1996-01-26C: Fleeting Chances


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Scene Title Fleeting Chances
Synopsis After getting permission to include Minerva in their plans, Severus joins her for another tea. Things go well. Then they don't.
Location McGonagall's Quarters
Date January 26, 1996
Watch For Hysterical Professors and once again Ed
Logger The Serpy One

Tea twice in as many weeks, with Snape nonetheless, is unusual to say the least. So Minnie pulls out the Scotch he brought over last time, figuring he must need a hefty shot of it if he's coming to the dreaded Gryffindor tower to see her. Also, the door is open again so he needn't knock. "Don't you let that ego of yours swell, either. Surprised it fits in the painting at this point." she sniffs, directing her annoyance at he shameless Noble ancestor.

Severus appears at the door, and hears Minerva's admonition. "He cannot help it, I do not think, Minerva. For such a … grand wizarding family, the members either deserve the accolades, or ask for them." He enters the room smirking at the portrait's remonstrances. "Good afternoon." He settles himself into the chair again without her offer. "I have gotten the permission from all responsible parties to include you in our merry farce." He rolls his eyes at his own wording, but it is appropriate. "Do you remember seeing Auror Gardener's protegee in the castle?" Jake has been around from time to time to speak to both Siobhan and Jethro.

"Accolades yes, arse kissing.. no." Minerva clarifies, only to gasp and cluck her tongue in disapproval as the painting… moons her. "Good-bye-." The door slams shut on Laird Noble's raucous laughter. "A merry farce, you say. Well then it appears I was quite correct to bring out the Scotch. Go on then, Severus. Have a seat." she offers, pretending the door incident did not just happen. "Yes, I believe I have. Tall, blonde, American… if he were a few years older and greying at the temples why I … right, nevermind. Yes, I've seen him."

Severus does something then that may surprise the old lady. He laughs. It's merely a short, sharp bark of laughter, but it escapes before he can compose himself. "You have been given notice, it appears," he comments on the portrait's behavior. However, when she mentions Jake, he returns to the tale at hand. "Yes. Precisely. That is the man." And though his words drawl out, there isn't the sharp undercurrent of annoyance that he does express for Gardener. "Mister Jake Morgan came to offer Siobhan a … deal. She has chosen to accept it."

Well, now, if Severus laughs she must also. If only because she is taken so completely by surprise! She's even shaking her head a little in humor as she pours them both a cup of tea. And maybe arches an eyebrow at the lack of annoyance in the Slytherin's voice. "A deal? What sort of deal? I trust she consulted with you before accepting it." Pause. "Not that she isn't old enough to be making her own decisions mind you, but one should always have a second opinion I think."

A wry snort of amusement is the first response to Minerva's words. "She did indeed consult me. I sat in on the negotiations myself." Considering how things turned out, it's a very good thing he did, too. "Mister Morgan proposed his hand in marriage and the guardianship of his ward, one Cole Morgan. In return, he would supply her with his considerable resources, those I mentioned earlier. Nearly unlimited manpower, materiel and funds." He settles in, reaching to pour himself of the scotch, neat this time. He quirks a brow, offering to pour her a drink, if she cares for it. "The merry farce began a scant few days later. Siobhan and I have altered the nature of our arrangement." Pouring or not, he sips at his own now, and then sighs. "Mister Morgan is aware and accepting of this arrangement. His gain is not her heart, but merely the protection of her family for his ward. He is dying, and will not be able to care for him himself."

She may not have needed it before, but after hearing even just the first few words Snape has to say… Minerva holds out her teacup for the Scotch. Her expression clearly stunned by each successive revelation. "Severus, I swear if you're yanking my chain, I'll transmute you into a toad." she warns, searching his face for some clue, or hint, that he's pulling one over on her. Alas, she doesn't find it. "I see." Standard Minerva reply to gain herself time. "I.. he.. well then. And you… she… alright." She can roll with this. "What role am I supposed to play here, again?"

Severus Snape, Slytherin, cannot resist an open door like that. Especially with the comments she was making earlier. "Siobhan and I wondered if you might console Mister Morgan in his time of need." There's a dry smirk and then, after a long beat, he relents. "Merely that of confidant. Though I do not often avail myself of the opportunity, you make an excellent confidant and sounding board. Also, if it is within your purview to assist us in keeping our merry web of connections from the Headmaster and anyone else who does not need the information, I would consider it a favor." He pauses again, switching back to respond, finally to her threat of toad-dom. "I am completely serious, though it may not appear so. When it comes to Siobhan Noble — such things are not to be laughing matters." There's a fire in his eyes, flashing for just a moment. This isn't a passing fling for him.

Hey, what's that sound? That sound is Laird Noble again, having a grand laugh at McG's expense. Against which the Transfiguration teacher can only close her eyes and pray to … something… for strength. That other sound was the garble of tea almost getting choked back up. But it's ok! It's o-k. She only looks like she might die for maybe half a second there. "Yes, flattery will be required for forgiveness this time thank you." she snarks, when he compliments her skills as a confidante. "I will, of course, direct attention elsewhere when needed. And obscure where required." she agrees, giving him a prim nod at the telling expression. "Such things are good to see. Do not make the same mistakes I have Severus. Second chances are sometimes fleeting."

Second chances? Yeah, that's what this is for sure. Second, third, millionth… at least in his mind. Not for just relationships like this one, but for good things in his life on the whole. He takes another drink of his whiskey and agrees. "Barring unforeseen circumstances," knock on wood, though he doesn't actually knock on the wood, "this shall be the last." He is fairly committed to the idea, and to the lady herself. A thought crosses his mind, and Severus wonders aloud. "Minerva, do you know much about the discipline of wandless magic?"

Fleeting indeed… It is at that very moment that a ghostly apparition charges straight through the gargantuan front doors, taking the staircases up in leaps and bounds all the way up to the sixth floor and across to the tower. The late hour means - thankfully - that not many students are about, but there are a couple of Prefects who will later swear that they saw a hyena the size of a pony gallumphing through the halls like a ghost on a tear. By the time it passes through 'Laird Noble' and into Minerva's sitting room, the magic propelling it is all but drained out. His light flickers dangerously as if about to die, and the edges of his shape are fading away, but at his very very core, hidden and revealed through the wisps of smoke that make up his chest, is a tiny spinning orb of fluttering gold. There are no words to accompany this apparition, but as its jaws close around the wrist of Severus' writing hand, the whispers of Dementors can be heard, followed by a strange woman's voice screaming Avada Kedavra and an unmistakable scream.

"I wish you both the best then, of course. Even amidst the rather unusual circumstances." At least she won't be peppering Sio or Jake with millions of questions now. That can only be good for -everyone- involved. To the idea of wandless magic, she pauses. And then, nods just a bit. "I'm capable of some of it. Not a lot. In part, I think, because I have been doing magic so long that it becomes… innate, or automatic. And certainly it takes someone with considerable natural ability and power to do it." She holds up a hand. "Not that I am attempting to be immodest. But it feels as if the magic is more difficult to perform this way, and takes more energy. But I know there are other cult…" Once again, Minerva is heard to gasp. Though this time it's not the painting's fault. she is in fact rattled enough to drop her teacup as she standing, the sound of it shattering drowned out by even the fading sound of the scream. "Severus… "

Minerva McGonagall was Severus' teacher. So, when she begins 'lecturing' on what she knows of wandless magic, he pays attention, mentally taking notes, getting ready for a full discussion of the topic, which may or may not get around to his personal question. However, just as she begins to get full steam, Ed tears into the room and his bright mouth clamps down on Severus' wrist. "Siobhan." He reaches out toward the fading patronus as if to attempt to catch the smallest bit of that bright, pulsing magic that has become so familiar to him. "Minerva. She would not send her patronus to me were she not in dire trouble. She was headed to Knockturn to fetch some ingredients for her Herbology project." The staff are all aware of Sio's weird flowers. "I must …." He looks around, lost for a moment. notagainnotagainnotagain…

McGonagall reaches for Severus arm, trying to gain his gaze. "Severus… go do what you must. I will distract the Headmaster with… something. I am certain I can think of something. And go find Jethro. And Mister Morgan. They will surely assist you." And in one of the shows of wandless magic she whips open the door without even lifting her hand. "If you need my help, you tell me. I will be there. Now get started. Waste no time."

"Yes. My gratitude, Minerva." He drains his glass, fortifying himself for what is to come. Standing, he gives her a brisk nod and then whirls, striding out of the door before either of them can speak another word. As he nearly runs down the hall, he casts a spell. "Point me Auror Jethro Gardener." The man may be an ass, but he's a skilled one, and Siobhan is in danger. He casts a patronus, stopping for a moment to stare at the shape that comes out of his wand. It is not a doe. Instead, a silvery seraph floats out. He finds his voice, and instructs it. "Find Mister Morgan, and speak, thus: …" Having given the message, he continues to follow the lead of the Point Me spell to find the Auror.

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