louisiana local, though the accent is still very much British. He must have actually been there. "And, once to Montana. During the winter." He shudders. True, Joe isn't talking to him at the moment, but that's no excuse not to be friendly. "I don't think he's doing anything but playing with that paper." This in reference to Padfoot as he looks over at him. "That's not too bad, is it?" Not like he's been drinking whiskey today.

Tonks just stares at Joe. "Huwhahwha?" She wants to poke his face…if she could reach it! She's never, ever seen bone structure like that! Then he knows her name! "How—" Just then her hair falls into her face, and she gives a disgruntled look. "Oh, I see," Instead of blowing it out of her face, she just shrinks it to a more manageable length. Probably an odd sight, seeing hair suck into one's skull like that. "Wotcher, Joe!" She greets easily enough, and then there's Padfoot. There's a grumble, "You are so in trouble, old man." She's trying to sound her sternest, and still try to sound like she's talking to a dog. She then blinks at Jack and she nods. "Yeah, it's not so bad. Just… I'll have to get onto Remus' arse about leaving the door open."
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Joe says, "I am from Arizona. far to the south and west of where you were." turning back to tonks " now then is it true you can change your appearance at will and are not tainted by darkness?""

Paper in his mouth, Padfoot just looks as innocent as he can manage. For a large, shaggy wolfhound-esque beast. Tail wagging, he just looks up at Tonks as if to say, 'Who me? in trouble? What?' He's being a good dog. Sort of. It's not as if he can subscribe to the paper and have it delivered to his cave.

Jack is interested in hearing Joe's ideas. Metamorphs being evil. That's a fairly common thing in some cultures. He frowns at Tonks for a moment. "Well, not sure it's really fair for you to get after Padfoot for Remus' mistake, right?" He grins cheekily, to show that he's really mostly teasing. He nears Padfoot, and squats down, as if to pet him. Nice puppy.

Oh if Jack only knew… "Well… I guess." Back to the case, she does blink at the whole tainted thing. She didn't think she was tainted! "Er, yeah. I'm a Metamorphmagus. See?" She scrunches up her face and does a quick off the wall job of adopting Jack's face for a moment before she lets it relax to what it was before.

Joe Hmmm "I see, never seen one like you before, then again if you had bin born it the dine you would hide that ability as if your life were on the line"

Padfoot's tail wags, paper still clamped in his mouth. His eyes follow Jack as the Curse Breaker squats down. What are you up to? Before he can consider Jack further, his head is turning and attention is on Joe. What? A rumbling growl forms in his throat, not taking kindly to the Native American's words about Tonks's ability.

Jack is only going to pet the nice puppy, see? He sticks his hand out, to let the dog sniff it if he likes, then slowly moves it to pet Padfoot's head. He turns to say something to Tonks, and catches her wearing his face. "Now, that's kind of creepy, Tonks." He chuckles. "Must come in handy from time to time." Joe gets a frown. "It's a genetic ability, I think. Not…" Not something she sold her soul for.

Davie is out with his father, walking their dog Abe, a scruffy black terrier. It's not too long before Davie spots Padfoot and breaks into a big grin. "Look, it's the nice dog I saw before! Let's go introduce Abe!" He runs forward towards the group, leaving his father and Abe struggling to catch up.

Joe raising his hands, "sorry did not intend to offend, where I am from we speak very bluntly. You see any one that can change like that is a skinwalker between the 4 sacred mountains and none of them should be left to live. they cause sickness and discord among my people."

Tonks shakes her head. "Don't worry about it," she's not offended. One would think she hasn't been called a freak to her face. She does smile to Jack, "Hey, I am an Auror, after all." She's ALWAYS WATCHING. Still, she regards Joe for a moment, "Huh. weird. Nah, I was born like this." Considering the rarity though, yeah, Tonks is a freak. She knows it. She also pets Sirius though, trying to make sure he doesn't do something stupid like defend her honor or something.

Padfoot stops growling at Joe's words, then oh right. Hand. He gives an obligatory sniff at Jack's hand, and takes the pat on the head in good stride. The dog looks up at Tonks as Joe explains. Figuring his cousin has dealt with similar over the years, he trots off and away, back towards home. Even as he hears the child coming.
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Davie stops in front of the group of adults and frowns. "Oh… I must have scared him off… that's weird, I thought he liked me…" Nevertheless he waves to the grownups. "Hi!" he says with typical cuteness.

Jack watches Padfoot trot off, and shakes his head. "Odd dog." He grins. "Naw, I think he just realized he was going to get in trouble." Or something. "Hey. How are you?" He's not sure he ever heard the boy's name. "Nice to see you again in more pleasant circumstances." This is directed at both father and son. Joe gets a nod. "Dineh. I'm not sure I've heard of them. I met a Blackfoot man…" He shrugs. "America is so huge. It took me half an hour to get from my hotel to the worksite. In a car." He shakes his head. "So, what's up, Tonks?"

Davie nods. "I'm good," he says. "But I wanted to see Padfoot… He's really nice. It's too bad he already has a home… and we already have a dog." He smiles a bit wistfully. "Oh yeah… my name's Davie," he says to nobody in particular. "If you didn't already know."

Hopefully Sirius remembered his paper. She'll try to get one to him. Hopefully Umbridge doesn't feel her being in Hogsmeade is SUSPICIOUS. "Hey, I never even been there." Instead, the States are coming to her, it seems like. Davie's given a lift of fingers. The question about her? "Oh, getting comfort food." She lifts the bag up then hrms. She digs into it and hands Joe a chocolate frog. "These are the best."

Joe looks it over, then up at Tonks "um is this supposed to be eaten, Frogs for us are one of the sacred animals, messengers between us and creation" looking it over again, then handing it back "I had best not, but thank you"

Curiouser and curiouser. Jack arches an eyebrow as he stands. "Comfort food, huh? Yeah, I suppose chocolate would do that." He's more for the warm soup kind of thing, but he understands the need for chocolate. He does have a little sister. "They're made out of chocolate, but I can understand…" The representation thing. Davie gets a grin. "I'm Jack." He can't remember whether he introduced himself or not in the chocolate shop. "I don't remember whether you told me." That's horrid, but it's Jack.

Davie looks up and waves. "I'll have it!" he says, not being terribly sensitive to other cultures… but you can't really expect him to anyway. "Chocolate frogs are goooood!"

See? This is why she just catches dark wizards, and not something where foot in mouth syndrome would be common, like diplomacy. Tonks does look apologetic. Davie does get the frog though she does offer, "Why don't you wait until after dinner to eat, okay? Don't want your mum getting cross cause you spoiled supper right?" There, that should be great. She does look sheepish at Joe. Totally didn't know. She does glance though, for the time. "I should probably get going. I've got some reports to finish up. Nice seeing you again, Jack." She gives Davie a grin then she beams at Joe, "And nice meeting you, too. Enjoy the place. Frogs aside? Totally go hit up Honeydukes." And with that, Tonks wanders off, giving a leisurely wave of her arm before there's a *pop* and she's gone.

Davie nods affirmatively as he takes the frog, looking back at his father, and runs off to rejoin him and continue the walk. He looks longingly at the candy all the way though.

Welcome, Joe.

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