1994-12-17: Caution: Contents are Flammable


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Scene Title Caution: Contents are Flammable
Synopsis Jack and Sirius can't sleep. Siobhan gets news of the inquisition to them.
Location #12 Grimmauld Place
Date Dec 17, 1994
Watch For N/A
Logger Mad Dog

It's late, and most sane people should be in bed, slumbering away. However Sirius is not most people nor is he entirely sane. He actually hasn't had a proper night's sleep since leaving Hogwarts. Thus far tonight, he's gotten a few hours sleep and that'll do him nicely. So what is a wanted man doing instead of sleeping currently? He's in the room once claimed by his parents as their bedroom. Already now, he's tossed Kreacher from the room no less than six times, threatened him with clothes, all because he's raiding a closet. Moldy and doxy chewed on robes, gowns, knickers, trousers. Anything completely useless and annoying reminders of parents he loathed, it's all tossed from the wardrobe and onto the floor.

Jack is also restless and awake. He's prowling around, just examining things, trying not to think about his father being interrogated by The Powers That Be. He wanders near Sirus' room, and, upon hearing Kreacher being thrown out again, knocks quietly. "Sirius?" He doesn't bother being too quiet. Sirius wasn't. Poor Holly.

"Come on in," Sirius calls softly at the knock and hearing Jack call his name. There's a sour look on his face as he hooks something of his mother's on the end of his wand. It's hard to tell what it once was, but it's now falling apart. He flings it to the pile on the floor. "Couldn't sleep?," he asks as he plunges back into the wardrobe.

Jack shakes his head as he steps into the room. "No. I couldn't. Too much on my mind, and I think there was a jewelry box on one of the shelves that seemed to be whispering." He shudders. He may be working as a cursebreaker, but he doesn't usually live with the stuff before he dismantles them. "What are you doing? Can I help at all?" He frowns as he moves to see what is on the end of the wand.

"Hmm.. Interesting. I'll have to look at it later with you. I wouldn't doubt it, if it were whispering." Too many damn things in this house talk back and even attack. If Sirius has his way, it'll all get purged at some point. "I can't sleep, so thought I'd just do a bit of cleaning." But since Jack is awake too! Sirius backs out of the wardrobe, and drops a rather old and foul set of robes on the floor before shutting the doors. "Some of these things have got to be older than my mother." He retreats to plop into an old overstuffed armchair in the room and gestures to the twin if Jack wants it.

Jack does want it, so he plops down on the other couch, making himself comfortable. "Too bad we can't just incendio the whole lot." He chuckles wryly, and shifts to get the spring out of the small of his back. "How are you doing, Sirius?" He readies himself to hear the answer, when Ed the hyena patronus comes bounding into the room, and paws the ground angrily. He moves toward Jack with a restless urgency and they can hear Sio's voice. "Jack. The bullies have been here. Snagged me and Padfoot's puppy to figure out if we knew anything about the joy bites. Playdate went sour and the old coot had to clean up the mess. We're both safe, make sure Padfoot knows. But I don't think they're done with us yet. I'll tell you more as I hear it. Much love." After delivering his message, Ed licks Jack's face, which tickles, and then dissipates. Jack laughs at the tickle, then frowns deeply at the message. "Damnit. Did you hear that, Sirius?"

"Probably could just do that, but that might attract attention." While his hatred of this place runs deep, Sirius is loath to actually destroy the whole lot. It's handy, it's a roof overhead, and he gets a sense of satisfaction in knowing how his parents are rolling in their graves at what he's doing. "Me?" he shrugs, "I'm as I always am.." About to elaborate, he stops as the hyena patronus appears in the room and speaks with Siobhan's voice. No sooner than the words fade in the air, he's out of his seat, a look of utter fury on his face. A fury born of the fact his godson was toyed with, and the impotent rage of being trapped and unable to do much of anything. The answer to Jack's question? A fierce growl and the animagus whirls, wand out and the pile of discarded garments bursts into flame, charring quickly.

Jack flinches when Sirius growls and lights the clothes on fire. He casts a water charm on the pile, then evanesco on the lot left over. Jack is curious as to why the message from his sister makes Sirius upset, and then he remembers the wording. "Padfoot's puppy…" He frowns, trying to remember. "Potter's boy?" Harry's existence has always been a weird thing to Jack. Since the Potters were basically the same age as Liam, it would be like Liam having a kid. The thought makes him shudder. "I've never met him personally." Jack says. "Sounds like Rosie has, though." If not before, she's met him now.

"I should give them a reason to fear me.. they had no right to go near him, or your sister!" Sirius growls out, his temper flaring horribly. "Harry's like his father all over again," he says, trying to calm himself down and clearly overlooking the qualities Harry shares with his mother. Tapping his wand angrily against his leg, sending red sparks in the air, he shuts his eyes, then opens them. "They can't get to us, so they're going after our families. For now.." Deep breath. "For now, they're at Hogwarts. The Ministry will have a time getting through Dumbledore to them."

Jack nods. "I'll say this for the crazy old loon. He's smart and can keep folks safe." He chuckles. "I don't know what to tell her, though. I'm leery of telling her much of anything, especially since several of those people know Junior on sight." But she might be safe at the school. "At the school…" He frowns. "I hope they leave them alone." He's more worried about Sio, of course, but Harry is Sirius' worry, so he includes the boy in that. "Really? That's great. I've heard a few stories here and there…" Mainly what the school gossip has been of Harry's adventures so far. "He's a brave little soul." He gives Sirius a searching look. "He will be okay, Sirius. James didn't let anybody mess with him, and his kid won't either." Jack remembers that. He frowns, and stands up again. "I've got to figure out whether I want to send a message to Rose, and if so, what I want to say. And I think I can sleep now." He gives a small smile. "I hope you can too, soon." He hasn't quite picked up on Sirius' insomnia yet. Or if he has, he's politely feigning ignorance.

Sirius reaches to pull something from the inside pocket of his robes then realizes it's late. "Don't worry about getting a message to her. I'll try and contact Harry before breakfast in the morning.. Tell him we're okay, pass it on to Siobhan and to try and stay out of trouble. Go on back to bed. I have a safe method to get messages to Harry, then your sister in turn." Ah those mirrors, useful in detention, now serious communication devices. "I'm not worried about Harry handling himself. I know he can take what's thrown his way, he's got the strength for it. I'm beyond furious at the nerve the Ministry is showing. The devil do they think they're playing at, questioning students and right under Dumbledore to boot."

Jack nods. "Right, then." He chuckles at the spot where Sirius burned the clothes. He shakes his head, and turns toward the door. "If you need me, at all, mate, come and get me." He steps out of the room and back toward his own bedroom, muttering to himself about jewelry boxes and whispers.

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