1995-02-22: Flirting With Disaster


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Scene Title Flirting With Disaster
Synopsis Party in the Infirmary, only not really.
Location Hogwarts - Hospital Wing
Date Feb 22, 1995
Watch For Bad Ideas
Logger The Grim!

One of the upsides to one's presence being frightening to the denizens of Hogwarts.. the excuse to use the old ways of sneaking about the castle. Which Sirius has done. After nipping down to the kitchens and back, he's got a nice tray of choice snacks from the elves. Sure he could have just /asked/ with their magic and all, but that's not as fun. It also makes him feel a bit like a kid again, sneaking into the kitchens. Classes are in full swing for the day, and he's back in his seat by Harry's bedside. He's drawn curtains up to shield the bed from main view. The tray is resting on a bedside table, and some books have been pilfered from the library under Pince's nose. Sneaky Black is sneaky.

How long one can remain hidden behind a curtain should be taken with, if the fellow who just walked in-can see you through said curtain, or his own thick skull. And surprisingly enough there's no banging about of doors our loud stumping-no. For once Moody is not announcing his presence until it seems just right. And /WHOOSH/ goes the curtain in a wild manner as Moody slams his head in-like a bear smashing through a hive for honey. "Potter-I" words aren't too loud, but it plainly seems the boy is indeed out. Not faking either. A look is given back over towards Sirius "Ach, lo Sirius, sorry if I interrupted your-Whatever you're doing." Guarding? Yes guarding.

It seems that first year students are more prone to accidents than first year Auror-trainees. And that is a…scary thought. So it really shouldn't surprise anyone inside when the doors to the Hospital Wing fly open seemingly of their own accord. (Seriously, there's an entire class at Durmstrang dedicated to Dramatic Entrances) With sure strides that eat up distance without seeming to cause any loss of control, Tiana enters the room, a small girl in her arms. "She added ingredients in the wrong order. Again." Her voice is oddly calm, accented heavily with the Slavic lilt that would identify her to anyone in the school by now. "I managed to control the blast, but I believe the shock was too much for her." There is more tenderness here than one would expect from the woman who 'poisoned' an entire class. "I felt it would be better if she woke up here, rather than on the floor of my classroom."

Sirius lowers his book on advanced transfiguration.. it's all for a laugh really, it was one of the books he and James used in fourth year. He glances up at Moody with a faint smirk, "You're not interrupting. Harry's getting in further rest. Told him to enjoy it as much as he can before he's got to play catch up on all his work. I think Hermione's gathering his lessons for him, and he couldn't be more thrilled." Ah, sarcasm. Not bothering to mark his place in the book, he sets it aside with the others that were swiped. When the Slavic woman sweeps into the hospital wing, he leans forward in his seat, looking past Moody. "Huh, so that's Snivellus's replacement, saw her in the Leaky Cauldron the other night," he says low enough for Moody to hear. With all the rumors floating about the castle, it doesn't take much to determine who she is.

Moody keeps that electric blue eye on Sirius for a moment "Well, when he is up I need a word with him" well more than a word-it seems the old Auror has questions on just how one escapes a killing curse twice, but he also wants to know if there are any faces he remembers- things of that nature. You may call an ex wizard hunter a professor, but that does not necessarily take the hunt out of him. Rather he seems to look for it more when it can come about. "Good. I plan t' shape him up when he comes around. If he's anything like his father.." quiet for a moment and then thankfully the sound of Slavic is heard, which has the head turning in an owl like capacity, as brow seeks to meet whatever has his magical mad eye's attention. The blue seems to be giving poor Tatiana a several once over- so much that if someone did not know better it would seem as if the ex Auror was givin' an oggle. "It is.." murmurs Moody back as he turns slightly-no comment to the Snivellus comment, after all Moody only trusts Snape as far as he can touch him. He assumes he can throw anyone great distances. "Moldovia." intoned, before he cants his head back to Black "I need t' have words with her anyway..Should be amusing."

Once the child is settled in her bed and the matron fusses over her accordingly - Tiana sparing a moment for gratitude that her school's mediwizard never fussed. - she turns to leave. Unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on how one looks at it - this curse of hers comes with several heightened senses. One of these is that she can hear far better than a normal human. Still, like a normal human, it's the sound of her own name that catches her attention and she stops mid-stride, glances over her shoulder and smiles a very satisfied smile before approaching the two surrounding Harry's sickbed.

"Alastor, excellent. Just the man I needed to see." Icy blue eyes roam then to Sirius, whom she gives a lingering once-over. "And you must be Mister Black. The only person my students fear more than myself. A pleasure to finally meet you." One elegantly manicured hand is extended in greeting then.

"Not a problem," Sirius says, not surprised Moody wants a word with Harry. Bigger wizards than him have tried telling the old Auror no, and are now 'missing'. "/Of course/, he's like his father," comes in a strong tone that states Black is a bit insulted by Moody's doubt. Or at least, his phrasing. "From what he was telling me, he was overwhelmed and in a situation where a group of wizards would be hard pressed to fight their way out of." Ruffled fur quickly smoothing back down, knowing darn well that Moody meant no slight, he chuckles a bit. "Saw that greasy git taking off after the Death Eaters apparated out." That's about all he cares to say under Dumbledore's roof, as he too has the same amount of trust in Snape that Moody has. "Oh you do? What about? The latest class that I caught wind of? I forgot about the amount of gossip this place generates." There hasn't been much that he has not heard. When Tiana turns about and approaches, he offers the woman a smile, "Professor Moldavia." When her hand is offered, he gives it a shake. "You flatter me," he says in a faintly cheeky manner.

"Good." apparently things go smoothly when Moody is told things are not a problem. Very smoothly indeed, and one might even take the professor to be chipper for but a fleeting moment before he's raising a brow back towards Black. "Then he'll take t' my extra curricular notion like a duck t' bloody water.." Moody does have faith in Harry, but the grin that comes as the fur ruffles back down-shows that there was indeed no harm or foul there. "I still want to hear th' story-see what we might figure out, but I trust th' lad did all he could. Now we'll teach him more.." words die off as SHE comes over.

"I think you have Sirius, confused with me.." He is pretty sure half the school fears him-and only the fool hearty have been trying to plot ways of revenge and the like. All the same Moody just grumps as he leans on that rather gnarled walking stick of his own. Still pleasantries are being exchanged, and so he waits before looking back to her "Funny-I was looking t' see you as well. Everything alright?" the words might denote that Moody is informed of something- or it might be something else entirely.

"Not at all, Mister Black." Tiana's smile is playful, but just…a little like when someone is asked to give a playful smile, not one that simply happens. "I hear your name whispered on par with my own - when the children manage to say it correctly - and you did not even have to 'poison' them to earn it." Apparently she is completely unremorseful about her previous lesson or the uproar it caused.

"If I ever mistake anyone for you, Alastor, it will be time for them to put me down for a blind old beast." And there her smile quirks up a bit in amusement; some secret joke, perhaps. Still, Moody's question causes her to raise a single brow. "Everything is perfectly alright, yes. I merely had to establish a little discipline in the classroom." Tiana definitely appears amused. "I did not realize your students here were given free rein to decide which elements of the classroom they will and will not participate in. Is this normal Hogwarts policy?"

"You know he will." Sirius is guessing this would be right up Harry's alley anyway, and it doesn't hurt that he'll be working with the group Harry would be a part of. He chuckles at Moody, "Always the modest one, aren't you?" Teasing Moody is a brave and dangerous sport. Like poking a sleeping dragon. "Ah, no, I merely had to be accused of murdering people." And working for You Know Who. That should be enough. "I heard about your class, and no, I can't say that it's normal policy. I had my share of acting up, but the bulk of it was outside class. Must have been a group who weren't bothered by losing their house points or earning detention." He would know about not being bothered by detention, given /his/ record. "Perhaps they thought they would get away with being disruptive since you're not Snape." Although the spectacular level the students rose to suggests something more.

Moody grunts, "I'll take that as a compliment." Whatever that means all the same he gets a ribbing from Sirius to boot. This must be pick on Moody day-which could be the same as lets all test fate day and see what happens. "Odd-Sirius is accused of it, an I have killed my fair share of people..Maybe I need to nearly kill a student.." All as a joke- but don't put it past Moody to come up with something. He's already threatened a class with a field trip to Azkaban-despite how that would never happen. Nothing like having them dread the day he says to meet out in the grounds.

"Of course it is not normal policy- and I heard you transfigured one of my students into a hippopotamus?" asked back casually-as if to figure if said story is true.

Indeed, their excessive behavior would suggest something quite odd. Still, at the mention of her predecessor, Tiana's face hardens and her voice grows cold. "I now understand Severus' foul temper if he dealt with that on a daily basis." Just how familiar she was with said temper, she does not say. Pushing a stray bit of hair behind one ear, she shifts her stance, one hip cocked out and a hand resting on it; seeming to be completely at ease.

"I did indeed, Alastor. She touted a wish to become an Auror and then threw my attempt to arm her better against poisoning back in my face." She frowns then, an expression that looks almost to be pouting. (It's a Very Pretty Pout) "Had I done the same during any point in my education, I should have met with far worse." Honestly, it's not like the spell was permanent or anything!

"You mean you haven't yet? I could have sworn a third year walked past and was mentioning that you had done so and hidden the body." Ah, so it must be pick on Moody day. There's a faint snort from Sirius as he reaches to the tray behind him and filches a few grapes. "There's a difference Moody. You did it in the name of the law. I'm supposed to be a dark wizard, remember?" The grapes are popped into his mouth and eaten one by one as he falls quiet to listen to Moody and Tiana for a few. "Good job, transfiguring a student. You'll be getting an earful for that one. Which makes no sense to me for all the horrific paces you get put through in detention." Although, detention with friends is fun! (Despite there were some punishments that were completely unfair at the time.) "Hopefully it was just a momentary fit or such on the student's part." Oh he's going to feel like a right ass if he finds out the identity of the student.

"Yet." Moody says with a look. It indeed is pick on Moody day, and giving the light twitching under his right eye, he might do something about it at some point. However Sirius is lucky he is in the Hospital Wing-otherwise we might have a bit more gruff talk-but there is a sanctity about this place that he'll wait to break at another venture. A look is given back over towards Tiana and there's that screwing up of his face-which Sirius can confirm is as good as a smile as someone will ever get. "I'd say grand-but then I've already been given that lecture from Minerva and the Headmaster- as to that particular brand of punishment.." But, that does not exactly mean Moody is going to cease from using it. "When I was punished-they had this lovely little quill that would be used on you. I think the Ministry took to having it for written confessions during th' first war.." All the same there's a shake of his head "Next time-do something less..obvious than a hippo. I'm sure it hurt Miss Johnson's pride-more than sent a message to her.." a front "Oh she has detention on top for leaving your class, by the by." tag teamed, right there. From one disciplinarian to the other.

"If you ask me, Miss Johnson needed to have her pride hurt." There's an edge of disdain in Tiana's voice now. "I know very little about your Auror program here, Alastor." Except for what little bit about it she heard second-hand. "But I can safely say that an attitude like hers would get her killed before the first week was up, were she to have gone through Romanian training." That sounds like she has firsthand knowledge, but hey; it could be that the Romanian Aurors are just legendary to their people! How does one really know for sure?

"Excellent. I trust you will impress upon her the value of learning everything she can, whether it appeals to her or not." Sirius is eyed then and Tiana gets a thoughtful look on her face. "How much longer do you plan on staying here in the castle, Mister Black?"

"It was Angelina?" Sirius asks, brows raising before his expression screws up into a frown. "I thought she was serious about her lessons and choice in career path?" He's a bit confused why a student wanting to be an Auror would walk out of a necessary class. Going quiet, he reaches again behind him, plucking up some more grapes from the tray. Listening to the two talk, he says nothing until Tiana addresses him, "Just until Harry's released. Which will be a few more days."

"I thought she was as well, when it came to being an Auror." after all the girl told Moody that she got her classes changed in order to have a shot at that particular career path. "I think it was the fact she did not know you and you were having them drink poison." mutters Alastor with a glance back Tiana. There's a shift of his weight so that his wooden leg isn't bearing it so much as one hand smoothes down to touch just above where everything latches together. "She would have been booted out here as well, Tatiana, and I have impressed as much on her.." A nod to Sirius for a moment "He might be helping with a project of mine-if you want a hand?" What is the grudging old Auror allowing someone else on his turf? Why yes.

"I did not know my instructor for that particular lesson either, Alastor." Tiana's eyes flash with a hint of warning. "And by the symptoms we experienced, we had to brew our own antidotes." And hope they'd guessed correctly. "I felt my version of the lesson was suitably watered down without losing the essence of the exercise itself." When Sirius answers and Alastor makes his offer, Tiana pauses to consider them both seriously for a long moment.

"I'd meant only to enlist his help with a class of mine set for early next week. If you'd be amenable, Mister Black, I can speak with you later, but…" Glancing around them, Tia steps a little closer before pulling her wand to cast a Silencing Charm on their little group. "The creature that I dueled with in Hogsmeade," she begins, because she remembers both of them from that day. "Tell me what you know of him?"

Sirius was told the same by Angelina. Changing her classes this late in the game for becoming an Auror. He snorts a little, "Moody, they've no more reason to trust Moldavia here than Snape's greasy head." So, Black sees little difference in the identity of the professor. An apple is now taken from the tray and rolled about in his hands. "I should be available. If I'm not here in the hospital wing, I should be down in the village." More on what Moldavia has to request of him later. Still turning the apple about in his hands, he shifts slightly in his seat. "That was Greyback. Fenrir Greyback. Big Voldemort supporter, but not a Death Eater, since he's a werewolf. Voldemort's keen to have his help, but not brand him as an official lackey. Now that's hypocrisy for you." They're all willing partners nevertheless. "You went after him with a good deal of tenacity and fearlessness."

Moody seems to look up at that, and a laugh that as usual was devoid of warmth or mirth comes out in a hacking bark towards the substitute professor "This isn't Durmstrang-or the Eastern bloc. We lke to let our students live and learn.." A back handed comment about the European school? Yes-but then Moody has no love for alumni of that particular branch of learning. And likewise there are quite a number that hate his guts as equally-if not fiercely. "Next time ask for volunteers." Though Moody is guilty of the same shenanigans some of the time. A glance to Sirius and a grumble-but he has more to say on the situation, after all he made sure points were given over for standing her ground. But that's another talk entirely.

"Oh Fenrir Greyback? He's a bloody piece of work. I've been after him until I was forced into retirement.." or more less blasted to bits and such-plus age. Well they said they had no more use for him. Bugger that lot. A two fingered salute was given that day. But, that wasn't Bones call-or Scrimgeour's. Buggers before them. "Greyback's been known to attack children-takes a kick out of it. Shock troop I would say for Voldemort-though it seems as Sirius says-even th' Dark Lord has no care for him. He's cruelty…I even dare say Greyback an them wolves that follow his lead are the reason those who are not of th' grain get a bad rep."


Tiana is mildly shocked. Circe's bastard son! What sort of a school is this? "That was Greyback?" It seems that name has traveled even so far as the Eastern bloc. Sirius' 'compliment' earns him a sharp glance.

"I spent a good portion of my life hunting werewolves such as he. Their kind took my fiance and child from me, Mister Black. There's nothing more for me to fear from them, because there's nothing more for them to take from me." There's a quiet strength to her voice. It's true then, the most dangerous foes are those with nother further to lose. "I am here only until Albus can find a long-term replacement for Severus." She looks from one man to the other then. "When that happens and I am free, I will be hunting him myself." Moody gets a respectful nod. "Any information you could share would be extremely helpful."

Down Mad-Eye, down boy. You're not talking to Karkaroff! Sirius grumps a bit and folds his arms across his chest, "Being locked up or the Dementor's Kiss is too good for Greyback," he says with disdain. He may or may not know that Greyback is responsible for Remus. Regardless, it's not his place to say. "His lot's the reason why there's a ruddy prejudice. I know of two who keep their heads down and just want as normal a life as they can maintain. Greyback, that bastard, dunno who he thinks he's fooling. He won't have it any easier even if Voldemort gets his way." The sharp glance given by Tiana is shrugged off. He's not bothered by it. "You've my condolences Professor. My best mate's a werewolf, so I've seen the best and the worst of their lot." His tone is genuine and hopefully Tiana won't take offense at his offering. "Long term replacement?" the shift back to Snape has his voice raising some, "That greasy git!" His gaze darts to Moody, and it's no surprise Black is leaping to the worst conclusions about this. "He's gone back to his old ways."

"In the flesh.." Right now it is best that Moody cannot read minds, or else he and Moldavia would have cursed each other into oblivion minutes ago, or worse, destroyed the castle in a duel. The Professor, takes time to adjust how he is standing again, a small bit of discomfort is easy to read on his face, but its soon lost as he is looking towards Moldavia once more "Not all werewolves are bad, but as long as you have right bastards like Greyback flaunting his arse around that makes it worse for th' others.." Of course the only 'good' werewolf Moody knows is mainly Lupin. But the rest of her words has Moody decidedly looking away. Content to stare into nothingness, though by the look of the blue eye he's not just simply staring. It seems he and the Romanian Auror share something in common. But, Moody won't be the one to say it

"Sirius." comes the bark as he snaps back into the conversation "I doubt that is what he is doing-" but don't think his mind did not go into the same place. However he is not speaking further about what Snape could or could not be doing with her about. After all she could be a spy as well.

"No, not all of them are bad…" Tiana mutters, more to herself than anything. It's a lesson she's learned most recently. "But there are many still who need to be put down." Including the pack that destroyed her life that cold November night. Tiana Moldavia may be many things, but unobservant is not one of them. "His old ways…" There's a heavy sigh and her shoulders slump - just a little. "So he was a Death Eater then." She'd heard the rumors, but… "A shame to waste such a brilliant mind on such a dark cause." Her shoulders stiffen and she gives them both a curt nod. Apparently she's had quite enough of this conversation. "Mister Black, I will be in touch with you about the upcoming lesson. Alastor, I will see you at dinner, but if you will excuse me, I have essays to grade." Offering them a smile that's just a little too friendly to be completely genuine, she touches her forehead, "Gentlemen." and turns to leave.

"Like you aren't thinking it too," Sirius says, daring to snap at Moody. "You remember his affiliations during the war, and I /will not/ forget what he got on about while here at school." Some things, just can't be forgiven in Black's eyes. To him, Snape is no different than the family he hates, their mindset, all they stand for. On top of the old rivalry and hatred from their first year. No, Black can't seem to contain himself where Snape is concerned, hence the momentary lapse in keeping his gob shut. So excuse the derisive snort or not that Sirius gives when Tiana refers to Snape as a brilliant mind. "Right. If you don't see me, just send an owl. I'll get it." There's a growl to his voice. Bah! Snape. "Professor Moldavia."

"We'll talk at diner then Tatiana-about this pet project I think you would be interested in." Moody, ends that discussion right there. However to confirming to what is said Moody doesn't go one way or the other. Just a glare-pointed right at Sirius for a second. A cough and he's nodding all the same to the professor "No one is asking you to forget." simple and put but at that Moody seems to be moving to call over a seat, as it seems the leg or something is giving him trouble. "That's enough of it-Dumbledore trusts him." So I will grudgingly do so-even if it leads me to drinking seems to be the current way of thought.

"He's too damned trusting," Sirius says flat out to Moody. There's /nothing/ Snape can do to put himself in a good light as far as Black is concerned. But.. he's reluctantly dropping the topic, moving instead to reposition the snack tray he filched from the kitchen so that Moody can help himself if he wants. It's always fun, offering Moody a bite, then watching his actions. "What a fine turn of events we've had," he grumbles.

The hospital doors open again, this time Tonks is the one coming through them. Not injured, but hey, this seems to be the place to be. The fact she's chewing on the large leg of some bird seems to suggest she popped into the kitchens right before as well. Then again, she's a 'Duffer and they've always had the extra bonus of being right next door, so food was a bit easier to snatch sometimes than the rest of the houses. Otherwise, Tonks looks like Hell ran over her about three times with a bulldozer. Which probably translates to 'Very busy' and it's showing. And she's not surprised to see people here. "Hey," she mutters around gnawing on the tip of the drumstick. Pomfrey's going to kill her if she's caught.

"Until Dumbledore says other- I won't act on it." Moody bites back, before he is looking to the tray. There's a nod as he reaches out, one hand coming for a bit of filched food-which is inspected before he has settled on one grape-given that Sirius hasn't died yet from it seems to be enough as an indicator that the grapes aren't poisoned. There's a bit of hesitance before he finally puts it into his mouth and starts to chew. And BOOM like that they are joined rather quickly by one pink hair'd auror. A swallow and Moody is taking his time to reach for another grape as the blue eye remains rigidly fixed on Tonks

"Nymphadora.." added as a mans of greetings since they got a Hey from here. "You look lovely." A joke? No-Moody doesn't joke-well Unless its Tonks and the odd times other folks are left in.

Sirius is quick to be on his feet as Tonks enters. "Tonks!" His cousin's given a fierce hug, she looks like she needs it, and he's relieved to see her. He's then gesturing for her to take his seat. She appears to be in need of a break. "Where the blazes have you been?" he asks, as he draws up another chair for himself. There's no accusation in his question, just a lot of worry. Moody is given a 'hrmph', for waiting on Dumbledore's word before acting. Not that he's got room to criticize. It's the same for him.

"It's the new rage. It's cleverly called 'Don't sleep for the last three days and you too can have this look'," Tonks waves her spare hand near her frazzled ponytailed hair as if a model, but her show stops when she's hugged. Where's she been? "Working." That's about sums it up and she's all for taking a seat. "Sorry I haven't been around to check up on anyone," Harry /is/ okay right? That's what the scuttlebutt's been.

Moody chuckles, though a small look of concern comes over as he continues to chomp on that second grape, he can tell th' poor girl is worn out when she doesn't even complain to being called Nymphadora "I take it Scrimgeour has you all running over th' bloody town below and around-given how things went." A grunt for a second as he looks back to Harry who is still living and breathing.

"Well here, have a seat. Rest for the moment," Sirius states before giving a shake of his head. "Think nothing of it. You've been fully reinstated at the Ministry, and we handled the fuss in Hogsmeade. Not that we weren't given a run for our galleons, but not much help for that." There's a brief pause before he looks to Tonks, "Bellatrix was there. Dunno if her good for nothing husband was present or not. Ruddy masks.

Yay, a chair. Tonks takes it easily, cleaning off the rest of the chicken bone, and then she wraps it in a couple of napkins she also snagged, she tucks it away to dispose of it properly later. "Well, considering the outbreak and yeah, that," the Hogsmeade stuff. Tonks doesn't make a good face at all at her Aunt being mentioned. "I've /never/ seen my mum carry around her wand as if she's going to war in our own home before." Take that for what you will. Moody's given a nod, and she rubs her forehead, "On top of that, the new Head of Aurors seems to think I need to make up the time Umbridge forced me to miss by doing bloody paperwork for months."

"Who is bloody leading the Aurors?" asks Moody-though that answer he probably knows, unless Scrimgeour put some new up and coming in the roll. All the same There's a grumble from the ex Auror as it seems he's not reaching for another bit of food-rather he is allowing Tonks to take more there if she show chooses. "Tell me who your superior is?" directed to his protege, after all Moody might just write a howler and send right to the ministry to tell them in more colourful language what Tonks should be doing-and not doing. "Its a damned waste of f-" but he looks over towards Harry-and so that word does not slide out "A waste of bloody talent." There a compliment. "So besides armed-how are your folks?" Almost as if Moody was planning on visiting them at some point.

"Your mother's a formidable woman," Sirius says with all fondness for Andromeda. Until he broke free of his mother's house, he didn't get to see much of her, and lately.. lots of lost time to make up for. "Bloody idiot," he says scathingly about Tonks's boss. "As if that was fault of yours. The horrid harridan put you behind." This is of course the Ministry, so it's no big surprise. He smirks faintly behind Moody as the old man gets protective on Tonks's behalf.

"David…something. DAvidson. Dorkinson? Birkenstocks?" TONKS PAYS ATTENTION GUYS. She throws her hands up, waving off any potential instances of Moody scaring the Auror office, "No, no, I /like/ the work. I /missed/ the work." She grumbles, "He's just smart and not having me chase after my Aunt is all." POUT. As for her folks? "Mum's still scary and DAd's still round." Some things change…

Dreamless sleep is a life-saver. Having finally just given up with arguing and stumbled across the ward to get some for herself, Siobhan dosed herself with a single-person amount of the mildly bittersweet potion and collapsed into bed. There she's been nearly comatose all day, just lying there in the deep, restful sort of sleep her body has been craving for a week now. (Hard to heal when you aren't sleeping) Still, even the best of things must come to an end, and so it is with a groggy groan that Siobhan returns to…well, to semi-consciousness. One hand raises to push her hair from her eyes as she blinks around at the assembled. "Merlin'sssrinklyblls," she slur-mumbles. "Why'sre allus a party'n here?"

"I'll just send it to the whole damned department on up.." Leave it to Moody to scare future generations of those who swear to protect the public and uphold the law. But to the wave-the old man grumbles a bit. However Moody is beginning to rise up he turns and looks over to where Siobhan has or had been sleeping-that is till the girls mumbles and all come clamouring out. "Nymphadora-come by my officer later if you can?" Words to be had and all. And with that he is taking his time to stump over towards her bed for a second.

"Noble." Oh that has t' sound lovely to the ears. Some might want coffee before being barked at like that. "How're you feeling?"

"Good plan. I daresay Bellatrix will come calling at some point, but best to not force the confrontation." Sirius doesn't want to see her again, unless she's stone cold on the ground. "One will come sooner or later. I don't know about you Tonks, but I can only flirt with so much disaster." As Siobhan rousts from her slumber, "Rise and shine," he says good naturedly. He turns back to Tonks, "I need to come 'round later this week, have tea and dinner with your parents." Let Andromeda berate him. He's sure she's still quite annoyed with him.

'Annoyed' never really touches the surface of when her mother's in a bad mood. "Sounds good," Tonks does stand up. "I need to do a few things up in Hogsmeade though. I'll be back through." Busy Busy Auror! She gives Sirius a light hug, and a wave is given to Sio and Moody since they're now in the same place. A nod is given to Moody to what he says and she's disappearing through the doors again.

Siobhan has this really odd tendency to sleep sprawled out half on her side, half on her stomach, her arms wrapped around the pillow under her head. Sirius' chipper greeting earns him a flip of the birdie - Sio is not a morning person - but it's Moody's bark that really does the trick. Wincing at the volume and roughness of that bark, she beats her wrist on her mattress and waves it at the source of said ungodly noise with a grumbled silencio. Obviously she hasn't quite 'come to' enough to realize just who she cast at. Oops. Bad Plan, Sio.

There are words..Or what could be considered words as Moody opens his mouth-there and nothing comes out. There's a blink and a look back to the girl, who just muttered a SILENCIO at him? His mouth closes but the look on his face would make Hell even feel colder. And before you know it that Walking stick of his is raised-no he is not about to club a student to death for silencing him. Rather its coming down to strike hard against the floor-the wordless spell that was offered sent to the bed. Its effect? Well seeing how a bed cannot dodge it will be rather rudely and forcibly ousting the young woman sleeping in it and depositing her to a floor in a rough manner. Pomfrey will not be pleased.

Sirius watches Tonks leave, a pucker of worry on his face. One that quickly disappears as.. oh dear. Siobhan. You just did not.. you did. Well! Sirius is ducking out of the way, taking up a strategic position of retreat. "I think, I'll nip off down to the village for a bit," he announces before drawing up a quick note to leave at Harry's bedside. Then with casual hastiness, exits the hospital wing.


Flying through the air to land on limbs that are still sore, Siobhan finds the wind knocked from her chest and just lays there gasping for breath and wheezing a string of curses that might even impress Moody. Well, except… As she turns around to find out just who she has to hex into next Sunday for ousting her so painfully from her bed, Sio has to blink, rub her eyes and then blink again. Oh man, she just… Oops.

Still, she hurts. "Thefck d'you want, Moody?" Oh yes, she's still cranky. And now sore. Slowly she manages to push herself up on one hand, other gripping her tiny willow wand so tight her knuckles are white. Bleary brown eyes turn up to give the man a murderous glare, the effect totally ruined by her sleep-rumpled appearance and the blonde hair that falls into her face in such a way as to make her seem younger than she really is.

Ouch-OUCH? Moody feels no bit of compassion for the SLytherin girl on the floor, and there's a light tapping of the foot on his good leg before he is pointing to his throat. Mouth opened, but nothing coming out. Sure he could uncurse himself-but what's the point. The girl has to learn not to hex or curse her elders. And that blue eye just narrows at her for a moment as he remains leaning on that gnarled bit of wood. Come on now girl. Remove the spell-so that he can yell at you some. Otherwise he's remove it himself, and leave you petrified on the ground for Pomfrey to find-which will equate to tough love- or something like that. Yes, that's what it is.


With a wave of her wand and a hissed out Finite, Siobhan removes the charm and reaches her free hand up to grip the edge of her bed. Using that and her other fist to lever herself, she slowly manages to get her feet under her and stands to face him, chin lifted and expression defiant. Silent but unwilling to back down, an unspoken: WHAT.

Moody grumbles before he is looking back to the girl-one hand coming out to snag her and help her up whether she likes it or not-it seems that Noble has gotten on Moody's off side today-and as such will be getting more shite that can be shoveled. Or something. "Noble-when someone asks you How you are doing. The proper response should be your status-NOT A BLOODY SILENCIO!" barked out louder now that she is awake and alert. But-not so much bright eye'd and busy tail'd but Moody could change that in a second. "Now- how are you feeling?" Moody is waiting, given the ticking of his lip-this answer will determine how he responds here.

With help, Sio gets to her feet and settles to lean against the side of her bed. "When someone's asleep, th' right course f'action's t' talk quietly. Not yell in their bloody ear!" She'll match him yell for yell. Apparently a good night's sleep, a rude awakening and a shouting match has revived a little of the fighter in Siobhan. "I hurt, no thanks t'you," she grumbles, lowering her volume so as not to be too much of a disturbance. "But th' Dreamless helped."

That's the spirit or the nod seems to indicate as Moody's blue eye gives the girl a once over, but the words that come out of her mouth seem to have that tick show, as his face definitely is displaying a rather fierce frown. "You ever presume to lecture me on how to be with students or else, NOBLE an I'll hex your lips together except for a small hole that they can stick a tube in t' feed ya!" comes another BULLROAR from Moody. And there's a lurch-quick and cat like lurch as a pudgy finger jabs out for her shoulder " So BUCK UP."

And his hand comes up to wipe a little spittle that almost flecked at the side of his mouth before he is looking back down to the girl. "I have a phial ready for you in my study-with a bit of the blend you had the other night to help you-relax at night. I am however going to recommend you get your arse out of here an back t' school." Now before you go off complaining about being cursed remember for a second whom you are speaking with. "Go get you some chocolate…" Added "I need to meet with you about this army business-you an Johnson soon so we can have our first meeting. I want you on the same bloody page as her, and as me."

This bullroaring business isn't so effective on someone who grew up in the same house as Edana Noble. Now that's woman who could make Moody wet himself if ever a woman could. "A lecture woulda been longer. That was just a suggestion." Cheeky little brat, Sio, but then again, Snape's spoiled her in some ways; beat reality harshly into her in others.

"Thank you, sir." The unexpected kindness from the grizzly Auror shocks Siobhan into civility where his rip-roaring threats could not. "An' I've been chompin' at the bit t'get back, but Pomfrey wouldn't let me outta here yesterday." Then again, yesterday she looked less like a human and more like death warmed over. "I'll be fine s'long as I can get some decent sleep." Oh…oh boy… At the mention of chocolate, Sio goes a bit glazed 'round the eyeballs. "I um…yeah. Chocolate would help." But now there's business! "Tell me what you need me t'know so I'm on that page an' then tell Pomfrey I'm good t'go." Otherwise that mother hen won't let her set a foot outside the ward. "I'll get you what Snakes I can, but a lot of 'em don't trust me anymore. They trust me more'n they'd trust a Gryffindor," and she says that the way the rest of the school says Slytherin, "but not by much."

"Your house was always full of cowards an backstabbers.." mutters Moody-never the less "You get them that can-I want years Four and up- if a third sneaks by I won't say much. But get them that are serious and interested." Simply That is all that Moody wants "This won't be a game-nor will you likely all be smiling by the ends of the day when I am done with the lot of you-but you will know how to defend yourself and how to attack back if attacked." Needless ot say Moody won't be teaching them unforgiveables or some of the meaner curses out there-but he will give them a lite version of Auror training…Well Light for Moody.

"You're likely t' get just as hurt- so will see about any students that fancy themselves becoming healers showing up as well.." A glance is given to the back of the room. "I'll deal with Pomfrey-You get some symbolance of dress and return to classes. If your grades slack you're out-per usual." And then a quiet pause "What is it you're seeking t' do when you get out of Hogwarts Noble?"

Siobhan knows. The fun and games went out of it with the first curse fired over her head that day in Hogsmeade. "Professor… I dunno about the third years, but we've got a first year what I think's grown up on the streets in London." At least that's what she's been able to piece together so far. "He's a tough little miter an' he'd be grateful for the help. I think he's had it rough so far." Let it never be said that Sio is disloyal.

"My grades'll be fine." And that sounds like an old argument right there. "I don't do Quidditch or nothin', an' the Occlumency lessons are over now tha - " She shuts her mouth Pretty Damn Quick on that one, brown eyes flicking to Moody's mis-matched ones to see if he noticed her slip. Like he'd miss it. When his question is asked, she lifts her chin a little and squares her shoulders. "I'm aimin' t'be an Auror, sir." But then she remembers and sags a bit. "Or I was. I didn't make NEWT Charms." And Tonks says you need those. "I guess I'll figure somethin' out." Something that'll let her cover Ali's arse - since the bastard tends to try and do things BY HIMSELF; even when he shouldn't. "Why?"

"Well if you think he can handle it-he will be your responsibility. Way I see it is the other students will report t' you an Johnson if I can't be reached or I have to be busy, and you all report to me." And so there is a chain of command with Moody's Army as they have seemingly dubbed themselves for better or for worst.

There's a nod though as she speaks up 'Well-you've been cursed more than most Aurors who have gone through the training." And yes you are crucio'd once in training-so that you know why not to use it but when authorized. All the same Moody offers a hand to her shoulder "I'll go an speak with Pomfrey.." As for the Occlumency he says nothing. But the way the Blue eye stares you can be sure the old lion caught something in his trap. A squeeze and a pat-before he is quietly Stumping off. Then he has an advanced course to teach-so he will be leaving shortly all the same.

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