1994-09-27: Floating Conversations


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Scene Title Floating Conversations
Synopsis Slytherins discuss the polyjuice class, the Defense professor, and Quidditch.
Location Slytherin Common Room
Date Sep 27, 1994
Watch For Floating student.
Logger Julian

The secret stone doorway slides open as the dark robes brush against the polished stone floor, the door sliding back into place behind the Slytherin girl slips up the stairs into the commons room. With a light sigh, a slender hand reaches between the folds of her cloak to the clasp, unhooking it and shrugging her shoulders lightly for the cloak to fall from her shoulders, her arm twisting back to catch easily as she brings it up to fold over the head of a empty chair. Lifting a slender hand, her fingers brush through her long, snow white hair, the locks falling over her shoulders as she plops into the armchair, smirking lightly as she sets her knapsack on the floor next to her.

Julian has given up on the couches entirely tonight, and has grabbed a pillow of sorts, plopping it on the ground, and sitting on it to lean up against the leg of a couch. He holds a huge book on his lap, and reads slowly, savoring every word. He's in his own little world, and likes it there.
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Donner sits at a small table underneath a greenish lamp. He has a full day's worth of notes in front of him, and is laboriously copying them from one scroll to another. For good reason, the original is barely legible behind ink splotches. Admittedly, his quill work is not perfect on the copy, but it is an improvement.

Draco enters the common room a minute or so after Zarina, whistling loudly and tunelessly. He seems to be in rather a good mood as he strides over to the fire and claims one of the more comfortable chairs there, dropping into it as though it's his as of right.

Shuffling through her knapsack briefly, Zarina pulls out a small labeled sack of Fizzing Whizzbees and dropping it in her lap as she also pulls out the book for Potions 4th through 7th Year. Crossing her long, lean legs habitually, her slender fingers slip open the book to where they're currently are in class, the comfortable smirk tugging at the corner of her full lips as she pops a plump pink candy into her mouth. It starts to instantly foam in her mouth, not even a moment later her body hovering a few inches over the chair. "Hm. Compared to Potions, its rather dull in here." she comments idly to herself, though she couldn't help the smirk that grows on her full lips. "Potter turning into a girl has been the highlight of the year so far."

Julian looks up. "Potter? Turned into a girl?" That has to be some story. "Really." He shuts his book and glances around. "Well, I suppose that's a sight better than being shrunk more." He rolls his eyes, still frustrated over that.

Donner looks up from his notes at that. "Just… for fun?" he asks, confused. Shrinking he can handle, even spontaneous sex changes. Potions as an agent of change he gets. But floating three inches off one's seat? That throws him for a loop, since he didn't see her eat the candy, and the boy continues looking at Zarina with a small crease in his brow.

Draco turns to look at Zarina, one eyebrow raised. "Dull, she says," he remarks. "After all the shenanigans we've had over the last few years, most of it involving Potter showing off and generally doing far more way-out stuff than simple body modification, I should think we should all be grateful for a bit of peace and quiet so we can, you know, get on with our wizarding education which is why we're actually all here."

Her amused smirk only grows as she pages through her Potions book, "Polyjuice Potion. In Professor Snape's Potions class. And it turned Granger and Weasley into each other." Smirking, she shakes her snow white head, absently reaching up to brush a lock behind her ear before popping another piece of candy in her mouth. "It's probably the only time he's gotten that close to Granger." Glancing to Draco, she returns the curious look, lifting a brow before smirking again. "Like I give an arse about Potter and his stupid pranks. I personally would like to find out just who is this Slytherin is that has been sneaking around snogging a Gryffindor." She shrugs a shoulder nonchalantly, the comfortable smirk returning to her full lips as she holds out the small bag of candy. "Fizzing Whizzbees?"

Julian leans his head back against the sofa, and watches the girl float. So that's what those things do. "No thank you." He's not sure she was offering to him, so he'll decline. Besides, he's not hungry quite yet. "Is that against some rule?" Bean just wants to check.

"Oh," Donner says, as if that explains everything. Which it does, mostly. "Who was Potter, then?" Donner shakes his head no, then returns to his notes. Things like snogging do not interest him nearly as much as having a perfect set of notes to study from.

Draco sits forward in his chair just enough to snag one of the sweetmeats offered by Zarina. He doesn't pop it straight into his mouth, but sits holding it and looking thoughtful. "One of us has been… 'snogging'… a Gryffindor?" He seems surprised at this news. "It may not be against the rules but it offends against good taste and sensibility." And then he looks over at Donner. "Please tell me you're using the past tense to refer to Potter as a sign that he's finally managed to get his ridiculous self killed."

Zarina gives him an odd look for a moment, shrugging a shoulder, "Its just candy from Honeydukes. Its better than some of the candy that comes to life. Like Spindel's Lick'O'Rish Spiders." she briefly makes a face, though it disappears as quickly as it had appeared. Her sapphire eyes glance between Draco and Donner as her finger turn a parchment page, smirking. "I think just a girl in general. I personally would hate to be the girl he turned into, bloody hell." She rolls her eyes, though the smirk never fade. "Yeah, snogging. I heard they were spotted a few times, different places."

Okay, so not the written rules, but the unwritten ones. Got it. Bean looks over at Draco for a long moment, then looks down to his book, cracking it open again. He'll still pay attention to the conversation, but perhaps with a comment like that, he should appear more invisible for now. He does glance up at Zarina, and quirks an eyebrow interested in what she says. He decides to ask. "Why don't you know who it was?" The polyjuice thing hasn't quite sunk in yet.

Donner gives a twitch of a smile that does not look entirely natural on his face. "Wishful thinking, I guess." He sets down his quill far away from the parchment he's working on. He already made that mistake, and ruined half a scroll with leaked ink. At the news of Spindel's Lick'o'rish spiders, Donner personally resolves to never eat something that -moves-.

Draco chuckles. "Oh, right. You mean, who he became. Never mind… So who spotted these people 'snogging'?" Every time he says the word his face forms a moue of distaste, as though he disapproves not only of the action but of the actual word itself. "And where were they spotted doing it, so that I can never go anywhere near the spot and don't have to transfigure my own eyes out of my face for seeing it myself?"

Zarina makes a disgusted face, "Like I know who saw them. I've only heard rumors. Even the suits of armors were talking about one of the hallways or something." she rolls her sapphire eyes again, though she does lift a brow as she glances up at Drago, smirking likely. "Snogging isn't so bad. It's the part with the Gryffindor… urgh…" she just shakes her snow white head, discarding the rest of her candy in her knapsack for now.

Julian looks between the two for a moment, and then frowns. "Did they work in pairs? Was it whoever he turned into?" He asks, wondering. "We worked in pairs."

Draco gives Julian a superior look. "You've been transfiguring in pairs? Aren't you a little young for such advanced magic?" He finally pops the Whizzbee into his mouth and munches smugly.

Zarina arches a brow at Julian, her eyes narrowing a bit harder on him as the smirk disappears completely. "Are you a Potter fan or something?" she sneers. "Who cares who he turned into." the scowl lingers in her expression for only a moment longer before she rolls her sapphire eyes. The affects of the candy were finally wearing off of her, the curves of her body lowering into the cushions of her armchair. A hand reaches up to lightly brush back her long, snow white hair from her face. "Bloody hell… I wish I could get into the Quidditch pitch right now…"

Julian shakes his head. "No. I mean, in Potions class. This is where this happened, right?" He looks over to Zarina for conformation. "And we worked in pairs in Defense. Learned Protego." Which is probably a bit advanced for first years, but it's Moody. Julian is only a Potter fan insofar as he wants to find out what makes him tick, stop it, and steal it for himself. "No. I'm just wondering if you don't…" He gives it up as a bad job. "Nevermind. I was trying to figure out if there was a way to know who was snogging the Gryffindors." That's what they've been talking about, right? "Maybe I misunderstood." He shrugs, and looks down to his book again.

Draco's lip curls. "Moody's teaching that kind of stuff to babes in arms, now? How inappropriate. I cannot for the life of me see why they don't give Professor Snape the Defence post. He's so obviously the best candidate… Why do you want to go to the Quidditch pitch?" he adds to Zarina.

Zarina arches a brow at her book, "Professor Moody has been teaching all the years. Rather… well, rough around the edges doesn't quite fit…" she murmurs in reply, her eyes reading over thewords in the potions book. After a moment, they glance up to Draco, arching a brow a second time before looking to the fire in the fireplace. "If I get agitated enough or have built up energy, I want to use it in the Pitch, beat some Beaters' brains in with Bludgers…" her blue eyes briefly close. "The cool wind in my hair."

"Quidditch is rather stupid." Julian speaks softly, more to himself than to anyone else as he expresses a fairly unpopular sentiment. "Flying's good, though." Mainly to get around quickly. "Moody's … different, that's for sure." Julian has actually seen a lot of different kinds of people in his life, and Moody is definitely one of the more unique. He turns a page in his book, and starts to read again, still listening.

"Moody is a gross, dirty old man," declares Draco, "and dirty old men have no business in Hogwarts. I heard he got picked up roaring drunk behind the tavern in Hogsmeade the other day and Professor Sprout had to feed him sobering herbs. What kind of example does that set us? I'd almost sooner we had Professor Lupin back, and that's saying something. And only stupid people think Quidditch is stupid," he snaps at Julian.

Zarina arches a brow at her book, folding it closed before slipping it into her knapsack. "Probably, though there is a fact that I can't really ignore about him. He's an Auror. Which means he has the skill and knowledge to back it up, otherwise he wouldn't be one." she murmurs, almost thoughtful. Her bright sapphire eyes silently glaring at Julian for a moment before she uncrosses her legs and stands to her feet. "Right now its suppertime. I should be able to sneak onto the quidditch field without a problem. Just have to keep away from that bloody Gryffindor Prefect." she scowls lightly.

"Almost suppertime? Already?" Julian seems surprised at this, and sticks the bookmark in the book, shutting it again. "I should probably get up and get ready to go…" He smirks at Zarina, deciding to bait her just a little bit. "Don't lose us any points." He echoes the lecture given to him and the rest of the first-years after the salamander thing. With that, he stands himself, and pulls his bag to him.

"Want me to come and fire the balls around for you?" offers Draco. "I could always use some more practice myself. I'm not really able to practice properly in the holidays, with being an only child and all. Not like those Weasleys who could form an entire team out of one family." Julian gets another cold look from the blonde youth.

"At least I know when to keep my mouth shut." Zarina answers instantly, flawlessly, though she spares no glance to the younger Slytherin this time. Her eyes shift to Draco, giving him a curious look for a brief moment before trying to nonchalantly shrug a shoulder. "I know the feeling. I'm an only child as well. But if you want to practice, you can. It's better to have more of a challenge catching the Snitch." she smirks some. A free hand absently reaches up to brush back her long, snow white hair from her face before reaching for her cloak, pulling it around her slender shoulders in a practiced movement. Wordlessly she works at the clasp as she arches a brow, briefly glancing over her shoulder before moving to the stairs, the hem of her cloak drifting over the polished stone floor.

Julian also knows when to keep his mouth shut. Case in point, right now. He nods to Zarina, acknowledging her words, and gazes for a long moment at Draco. Then, he turns toward the dormitory stairs to put his bag away. "Good evening." He waves his hand toward them as he traipses to his room.

Fade to black

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