1995-09-03: Found And Informed


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Scene Title Found and Informed
Synopsis Jack is found in Romania, and told of Sio's demise
Location Random tavern in Romania
Date Sep 03, 1995
Watch For Nuthin' really.
Logger Jackie boy.

L Small and shady, this 'authentic' Romanian tavern is everything one would expect, so long as their only experience with Romanian anything was in a vampire movie. Shifty-eyed patrons with heavy black cloaks obscuring most of their faces sit in booths or along the bar. Some eat a quiet dinner while others nurse a hard drink of some description. It may not be the most hospitable place in town, but it's a good source of information and the roast boar is delicious.

It's in this dark, dank tavern, holding an empty tankard in his hands, regaling one of the local witches with a story about Mick and a failed transfiguration. "And then, then, the prat decided not to tell us about it until after he'd — he'd been half transformed for most of a day!" The woman, as drunk as her fellow, or more, laughs uproariously. The laughter is probably more due to Jack's ridiculous gestures than to the actual words. Jack is drunk.

Oh joy. The one place she was sure she could escape that dreadful English language and here Tiana finds her ears assaulted with it. Again. This close to the full moon, she's not exactly pleasant and so when she stands - determined to throw this misbegotten Englishman out of her tavern - and stalks over to Jack and his friend, she's more feral and less polished - even with her glamours firmly in place. "Pardon me." And then recognition flashes across her face and Tiana's frown deepens. "Why are you not back in Britain, Mister Noble?"

'Oh, joy' is right. Or perhaps a little mild. He came here to escape and do some work that a friend has been bothering him to do for years. Jack frowns, seeming to sober up at least a bit. "Miss Moldavia?" He's rather confused. Oh, that's right. This is her home. "I came to do some work for a friend of mine." He shrugs, and sets his tankard down. "Sorry, luv, work related." He gives the girl a kiss on the cheek, whispering in her ear. She giggles, and then he disentangles himself. "I thought you'd be in England."

Watching the exchange with a bit of poorly-hidden disgust, Tiana scoffs under her breath and tosses her hair over one shoulder. "I could say the same of you, sir. Especially considering the news…"

"News?" Jack frowns, shaking his head as though that would help him sober up. "Give me a moment, please." He steps up, heading into the men's room to wash his face with cold water, even going so far as to run his wet hands through his hair. There. Somewhat more coherent. When he steps out again, he inhales, and gestures to a quiet table in the corner. "What news? Would you sit with me for a moment and explain?" Obviously, the man hasn't heard.

When Jack gets up and leaves, Tiana has to stand still and wait - two things she is not very good at during this time. When he finally re-appears, she follows him and sits across the table, folding her arms along the wood. "I know you have a reputation for secrecy, Mister Noble, but surely you have some method of emergency contact for your family at least." After a moment's pause, she sighs and shakes her head. "How irresponsible. No wonder you haven't heard."

"Family?" That's the magic word. "I've got someone who'll tell them if something happens to me here… and I asked Miss Sagace to…" Oh, no. She had disappeared earlier. Maybe she did again. "Please tell me." Face and tone both plead with the woman. "My secretary started a new job and she hasn't been able to keep up with the load from both…" He runs a hand through his hair. That part is irrelevant.

Tiana, having lost members of her own family, can be sympathetic to his loss. Unfortunately, that sympathy is drowned in other, more violent emotions - long buried - that she must struggle to control. This close to the full moon, that leaves her voice almost painfully cold and detached when she finally delivers the news. "I'm sorry, Mister Noble, but your sister has been killed."

Jack is in shock. It's a good thing he's sat down in his chair already. All of the color drains from his face, and his hands drop to his sides. "Rosie. Oh, sweet Merlin. My Rosie." His eyes glisten with tears and he blinks to keep them in. "H-How?" He runs his hand across his face, and then slams it down on the table, rattling the little things set on it. "And the last time we talked …" He closes his eyes, and waits to hear the story.

Tiana shrugs. "No one can get a straight story on the matter. The most I had heard - from reliable sources anyway - had been that it was a Death Eater attack of some description." A subtle flick of her wrist and Tiana's drink appears in front of her. It's high-quality vodka, which she drinks from before continuing. "Some say it even happened on Hogwarts grounds, though the rumors of the castle's protections would make that rather unlikely."

That almost makes it worse. Like the safest places are no longer. If Rosie — if Siobhan was killed on Hogwarts' property, then who's to say Torchwood Manor is safe? Or Salem? Or Mick's shop or…. The analytical part of Jack's mind starts to whirr, and he stands up suddenly, and begins to pace, just near their table. "Do you know if the rest of my family …" He can't finish the words. "I'm sorry …" He really doesn't know what to say. He's prided himself on being able to get through any situation, personal or professional, with the right words and his charm. Nothing works here. "If I might ask, how did you find out?" Is this true, or just rumor?

Tiana watches her companion start to whir into overdrive and raises her hand for silence. "Word has been through the Ministry of her death, Mister Noble, but beyond that, no one has seen her. If she is alive… Well. With Death Eaters involved, Mister Noble, I would pray for the rumors to be true." Because if she's alive in Death Eater hands, she'd probably wish for death rather soon. "Have you a portkey home, Mister Noble?"

Jack's stride stops, and he nods at the woman. "I do. I keep one around for such things…" He can't even speak of this in broad terms yet. Too new. Too raw. "Oh, Merlin." He shakes his head, getting control as best he can, and reaches into the pocket of his robe. "Here it is. I just have to go upstairs, get my things, pay for my room, and then I can portkey home." He probably won't go to the Office this time. This is something that demands he stay at the Manor for awhile. "That is a fair point…" He finally remembers to reply to the other portion of her words, though it is with a muted shudder.

As he prattles off his long list of Things To Do, Tiana cannot help but cover her face with one hand. She heaves a much put-upon sigh and then grabs his shoulder firmly - perhaps too firmly, she's not got much of a hold on her strength just now - to stop him. "Jack." She's losing her patience, just a little. "Go, Mister Noble. I will take care of business here and send your things along when I return to England in a fortnight. Now, shoo." Really, shoo. Before she gets it into her head to give a boot-in-the-butt send-off.

Jack nods. "Thank you for telling me, Miss… Tiana." He turns to stride up the stairs and gather his things to shrink them into his pockets. It isn't long until he's returning back down to pay the tavernkeeper for his room. He scribbles down a note on parchment for his client, and returns to where Tiana stands. "Remain safe." It's as good as a farewell. He doesn't even look toward the woman he was drinking with. With a whispered word, Icarus Noble is gone.

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