1994-11-12: Fools In Love


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Scene Title Fools In Love
Synopsis Snape introduces the students to the darker side of Amortentia.
Location Potions Classroom, Hogwarts
Date November 12, 1994
Watch For Ghostly Smooching
Logger Snape

Class begins as it so often does, with no teacher present and ingredients laid out in varying degrees of preparation across the tables. However, there is one important difference – there are twice as many tables than usual and the Potions Class actually seems larger than it usually does.

Entering the classroom, something seems immediately different to Harry. Could it be the size of the room? The number of tables? Or Snape's abnormally greasy hair? Maybe all of the above. Regardless, the young man finds his way to a table and sets himself down and begins to set up for class.

Seated at her table - in the front and off against the far wall - Siobhan is curled into a rather small shape, feet on the edge of her chair and a book in her lap. She glances up as the other students start to trickle in, but doesn't do more than offer a few quiet smiles.

Ophelia mkaes her way into the classroom and straigh tto her-wait a minute. She pauses, noticing that where she usually sits seems to be misplaced just slightly due to the extra tables and the apparently larger size. It takes very little time for her to reacquire where her usual seat is, though in that time she does spot Siobhan. The slytherin girl gets a curt nod in greeting, nothing vicious, before Phee claims her spot and begins setting things up.

Right with Harry, as usual, Hermione enters carrying her books. Glancing around the room, she quickly notices the difference in the room, commenting about it to Harry as she walks. "I wonder if he got someone to put a charm on the room to make it bigger. That's a complex spell to have to work in Hogwarts. Wonder what's important enough to warrant it."

Since the thing with the shrinking potion, Bean's been wary about the Potions class. He loves it, gets a lot out of it, but if he's bottling fame or putting a stopper in death, he wants to know, so that he doesn't end up drinking the stuff. He strides in, a little more confident, less stressed for some reason, though, when he scans the room, there's a calculating look in his eye that hadn't been there as prominently before. He finds a seat near the front so he can see the board.

Melissa has her things ready as she comes in, preparing herself for… well, anything really… with this class it seems like you never know what you're going to get. She finds a seat near some other Ravenclaws and looks around… looks like it's everyone this time.

The doubled number of tables is something that seems to catch Rene a little off guard as he files in behind some others, and just behind Julian. His attention goes naturally to see how many older students are present before he steps after Bean to sit nearby. The Shrinking Potion was a special sort of class, and the last thing Rene wants to do again is accidentally himself a few inches smaller. It is hard to get out of a cupboard from inside.

Behind Harry and Hermione is Ron, bag slung over his shoulder as he makes his way into the Potions Classroom. "Weird," he says, to no one in particular, as he heads to his normal position in the classroom, right beside Harry, even if it's surrounded by more tables now. Wonder what Snape will have them doing today.

Once they are all seated, Snape enters. Rather than his usual crashing open of the door, however, he enters in total silence. In fact, it is only when he is halfway up the newly-created centre aisle of the classroom that he is even noticeable. Moving towards the head of the class, he speaks at conversational tones – not talking over the noise of the class should it still be there.

“First, second and third years turn to page three-hundred and eighteen of Magical Drafts and Potions. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years will turn to page nine-hundred and one of Advanced Potion Making.”

As the books are open, the younger students discover instructions for brewing a particularly strong and advanced-level antidote, while the older students discover the instructions for something much more terrifying - Amortentia.

Julian reaches down, just barely able to grab the top of his bag, yanking it up to get his book. He pulls it out, turhning to page three hundred and thirty-eight, and then glances over at a second year who has the right page. Realizing his isn't the right page, he quickly corrects it, and waits for further instructions. He frowns as he looks at the recipie on the page.

Glancing between Hermione and Ron, Harry shrugs his shoulders. "Don't know. Maybe he just needed a bigger room." the lad says, before the hauling out the oversized potions textbook. Page……oh, right…here it is. "Oh great…" he adds, realizing what potion they are making.

Spying Ophelia, Hermione, and Ron, Siobhan's posture tenses. Her book is snapped shut and her wand hand flexes automatically. Still, Phee's curt nod is returned in kind before her book is pulled from the side. Flip, flip, flip, flip - oh lovely. Amortentia. Suddenly, Sio's day just got less tedious. Flashing an encouraging grin over to Bean and Rene, she starts in on her own reading, though she barely skims. Theory is not her strong point.

Melissa opens her book quickly… flipping through to the right page. She looks at the page nervously. "I have a bad feeling about this…" she says quietly, not realizing this is not Star Wars.

Grabbing his Potions book out of his bag, Ron turns to the required page. Raising his eyebrows slightly as he whats what the potion is and how it's made, he turns to first look at Harry, then he looks at Hermione, before quickly looking back down at the book. "A love potion?" he says, just loud enough that only the two sitting next to him will hear.

Don't worry, Sio, Phee's not still /mad/ or anything. Just,t he two didn't exactly meet on good terms, so she's unsure of how to greet the other girl. Otherwise, she just works on flipping to the appropriate number, though she does look at the book oddly when she /gets/ to said page number. Is the man /daft/? Ophelia actually slouches in her chair, trying to be smaller than what she is.

Ashley comes walking into the Potions classroom, having opened the large doors rather quietly but not being careful enough to not let them bang closed behind him. Perhaps thinking nothing of it, he approaches the front of the classroom, where he hands something to Snape. Giving the Professor a swift nod, he finds his seat and pulls out his textbook.

Taking the few early mutterings from the older students as a warning, Rene opens his book and glances around after looking over the page of antidote. He catches Siobhan's grin with a curious look. What? And then he glances over his shoulder to the rest of the room, feeling uneasy at some of the shrinking figures in seats.

Oh no! Oh no! Late for, of all things, Potions! Alice bursts through the door, panting heavily and leaning against the door frame and clutching her books to her chest, she peers around the room for a moment before straightening up. With a wan, sheepish smile at the Potions Master, she scurries off to an empty seat and quickly pulls out her potions book.

Quickly opening up her book to the proper page, Hermione blinks at it and then looks up to see if Snape is serious. For now the girl hasn't notied Siobhan, or at least not acknowledged her if she has. She's more concerned with what's on the page. "It's more than just that, Ron. This is the most powerful love potion you can brew. It's…obscene." She can't believe that the professor really would have them make something like this.

Mei doesn't look like she's paying much attention, but when told the potion an audible sigh is heard as she flips a few pages to find it. Blinking she stares at the book for a long moment before blushing and quickly flipping the book the right side up.

Snape offers Ashley an unpleasant look as he strolls in late and hands him the collection of vials, although he says nothing as he retrieves his wand from his robes and sends them dancing through the air to the first, second and third years. He looks up as though he is about to say something particularly barbed when Alice is late, however it is at that same time he hears the comment from Hermione. Black eyes immediately turn to her, lip curling - at last, an excuse.

"Five points from Gryffindor for Miss Granger's narrow-mindedness. Amortentia is far from a mere love potion. It is, in fact, a method of control second only to the Imperius Curse. In the thrall of love, a person will do anything even to the point of self-harm. The older students will brew Amortentia - bearing in mind the consequences of doing so incorrectly. The younger students shall prepare the antidote."

He stares through Hermione for a long moment before speaking again, "And despite Miss Granger's, the lesson shall be continuing unchanged."

Julian frowns. Oh, dear. So, if they don't do it correctly, then someone walks around obsessively following someone around. He groans, albeit softly, and scans the list of ingredients. Leaning over to Rene, he whispers quietly, "Want to work together?" They do from time to time, it seems. He reaches back down to find the parchment and quill and ink to take notes on the properties of both potions.

"I'll bet it'll help out some people with getting dates for the Yule Ball." Harry whispers to his friends, grinning. A grin that fades as soon as points are taken. Every fiber in him wants to say something, but he resists so as not to lose further points.

Poking through the page, Mei silently makes a few notes before looking up at the professor. Cocking her head to one side the girl hmms and then shrugs before taking an inventory of what she was handed. Each ingredient is looked over thoroughly, with a note made on her parchment about it before moving onto the next. Blinking at the comment from the Potter boy she sighs rolling her eyes. "Boys" the girl is heard to mutter.

Thank goodness for Hermione! Alice breathes a sigh of relief when Snape's attention drifts to the Gryffindor girl and away of her. Of course, coming in late, Alice doesn't really have any clue what actual page to open in the potions book. She stares at the text for a long while before peering over the edge of her glasses at the Professor. Amortentia?! Well, at least that gives her a place to go look in the index. Alice quickly flips through the book and runs her finger down the page, looking for the place marked with the antidote. On finding it, she flips through the book again and runs her gaze down the list of ingredients and instructions.

They're going to have to /brew/ it? Ophelia just makes a face. She's not exactly the best at /brewing/ these damned things. Taking a deep breath she sits up and scans the ingredietns before she takes a moment to read the preceeding text about the potion itself.

Glowering, Hermione stares down at her text book, frustrated. That's what she said. And now he's taking points off of her for being right. Why doesn't that surprise her. Not to mention the fact that he implied that a love potion that is only second to the Imperius Curse wasn't obscene. However, scared to lose Gryffindor any more points, she keeps her thoughts to herself. But, she's obviously upset and isn't doing a very good job at hiding it.

Ashley catches Alice coming in late as he heads to his own desk. He, at least, had a reason for being late - but considering she is his housemate, he offers her a smile of comfort. He then immediately begins to brew his potion, lighting a fire under his cauldron and setting out his ingredients in an orderly line next to it.

Rene frowns at the same time as Julian, the expression looking like it just happened to land right over the table. What is the purpose of brewing an antidote if not to use it? That's bad. He glances over to Bean with strangely alert blue eyes, nodding once.

Melissa starts looking around for someone to help her on this one… it seems much tougher than what she's used to. She doesn't speak up though, wondering if Snape is going to give more instructions or if they should just start…

Noticing, perhaps, the Ravenclaw's concerned expression, Siobhan leans over and hisses out. "Hey, c'mere." After all, if Phee's as booksmart as she looks, it'll offset Sio's Utter Lack of Care for the theoretical, and boost her practical prowess that much more. Brown eyes watch her professor, keeping an eye on him so as to know when his attention shifts from the Trio to the rest of the class. Hurry, Phee!

A blink and Phee glances over to her shoulder. there's a delay in response, because she honestly wasn't expecting it. But Phee knows an opportunity when she sees it, and the girl can move quick, even with an armfull of things. It's fortunate that Sio's seat wasn't that far from where Phee had chosen to sit.

“Not all magic is fun,” Snape continues, another flick of his wand causing the small piles of kindling beneath the cauldrons to burst into flames, “In order to learn you must experience it. Your personal, moral objections mean less than nothing in the face of the unscrupulous of this world.”

A wave of his hand gestures for them to begin, the little vials of Dittany on the first, second and third year tables the first ingredient for their Amortentia antidotes. Rose petals the first for the older students batch of the actual potion.

Mei hmms softly. Smiling faintly at the rose petals, Mei gently picks one up and sniffs it. She looks just about ready to eat it before sighing. Probably needs them all for the potion. THough…if she's lucky there will be left overs and then NOM! Toying with the petals, the girl does her best not to bruise them, waiting on instruction what to do with them.

So, he's going to prevent the mad rush to the cupboards by giving them the ingredients. Julian nods appreciateively. He glances up to watch Professor Snape for a long moment, and then casts the charm to light the fire. "Okay first thing is this Dittany, and then…" He's starting to read out the first portions of the recipe. "How ya want to do this, Frenchie?" He whispers, reaching to get his stirrer.

A little put out that the dittany she stewed isn't going to be one of the ingrediants for her use, Siobhan sighs and turns a friendly grin on Ophelia. If they're gonna work together, might as well be on good terms, eh? "Okay, you're good with the book stuff, right? If you wanna deal with the theory bits, I can brew a fair draught." The rose petals are eyed momentarily, but her focus soon returns to the Ravenclaw.

Hey, Alice is not one to turn down a bit of sympathy (especially in Professor Snape's class), so she returns Ashley's comforting smile with a sheepish one of her own, wiggling her fingers slightly in awknowledgement. She grimaces faintly ar the good Professor's rather sour view on the world… as correct as it may be. Seeing Melissa looking rather worried, though, causes the young Hufflepuff to motion to her with a smile. Need some help? Partner with her! Sure, she's older, but hey… if Snape doesn't make any objections, why not? The blonde third-year then picks up the vial of dittany, examining it curiously.

Well, class is going to get interesting if this brews correctly. As the first ingredient is revealed, Harry scoops up enough according to the page in his book and drops them into his cauldron. "You think he's going to make us actually drink it?" It's a rhetorical question since the younger class is brewing the antidote. But will the antidote even work?

Ashley apparently isn't waiting for any instructions from Snape. He's being exceptionally quiet, more so than usual, as he patiently brews the Amortentia. The requisite amount of petals are dropped into the cauldron - each pinched before being dropped in, for extra effect. He does occasionally glance around the room, but his eyes don't stay in one place for long.

Melissa nods gratefully toward Alice and moves closer to her with a big smile. "All right," she says. "Let's get going." SHe looks back into the book for a bit of review.

"More or less," Ophelia admits. "I'm good with the words, just not the application." Her tone is civil, casual. Not at all showing the ire she had for the older girl previously. She pulls out a piece of parchment and opens up in her inkpot. dipping her quill in it, she makes a couple of passes over the text of the book, before scribbling down some notes. Little thing she believes will help when dealing with the ingredients. "Alright, let's see what our first step should be…"

"Of course he will," Hermione tells Harry bitterly, though softly, turning the page to the proper ingredients with a snap. She's still upset about the points being taken from Gryffindor. She bets that Harry will be paired with someone embarrassing, as well. Since that's how Snape is. And get the antidote less likely to work. She works quickly and effectively on her potion making, the simmering brew already on it's way to turning to the mother of pearl sheen it's supposed to be.

Rene begins to prepare the first steps of the antidote, falling into line with Bean rather quickly. "I can do the ingredients?" Which leaves Bean to do the physical brewing.

Snape stalks back and forth at the front of the class, providing no further instruction save for a stern glare here and there when a student appears to be getting things drastically wrong. Hands folded beneath his black cloak, the potions begin on the way to being completed – Amortentia having some surprisingly disgusting ingredients considering its purpose and eventual look.

"Dittany," Alice says cheerfully to Melissa as she comes over, shaking the vial lightly, "Interesting stuff, sometimes used as an anti-inflamatory. It's used to treat types of hysteria, too, so it makes sense it would be in an antidote to a love potion, right? After all, what is love if not a type of hysteria!" Yes, Potions is one thing which Alice actually does know very, very well. At least, when Professor Snape isn't hovering over her like an Angel of Doom. "Says here we should grind it up with the mortar and pestle," the blonde continues with a smile, "Did you want to prepare the ingredients or should I? The other can do the actual brewing. Choose whichever you're most comfortable with."

Julian nods, accepting Rene's plan of action. "Alright, that will work," he smiles and leans over the cauldron, then realizing he needs a little more height, he grabs the chair, pulling it closer, and climbing up on it. "Okay. better." He looks down at the book. "Okay." He frowns at the instructions, then pours the Dittany in, watching it react with the heat underneath it. He glances up, and waits for the next ingredient. "What's next, then?" He glances down at the book.

Elizabeth lifts a dark brow as she continues to calmly writing notes in her neat, percise handwriting. The tip of her quill marking ink across the parchment as her bright, sky blue eyes narrow slightly. Then setting aside the quill, she reaches up to push up her circular glasses along her slender nose, her attention shifting to her cauldron once more as the Amortentia within bubbles contstantly. Her nose wrinkles slightly, her bright eyes behind her glasses flicking up to Professor Snape as her passive expression remains easily in place as he speaks of moral objections. Otherwise, the Ravenclaw girl's attention remains solely on the potion as she continues to brew and stir in the ingredients as directed, the color slowly shifting as the potions book states.

Ashley leans back on his stool and looks at his potion, as spirals of steam begin to come off from the potion. He doesn't seem to notice Snape hover over his cauldron for a moment as he makes his rounds, focused as he is. He stirs in some more ingredients and watches as the potion begins to get the familiar, mother-of-pearl sheen.

Melissa nods. "I'll do the brewing," she says. "I'm good with measuring and things like that," she says.

Oh, Harry already expected to get stuck with the worst in the class. It wouldn't be potions class without that happening. As he adds the other ingredients to his own brew, it bubbles merrily in his cauldron and soon turns it's mother-of-pearl sheen. He continues stirring though, waiting to see what is in store next.

Mei rolls her eyes at not getting any further instructions. Groaning softly she turns to the pages. Reading down she first comes to the petals. It seems there's an oil in them that the potion needs, with the book saying the easiest way to get that being to grind the petals into a paste. Pursing her lips, Mei hmms as she considers this before looking to her own stock. Well that explains one thing. There isn't much oil in the singular petals, so yeah, you would need a lot. Probably the longest part of the potion, she skips a bit ahead, reading to see when the oil gets added before nodding. Setting about her work, Mei procdedes to SLOWLY grind the petals, being careful not to lose anything that might be later needed. The potion starts off a very very funky colour, looking more puke and pearly at first, but quickly starting to turn the proper colour once the oil from the roses is added. Oddly, the girl suddenly stops mid stir and stares at it. Eyes going unfocused, she seems to be staring THROUGH the potion.

Ron has been taking all of what's going on in relative silence, though he does bristle at Snape when he takes points from Hermione. Like Harry, though, he refrains from saying anything in her defense. He doesn't want to lose them points, too. As the ingredients are passed out, Ron snorts at Harry's question, but he turns it into a sneeze so Snape doesn't bear down on them looking to take more points. "A galleon he does make us drink it," he says, stirring his potion. He glances over at Hermione's, which of course looks like it should, and then to Harry's, which looks much like Hermione's… and not the dull, gray concrete color his own is, which has taken on the consistency of mud. "… well," he says, looking to the bright side, "maybe no one will have to drink mine."

Taking Ophelia's instructions and adding little quirks of the wrist or an additional quarter turn as memory strikes her. They're tiny things, nowhere near a master's additions, but should help to at least make up for any minor mistakes. Should. "So," she remarks quietly, casually, watching the mixture take up it's opalescant sheen; hmm, too bright. Not the pale dull sheen mentioned in the text. But at least the consistency is good. "You and Stephen, huh?" Meant for Phee's Ears Only.

Rene moves on with the ingredients, careful and handing them to Julian in exactly the right order, hopefully at the right times. The only time his attention strays is to take stock of the older students and the actual potion this antidote is for. His small mouth creases into a frown when he spots Ron's cauldron, and then dutifully, the little Slytherin slowly turns his face back to business. This class isn't going to end well.

A few pages flip back and forth, additional notes taken. She regards the cauldron as Sio works her magic. Her lips thin a bit, comparing how it's meant to be to what it is. "T'is better'n what I've likely done," she admits, her nose wrinkling. Ophelia's pale cheeks gain a burst of color at that last bit, and she just rubs a finger under her nose, somehow keeping her composure and not turning into a simpering thing. "A bit of a crush, aye. Nothin' 'official'. Ah, this next…"

Snape steps up behind the apparently-dazed Mei and strikes her over the back of the head with his palm and a resounding thwack. Moving on, he observes the students brewing their potions – it is a difficult one and he does not truly expect a great deal of success. He glances into Ron’s cauldron as he passes and rolls his eyes slightly.

"All right, then!" Alice replies to Melissa cheerily, quickly preparing the dittany while humming an upbeat tune under her breath. Once finished, she pushes the mortar over to the younger Ravenclaw and motions to it, "Have at it!" Alice then leans her elbows against the table, sleeves flouncing down her forearms as she peers over at the rest of the class curiously. Her eyes linger for a moment on Harry… hey, she's seen him in the halls and so on, but this is really the closest she's ever been to the Boy Who Lived, so why not indulge a little? Her gaze also rests for a moment on poor Mei and her somewhat dreamy expression, but she quickly looks away when Snape walks over and smacks her upside the head, wincing slightly. But then it's back to business as the blonde turns her gaze back to the cauldron, peering into the bubbling contents curiously.

Mei ows, rubbing her head. Looking up at Snape, she is heard to mutter a soft "Sorry professor." Rubbing her head some she sighs "I needed that. Ok…what ingredient next?" Looking back she's relieved to find that yeah, she got them all, only THEN to read the warning not to sit too close as the potion could cause a dazed and somewhat confused effect. This is noted in very small fine print, causing her to have to squint to read it. Rolling her eyes, the girl mumbles something that could be a curse in chinese, or just a complaint at the author. So now it's to stiring. Every third one is done the opposite direction, though she makes sure to keep her distance.

Julian and Rene brew like a well-oiled machine. Well, for the most part. Julian pours the ingredients in, and stirs, frowning at one directive, and changing it just a hair, on an instinct, almost like Siobhan, except a little more instinct and less practice. It seems to have helped slightly, or at least not harmed at this point. He stirs the potion, watching it, checking its consistency with the text at every step. "Yeah. That's how it ought to look, I think. You agree?" He glances quickly at Rene, asking for his opinion on their brew.

Ashley doesn't even seem to notice his housemate getting a reality check, Snape style, as he is intently focused on finishing his potion. He seems to be just about done - those around his seat may begin to smell some certain fragrances. He grins as well, perhaps because of what he smells - sea air, perspiration and.. white tea leaf musk?

Ok, so the professor has managed to either ignore Harry's potion, or Harry's done something right. Regardless, he continues brewing and ensuring his potion is up to par just like the book says. Glancing at Ron's, he shakes his head. "Hopefully they won't. It looks disgusting."

Rene peers at the potion once Bean asks, not quite having to stand to look directly down in. "It seems correct. I hope it works even if the other potion is… not…quite…" He has no words, just looks over to Ron's Worst Case Scenario, expecting Julian to look as well.

Melissa takes the ingredients with a nod and starts mixing the ingredients into the cauldron, following the instructions carefully at each point. She wonders if the antidote will work right if the Amortentia itself is wrong. But, it doesn't matter, as long as the antidote itself comes out right. She measures carefully and precisely putting each ingredient in, looking at the emerging potion with approval.

As Hermione's potion starts to finish bubbling, it's turned the proper mother of pearl shade. The steam spirals in a perfect sort of manner, just what people might expect of something brewed by the bushy haired Gryffindor. Taking a deep breath, she smells fresh grass, fresh parchment, and something else she can't quite put her finger on. Glancing over at Ron's, she frowns and hisses, "Oh dear, yours doesn't look quite right. I think you put in too much rose petals. Quick, stir it clockwise and add in more of this." Shoving something over with her wand, she attempts to help the red-headed Gryffindor with his potion.

Adding in the final ingrediants as Phee suggests, Siobhan is suddenly distracted by…her own smell? Whipping her head around, she tries - without success - to pinpoint the exact location of her bath oil smell. "Um…Ophelia?" she questions quietly. "Were we supposed to add tea leaves to this somewhere?" Even as she poses the question, her cauldron begins to bubble and waft an interesting combination of scents. Powder used in or left behind from explosions, cotton and canvas, myhrr and an almost musty smell that only occurs in places that are Very Old. One whiff of that combination and suddenly her brown eyes widen almost comically. Oh. Oh dear. Sio gets it now.

Elizabeth presses her lips together a bit as she shifts her attention between the potions book and the cauldron, making sure that it is cooking at a steady temperature as a slow steam slowly rises into the air. She wrinkles her nose just slightly as she leans forward, narrowing her bright sky blue eyes slightly as its scent fills her slender nose. She blinks with mild surprise, smelling the alluring scent of aged parchment, fresh clean water, and… a cologne of some time. The Ravenclaw gives it an odd glance, unsure where to place the last one, though she just shakes her head slightly at herself.

At Bean's age, the completed potions the older forms have made smell like rain, mold, garbage and stinky socks. It's not a pleasant smell for most other people, but it's what Bean gets from the sparkly potion. He finishes up brewing, and smells the air, blinking rapidly for a long moment. Only the thought of disappointing Oscar keeps his emotions in check. He nods to Rene, not speaking, not trusting his voice yet. He extinguishes the fire from beneath his cauldron, and sits down heavily, waiting to see what happens, possibly lost in a memory or two.

"Well I can see that," Ron says at Hermione's quite obvious statement. His potion doesn't look anything like it should. He adds more rose petals, however, per her advice, and dumps in the other ingredients as well, taking a glance towards Snape. Hopefully he won't see. Stirring it clockwise, it seems to help a bit. It doesn't look so much like gray mud, but it definitely doesn't have that the mother-of-pearl sheen it's supposed to.

"Hm?" Ophelia glances up to their cauldron. She sees the swirly pattern of the smoke. "I think it worked just fine. Sheen's not exact, I don't think, but.." There's a shrug, because she knows it's not coming from /theirs/. She has a hard time placing what she herself. Flitting scents that tickle the subconscious, but little else. Sio's expression gets a bit of a grin from Phee, which looks out of place with her gloomy features. "Curious…" But she doesn't pry the seventh-year.

All these potions around seem to have made Rene bit lightheaded. The simple nod from Bean is returned as a smile, and the blond tilts his head as he takes in a better whiff of the air. The many, many, flowers of Carnival, trees, …hazelnut creams? "…How interesting."

"Stop," Snape suddenly announces once he's satisfied with the amount of time the class have been given, "Hands off cauldrons."

Giving the students only a moment to do as they're bidden, he waves his wand and a squadron of crystal vials swoop down over the class. They scoop up Amortentia here and antidote there, eventually each older student has before them one small vial of antidote and one small vial of love potion.


While Hermione is expecting a gut wrenching sudden effect, Hermione looks around the classroom and doesn't feel any irrational love toward anyone. In fact, she doesn't feel any different. Frowning, she looks into her vial to make sure that she did in fact drink the right one, and not the antidote by accident. But, no, it's empty and the obvious looking antidote is still there. Frowning, she looks over at Harry. "Did yours do anything?" she asks him, puzzled.

Mei /stares/ at Snape. While she tolerates the professor…not hate like other students, she's not stupid. It's a fricking /love/ potion. Sighing she takes a moment before pouring a good bit in her goblet and then taking a sniff. Curiously it smells faintly like rain, cherry blossoms, and a soft spice note. Well, at least it can't taste bad she figures and takes a good drink. The potion doesn't taste bad at all, to the point that she takes a good draught of it before pursing her lips. Nummy. Now, everything seems fine, her gaze dancing over Ashley before setting on someone just past him. That someone is dear Ophelia. Giggling softly Mei does her flirting best. Letting her hair down and making rather cute eyes at the other girl. Blushing at even the SLIGHTEST glance her way, the girl idly twirls her hair over a finger while still making flirty cute eyes at the other girl while staring dreamily at her. Looking back at Ashley she giggles. "Isn't she the prettiest girl you've ever seen?"

With the vials floating in front of him, and the order given, Harry has but no choice. It's like a bad episode of Iron Chef. Whose Potion Will Reign Supreme?! Anyhow, down the hatch the potion goes, and after a moment, he shakes his head. "I don't think it did. Can you move out of the way though, you're blocking my view of Mei." Did his eyes just glaze over?

Ashley eyes his vial for a moment, but then chugs it down. Almost immediately, his skin drains of much of its color and his eyes glaze over. Without a second thought he stands up, approaches where Elizabeth is sitting, and leans on the counter of her workspace with one hand. The other runs through his hair as he flashes her a grin. As Mei talks to him he shoots her a horrible looking stare that says 'I'm busy, don't talk to me right now'. Then it's all back to giving Elizabeth all the charm he can muster. Did.. did he just waggle his eyebrows?

Melissa was in the middle of stirring when the call came down from on high… she hopes it was enough. She looks around somewhat nervously as the older students drink… wondering if she'll end up the object of an older student's affections. As the potions start to take effect, she smiles at the strange behavior of those in love.

Ophelia takes the potion, holding the antidote in her other hand. She lifts it up to Sio and gives her cheers before she downs it. Her eyes close, she smacks her lips. "Ugh. I'd be better drinkin' whisk—" Opening her eyes up, it's a chance that someone manages to focus in her vision first. A strange warmth, and she doesn't even notice taht the chinese girl's fawning over her. A rosey complexion, "Oh, siobhan, I think I shall misbehave."

She begins scooting through chairs, until she's next to the Trio. It's obvious she only has eyes for one person, and it's not Ron nor Hermione. She'll just sit there, fawning at him, hands cupping her cheeks and having this /stupid/ smile on her face. And every time he tries to move, she'll keep trying to get into his line of vision .

The youngest of the Weasley sons eyes the vial in front of him with a certain amount of trepidation. He has no idea whose it is, and he really doesn't find out, considering that when he does? He'll be all but in love with them. With a shaky hand, he picks up the vial, turns to Harry with a 'cheers' look on his face, and downs the vial. At first, nothing, then, quite suddenly, a smile blossoms over his face, and he turns to look at Hermione with a most enamored expression, his smile unable to get any wider— and it seems he can't really look away from her, either. "Hermione, have I ever told you just how pretty you are?"

"Nice work!" Alice encourages Melissa, peering into the bubbling cauldron, "Everything looks the way it should, according to the text." She hums to herself again as she watches the potion boil, pausing briefly to sniff towards the older students' brewing. "Mmm, looks like they managed to get it right," Alice remarks with a sigh, "Smells rather like fresh bread and cake. With just a hint of chocolate. Quite nice." A dreamy expression falls over her features briefly, eyes dilated, before she hears Snape's voice and shakes her head quickly, coming back to earth as it were. She blinks twice as the vials swoop overhead and Snape orders the older students to drink. Oh. Dear. She watches with a mix of mild unease coupled with bemusement as the older students begin making mooney eyes at their targets. "Oh, wow. This is… unusual." Alice Starr: Master of Understatement.

Though the rest of the class, at least the older portions thereof are acting like stupid fools, the normally observant Julian notices it not at all. He remains in his seat and his whole focus is on his table. There is something seriously wrong, but he's not going to be able to deal with it here. As all the potions finish up and are bottled, the scent is the strongest. He's near enough to an older pairing that the scents from their potion wafts his way. He swallows with some difficulty, and inhales, but that only makes it worse.

Still trying to figure out just what one earth possessed her to smell that waft of white tea, Siobhan tosses back her potion in one go. So, then, it seems completely natural that her eyes should stray towards Ashley. "Oh my…" Her usual flirtatious nature takes a rather firm hold on her, leading her to stand and saunter slowly towards the Hufflepuff champion, hips swaying and brown eyes wide and doe-like in their blank and flat expression of adoration. Finally, she manages to make her way to her year-mate and slides onto his lap, wrapping her arms about his neck and playing with his hair. "I never noticed before, mate, but you are bloody fit."

Lifting a ebony brow at her vial, Elizabeth gives it a skeptical glance for a further moment before she lifts it to her full lips, drinking it down quickly before placing the empty vial on the table once more. Swallowing the last of the potion just as Ashley approaches and rests his hand on the tabletop, taking up most of her table space now as he gives her a dashing grin. Blinking in stunned surprise at him, her jaw drops slightly, even stunned further as he wags his brows at her. A sound catches in her throat as she is about to say something out loud when her cheeks suddenly flush from the potion, turning in her stomach as the Ravenclaw girl winces and holds her arm over her stomach, her eyes falling over Siobhan in her line of sight. Blinking once, her flush burns a bright cheery red, her expression twisting inbetween love sickness and disgust.

Rene can't help it. He giggles as soon as the older students begin their uncharacteristic fawning and creating of seemingly random love triangles, looking to Julian for a reaction only to see that he is concentrated on something inward. "…Are you alright?" Rene's glee switches immediately to a curious concern, and he is whispering now for Bean's ears only.

Ashley decides he should get closer to Elizabeth, and decides her workspace is a perfect place - his arms swoop across it, knocking everything off of it in a terrible clatter as he then swings his legs over it, taking a seat right on front of her, elbows on his knees as he grins at her stupidly. But then he's interrupted by Siobhan intruding on his lap space. He sort of.. growls at her, trying to look around her. Unable to do so, he - well, he is pretty fit - lifts her up and sets her down next to him.

Mei giggles softly to herself, taking a few of the extra petals. Moving over by where Ophelia is, she giggles and tries to playfully get the other girl's attention by showering her with petals. Sitting beside "phee" Mei giggles as she watches, slowly tossing shredded rose petals so they float down over the other girl. About now is when "It's a kind of Magic" would start playing were this a movie.

Rolling her eyes, Hermione can tell who Harry got with his potion. "Honestly, Harry, it's just the potion." However something seems to be buzzing in her ear and she rubs at it, looking one way and then the other, as if to find out where the disturbance is coming from. Though she looks in the direction of Ron, it's like she's looking through him. "Ugh, what is that?" she says whenever he speaks. It's like she's forgotten that the red-headed Weasley even exists.

Snape pauses at the front of the class, arms crossed. He watches the students as they fumble awkwardly over one another, lip curling into a derisive sneer. Turning his attention to the younger students, he gestures at them pointedly.

“Notes.” They should be studying just what it is that Amortentia does, after all.

Oh thank you, Mei, for providing the rose petals she'll soon be showering over Harry. Ophelia even begins trying to nudge Harry's best friends away from him so she can get closer to The Boy Who Lived. Though, just as she's attempting to remove Hermione, she pauses as the girl speaks. She glances over her shoulder at Ron. "Och, I don't blame you. He is rather repulsive, isn't he? Are y'sure those are freckles an' not a disease?" Oh, where was she? "Ah, yer in my way," she says to Mei, as she again tries to get physically close to Harry again.

The growling earns a giggle from Siobhan, who probably thinks it's an amorous noise. She couldn't be more surprised then, when she is suddenly hefted up, away and onto a corner of the table. So surprised is she that she cannot hold her balance, and so topples to the floor in an ungainly pile of limbs. On her way down, there's a resounding 'thunk' as her head hits the edge of a nearby table. It just so happens to be at a fortunate angle, gravity working with momentum to provide enough of a jolt on a softer portion of her skull to knock her completely, totally and one-hundred percent unconscious. Night, class!

"It is not the potion." Harry insists, shaking his head but never letting his eyes leave Mei. "I barely sipped it. Besides, I don't feel any different." Ophelia's looks aren't even registered as he's so intent on Mei that if his eyes were lasers he'd be burning holes in her.

Snape's strident tones shake Julian from his … memories for long enough for him to gaze at the other students and write down a sentence or two. It probably reads something like 'makes them act like bloody idiots' or something equally intelligent. Having done that, he returns to the unfocused stare that he wore just a moment ago. The place still smells like her.

"Notes. Yes." Rene mutters quietly as he is reminded, feeling like such a little Voyeur when he turns in his seat with parchment out. He keeps glancing to Julian, however, distracted by his friend's dour aura.

Elizabeth blinks again in further surprise as Ashley pushing himself in front of her, sitting down on the table right in front of her, with her numerous things falling to the floor… "Hi…" she says slowly, the poor bookworm unsure of what to expect next of this usually normal class of Potions. Depending on your definition of normal. A sound escapes her throat as Siobhan tries to push herself onto his lap, only earning a quick flush of her cheeks as she raises a hand to cough into, purposefully pushing up her glasses to avoid glancing at Siobhan. "It is the potion." she tries to rationalize. "You are not truly infatuated with me."

Notes? What? Oh, right! Alice quickly fumbles for a quill and parchment at Snape's declarative order, quickly writing down observations on the behavior of her classmates. Nothing like a bit of field work to put lab work in perspective, is there? "I sure hope our antidote works," she says in a sotto voice to Melissa, "I'd hate to have this be long-term." She pauses briefly, a thought occurring to her, and looks in the book quickly, flipping through pages. Not finding the answer to her question there, she hesitantly raises a hand, "Um, Professor… how… er… how long do the effects of Amortentia usually last, if not given the antidote?"

Mei looks curiously at Harry, not thinking clearly. Sighing she reaches out to muss…or at least ruffle the boy's hair before giggling "Is there something you want? I'm a bit busy here…" Turning she looks back at Ophelia, sighing shen she runs out of petals and opts to just twirl her hair and try to be cute.

Ashley doesn't even seem to notice that Siobhan just got stone cold knocked out, or that it is likely his fault. He just keeps staring at Elizabeth, eyes glazed over, with a stupid grin on his face. "You're probably right. You're really smart, you know that?" He leans in a little closer, smelling the girl's hair. "I think the sorting hat was wrong, I should definitely be in Ravenclaw with you."

"Hermione?" Ron says again, still watching her with that 'isn't she just GORGEOUS?' look on his face. "Hermione?" he repeats again, as she doesn't even seem to know he's there. This, of course, does not sit well with Ron. "Harry!" he says, reaching backwards (still looking at Hermione) and tugging on his mate's robes. "Harry, Hermione won't even look at me, help me, tell her I want to tell her how pretty she is!" Look at me, Hermione! Bloody hell."

Melissa grins and gets to writing, pointing a quill at Harry for a bit and noting down his reaction. She supposes she's glad that nobody was crushing on her at this point, with how silly they were all acting. Though, she is terribly curious of what it would be like… Potions class was turning out to be very interesting.

Elizabeth couldn't help but wince as she watches Siobhan fall and hit her head on the table, passing out completely on the floor. Cringing slightly, she tries to push back her flush as her attention shifts back to Ashley, blinking again in surprise as he leans in to catch the scent of her long raven hair up in its french braid. "Correct, I am intelligent." she answers slowly, trying to calculate just what exactly would snap Ashley out of his daze, if anything at all. Reaching up, she lightly pushes her hand on his chest, putting a bit more space between him and her. "You must get ahold of yourself." Her stomach turns, "We are in class at present."

"A few weeks with a properly brewed potion," Snape answers the question, moving across the class and browbeating some of the stronger students into helping him move Siobhan out of harm's way. That done, he moves back to the head of the class and sends a missive to the Hospital Wing with a wave of his wand and the conjuring of a black-feathered dove.

"Although the ingredients used here were of a weaker variety. The effects should only last a few days without the antidote."

"Just the chance to gaze at your beauty, is all." Harry answers towards Mei with the most sickly sweet smile he's /ever/ produced. Of course, he doesn't even register that she's totally turned him down. But when Ron tugs on his robes, he glances at his buddy. "I'm not having any luck of my own, mate. What makes you think I could help you with Hermione?"

Ashley leans back at the push, but reaches out to wrap his fingers around Elizabeth's hand. He then jumps off the desk. "You're absolutely right. Let's go somewhere else." And then he starts tugging on her to get her out of the seat and to follow him.

"YOu know, Harry—" Ophelia then puases, realizing that Harry, who'm she was about to ask to the Yule Ball you know, isn't paying a lick of attention to her! Instead, he's paying attention to the girl who keeps tossing rose petals on her. She makes an irritated face, raeching up with her other hand to snag a petal out of the air. It's then that she sees the antidote. Antidote. Potion. They're in potions. She should probably take the antidote, but… Harry… She finds herself working the stopper anyway.

Mei giggles some, not minding the look. Though there is something in the back of her head that suggests there isn't something quite right. Blinking, the girl peers at Ophelia and then the odd look Harry is giving her. Blinking a few times, she sits back a bit only to have her gaze slowly drawn back on Ophelia. They'll elope! That's it!

Melissa looks toward Alice. "I hope so too… I'd hate to force someone through this for any longer than the length of this class," she replies. "But for now…" she adds, breaking into a grin, "it's pretty funny, isn't it?"

Elizabeth is reassured as Siobhan is taken to the hospital wing, only for her attention to be brought back to Ashley as he practically demands it of her, his warm fingers wrapping around her wrist as he pulls her out of his chair to her feet. Her sky blue eyes widen briefly behind her glasses, her cheeks briefly flushing before her gaze narrows once more, the potion in her stomach continuing to turn. "We can not. Class is still in session and you are not in your right mind at present."

"Take your antidotes," Snape says suddenly and dismissively, obviously not all that interested in what is happening between the students.

"Watching them try to remember to take the antidotes reminds me of my father when he has been drinking…" Rene makes this note out loud, watching the older students like critters in a zoo. "Sometimes I do not forward to growing up." He frowns. Hormones are scary.

Ashley looks as if he's about to say something, but then a voice enters his head. The teacher, right? He's giving an instruction. He should follow it.. yeah, he should follow it. "Hold on, I'll be right back." He heads to his table, uncorks his antidote, and swigs it down. And then his face turns into a horrible scene, like he just witnessed a murder. Then he's packing up his things as hastily as he can.

Mei takes hers, and then gags. Turning several shades of green the girl blinks and then hacks some before looking at Ophelia. Cocking her head to one side she ahs softly asking "Why am I sitting over here and…staring at a girl?" Reaching up to rub her head, the girl coughs some, feeling very much hung over before groaning. "Professor…got any willow bark?" Rubbing her head the girl groans "Side effects…"

The more desperate Ron gets the more Hermione tries to rub at her ears, as if there's a bee buzzing in it. "No, really, what is that. And you are you talking to?" She eyes Harry suspiciously. Looking over at Ophelia, she gets jostled out of the way by Ophelia and she shoots the girl an exasperating look. "You all are just under the influence of Amortentia. It's silly really." She wouldn't be caught dead with a reaction like that, would she?

"Well bloody hell!" Ron says, then covering his mouth with a hand as he lets go of Harry's robes. He shouldn't curse in front of Hermione! And besides, fat help Harry was! Maybe if he wasn't smiling like that at Mei he could actually help. Blimey. Turning back to Hermione, Ron waves his arms up and down, frowning as she still fails to notice him. Then, suddenly, he lights up like it's Christmas morning, a most splendid idea popping into his head that his lovesick self completely and totally agrees with, and in no way is it wrong to do. He's going to be punching himself over this later. He all but launches himself at her, not even caring that there are other people around. Smoochie times!

When D'Allemange speaks, Julian turns toward his friend, almost as if he's remembering he's there. He forces a smile on his lips and nods. "Yeah. Look like roaring drunks, falling all over themselves like that." He shakes his head, and is glad the man is handing out the antidotes. It's high time to get out of this damn class.

"As long as they don't start snogging right in class," Alice replies to Melissa, still taking notes, "But I don't think amusement is the point here. Cor, I bet they'd do just about anything! Forget Unspeakable Curses, Amortentia has all kinds of potential for mayhem! The book is right when it says this is a disturbingly powerful potion." Which, quite likely, is the point of Snape's little… demonstration. It's one thing to read about the effects, and another to actually see them in action to really bring the point home. She breathes a sigh of relief when Snape dismissively orders the antidotes taken. If anyone can cut through the butterfly haze, it's Snape's voice.

While Harry is staring at Mei, he does happen to glance around and notice several other students taking the second vial. So he follows suit. "Ugh….that tastes horrible." he says, shaking his head. When he looks up, the glazed effect is gone. But the memories aren't. Just as he's about to say something to Ron, he notices his best mate launch himself at Hermione. "RON! NO!" he shouts, reaching out with a hand at an attempt to grab Ron's robes. This can't end good, can it?

Ophelia barely manages to get her antidote to her lips and into her mouth before she's jostled by Ron's rather enthusiastic attempt to snog Hermione. "Manners!" Is tossed over her shoulder. Pay no need to the fact that she just invited herself over and was trying to get Harry to notice her via violation of personal space. Albeit in a cute sort of sense. She waits for the antidote to work, but it feels weird. She frowns. "Oh, hello mei. Lovely time, aye?" She stands up. The antidote has to work, has to… she turns around and regards Harry and there's just this…SIGH….Obviously the subconscious recognition was something to do with /Harry Potter/. Yes, that's it. All this time, she must've been harboring a crush on the poor boy. She thought it was simply /pity/!

Elizabeth blinks as she looks up at Professor Snape, hearing his instruction as the other students start to take the vials of prepared antidote by the younger students. She gives Ashley a brief sideways glance as he downs his antidote, never hesitating to take hers as she lifts the vial to her lips and downs it. The mixture settles in her stomach, not turning any more though she doesn't feel any different. Making a face, the Ravenclaw girl releases a slow sigh, exhasperated at herself as she absently pushes up her circular glasses. From the reaction Ashley has, it confirms to her that the antidote had worked, though her expression is saddened slightly as he seems to almost die of embarrassment. Shaking her head slightly, Liz just kneels down and starts gathering her things off the floor that was knocked off earlier with a Hufflepuff sat on her table.

Melissa shakes her head as she watches Ron go nuts. "Just take the antidote…" she says, feeling a bit sorry for him. "Before you make any more stories for your class reunion."

Rene hasn't forgotten Bean's true mood. And won't later, very likely. But he forces interest in the results of the antidotes, scribbling something down on his paper in the meantime.

As Hermione is quite glad to get this experiment behind her, she reaches for her antidote in order to finish it up. Even if she doesn't really feel like she has need of it, since she doesn't feel like she's in love with anyone in the class. However, when something that she can't focus on, or even really see sudden starts to grab onto her, she lets out an ear-piercing shriek of surprise. However, that's quickly cut off when Ron plants a kiss on the unsuspecting Gryffindor girl. Not knowing what she's actually fighting against, she just shoves at Ron and then aims a spell in the general direction of her attacker to knock him backwards. Face flushed deep red and panting, she stands, gripping her wand and looking one way and another to try and find out what in Merlin's name just happened. "I think a ghost just tired to snog me," she blusters at Harry.

This went a lot differently in Ron's mind. When Hermione's spell strikes him in the chest, Ron slides across the bench, knocking rather hard into Harry and then falling off of the bench himself, rubbing his head as he sits up on the floor. "Bloody— that hurt," he hisses, looking up at Hermione. "It wasn't a ghost, it was me!" he says indignantly, beginning to push himself up off of the floor. Someone better give him that antidote quick.

Bad news, girl. "That was no ghost." Harry states quickly, glancing in the direction Ron flew. He wasn't quick enough on the draw to stop his best friend but at least he can be there to help hide the body when Hermione finds out who it was. Speaking of that…snap!

When she doesn't get a direct answer from the professor, Mei shrugs. "I can find it myself." With that she stands and heads back to her spot, rummaging around in her pack. "I think…" muttering softly she pulls out a few bits of bark, taking a second to grind it to a fine powder before mixing it with water in a CLEAN goblet. Stiring fast, she takes enough time to make it dissolve before looking around at the other students. Sighing some she just sighs before taking a drink of the mixture. Wincing visibly she sighs before sitting down.

Alice squeaks in surprise when Ron decides to take things a little more physical, her eyes widening at the display and her face turning beet red. She should not be seeing this! The girl hesitates, shifting uneasily in place and gnawing nervously on her lower lip. Should she go help the poor Gryffindor, or just let him come across the vial himself? But then Hermione shoves poor Ron away and Alice makes up her mind. "Oh, to hell with it," she mutters to herself and slipping from her seat to where Ron was brewing, snatching up the antidote. She scurries up to the redheaded boy, "Ginny'd definitely want me to help." She waves the vial in front of Ron enticingly, before saying in a sing-song voice, "Oi! Mister Weasely! If you drink this, she'll be really impressed!" Alice jerks her head towards Hermione, smiling brightly. Hopefully, this vial is one that works.

Ashley in the midst of all the action, Ashley has taken the opportunity to wait by Siobhan's side for someone from the hospital wing to come down. Feeling awfully bad for basically causing the girl's injury, he gives Snape a look that says 'I'm going with her'.

You know what? Getting back to her seat is an excellent idea, and Ophelia will go over there, especially with Spells being cast and other students flying. But that doesn't mean she won't stop giving bashful looks towards Harry every now and then. Oh, how to ask him to the Yule Ball…

“Deal with it on your own time,” Snape says dismissively of Mei with a wave of his hand, looking to the rest of the class – cured or not – and dismissing them. Now they’re Filch’s problem.

Glancing around, Hermione finally takes a long swig of her antidote and like a mist that clears, she can see Ron again. His words aren't just a loud buzzing in her ear and she just rolls her eyes at him and then glares, rubbing the back of her hand across her lips where he kissed her. Narrowing her eyes at him, she's almost disbelieving. Ron kissed her. And is swearing. Blustering, she flushes bright red again and looks directly at the floor. "Harry, give him the antidote. And tell him to stop swearing." Obviously, she can't even look at him right now.

"Really!" Ron says, halfway done with getting off of the floor. He practically leaps the rest of the way, coming to a stand just in front of Alice. He snatches the vial out of her hand, and with a great show, he downs the vial in one gulp. Tossing it nonchalantly over his shoulder where it shatter on the floor, he waits a few moments for it to do whatever it does, and then he turns to Hermione, hands on his hips, chest puffed out, to beam at her. "What did you think, my marshmallow?" It seems his antidote did not, in fact, cure him.

Julian continues to watch everything happen, and then, relief. The door is opened. You've never seen something move so fast as Julian Legume. He's got his cauldron cleared, his stuff packed, and out the door before anyone notices he's gone. He's not sure how long his composure will last, and he's not going to lose it in front of seven years' worth of potions students.

Never one to miss an opportunity to torment someone…especially a younger student, Mei gathers up her stuff and says conspiritously as she passes Ron "We love it when you sing to us. You know Serenade her. That and write poetry." Grinning impishly at Hermione, the girl still reaches out in a rather vain attempt to ruffle Harry's hair again, adding "You were so CUTE." that done she bows her head reverently to the professor before heading out.

"Come on, mate." Harry sighs, offering a vial of antidote to his best friend. "Take this….trust me, you don't want to go on like this." It's not healthy. For both of them. But then….the hair! AUGH! As if it isn't already unruly enough on it's own. "Yeah, but it was just the potion."

Mei winks at Harry, turing that same look she had just given Ophelia, on the boy. "Sure it was." With that she finally leaves the room.

Alice blanches a little as Ron positively leaps to attention and snatches the vial. Still, it got the job done, right? The look of relief that spreads over Alice's features turns to one of mild panic, though, at the next words out of Ron's mouth. "Oh… oh dear," she murmurs to one in particular. The antidote didn't work! "Um, um, um…" The third year Hufflepuff girl wrings her hands, shifting her weight on her feet. Uncertain, she casts a desperate look around, but then Harry is there with another vial. Happy that others are taking up the reins, Alice quickly ducks away from the Gryffindors and scurries back to her place, quickly gathering her books. "Wow. Quite the potions class."

Melissa facepalms as Ron's antidote fizzles. "I hope that wasn't ours," she says, packing up. "I wonder what we'll be doing next time…" With that she leaves, hoping everything works out all right for the older students.

When Ron downs his antidote, Hermione takes a breath of relief. That is, until she realizes that it didn't work. Horrified, she looks directly down at the floor again. Frantic, she hisses to the messy haired wizard, "Oh Harry, there has to be another antidote somewhere. His didn't work. He—-he just called me his marshmallow. You have to fix this!" Grabbing her book from the table, she flips toward where the pages on the antidote are. "This can't last that long, can it?"

Julian is almost gone out the door by the time Rene starts for it. He's never seen his friend move that fast before, and it only makes his concern worse. Class is over- so Rene does his best to pop out the door unfollowed in order to try and tail after Bean.

Elizabeth releases a soft sigh as she shakes her head at all the commotion, replacing the quills and scroll that had spilled onto the floor into her knapsack before reaching up and setting it on her table again. Standing to her feet, her back straightens, the hem of her robes barely brushing against the ground. Her sky blue eyes remain focused on her knapsack in thought, another sigh escaping as she closes the bag.

Accepting the new antidote from Harry without even looking at it, considering he's looking at Mei. Singing? Poetry? These are things Ron can most definitely do for his marshmallow. Without a second thought, he downs the antidote, assuming it's going to do more to impress Hermione, as the first one obviously did not work. Why is she looking at that book? The antidote beigns to work its magic, almost immediately, as it slowly wears off, a look of absolute horror slowly makes its way into his features. Without a word to Hermione, or Harry, and with a beet red face of embarassment, Ron collects his bag, walks past Hermione, and is out the door. He is out of here.

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