1994-12-21: Food, Now!


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Scene Title Food, Now!
Synopsis Killing time in Hogsmeade, Bill and Tonks catch up.
Location Hogsmeade - Three Broomsticks
Date Dec 21, 1994
Watch For N/A
Logger Bill

True to his word, Bill is up in Hogsmeade on his way to Hogwarts parcel in tow. It's a bit early for the lunch break up at the school, so a little detour is fine. Seated at the bar, he's got a Gillywater, and is chatting amiably with Rosmerta. (Who doesn't?) The box containing Ron's dress robes sit on the floor, propped against the bar so as to not take up empty seats.

Hogsmeade seems to be popular for the young Auror. Or maybe it's just the proximity to Hogwarts that has it's appeal lately. Someplace she can bolt to, should the need arise. Ugh, look at her. Only halfway into her twenty-first year of life and shes' developing paranoia that's akin to her mentor's. Still, lunchtime calls, which means someone like her, who eats regularly, is being pestered by her stomach to fill it. And so, Tonks enters the broomsticks, a basic fish and chips basket on her mind. The long red hair gets her attention, but not as much as it probably should, so the man sitting at the bar initially gets no reaction from the blue-haired woman. She'll just interrupt his conversation with Rosmerta to place her order. FOOD NOW.

Hogsmeade does have its appeal regardless of age, or empty stomach. Bill doesn't seem to mind as his conversation is interrupted, he was the one keeping Rosmerta from working. Now that there's an additional customer needing help? He goes back to his Gillywater. As the glass gets halfway to his lips, he finally turns to see the source of the blue hair. The glass is promptly set down as he turns fully to look at Tonks, a grin forming on his face. "Tonks? Nymphadora Tonks?"

FOOD! Of course she has to wait for it to be done. In the meantime, she'll be nursing a butterbeer, thanks. Not chief amongst her choice of drinks, especially lately, but it's /way/ too early to be tossing back whisky. She nearly chokes on her drink when her name's mentioned and she glances to the source of this latest violation of her wishes. About ready to lay into the stranger, she stops because something now is disturbingly familiar about him. Well, now that she's staring at his face and not the back of his head. With his hair pulled back, it's no longer fogging up recognition. "Merlin's Beard… Bill Weasley?!" Passing familiarity is still enough to recognize the man, even though she's not seen him in somewhere close to five years. Being a tagalong with Charlie had it's advantages.

"Ha! Had to be you, who else sports hair that shade? How have you been?" Bill says as he thrusts out a hand to shake. Tonks can change her appearance all she likes, but when she walks about with brightly colored hair? Dead giveaway that is. "Mum, dad and I were just talking about having you over and a few other guests for dinner." If Charlie's childhood BFF was in a foul mood, he's not particularly noticing it at the moment.

Who shakes hands! Tonks'll be rude and go straight for the hug. HAHA. "Wow, I thought you were in Egypt, or so the scuttlebutt went." She'll not invade his personal space for long, though. "Aw, that's sweet of her. I'll try to make sure my schedule's on the flexible side to accommodate dinner." Which is easy considering she's stuck on PAPERWORK, but he doesn't need to know that. "And I'm doing okay." Is added nonchalantly.

Bill doesn't seem to mind that the handshake is swapped out for a hug. There's a faint 'oof!' heard however before he returns the gesture. "I still work in Egypt, I just decided to take some time off for a surprise Christmas visit. I tried to get Charlie to give up a few days with his buddies in Romania too, but there were some plans he couldn't get out of." Grinning some he pulls back to get a better look at Tonks, "If it weren't for the hair I probably wouldn't have recognized you. Does Charlie know how much you've sprouted? If not, I'm going to have to write to him and tease him about it."

"Figures, between the two of us, /he'd/ end up the workaholic," Tonks comments while she takes a drink of her butterbeer. Then again, Bill isn't exactly aware of what Tonks does yet, is he? She does lift up and chuckles at her hair. "Well, at least I don't' get detention for it now, right?"

"To be honest? I think it may have been a string of parties he swore a few witches he would be at." Knowing Charlie? Could be work, could be fun. He wouldn't confess to either. Bill chuckles as he leans his side against the bar, "Like that stopped you before. Professor McGonagall was a bit strict about the dress code." Something he got to help enforce too. At least he was less hyper about it. "So what are you doing these days?"

Blargh, McGonagall. It probably got to the point where a small amount of points from Hufflepuff came the norm to hear, either that or the Stern professor finally just /gave up/ when Tonks didn't learn her lesson about her hair. If you got it…and all that. "Hah! Charlie at parties…" He did kind of get a little boring when he became prefect. Just like they /both/ complained about Bill… "Oh, this and that, here and there…" she hums a bit. There's a definite bit of pride as she does so. Despite the paperwork, "I mean… You're /only/ just looking at the youngest Auror in decades…nothing important."

Hey now, Bill was the coolest of Prefects and Head Boys! Unlike a certain brother of his. *cough*Percy*cough* Laid back, and he had a way with telling people off so that they didn't feel like they were in trouble! "This and that huh? Sounds like you should be bragging a little louder with /that/ on your CV. They wanted me at the Ministry with my marks, but I found it too restrictive. Then last night, dad caught me up to speed on what's been going on. I'm even more glad I didn't go that route."

Tonks just smiles. Rosmerta delivers her food and Tonks tears into it with enthusiasm. YAY FOOD. "Was trained by Mad-Eye, too. That bit shocked me," she tries to be a bit decent and not talk with food in her mouth, but she fails here. Ah well. "Actually, I don't brag, much. Just, well, it is something I'm proud of. Even if I am stuck on paperwork duty right now," and if Bill did get a bit of a filling in on things from his dad, well, it shouldn't' be hard to put together. Well, that and her Black temper, hah hah. "I dunno, Aurors get a lot of flack actually. I mean…" She points to her hair.

"/Now/ I'm impressed. I never would have thought you would go for being an Auror, let alone training under him. Met the man a few times, Mad-Eye's solid, and you couldn't have had a better teacher." Bill grins and straightens up some in order to grab his glass and take a few drinks. "Be a curse-breaker, they don't care how you look so long as you bring in the gold." Hence his own hair, the earring, the dragonhide boots.. "I can imagine. You do your job and it's not good enough and from what I've heard in the past twenty-four hours? A lot of blame is going around. Eh. Paperwork isn't so bad, unless it gets in the way of everything else."

"It's in the way of me doing my job," Tonks grumbles with a mouthful of fish fillet. "Ish punishment," she clarifies. A napkin's around her mouth so she's not spitting cod everywhere. She does give a shake of her head though, as if she didn't want to talk about it too much. Because, seriously, she will rant and rave about that woman so much that the pink horror will hear it all the way in London. "I bet Mrs. Weasley doesn't like it though," slight subject change. "And is that a /fang/ in your ear?" Pause. "Cool."

How come that doesn't surprise Bill? Tonks on paperwork duty as punishment? Since she doesn't seem keen on providing details, he doesn't pry at this time. "Mum's still fussing over my safety and career choice. I don't think she can help it. I didn't even get to tell her in full detail about the last tomb I was in. Could be fun, watching her have kittens about it." He even grins mischievously and it seems like Perce is the only one who can't seem to really joke about things. "Thanks. Now this," he points a finger at the earring, "Mum definitely doesn't like. It never takes her long to comment on that or my hair. I'm surprised she didn't cut it while I was sleeping."

Tonks gives Bill a scrutinizing once over. While stuffing her mouth with the remainder of the fries. "I think you look great. It really suits you." Of course, she can say this now that she's not a teenager gushing every so often. Hooray for maturity. Or something. "Bah, she'll get over it, I think. Don't see what the big deal is really. So what if you got long hair? It's not like you've decided to charm it into foot long spikes, each a different color of the rainbow." And no, he doesn't get a demonstration. Even Tonks doesn't think that looks decent.

Bill doesn't blush at Tonks's praise, he merely grins. He's comfortable with being looked over. See? His mother just won't listen when he says the ladies these days /like/ this sort of thing. "Thanks. All the different hair colors and styles you come up with? They suit you, always have. Better interesting than boring." Then there's the fact that they both could blend in /easily/ with the muggle crowds if needed. Always a plus, that. "Huh. That's a style I'll definitely pass up." He /likes/ his hair as it is.

"So," she leans on the bar, her food done. "Waht's it like in Egypt? Get a lot of adventure in? See lots of interesting creatures?" Well, that's probably a hint to why she chose her career path. Adventure! Fight things that people really shouldn't be fighting! "It's still so weird you chose that, I mean. You literally could have had /any/ job." She leaves off the 'wanted' part, because obviously he didn't want anything else. "It just came to a bit of a surprise you decided to work for goblins."

Bill laughs a little and drains his glass, and signals real quick for a refill. "There's plenty of work to be done and the Gringotts goblins make sure we stay busy. Very motivated by treasure, goblins." He spreads his hands in a pseudo helpless gesture, "The job was more appealing than having a more restrictive career path. I get to see plenty of interesting things every day. Sometimes when I think 'oh great, another pyramid,' there are things in there that will curl your hair. I love every second of it." As to working for goblins.. "They aren't so bad. You just have to keep in mind that they don't think the same way we do. Their idea of ownership and such."

Things that'll curl your hair? "I want to see!" she looks positively childish there. It almost seems as if for a single fleeting second, she was anxious to see a dementor for the first time before she wizened up-and got thrown at them to practice her patronus. As for the goblins, Tonks isn't at all judgmental. She barely blinks twice about associating with werewolves, vampires…people from opposing houses. But Goblins… "they freak me out a bit," she admits.

Bill laughs out loud before swigging another drink, "You get over it pretty fast. You have to." His shoulders shrug some. Most things don't tend to bother him, he just rolls with the punches. "Haven't you seen most things as a the youngest Auror ever?," he asks teasingly.

Cue eye roll here. "Not yet. I just qualified back in June. Then things got 'interesting' shortly there after." She finishes off her bottle, and then asks for a plain water to wash it down. "Have been on a few raids though. Before I was grounded, those were always fun." Don't get her wrong, she does say 'fun' with a tone that she knows just how serious her line of work is. "Haven't been too bad yet. My age works more against me than for me, sometimes. Y'know, in the whole 'don't think I can handle it' sort of thing." Pft!

"Sounds like a few people should realize that you qualified, surely you can handle it. Plus there's only one way to find out, right? And I don't like the sound of that 'interesting'. Comes across as bad rather than good." Oh if Bill knew the half of it. "If you get fed up, Gringotts is always hiring. Last week we lost two good wizards.. that is.. they can't work until they heal up. One set off a trap, he's lucky he still has his hands. The other one? Idiot. Came in right behind him to improperly handle the headdress that was on the mummy." Amateurs.

Tonks working at Gringotts? She outright laughs here. "Oh, Bill. I couldn't do that kind of work. My method of trap finding'll be 'Oops' and then I'll be right up with your friends." Save hers'll be just because she's seriously clumsy and not due to outright incompetence. "I'll take my chances with the Dark Wizards and their critters." She takes a sip of her water. "So, Mr. Weasley's filled you in on things? What do you think about recent events then?"

"Oh yeah, how could I forget about.. your uhm, dexterity." Because really, Tonks is as graceful as a dragon on roller skates. Bill did pick up on her smarts and skill years ago. "Yeah, just a brief rundown. I'm definitely glad to not be a part of it, but it sounds as if a few additional cool heads could be used. I went through some of the old Prophet issues this morning before breakfast. Got to read through a few of them in quiet without mum going on with her opinions."

Tonks has to laugh here. "I bet…" Molly Weasley certainly has quite the way with words, and Tonks has been glad she hadn't been on the receiving end of them. She does wonder how the matriarch does feel about certain things. But she's not here, but Bill is. "So…what'cha think?"

Bill hasn't been too much on the receiving end, considering he's the standard his brothers get held to, and it's not fair. While his siblings all share similar traits, they are not the same person. He glances around when asked for his opinion and ducks in closer so as to not be overheard easily, "I think it's an utter cock-up. The Ministry's gone from bad to worse and there's going to be Hell to pay. The role of the Minister is to govern, lead and be an executive over the other branches. Not as a personal podium to force your ideas from."

Tonks leans in a bit to listen and she simply nods. She then checks her time piece. "Ugh. Lunch is over. I need to get heading back." She hops off of her stool, and she beams a smile. "It was great seeing you Bill. Drop me an owl, maybe we can get together sometime and we can have a more indepth talk about things." Like the pink Terror. "Have a good holiday." And with that, she's bustling out.

"Oh damn, I need to get this up to the school," Bill says as he slides off the stool and picks up the package sent from home. Money is set on the counter for Rosmerta and he looks to Tonks, "We'll see each other later this week. Knowing mum, she'll be pushy about that Christmas dinner. So I'm sure we'll meet up again before I go back to Egypt." He's following out soon after Tonks.

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